To a girl named Frank,

We met only a brief three months ago,

Yet at that time you were shy,

You hid from us as we tried to meet you,

A frightened hiss as we tried to comfort you.

Unsure of what was going on and your change in scenery.

However, the very next day, things changed,

You shyly walked around,

Curious to your surroundings,

You explored and let us grow near,

Cautiously letting us closer,

As you began to loosen up.

Your brother playfully explored with you,

Showing you how good of a home this was,

He was adopted just a month prior,

And we decided to get you too after getting to know your brother,

Two kittens just barely half a year old,

Reunited into a loving family.

I was the first to get to know you,

Calmly petting you as you began to explore the room,

And you curiously looked at every crevice,

Yet you let me scratch your ear,

Looking around the room apprehensively,

Still letting me pet your back without flinching.

It was then we first saw your personality,

Glowing with stroke and scratch,

Leaning in each time I pet you,

As if asking for more and showing you approved,

Lovingly flopping down on your side,

And purring softly in between adventures of exploration.

Each time I would check up on you,

You would happily race up to greet me at the door,

Despite still being wary of your surroundings,

A trait that bonded us closer,

Even though we only knew each other days,

We had a special relationship from the start.

I remember trying to play with you that second day,

Throwing a toy ball to you, you were intrigued and wanted to play,

But your brother hogged it to himself,

Causing you to nervously back off,

Which made my heart feel heavy, knowing you wanted to play but couldn't,

And it shocked me how much of a bond we already had.

You were scared to leave that room however,

And I would bring you to our living room to show you it was OK,

Despite being apprehensive, you curled up my lap,

Stretching out and flopping as I pet you,

Not a care in the world,

Despite still being scared of the house outside the room.

Soon, talks began of what to call you,

No one could come up with a suitable name,

I jokingly called you Frank,

Despite your second name Princess,

And soon you were known by us all as Frank,

Though I was the only one who was content with that name.

Eventually, you became accustomed to the house,

And you began to show us more of your personality,

When you would watch TV with us,

Or sit on the floor and stare at a game I was playing,

I would look over and laugh,

It was so cool to have a cat who would watch TV as often as you did.

You loved human food too,

Often sticking your face in my plate,

Curious to see what I was eating that day,

Wanting to sample it for yourself,

And occasionally I would give in,

Letting you try a tiny sample which you would actually eat.

I would often joke with my wife,

Teasing about how I could never eat,

No matter where I went with my food,

You would follow and hop up,

Trying to get a nibble or a smell,

Never able to leave my plate unattended.

We soon found out how much you loved boxes,

Often finding you in them whenever we'd come home,

Or leave you to your own devices,

Exploring the boxes or snuggled up inside,

Though often you would pee in them,

Which we would jokingly tease you about after throwing them away.

Soon, you, my wife and I were best friends,

You would follow us everywhere,

Often following us into the bathroom and staring lovingly at us,

Waiting for that next time we'd pet you or play,

Curiously looking into the toilet or shower to see what was going on,

Or pawing underneath the bathroom door to steal my clothes away if I locked you out.

We would often find you sitting outside our door,

Patiently waiting for us to come out and say hi,

Often ignoring your favorite toys and playmates,

Or even other people who wanted to play with you,

Even waiting for long periods of time,

Just so you could see us and explore a little.

There would even be times you knew we were going into a room,

And would run down the hall to preempt us,

Even chasing us down the hall as we ran,

Just so we could spend more time together,

To get more of that love that you couldn't get enough of,

Or to play with those toys you loved so much.

You loved to play too, especially with that rainbow ribbon,

We would play for hours without you tuckering out,

Long after your brother gave up on it,

Making a cute and playful chirp every time you saw that ribbon flutter,

Chasing it down the hall as we laughed,

And often trying to lead us to it when you wanted to play more.

We've never had a cat that would play like you,

You would gleefully chase that ribbon down the hall,

Picking it up and biting down with it,

Often playing tug of war to keep hold of it,

And proudly walking it to the living room every time,

Like a dog playing fetch, we loved it and laughed every time.

Even after warming up and becoming a happy member of our family,

You were still often less social than the others,

You would only eat alone,

Either in the bathroom,

Or on top of the cat tree you loved,

Often spending time curled up at the top happily sleeping.

You were an inside cat,

Only having went outside once,

Still too young and fragile to explore the yard,

Though you often desperately wanted to,

Much to our dismay,

And we'd leave you locked in the room when we left to keep you safe.

In fact, on that fateful February 10th,

You had attempted once more to leave through the doggy door,

Making a desperate dash into the living room,
As I attempted to put another cat into the room with you,

And I put you back into the room,

Lovingly stroking you as I left.

I had let another cat in as I left,

An older cat who was big enough to explore the outside,

I figured he would be happy in the living room,

Until I returned a few hours later,

When we would be reunited,

And I could let you free and scratch you as an apology for keeping you locked away.

When I came home, I was surprised,

The door to the room was opened,

Somehow pushed open by the older cat,

Which was unknowingly not closed all the way,

And my thoughts turned to you,

As I looked through the house.

I began to panic as I couldn't find you,

The rest of the crew being accounted for,

Thoughts of searching the neighborhood for you ran through my head,

And I ran outside looking desperately for you,

A growing wave of fear spreading through me,

When I found that black tuft of fur sticking out of the grass.

You had gotten outside,

Yet this was not a happy occasion for you,

You had been brutally attacked by an unknown assailant,

Barely breathing when I found you,

That's when my heart sunk,

And I began to fight back tears.

The most heartbreaking of all was your reaction,

Though you must have been in excruciating pain,

You looked up at me and happily meowed,

As if to say "I'm so glad you're here."

"I got to see you before I died. Goodbye, I love you."

And you tried your best to purr one last time.

We frantically picked you up and made for the vet,

Fighting hard against time to save your life,

And while I held you in my arms,
And tried to comfort you to keep you with us,

You left this world, taking a piece of me with you,

With a look of contentment and happiness on your face.

You were cruelly torn from this world before your time,

Only with us a short few months,

And only getting less than a year on this world,

Our beautiful family future torn from us in an instant,

And it tears me up inside,

Knowing how you were taken from us.

I will never forget your cheerful chirps, playing with the toy,

I will never forget you patiently waiting for us to come out,

And the look of joy when we did,

I will never forget your look of joy simply being around us,

Or how you would pull us along when we pulled back on your ribbon,

And I will always cherish the short time we had together.

I'm glad we got to say goodbye Frank,

And we made your unfairly short life wonderful,

That you died in my arms and not in the grass alone,

Even though I'm aching that you had to be torn from us so early,

And just know you had an equally important role in our lives,

We will miss you forever.