Hello User Welcome To Crystal Fate Online, In order to start please pick a Class/Race you wish to play as, There are 25 of them to pick from, but you can only pick one, Tell us, Which one are you in?

Attacker - Attack welds in swords, one handed, two handed, dueller, they are stronger in attack, they come from the Red Land

Defenders - There make their own Armor, the defenders have a really bad past, in battles they are always targeted because of how good at defending they are, they are from the white land

Archer - They are skilled in Archery and are most useful in long range. They can blend in with anywhere and can be a spy with their high sneaking skill

Healer - Healers are awesome at healing it is good to have 1 or 2 in your party or guild, they come from the green land

Inventor - Inventors well they are good for making the items you and your party or guild needs. they are from the grey land

Mechanic - Mechanics are good for if you need a ride to some where they will make you a car or something. They come from the silver Land

Spy - Spy's are good for if you can't get past a quest you will need to send in the spy and when they come back you might be able to complete the quest and the spy's seeking skill can get really high. They are from the Black Land

Thief – Thief is sneaky people. They will be mistaken as a spy, but thieves kill and rob people. Like demons and Alien's they could start off as a Orange player. They are from the Black-Purple-Blue land

Magic user - Magic users are good for if you are a defender or healer or computer nerd you can learn magic so you can help out in battle but magic is really hard to learn if you wanna learn magic you have to be fast and have good focus and you have to have a strong mind, if you don't have a strong mind and a clear mind the magic won't work. They are from the Purple Land

Black Smith - Black Smiths are good for fixing your equipment and some time they might make some epuipment but you would need a really really high skill to make equipment. They are from the Dark White land

Shape Shifter - Shape Shifters are good for if you need to hide behide some thing so you don't get spotted. They are from the yellow land

Alien - Aliens are good for getting you in and out of dangerous problems. They are from the pink land

Computer Nerds - Computer nerds are good at hacking and installing bad program's if you wanna be a computer nerd you have to be crazy. They are from the blue land

Beast Tamer - Beast Tamers are good for if you and or party/guild run into a beast a beast tamer can try and tame. They are from the Orange land

Plan Master - plan masters are good for if you are getting stuck a plan master can help you. They are from the light grey land

Element Master - Element masters can controll all the elements like water earth fire metal wood wind lighting and clouds. They are from the muilty colours land

Sceinetiest - Sceinetiests are good for if one of your friend has a sceine base problem. They are from the light blue land

Crystal Gem - Crystal Gems are awesome cause if you pick to be a crystal gem you will get to pick a gem and pick the wepaon. They are from the gold land

Builder - Builders are good for um if you need some where to live they will make you a house. They are from the dark grey land

Bontiy Hunter - Bontiy Hunters are bad people they are player killers or in other words PKers if you wish to be one good luck you will have to hide that you are a Bontiy Hunter you will have to pick other class for the time being and Bontiy Hunters are on top 100 wanted they are at the top. They are from the dark yellow land

Angels - Angels are good for if some one in your party/Guild is having weird dreams they can go to the angels. They are from the Glow Silver Land

Demons - Demons are bad they team rup with the Bontiy Hunters to make them stronger. They are from the dark purple land

Wizard - Wizards are good for if your healer is not on and some one in your party/guild needs to get healed you wizard can do that for you. They are from the light green land

Data Colletros - Date colletros well jus collect date sometime they ever get players info. They are from the dark blue land

ODM gear users - ODM gear user are good if you need to get some where high and you don't have time to fly up. They are from the dark red land

Dead Men/Women - Some added into it you can not be one of you marry into the family/clan if your mum or dad dies and so one marryed to your mum or dad will not be a deadman/woman or in other words they will not become a deadman/Wemon which means they will not be leader of the family or clan and you get to use your blood as a weapon and you get to pick the colour of your blood it is really rare to become a deadman/Weman and it is a very dangerous to become one so if you become one good luck. They are in the light dark land

Pooka Fairy - Pooka Fairys are good in combat for support and incantment they are callsfied as a singing type. They are form the light green land.

Dancer - Dancers are useful for Buff, They are from the White-Silver Land

Myrmidon - Myrmidon's are skilled in Swords, Especially swift, with high avoidance. They are from The Grey-Blue-Purple Land

Lord - Lord's are extremely good, they are rarely seen in a party or guild. They are counted as a solo player. They are from the Gold-Yellow Land

Monk - Monk's are more force into combat magic. They mostly use light magic. They are from the Blue-White-Silver Land

Preist & Cleric - the Priest and Cleric are like the healers, they heal anyone, however, they are stronger than the healers, The Priest and Cleric have more advansted spells, They are from the Brown-White-Yellow Land

Troubadour - troubadour is a horse mouted Healer and buffer, much more advanced than Priest, Cleric and Healer. They have all healing spells unlocked but they have to work to make them stronger, they are also have. They are from the Pink-Purple-Tangerine Land

Puiple - Puiple's are beininger wizards, element master, etc. They are set off in a small village, They have no set colour, they are set as White until they pick thier next choice in class is when they get a colour.

Junreyman - Junryman/woman fight with a axe. They are mostly stronger in wood lands. They are from the Green-Brown Land

Mercenary - Mercenary are fighters who are skilled in dark combat. They are from the dark Blue-Dark Purple Lands.

Pegasus Rider - Pegasus riders ride a Pegasus into battle, they can weld any weapon from any class as long as they have the skill points. They are from the Light Silver-White-Grey Land

Wyven Rider - Wyven Riders ride dragon/lizard like creators with wings. Like Pegasus riders they can weld any weapons as long as they have the skill points. They are from the Dark Purple-Pink-Blue-Red Land

Recruit - Recruit are the lower level of Attackers, like Puiples they start off with no set colour

Dramun - dramun are half human's half dragons, in battle they transform into a dragon but when out and about they are human with their dragon wings showing. They are from the Yellow-Green-Blue-Black Land