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A/N: The story set in the same universe as "30 Days of Spring" and "Fragments of a Soul" under the permission of the user, Looperreallyreallyrocks. If you wanted to read those stories before reading this, I am fine with it. However, I don't think you need to read them to understand this story. Anyways, enjoy the content everyone!

It all started during the evening at the pub that I own in Dublin, Ireland. I was serving my customers who are mostly lovebirds who seemed to enjoy themselves as I played smooth jazz music in the background. Today, most of the people came into my pub in order to watch a football match between Republic of Ireland and Slovakia including the childhood friend of mine, Paddy, a muscular guy with brown hair.

"Oi Darren! Howsagoin for yah!?" Paddy waved his hands towards me

"Aye Paddy! I've been up to 90 these past couple of days. Taking care of the pub and all for the current soccer match." I replied as I was polishing a glass.

"Ah the same ol' Darren. Hey, ya wanna meet my new gurlfriend mate? Just wunna spend time with her to watch de match hahahaha..."

"Uh...Sure, why not?"

Suddenly, a beautiful blonde woman wearing a pink sweater sat beside Paddy and waved her hands. "Hi there Mr. Bartender! How ya doing, hey!?"

"Hey there! Beautiful lady." After I greeted her, I then asked Paddy about the girl sitting besides him. "Hey mate, is this the girlfriend in question you never keep shut up about?"

"Yep, she's the one!" said Paddy as he pointed his finger to the woman beside him.

"Oh! Didn't see that coming. You look fecking beautiful aren't you even for Paddy who looks like Conor McGregor after all." I joked about Paddy's appearance but at the same time, I feel uneasy.

"FECK! I'm really unlucky aren't I?" I muttered to my heart's content.

Paddy then laughed after I was joking about his appearance and his own relationship with that beautiful girl. "Ahahaha...Nice one mate! Anyways, "Darren, this is Allison, Allison this is Darren."

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Darren!" She then shaked my hands politely.

"Please call me, Mr. Monaghan, thank you. And nice to meet you too, young wan!" I smiled nervously.

Paddy then punched me in the shoulder in excitement, "Hahaha! That's the spirit alright. We're going to get married dis month."

"Yeah, Paddy was such a very fun lad to listen to actually. I was just a lonely librarian until he came into my life. He is much more fun and charismatic compared to the boring people who frequently visit the library and we also share the same interests too when it comes to book genres, Action and Comedy. So I believe we were match made in heaven haha..."

"That's my girlfriend, right there haha! We're having a craic with our relationship!"

"Congrats Paddy!" I clapped nervously. "What a jammy hoor you are! But a question really, how on earth did you manage to be in the relationship in the first place!?"

"Well, ya see, me and Allison met with each other during muh part time job as a firefighter. The lad was screaming for help ya know due to the fire that struck in her apartment almost nearly killed her! Luckily though, I managed to save her with muh might and strength and ye know, what will happen afterwards haha…"

"Yep! And that is where our love relationship blooms and we have been dating together for two months." Allison then held her chin with her two hands while smiling like an angel.

As Paddy mentioned how his relationship started, I began to feel ashamed of myself because Paddy himself used to be an unattractive langer before he gained those muscles and after ten, bastard years, I still don't have a girlfriend despite my attempts to get one. After the banter, I then continue the conversation nervously:

"I see...Well...I guess you have a good time in your relationship, eh, Paddy? I hope you will have good luck in your marriage."

"Thanks a million, Darry! How ya gettin on with yer relationship? Did ya shoot someone yet oor at the very least, lob the gob with someone?"

"Crap! What should I say towards him… I didn't even have a girlfriend yet, but he decided to ask me that. Why Paddy, you triggered the flashbacks of my misfortunes at getting girlfriends."

I then responded awkwardly towards Paddy: "Errrr...Sorry mate, it's confidential to the point, I couldn't tell you that."

"Awwww… Don't be so shy mate!" Paddy then put his right arm around me. "Ya haven't given a lash with yer relationship again? Don't worry, if that's the case, hopefully ya will get a gurlfriend much more attractive than mine."

The girl just giggled as she seemingly sarcastically responded towards Paddy's comment. "Hihihi...Good luck for finding a girlfriend like that Mr. Monaghan. I'm sure you can do it."

"Thanks for the encouragement, I guess…"

"Hey, judging by yer appearance, ya look fine! Ya will attract some attractive woman with yer appearance alone. I mean, look at yer outfit, yer grey polo shirt and blue sport jacket? It looks fecking trendy mate!"

"Agree 100% with Paddy. Ya almost look like Roy Keane and Aidan Gillen combined together so I'm sure that girls will be attracted to your appearance alone as I loved those two bad boys just like Paddy here." the girl sarcastically remarked about how I looked.

"Ahahaha…That's muh girl alright!"

