Me? Posting Valentine's story in a timely fashion? It's more likely than you think! I wasn't going to write anything for Valentine's day, but this idea came to me at two am after watching too many dramas on Netflix and I decided I wanted to get in on some good cute content. So, this story could be considered as a slight AU to our normal cannon depending on how you want to take it. I wanted to do something special and what's more special than writing about the best couple ever on the first date? As I didn't do that back when we started pairing them. So, I wanted to take the very first coffee shop story I did and continue it. Hope you enjoy. :)

Upon stepping into the coffee shop Kirron was hit with the pleasant scent of coffee beans and baked goods. The shop was rather empty this drizzly Wednesday morning, leaving the small tables empty besides maybe two or three of them. Kirron walked up to the counter, spotting a familiar sunny face. Emily was waiting at the register this morning, humming to herself before looking up at the newest customer with a grin. She perked at the sight of Kirron, leaving him to smile in return. How long had Kirron been coming here now? Four years? The thought made his head spin a bit as he struggled to think that that long had passed. He hadn't meant to make this coffee shop a routine in the first place, the silent game he planned with Emily drew him back to see what lame atrocity she would write on his napkin today.

"Morning Emily." He mumbled still rather sleepy.

"Morning my good sir! What can I get you today? The usual I presume?" The blonde smiled, a bit brighter than usual today.

"Mhm,'' he hummed, pulling his wallet out. Emily grinned, turning from him to begin to get his order ready.

It was no secret between her coworkers that she'd had a long time crush on her customer, and she was sure he knew about it at this point. Her not so subtle ramblings and little notes. Every morning he was left with a little joke, pun, or just message writing on the side of his cup or napkin. At this point, she didn't even try to hide it. Every day for the past few years he was given one, well, minus a year or so. It was just a few months ago that Emily had broken up with a boyfriend from her college. She'd stopped her notes while dating him, but after a month or so of sulking Emily had gone back to leaving him notes.

"Here you go, Mr. Hope!" Emily smiled, setting a small coffee and muffin down before him.

"Lovely" Kirron sighed, handing the cash over and taking a sip from the steaming cup. Kirron flipped his napkin over to find a little doodle today, just of a stick figure cat wearing a little flower hat. He waited for a change.

"Here you go!" Emily smiled, dropping the change into his palm with a smile.

"Thank you" Kirron spoke, dropping the silver into the tip jar, "have a nice day Emily."

"You too- oh wait!" She exclaimed, "Do you want to hang out later? We can meet back if- if you're not busy" she added quickly.

Kirron paused for a second to think it over, he didn't necessarily have anything planned for the evening. "We're not going to hang out here are we?" He questioned, rather uninterested at the idea of sitting here and just talking.

Emily shook her head, "of course not, I already spent all day here." She laughed, "I don't know we can just hang out and go somewhere maybe...maybe like a date?" She asked, her face growing red as she shifted in her stance and looked up with hopeful eyes.

"You want to go on a date with me?" Kirron asked, amusement edging his tone.

"Well, when you say it like that..." Emily muttered, worry creeping into her chest.

"How about you wait until the weekend and let me take you out on a proper date." The young man purposed, a hand on his hip as the stared at the blonde with a small grin forming.

"I- uh- a proper date?" She questioned, tilting her head. "Oh, no there's really no need. If you want to go on a date it doesn't have to be anything special, we can just like go-"

"Emily, you should know me better by now" he tsked, "after four years of service and you don't even know your favorite patron?" He smirked, "I'm not some simple boy if you want to go on a date we're doing it my way."

Emily looked a bit taken back for a minute before a smile took to her lips, "ah, of course. I've let my nerves cloud my vision!" She grinned, "I should've known better" she playfully scolded herself, "Kirron Hope is far from a simple boy. I have to say the, admittedly few, men I've dated in the past usually had me plan the dates...but if you insist then I'll give you my number and we can make plans for it...whenever you're free." Kirron nodded, a bit smug as he took her phone from her to give her his number and she did the same. They said their goodbyes and Kirron left, leaving Emily to finish her slow shift behind the counter.

