"Please ! Don't do it ! You are a good person," the First said to the Second, begging for his forgiveness after he felt numbness in his four severed limbs.

"Ha-ha-ha, who told you that?" the Second giggling laughed, then he continued, "I punish you for scolding me for two reasons, the sensitivity of the other employee and the manager's son."

"I don't get it?!" The first was surprised by what he said.

"The first reason is that of the employee of the other company who said that I spoke to him harshly, even though I said everything to him that I would call him at another time because I was busy, yet he complained and you scolded me."

"But ..." the First got shock from an electric shock.

"Please don't interrupt me" the Second said after he lifted his finger from an option on his mobile phone, and then continue "As for the other reason, he is the son of the manager who sat in his father's office. All I did was ask him who was he, just a question, but he complained and you scolded me."

"Listen, we are both old now, we all made mistakes, please forgive me and let us forgot everything."

The Second's lips smiled for the first time after long time, that even the Second thought he lost it, so he said "yuo are right" and then pressed a button causing a huge electric charge was released in the First's body that turned him into ashes.

The Second assembled the ashes in a container, then he took it to an empty ground and scattered its ashes in the dirt, and then said, "I forgave you."