"Thanks a million for your two compliment, I guess?" I replied nervously. "Anyways, do you two newlyweds want to order something here?"

The girl spoke first before Paddy asked me which drink that she would order. "Well mister, I would like to order an Espresso Martini, please!"

"I too will order the same drink as Allison's! One Espresso Martini, please so that we could enjoy this grand aul day!"

"Alright, two Espresso Martinis for you two newlyweds coming right up."

As I served the two couples the drink that they ordered which resulted in them moving to the vacant tables at the pub, I continued to serve the other customers at the pubs which were mostly revealed to be couple bantering with each other or either kissing with each other as I sat there, faffing and contemplating about my failure on attracting either a good looking or a kind-hearted women. Paddy being married is the straw that broke the camel's back as I contemplate the chronicles of my failed attempts on getting a girlfriend and I could think of two notable events that happened in the past. Starting 10 years ago when I was attracted to the most popular girl in school...

"Hey! Yer still attracted towards that girl ye like?" said Paddy as he sat beside me in the school's cafeteria. This was back before Paddy became a firefighter and is still an unattractive langer.

"Uhhhh, you mean, Ciara?"

Paddy then began to tease me. "Yes, referring to Ciara, by the way. Admit it, ye still attracted to her haha!"

After a little teasing, I suddenly blushed in embarrassment.

"It's...It's not like that! Who says that I'm attracted to her?"

"Aw… Come on Darry! I saw you're blushing, hahaha!" teased Paddy as he punched my shoulder.

"W...Well, I guess you're right." I then scratched my head in embarrassment. "I mean...She is a pretty attractive girl with her long dark red hair, and a beautiful face so I guess that's something to consider."

"Well, go ahead and try to shoot her, Darren! I'm sure ye can do it!"

As we bantered with each other, the girl that I mentioned came into the canteen and tried to order some food.

"Ah! There she is! Good luck to ye, Darry! Be sure that ye lob the glob with her, hahahaha!" Paddy then pushed me aside and then gave me a thumbs up. As I tried to approach Ciara, I then tried to greet her in the most normal ways possible.

"Ummmm...Hi…I'm Darren. You must be Ciara right?" I waved my hand nervously, a tense expression on my face with sweat beading off my forehead as my heart began to throb at a hundred miles.

"Oh hello there Darren! Have we met?" Ciara responded back as she held a lunch tray filled with fruits and vegetables.

"Ummmmm...Not really. But I thought I could change that… by interacting with you now. I-if you don't mind that is."

"Sure! Why not! Always fun talking to other people, especially the newer ones. New people means new friends, that means less stress over trying to remember lectures in school." She then smiled in joy.

"Alright then,?" I said.

We took a seat on a table by the window. There the condensation of the glass only reminded me how sweaty I was getting. Damn it! Need to say something.

"I really like your choice of food." I complimented the menu that Ciara had chosen for herself in order to entertain her. It was an interesting dish, one the herbivores would give their bow of approval if they ever walked in here.

"Ahahaha...Thanks." She said, god she had an amazing smile. "I'm a vegetarian, I'm trying to pull myself off the meat bit by bit."

"Really?" I said partly stunned and intrigued. "I am a vegetarian too! Meat is really not my type of food. Just something about feeding on something that's been living and breathing like you and I just does not agree with me."

"Really?" Ciara said, her head leaning in as if she was trying to pick up on somehow gossip. "Looks like we have something in common after all!"

I smiled despite my fluttering stomach. It was just simple words but right there it felt like it was just me and her adrift among a sea of distant sights and sounds.

"So, Darren, tell me more about yourself, other than being a vegetarian of course," asked Ciara as she clenched her hands together.

"Ummmm..I'm just a normal guy with no superpowers?"

"You're a funny guy, Darren." Ciara said between her brief chortle. "No, I don't mean your origin story."

"I think it's a great origin story, it's like Peter Parker if he never got bitten by a spider." I said with a shy grin. That had her laughing some more.

"Just tell me about you, what are your interests, your hobbies. Do you like spider man or is this how you introduce yourself with all acquaintances. As a trade off I'll promise to tell you my interests, veges honour." she said chipperly as she forked a carros piece and slipped it into her mouth.

"Is't it 'scouts honor'?" I said part baffled.

"You've been in the scouts?" she asked earnestly.

"Oh-I mean no uhh-never mind." with a sigh I looked at her. She was sitting there happily chawing away at her dish she was waiting for me to unleash my big story but it really was not anything to write home about. In fact it was almost a little…

Sighing I prepared the words that were at the tip of my tongue, feeling more naked than I ever have before I forced them to come out before I lost my nerve.

"I'm just a son of a pub owner who's trying to find love, probably corney and vague but does answer your question?"

She continues to chortle. "I guess it's a little less flashy than a hero's origin story."

"Yeah just by a smidge," I said rolling my eyes whilst signing out laughter.