Kirron didn't text Emily until two days past, partly due to being a tad busier than usual and partly because he wanted to take his time. First dates were important and he was going to make it a grand one. He felt oddly comfortable with it all, likely because he and Emily had known each other for about a year and a half now and she'd spent the few months not so subtly flirting with him. Kirron hadn't responded to her wooing all that quickly, at first it had been annoying to him even. But seeing the blonde every few days and talking to her more and more through their short exchanges at the counter drew him in a bit more. Eventually, Emily would even take her break if he came in the afternoon rather than the morning. She'd make them something and pick out a pastry to share and she'd sit right with him. The fact that she didn't get the hint the first time when he glared at her now made him smile. Good to know she wasn't intimidated at least, confidence was a glorious thing and she had it. Either than or she was completely oblivious, but Kirron didn't catch that feeling from her. She was nice, a bit dorky, and persistent, but not oblivious. She knew what she was doing.

Kirron smiled, maybe he'd enjoy this date and take her on another one, but if it went bad he had no problem cutting it off. They could stay with weird coffee shop friends and he'd just move on. Of course, he wouldn't be putting his time into a date if he didn't feel like something was right enough.

Kirron texted Emily two evenings later on Thursday, telling her he was planning for a date on Saturday and making sure she was free. She was and Kirron told her he'd give more details in the morning. They talked some more through the evening until Kirron set his phone aside for bed.

Emily, on the other hand, stayed up longer with lingering excitement for their date. She was giddy to get to go on one with him, after all, she'd spent so long writing him notes. She'd gotten discouraged about a few months into it though and slowed herself down. They still became decent friends, Kirron hadn't seemed interested and she settled for their playful banter and the occasional note. Sometime within the second year she'd dated for a few months, but broke it off and returned to her giving Kirron notes after a few months of melancholy over the Ex. She had to wonder when Kirron started to gain interest in her at that point, almost three years of the note game and some weird month in between dating and heartbreak- when she looked back at it all she wasn't the ideal person to get involved with.

"What if he thinks I just started liking him again because I got broken up with?" She questioned her sister at the dinner table. "I flirted for a while, decided to be friends because he wasn't interested, dated, cried for a while and then just started flirting again. That can't look good, can it?"

"Did you break up with that guy because of him?" Lily questioned, turning a page in the textbook before her.

"I- I mean maybe a little...I liked him! But he wasn't..."

"He wasn't Kirron Hope." Lily deadpanned, "you accepted that he wasn't interested, tried to move on, and failed. You'll always have a thing for him, I can tell."

"I will not!" Emily defended, laying her head down in her arms. "I just wonder when he thought of me as someone he could maybe take on a date" she mumbled.

"You must've grown on him." Lily shrugged, "why are you overthinking it? A hot rich guy is literally planning a date for you, just enjoy yourself."

Emily would be lying if she said she hadn't spent days leading to Saturday nervous. Kirron didn't tell her where they were going, just to dress nicely and that he'd pick her up at seven on Saturday. She asked him how formal in worry and he told her nice enough for a restaurant downtown and that there was no need to be over the top. So, Emily took more time that she desired looking for a nice outfit to wear, settling on a red dress. Kirron's favorite color was red, so why not go for red? She contemplated heels, he was pretty tall, but she was also pretty clumsy. A nice pair of ankle books it was, why take the risk of faceplanting on their first date?

When seven rolled around Emily waited quietly in her living room, shooing her dog away several times to avoid being jumped on and calling Lily to fix her hair everything she nervously plucked a curled strand out of place. The doorbell rang two minutes before the clock struck seven and Emily stood. "Punctual" Lily stated, "much better than the last one."

"Shh, I don't want Kirron to hear that!"

Lily rolled her eyes and followed her sister and Emily grabbed her jacket and purse to leave. "Have fun, but not too much fun." The younger stated.

"What- of course not- I...what kind of date do you think I'm going on!?"

Lily shrugged, "Kirron seems like the type who likes to get what he wants, all I'm saying is make him work for it all."

Emily went red, shooed her sister away and opened the door with a dying blush and smile. Kirron quickly looked up from where he'd been gazing at the cat sitting in the front window of the house and smiled. The paper of the bouquet in his arms crinkled, "I brought you flowers."

"Aw, you didn't have to" Emily took them and dipped her nose into the sea of red rose petals. "Where'd you buy them?" She asked with a small grin.

Kirron raised an eyebrow, "I stopped at the flower place down the street, I didn't want them to wilt or damage, so they're fresh." Kirron crossed his arms, "should I have not?"

Emily shook her head with a small giggle, "no it's fine, I just know that place really well."

Oh, he'd definitely met her dad buying these.

Kirron puffed a small smile, "well, are you ready to go?"

Emily nodded and quickly left the flowering in the house before letting Kirron lead her to his car. Please be a good driver she silently pleaded as she opened the door and slipped into its new interior.

