Listening as a violin strings along

Drums come in and a songstress begins her song

Musical notes play in this person's ears

And they fly and sing the words they hear

Speeding and singing, not heading any place

Just wanting to ride the words they chase

Sing of beauty: the sun, the earth

Love that is good, and after death there is birth

Everywhere, the world has open arms

Trees and the rivers bless us with charms

Air stirs a cool breeze, everyone arrests in respect

Everything, everything for you in retrospect

Lift your head high, go on proud

Keep singing your song, sing it loud

The stars coruscate the sky for you

and the flowers bloom more colorful, too

Moon shines its light so you don't walk in black

The grass sprouts so the trail leads you back

Rare insects fly & jump around

Commanding the world to let you in abound

Everything that kept them up the night before

It's gone and it doesn't matter anymore

And everything they thought could go wrong

dissipates and just becomes this song

The one saying how it's going to be a beautiful day

For once, the world will do what they say