"That was honestly more funny than I thought it could be. Ok! Guess it's my turn to spill."

"By all means,"

Putting her fork down she leaned in closer, her arms elbows on the table as if she was a cheeky spy about to drop juicy government secrets.

"Just a small confession. You brung up spider man just now. You wouldn't happen to be an avid fan of anime or tokusatsu by any chance would you?"

My mouth fell open into a gape.

"No way!" I mothed, jaw agape I probably looked like a dead goldfish.

With a twinkle in her eyes and a slow nod her feturnes birthright as her own confirmation was confirmed by my reaction. Or so she thought. In truth I was panicking, 'Anime or Tokusatsu'? I've never sat down to watch any of those. Crap, what was I going to do?! She seems really into this stuff. And my overaction to not know has given her the wrong Idea. Damn it, it was going so well too!

Going too far in to back down now I did the only clever thing a man would do in my possession and played along.

"Anime and Tokusatsu? Oh! I love this kind of stuff!" said myself in a faked excitement.

"Ah! Do you know the likes of Death Note, Godzilla, Kamen Rider, Ultraman or Ouran Highschool Host Club? I follow those kinds of works."


"Oh...I know that stuff ahahaha...Especially the one that you mention like uhhh...Kamen Rider." I lied however, the stuff that Ciara called Kamen Rider, interests me.

"Ah! You're a fan of Kamen Rider then, if you ask me, my favorite series from that franchise are the likes of original Kamen Rider and Kamen Rider 555. How about yours?"

"Uhhhh...Anything that you follow is my personal favorite series of all time."

"That's great! Do you want to go home with me to watch Kamen Rider together?"

"Sure, that sounds great!"

She then wrote something on a paper and gave me a note. "Alright, here's my address. Meet me tomorrow after school okay."

"Alright, thanks for the help."

After we had a conversation with each other, I then went back to Paddy and reported what happened after I managed to attract Ciara.

"Paddy! I did it! I managed to woo that girl that I like."

"Really, that's a good thing by the way! Hope ya will have a good craic with her."

"Sure, she offered me an invite to her house tomorrow so yeah…"

"That's moi Darren, hahaha!" Paddy then punches my shoulder again.

As the day reaches tomorrow, I then took my time after the class is dismissed to approach Ciara in order to go to her house. However, something unexpected happened. A boy who is much more handsome than me stood besides Ciara which made me startled. Damn it! Does he have a boyfriend now?

"Hey, Darren! How ya doing, hey!?" she then waved her right hand to greet me.

"Uhhhh, Ciara, who is that boy besides you?"

"Ahhhh...Did I forgot to tell you something, this person besides me is actually my boyfriend, Scott. He's also an anime and tokusatsu fan."

"How ya doing, hey! My name is Scott and I love everything about the Kamen Rider and Godzilla series," Ciara's boyfriend then shakes my hands towards me.

I can't believe it...She actually had a boyfriend?! My chances of dating her are now in ruins because of this utter gombeen!

I then nervously shook my hands towards Ciara's boyfriend "Uhhhh...Hi, I just met with your girlfriend one day ago."

"Really, that's great! You want to come with us together to watch Kamen Rider together?" asked Scott.

"Uhhhh...I think I'm going to go to the bathroom first for some personal stuff."

"Really Darren? Oh well, we'll wait for your decision patiently then. If you can't come then we can understand that." Ciara replied.

"Time to go I guess, I'd have some unfinished business to do."

"See ya Darren!" Ciara then waved her right hand again as I went to the men's bathroom.

As I entered the man's bathroom, I then turned on the sink, looked at myself in the mirror and began to cry while bowing my head and punching the sink.

"Damn it me! I blew another opportunity again to get a girlfriend! Why do I always fail to get a girl!"

That's one incident that I vividly remember. As for now, Ciara now works as an ambassador for Ireland and Japanese relations. At least from what I remember, good for her but I become nothing but a miserable trainwreck everytime I remember that incident.

After this, I then contemplated the second incident that I remember vividly because it's worse than the first one. It all started 4 years ago when I tried to serve several people in the pub. One of the customers that I served is a beautiful woman who is depressed about something.

"My career. My career is over!" cried the beautiful woman as she sat at the stool of the pub in front of me.

"Excuse me, what is going on with you, ma'am?"

"(Sniff) My career...I couldn't apply as a Victoria Secret model anymore." the woman began to cried.

"I see…" I was surprised after hearing her reasoning. She truly has a natural beauty and seems innocent to the point that she has a potential to become a model.

I then patted her back to comfort her. "There...There. What should I do to help you then?"

"Please give me a martini, I need it to alleviate my sadness."

"Alright, one martini coming right up just for you!"

As I served the martini to the seemingly desperate lady, I then asked her a question in order to find out what's going on.

"So please tell me, what is going on with you? I probably can try to help you to sort some things out."