Kirron seemed a bit aggravated with a few drivers they came by, but he did well in not getting stuck over them tonight. Emily took to trying to guess what they were going to do after having dinner and Kirron refused every suggestion she gave and taunted playfully that it was all a surprise. Emily had never been to the restaurant before, but it was nice. It was three stories, a lounge-bar like an area first, then the actual restaurant part. The second floor was large and open with velvety stairs that led to the upstairs. It was dimly lit with soft lights and large windows were present for the view. Kirron held her arm as the waitress followed after signing in for the reservation. They were seated upstairs where the atmosphere was more subdued than the party downstairs. Their booth was pressed right against one of the large panels of glass. Kirron settled in his spot, while Emily almost immediately scooted over to look out the window.

"It's pretty, right?" Emily nodded, the sky was clear tonight.

"Water's fine" Emily turned back properly as the waitress dropped their menu's off and took their drink orders. Emily traced her finger over the crisp white paper as she read the black and gold lettering. Kirron seemed to already know what he wanted and left him to the side after a quick glance. He took the quiet moment to really take in Emily's appearance. She definitely looked different than she did in her casual and work clothes. Still cute, but different.

"Oh, we match." Emily laughed, looking up at Kirron and spotting the red scarf on him. "It's almost the same shade even!"

Kirron nodded, "did you plan that? You know I like red."

"Maybe" Emily giggled, "Or maybe I just like red too."

"No, you like blue" he corrected, "purple too, red's too bold- or so you told me."

Emily tried to remember when she had told him that- it was so little, why'd he bother to remember? She smiled, "maybe the color's growing on me..." She breathed, her eyes trailing him. Kirron didn't unbothered in her staring one bit, while Emily found herself feeling a bit timid. She knew she looked cute, she worked hard to look cute tonight, but she wasn't used to the attention, at least not directly like this.

How long had she spent admiring Kirron from behind that coffee shop counter? Too long, she thought now that she stared back at him. Kirron's arms rested neatly folded on the table as he leaned in close to Emily. His eyes gazed directly into hers, "why did you want to go on a date with me?" He questioned, his eye searching her for honesty.

"Why?" She repeated and Kirron nodded. "Well besides being almost too perfect looking, I think you're a really nice person."

"Nice?" Kirron asked, "Emily I'm not exactly friendly to everyone on a daily basis."

"You were nice to me the first day you came in."

"You were crying at the register- It took my everything not to say something rude," Kirron admitted.

"Yeah, but you were still patient." She went on, "even though I know you're super impatient, did you feel bad I was upset?"

"Not really I was just too tired to be rude." Kirron deadpanned, leaving Emily to huff.

"Well, now that we're better friends I've come to see you as a nice person. Sure, you can be unfriendly, or intimidating and impatient, but you're not a bad person."

"I know I'm not, how could someone as perfect as me be a bad person?" He teased, "but I'll admit, I am just a little happy you kept bugging me."

"What makes you think I'll stop now?" Emily challenged, "Oh, you don't think I'm going to stop giving you notes, do you?"

"It was wishful thinking."

Emily smiled as the food came to them. They talked more throughout the meal, more about why

Emily had wanted to date him so badly, despite Kirron knowing that he looks could make anyone want to date him. Emily seemed persistent that, though she had found him attractive, she had really started to develop a crush on his witness and personality as she harassed him more and more at the coffee shop. Kirron admitted straight-faced that he found her cute and her little acts of affection were adorable most of the time. He had felt lighter when they had lunch together on her breaks like he was given an hour to be free of the world or whatever had soured his mood, or anything really. Emily was easy to talk to, while Kirron seemed like the best advice giver to Emily.

"So that other guy." Kirron finally brought it up after the pair left the restaurant and went walking down the bustling streets.


"Why'd you two break up?" Kirron asked he'd seen the guy once at the coffee shop with Emily. Emily seemed to have given up her love quest shortly after Kirron found himself being drawn more and more in.

"I just decided he wasn't right for me."

"Why? Wasn't as dashing as me?" Kirron joked with an ounce of seriousness in his tone. He couldn't blame Emily, he was clearly the better option.

"And what if that was the reason?"

"I'd commend your intelligence- he really wasn't a match for you."

"What can I say? He didn't appreciate the love notes."

Emily and Kirron walked a little long, eventually coming to the waterfront. A long boardwalk extended around the water's edge, long docks trailing into the gentle currents with lanterns and lights strung up. Boats bobbed soberly beside the docks, while others were illuminated on the waters far out. People walked around, though it wasn't as busy now. A few couples and families were about, someone walking their dog, and a group of friends tying their boat up for the night. The breeze picked up a bit as the walked along the boardwalk. Emily shivered as her jacket didn't seem to be enough. Eventually, Kirron let his jacket sit on her shoulders, leaving Emily to smile and secretly play with long sleeves dangling with her. Of course, it wasn't the least bit discrete.

