The ocean and I

Over the waves, under the tide

The ocean and I

Only me, only water


Tide fills in hiding all traces

Of the footprints in the sand

It's a simple reason

A memorable mantra...

Swimming underwater

A/N: Salutations fellows readers. Thank you for your kind reviews on my poetry. I love reading through them. I apologize in advance if I can't respond to your comments and questions. But starting now I'll try my best to leave explanations for my poems in the future.


I do want to address Atalanta's review which would also explain the contents of this poem. So this poem came about while listening to a song titled Only The Ocean by Jack Johnson.

I've only seen the beach once and don't know how to swim so while listening to the song, I imagined myself at the beach again swimming. In the second stanza line 1 &2, "Tide fills in hiding all traces Of the footprints in the sand", here it's leaving behind the shore and just swimming. But there's more to the story but that's for another day...

Again I very much appreciate all your reviews and even if I don't reply I try my best to read them.