"(Sniff) Someone incriminated me by saying that I cheated when applied as a model. But, I did nothing wrong! I'm ruined!"

"I see. Can you tell me the story on how you were incriminated in the first place of time?"

"Very well Some models are pretty jealous of my beautiful appearance. That's why they incriminate me by saying that I was cheating during the natural beauty pageant by doing a surgery operation even though I never did that."

I don't blame her if people are getting jealous of her beauty. It is otherworldly as hell. And to think I'm not even surprised that other models incriminate this beauty out of spite.

"Anyways, may I help you on getting you back on track miss…"

"Saoirse, just call me Saoirse. Are you sure you want to help me?"

I then took this as an opportunity so that I could get a girlfriend. "Sure, why not. You seemed like a nice fella who did nothing wrong."

As I accepted her request for help, she then hugged me in excitement. "Thank you so much! You're my savior. Anyways, who should I call you then."

"Mr. Monaghan. Or if you want to become close friends with me, just call me Darren alright."

"Thank you Mr. Monaghan! Try to do your best to help me so that I can get the job back. Please meet me at my apartment alright. Here's the address." She then gave me a card that is actually the address of her house.

"Sure thing Ms. Saoirse! I'll see what I can do."

After the conversation, I then become much nervous about what to do. I'm not an expert when it comes to investigation but regardless, I have no choice but to take this request anyway because I can't turn down a request from a pretty lady like her. After the tomorrow day hits, I then decided to come into the address that Saoirse had given me and try to consult her.

"Hello there! Are you the receptionist of this apartment?" I asked the receptionist who was sitting at the front desk, reading a comic book and chewing her gum.

"Yeah, what's the story, horse?" the receptionist replied in a seemingly apathetic manner.

"Well, I am looking for a room in this apartment. Would you please kindly give me some directions?" I then gave the receptionist the card that Saoirse had given to me yesterday.

After the receptionist read the card, she then gave me some directions to the room that Saoirse lives in. "Oh! So you want to go to Room 2302 mister? It's located on the third floor of the building." she then points her index finger above as she warned me. "Be careful though, the third floor itself is mostly occupied by some elites or something like that so yeah…"

Why do I have a feeling that Saoirse is this type of person? Regardless, I decided to visit her anyways in order to help her.

"I'll take notes on that. Thanks for the direction."

"Yea, whatever." the receptionist then continues to read her comic book again and chewing her gum.

As I went into the apartment room that Saoirse occupied, I then knocked on the door in order to check if Saoirse is at home.

"Hello, it's me, Darren Monaghan. Are you home?" I shouted.

"Yes! I'll be there in a jiffy. I'm currently changing my clothes now." replied the tenant, revealed to be Saoirse.

After Saoirse changed her clothes inside, she then opened the door and greeted me.

"Ah! It's you Mr. Monaghan, please come in!" Saoirse then beckoned me to enter her apartment which I accepted.

As I entered her apartment, I then took a seat in the living room on the sofa and noticed the surroundings in Saoirse's apartment. It was a rather lavish apartment decorated with several rare and luxurious items that I could find via a mansion. How she managed to effort this I don't even know.

"So, how do you like my apartment?" asked Saoirse as she served me tea. "Anyways, here's the tea that I made, please enjoy it."

"It was great! Also, thanks for the tea." I then drank the tea that Saoirse had given to me.

"Thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it."

"No problem. Though I wonder how you managed to afford this type of apartment?"

"Well, I used to work as a local model in Dublin of course! That's why I can afford this apartment. Shame that Victoria Secret rejected me because I had an experience to become a world class model which made me depressed (sigh)." she then facepalmed in sadness.

"I see. Speaking of which, I kind of want to ask a question. Who incriminated you in the first place and how did you get incriminated?"

"It was the two models that incriminated me and they incriminate me by claiming that I used fake breasts to seduce the jury."

"Wait? Fake breasts? What the hell!?"

"Well, those two models stole my bag and then presented it as an evidence that I cheated and as the jury checked the contents of it, the bag was filled with breast pads so yeah…"

"I see...I'll try my best to clear your reputation then. May I know the name of these two models?"

"Well, their names are Kayleigh Cunningham and Samantha Hemmensway. They conspired to take me down from the competition."

"Thanks for the information, I'll see what I can do with that then. I'm going home, thanks for the treat."

"No problem. Please come back here when you are done."

After the conversation, I then went straight to the public library to borrow the computer due to my lack of skills as a hacker as I tried to check the names Kayleigh Cunningham and Samantha Hemmensway on Google Search. Turns out that I managed to find out the Victoria Secret models easier than I anticipated as I browse through their facebook page. After I found their picture, I decided to take a photo of their pictures with my phone and then went home without notice.

After I went home, I then sat at the desk located in my room and made a strategy to lure the two models so that I could get the evidence that Saoirse was framed by those two until my little brother, Paul, came in to see what happened.