Kirron held her hand as they walked out onto one of the long docks to look out onto the water. The faint shine of a lighthouse could be seen in the distance, shadows of fish swam in the water, and seagulls and pigeons flew in the sky. Emily didn't lean on the railing as Kirron did, she stood beside him looking out at the night sky. She absentmindedly played with the hem of his coat, sinking into the silky material. "Come here" Kirron spoke at some point through the silence, placing his hands on her shoulders and ushering her closer. She hesitantly leaned on the cool railing, Kirron slightly behind her with his arm still around her and hand resting on her shoulder. "Look right there" he spoke slowly, tilting her head up to look deeper into the sky rather than the golden reflections on the water. Emily felt her face flare up at the feeling of his cold fingertips brush over her cheek and hold onto the railing just beside her own.

Emily hadn't known what she'd been looking for, but smiled with a small jump at the sudden explosion of color in the sky. Fireworks, she smiled. Someone seemed to set them off way down the boardwalk as it curved with the water, appearing more in front of them than anything. Every few seconds the dark water lit up with golds, whites, and blues. Sparkles fizzling off and drifting away in the night breeze. "There's some kind of celebration at a restaurant down there, I heard they were setting fireworks off at the end of it. I thought it'd be nice to see." He explained, looking down while Emily kept her eyes upward.

"It was!" She beamed, "I love fireworks, they're so pretty" she cooed through shivers as the night grew colder. Kirron tightened his hold over her shoulders, leaning down to hug her from behind. He rested his head by hers, looking up again as a few more fizzled into the air. Emily grabbed his hand from where it lay over her shoulder and intertwined their fingers.

When they ended the pair didn't stay out much longer. It was getting rather later and chiller, so Kirron walked her back to the car. He opened the door for her and she slid in, still gripping his jacket. They talked lightly as he drove her home. As they rolled to a gentle stop in front of her house Emily slid his coat off. "So" Kirron began, "don't be afraid to say it, I knocked the first date out of the park, didn't I?"

Emily smiled, "well, it was certainly way better than I couldn't set up...but really I had a really nice time. Even if I didn't do all that fancy stuff I would've had fun."

"Does that mean I'll be able to sweep you out on another date sometime?"

She looked down a bit bashfully, "I'd really love that."

Kirron got out of the car and opened her door, walking her to the door hand in hand. He stopped just behind her as she dug her keys out. Before heading inside she turned to pull him down into a hug, leaving Kirron to smile to himself and return it. The pulled apart a few moments later, Emily sprung to her tip-toes to press a small kiss on his check and said goodnight.

"I'll text you tomorrow" Kirron breathed, leaving Emily to nod and wave him off as he left.

Emily quietly closed the front door and pressed her back to it. The house was dark as her sister and father slept. Emily pressed her hands to her burning cheeks and squealed silently to herself. She left some food out for the cats and collapsed onto her bed after changing. She clicked her phone on as it buzzed. Kirron had sent the picture they'd taken while out on the boardwalk. His arm was outstretched and holding the phone with the other was securely over her shoulder. Emily's were clasped together as she stood right with him with a giddy smile.

She smiled and pressed her face into the pillow, that was definitely the best date she'd ever been on.

Kirron drove home after he watched the blonde safely enter her house. He was in a good mood, listening to the radio playing quietly in the background. When he got home he hadn't expected to be greeted, as things had run rather late. But, Lindsey was awake and heading for the living room when he walked in. "How was it?" She asked eagerly as Kirron joined her.

"Perfect, of course. I planned it after all." In the living room, he was surprised to still find his family awake. His parents looked ready to head to their room for the night though. Valerian was laying on the sofa, snuggle under a blanket and looking ready to fall asleep.

Bryson looked wide away as he turned to his best friend. "Oh, give me all the details lover boy."

Kirron rolled his eyes and plopped down beside him. "It went well," he told the whole room, "really well."

"That's great honey!" Astrid smiled.

Valerian looked over, "are you going to see her again?" He asked, big eyes curious and sleepy.

"Mm, I think it's time you found someone to take out" he teased, Valerian shook his head with a sleepy chuckle.

"Should I take that as a yes?"

Kirron grinned, "I think I'd be a fool not to take her out again."