Jeffery Whippo is a well-seasoned business professional who explained that a lot of the failures that Kmart witnessed during its battle with Wal-Mart were due to the attitude of their CEO, Joseph Antonini. He describes how Antonini, having climbed through the Kmartranks to his position of CEO felt that he had all of the answers. He made it a point to not hire from outside of Kmartfor management level positions because he did not want anyone coming into the company and challenging his decisions.

When the battle between Kmart and Wal-Mart was in full force, Antonini narrow-mindedly looked only to his strengths, which were marketing and merchandising, and focused predominantly in only these two areas in terms of strategy. On the other hand, Sam Walton surrounded himself with people that were "smarter" than him and considered their suggestions.

Jeff Whippo suggests that while Kmart focused on marketing, Wal-Mart focused on operations. Walton invested millions of dollars in computer systems to link the stores to headquarters which allowed Wal-Mart to quickly restock shelves.

According to Jeff Whippo, early on in the battle between Kmart and Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart focused on controlling costs through the innovations of their supply chain; while Kmart's CEO, Mr. Antonini, chose to go for the classic textbook approach to marketing and merchandising, Mr. Walton looked to focus on process and organizational practice.

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