"Hey big brother! What are you doing right now?"

"Oh hey Paul! Not now, I'm currently busy doing something…"

"That's why I'm asking a question right now." said Paul as he put his hands behind his back and stuck out his tongue.

"Well, if you want to know, do you want to help me on promoting our pub in a Victoria Secret's fashion show?"

"Eh...For sure, I wouldn't mind helping you with that brother!"

"Alright, since we don't have a computer. Do you have any friends who are experts on making a flyer Paul?"

"I have, shall I contact him?"

"Sure, why not. Anything to promote this pub of course so that the Victoria Secret models can go into this pub."

"Alright, I'll see what I can do. But I think you can go to my friend's house to make the flyers and photocopy it."

"Let's go to your friend's house shall we."

As me and Paul went into the latter's friends house to make the flyers and photocopied it, we then went straight into the Victoria Secret fashion show and bought the tickets to enter the show in order to promote our pub. As me and Paul watched the show, I was rather enamoured by the Victoria Secret models flaunting their sexy outfits in the runaway. After the show was over, me and Paul went to the backstage which was guarded by a huge, scary bouncer.

"Hello, can me and my brother enter the backstage of the fashion show?" I asked in fright.

"Sorry lads, I can't let ya in. Ye need a permission slip otherwise I'll break yer leg." said the bouncer as he cracks his knuckles.

I then become frightened while sweating my body with the bouncer's threats. Feck! Is he serious about what he's saying!? Me and Paul are gonna die at this rate if I decided to cross him. "Ummmmm...I think me and my brother are just going away from here."

"Good! Good! Ya step in without permission, ya will feel me wrath!"

However, Paul decided to step in and confront the bouncer. "Hold on a minute. Before we go away, may I ask how to get a permission slip for me and my brother so that we could enter the backstage?"

I then tried to stop Paul to ask the bouncer a question because he is just that goddamn intimidating. "Paul, I don't think that's a good question to ask to that bouncer."

"Will I answer that question? Yea! Not a chance. Ye just going to be punched with me fists instead hahahaha…"

"If you don't want to cooperate then, we will try to find the manager as a last resort then."

"Listen here ya lil gombeen! I will eat the head off of ya if ye do that."

"Well, on second thought…" After the conversation, me and Paul are running away, trying to find the manager of the Victoria Secret fashion show while the bouncer tries to chase us.

"Hey ye! Come back here! I will eat yer head off after I caught ye gombeens!"

"You can't catch us! Hahahaha…" Paul taunted the bouncer as he became angry and tried to catch us while we're running for our lives like Flash.

As we tried to escape from the bouncer's wrath, we then stumbled across a man with a beret and sunglasses as he tried to stop us running. He must be the manager of the Victoria's Secret models

"STOP!" shouted the man with sunglasses as we stopped running. "Have you no fecking manners?"

"Uhhhh...We can explain." I replied to calm the man with beret and sunglasses down.

"Yes, we can explain what happened. A big scary man tried to chase us." Paul replied to keep pace with what I said.

As we tried to explain the situation towards the man, the bouncer then came to us, looking exhausted.

"I will...I will catch ye two whippersnappers...Uggh…" said the bouncer as he nearly fainted.

"So, you tried to escape from the bouncer who guarded the backstage area?"

"We can explain!" I replied to the man. "We initially tried to be polite by asking about how to get a permission slip in order to get into the backstage. But the bouncer refused and tried to beat us up."

"What my big brother said!"

"I see, maybe next time, you need to watch your manners in the hallway before meeting me. I don't like uneducated gombeen who never watch their manners."

"We're sorry about it!" Me and Paul then bowed down in order to apologize towards the man.

"Alright. Anyways, I have a question for you two. Why do you want to enter the backstage of the fashion show? Are you asking for autographs for some models in here?"

I then tried to answer the man's question. "Well, not necessarily. But the reason why we wanted to enter the backstage of the fashion show is that we want to promote our pub actually and we have some flyers to prove it."

"So, you two wanted to promote your pub by acting as spectators for this show?" The man then raises his eyebrows as he is skeptical by my answer. Well, I hope he doesn't report me and Paul to the police.

"Yeah, sorry if we ended up causing trouble just to promote our pub." I then scratched my head in embarrassment.

"Let me see the flyer of your pub and if this interests me, I am not going to call the security."

"Alright, here's the flyer in question." I then gave one of the flyers towards the man as he read it.

"So, according to this flyer, you offer a discount for Guinness during the St. Patrick's Day and also be able to buy one, get one for free for a wine on St. Patrick's Day? This seems interesting as Guinness is my favorite beer after all."

"So, would you love to come to our pub during St. Patrick's Day?" I asked.

"Of course!" the man replied in excitement. "Discount Guinness is my treat and I am definitely coming to your pub during that day!"

"Thanks for the support. Anyways, will you tell the models to come into our pub then?"

"Hmmmm. Maybe, since some of them probably won't be going to your pub at all. However, I'll tell you what though, if you promise to give me the Guinness, I will share the flyers towards the Victoria Secret models and we'll see about that."

"Thanks! But try and share these flyers please. We need some support."

"Sure thing, give me those flyers and I'll see what I can do."

"Alright, thanks for the help, now we better get going otherwise the bouncer will catch us again."

"Very well, see you on St. Patrick's Day!" the man bids us farewell by waving his right hand as we try to exit the room. Thank god that there's someone who ended up supporting us!

As we approached St. Patrick's Day, I then decorated the pub in order to serve the Victoria Secret models and also masquerading myself as a leprechaun. After I finished decorating my pub, the customers then stormed through my pub as they prepared themselves to welcome St. Patrick's Day.

"Ah! Welcome to the pub everyone! Now, it's time for us to celebrate St. Patrick's Day!" I then played an Irish folk music as the customer cheered in excitement.

"Here I am! As I promised." The man with the sunglasses and beret that I met yesterday greeted me by waving his right hand and then approached me as he sat on one of the stools.

"Welcome mate! I hope you enjoy the establishment." I replied towards the man as I rubbed a glass.

"Enjoy it!? I love it and I quite like the St. Patrick's Day aesthetic that you had in this pub. I will give it 10/10 haha…"

"I feel rather honored for your compliment."

"Anyways, where's the Guinness? I want to taste it."

"One Guinness coming for you! And as I promised, this will be a discount."

As I made a Guinness drink for the man with beret and sunglasses and served it to him, I then saw a beautiful girl and a police officer enter the pub as they talked together. She seems...Rather familiar.

"I told you Samantha my darling, daddy doesn't like drinking beers."

"Daddy, call this as a gift from me as you need a break after all from the police force after all."

"Mmmmmm...I guess you're right after all Samantha. Working at the police force seems pretty stressful recently. So I guess a little break should do the trick."

"That's my daddy! I'll try my best to make you happy." she then smiled towards the police officer as they approached me and sat at the stool.

"Hey there pretty lady!" I greeted her as I was rather enamoured by her beauty. She is much more beautiful compared to Saoirse with her glasses!

"Ah! Hello there Mr. Bartender!"

"Are you Ms. Samantha Hemmensway?"

"Sure I am, me and my daddy are coming to this pub in order to enjoy this beautiful St. Patrick's Day of course."

After I heard that name, I suddenly realized that she is one of my targets. However, I kind of wonder why the other model hasn't come here yet. Perhaps she is busy. Regardless, I got a jackpot and I will try my best to make her drunk so that I could interrogate her easier.

"Well, you're in luck because I'm currently promoting a nice wine exclusive for Victoria Secret models. You buy one, and you'll definitely get one for free."

"Hey, are ye trying to seduce my daughter mate?!" the police officer becomes a little bit irritated. "Trying to seduce her and I'll eat your head son!"

"Oh! No, it's not like that, I'm just offering a nice model a treat that's all."

"Yes daddy." Samantha then tries to calm her dad down by patting his back. "I don't think the bartender meant no harm."

"Oh I see, well I guess you're right there Samantha. Sorry if I'm having a meltdown."

"That's okay daddy, let us enjoy the treat that we will buy from this pub shall we!"

"Alright, but please don't give daddy some beer. I don't like it."

"So, are you two done chatting yet?" I asked.

Samantha then continued our conversation. "Yep! Now where were we, oh yeah! Give me some of your best treats from the pub."

"Well, like I said, we have a nice wine exclusive for Victoria Secret models and if you buy one, you'll definitely get one for free and we also have a Guinness drink as a discount so take that as you will."

"Oh! I guess I'll definitely take the wine after all, it seems pretty interesting."

"How about your father then?" I asked.

"Since my father is a teetotaler, I guess I'll order him a regular drink."

"A tea should be fine. That type of drink really soothes my mind when I am stressed from work."

"Alright, one wine and one tea coming up!"

After I served the beverages that my target and her father ordered, I then asked Samantha about her opinion of the wine that I served.

"So, what's your opinion on the wine that I served?"

"I'd say it's pretty exquisite! I would love to try it again!"

"Sure, I would give you all the wines that you want for free." I then smirked as I tried to make her drunk.

"Really!? Thanks!"

"Samantha, my dear, I don't think that's a good idea for you to become drunk."

"You don't have to worry about my condition dad, I can handle this!"

Suddenly, the father then stared at me coldly as he pointed his V-sign fingers at his own eyes and to me in a hostile attitude which made me scared. "I'll keep an eye on you. If you messed with my daughter, there would be consequences."

"Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on your daughter's well-being of course."

As I served another wine towards Samantha, she then became addicted towards it as I can't stop declining her request. However, at the same time, the police officer is seemingly concerned with her daughter.

"Bartender! More please!"

"Sure thing." I served Samantha more wines to my heart's content. Things went rinse and repeat until Samantha got a bit satisfied. However, at the same time, this made his father pissed off.

"Mmmmmmmhmmmm...t..eyshat's the good spto alright! (Hiccup)" (Translation: Mmmmmmmhmmmm...That's the good spot alright!)

"You gobshite! What have you done to my daughter!?" the police officer then pulled my shirt in anger.

"Whoops, sorry if I ended up serving her too much beer. Am I going to get killed then?"

"YES!" the policeman shouted. "I'm definitely going to strangle you."

I suddenly trembled in fear "(Gulp) I'm in danger."

However, before the police officer strangled me, the drunken Samantha then went into the stage while singing "What Do We Do With The Drunken Sailor" offkey which annoyed the customers while dancing like a drunken goat.

"What do we do with the drunken sailor, (hiccup) rwhat ydo we do with thue drunken sailor, (hiccup) wxhat do wbe do with the drunken osailor, (hiccup) early in the morning. (hiccup)..." (Translation: What do we do with the drunken sailor, what do we do with the drunken sailor, what do we do with the drunken sailor early in the morning)

"This is all your fault! You're going to be responsible for this shit!" said the officer as he attempted to punch me.

"Uhhhh...Please don't punch me. I'm really sorry about it." I then began to sweat as I made a defensive gesture with my two hands.

As Samantha had finished singing, she then flew into a drunken rant.

"Hey! you know why i sing this fsogn? (hiccup) It's because kayleigh invoqlved me hin a scheme which i partiwcipated in! (hiccup) She told me that this would elevate uls into supermodel stjatus because thlat gombeen, Saoirse, bealittled ucs by mockving our appeairaenc! (hiccup) Mso i have no choice but bto participate in kayleigh's schemes bai ihncriminating saaoirse bby accusing her that she coheated uscing fake tbreasts ras remvenge.(hiccup) Unatral talent mhy acss! (hiccup) Kshe has a black heart inside of her! (hiccup)" (Translation: Hey! You know why I sing this song? It's because Kayleigh involved me in a scheme which I participated in! She told me that this would elevate us into supermodel status because that gombeen, Saoirse, belittled us by mocking our appearance! So I have no choice but to participate in Kayleigh's schemes by incriminating Saoirse by accusing her that she cheated using fake breasts as revenge. Natural talent my ass! She has a black heart inside of her!")

It's a good thing that I made Samantha drunk as I managed to extract a confession from her. However, at the same time, I'm conflicted because not only her father wanted to kill me, but also I'm concerned that what she had said on Saoirse might be true if she was just an utter geebag on the inside. Although I guess the red flags were there after I visited Saoirse's apartment and how the receptionist warned me about it but because on how stupid I am, I decided to ignore it.

Suddenly the man with beret and glasses heard what Samantha had said and approached her. "Wait a second, so you two my precious models are cheating by incriminating Saoirse during the natural beauty competition!?"

"Hahahahaz... yes (hiccup)! We incriminagte dhat geebag to theac er a leszon, beret dhat man! (hiccup)" (Transaltion: Hahahaha...Yes! We incriminate that geebag to teach her a lesson, beret hat man!)

Suddenly, the man with beret and glasses began to feel heartbroken. "I...I didn't believe you did this! You and Kayleigh were the best models I've ever managed. Why did you do this!?"

"That's the punishment for mocpking me by saying that i came from a hpoor famidly and olso syaing taht I dunt deserve to be ea model (hiccup) Whlie seh aslo oturigth insvulting my awn father by syaing taht hi was a fatz, lazy slocb and my cousin, adam, for being a perrevted sjex maniac. (hiccup) Wohen you inslut my aewesome family, you know that you corssed the hline…(hiccup) Does that answer ypour question lad?" (Translation: That's the punishment for mocking me by saying that I came from a poor family and also saying that I don't deserve to be a model. While she also outright insulting my own father by saying that he was a fat, lazy slob and my cousin, Adam, for being a perverted sex maniac. When you insult my awesome family, you know that you're crossed the line. Does that answer your question lad?)

The man with beret and glasses then began to burst into tears after hearing the unconventional truth. "I'm...I'm sorry to say this. But you and Kayleigh are now stripped as my main models unless you two apologize to Saoirse."

Samantha then began to become startled as she put her right hand behind her right ear. "W...what!? Whta did you say? (hiccup)" (Translation: W...What!? What did you say?)

"I said, I'm gonna strip you and Kayleigh as my main models unless you two apologize for what you have done to Saoirse!" the man shouted.

After hearing what the man had said, Samantha then becomes agitated and proceeds to choke the man. "Y...you fceking beret man! (hiccup) Ylou have no rights on revoking my status as a tpo model in Victxoria Secret and nolw yofu totok it lal from me? I'm gonna kill oybu, gya bawstard! (hiccup)" (Translation: Y...You fecking beret man! You have no rights on revoking my status as a top model in Victoria Secret and now you took it all from me? I'm gonna kill you, you bastard!)

As Samantha began to choke the man with beret and glasses, she suddenly passed out while the beret man ran away.

"I...Am NOT Going to make you the model of Victoria Secret ever again!"

As hours passed by, suddenly, Samantha then woke up from her slumber as she sat on one of the seats in the pub and seemingly recovered from her hangover. I feel rather...Guilty for causing this incident.

"Eurrrghhh...Where am I and why my head feel so heavy?" said Samantha as she began to feel dizzy and touch her head.

"Samantha! My dear! Thank goodness you're fine!" The police officer then hugged her daughter with tears of joy.

"W...What happened dad? And why did you hug me?"

"You passed out for the last three hours after you consumed a lot of wine that the bastard bartender gave to you."

"Passed...Passed out!? Oh my god, did I miss anything?"

"Samantha, please tell me the truth, did you cheat when you tried to overtake the spot on becoming a Victoria Secret model?"

"W...What are you talking about father?"

Suddenly, the police officer began to slap Samantha. "Ouch...Dad, why did you do this to me?"

The police officer then began to cry in anger. "What you did during your tenure as a model brought us even more of a shame in the family, my daughter! You incriminated a model and ruined her life."

"H...How did you know this dad!?"

"After you got drunk, you got into an extreme rant saying that you participate with someone in order to stain the reputation of a model named Saoirse. Why? Why did you do this?"

"Wait! I did that!? Oh dear…"

"Yes, yes you are my daughter. That rant resulted in you losing your dream job."

"Oh god! How did I lose my job dad?" said Samantha as she put both of her hands on her head in panic.

"Basically you're trying to strangle your boss during your drunken rant which resulted in him running away and stripped you as a Victoria Secret model forever."

"Oh gosh! I have to come back and apologize to him. I feel so ashamed of myself."

"Well, you SHOULD feel ashamed, Samantha, for giving a stain on our family name. Just please be honest to daddy on why you incriminated that model named Saoirse."

"Saoirse? That Saoirse? She basically insulted our family dad! And she never shuts up about how she is the best model in the world and the other models around her are nothing but filth, she tricked me and Kayleigh by making us do her daily chores just so that we could be the best model in Victoria Secret. All I really wanted to do was to create a good reputation but I can't handle the abuse that Saoirse had given to me and Kayleigh! That's why I snapped and had no choice to participate in Kayleigh schemes to ruin Saoirse's reputation."

"So that's the reason why you incriminate that model in the first place. Please daughter, don't pull that stunt again! Yes, I know why you felt that way but don't let anger consume you that you feel to do this immoral deed."

"I know dad. But Saoirse had pushed me too far! That's why I had no choice." Suddenly, Samantha then burst into tears after what happened earlier. "All I really wanted was to become a model to bring a good reputation for our family and help our cousin, Adam, and her mother who is now in a dire financial straits. Is that too much to ask?"

"Samantha, I can understand your feelings and I think I went too far in scolding you. But even then, I just don't want to see you did some disgraceful things like this. You are better than this!"

"You did nothing wrong dad, I realized that I was in the wrong and I want to try my best to fix the problems after all." Samantha then began to hug the police officer before she burst into tears again. After hearing that side of the story, I admit that I honestly felt bad for Samantha and this incident made me rethink if it was truly a big mistake on my part on accepting Saoirse's request after all which is revealed to be true…

"Daughter, if you want to search someone responsible for losing your dream job, fear not, because that person is right here."

Oh fuck! I think the police officer is going to point at me because of what happened.

"Who is the person that made me lose my job then?"

"It was of course, the bartender himself."

"Oh shit! I'm going to die at this rate." I then began to sweat as I caused this little incident as a glimmer of remorse sprinkled my heart. I should have known the red flags that will happen after helping Saoirse but can't due to my ignorance.

"I see…" Samantha then began to approach me for what happened. "Mr. Bartender, may I ask you something, are you conspiring with Saoirse so that you could ruin my life by losing my job after what me and Kayleigh had done towards her? Please answer me honestly."

"I'm sorry! I'm sorry a million times." I then began to prostrate myself on the ground in sheer cowardice as I began to cry. "I thought Saoirse was a desperate damsel in distress. But I guess I was wrong after hearing your side of the story. I think you're going to punish me after this."

"Yes, what you have done is appalling but if I'm being honest, I'm going to forgive you Mr. Bartender sir..."

"W...What? I thought you're going to punish me."

"Well, the reason why I forgive you is that I think this incident serves as a wake up call for the crime that I had done in the past and to see in the mirror that I'm no better than Saoirse herself. However, that doesn't mean that just because I apologize to you, you will escape punishment after the deeds that you had done."

Well shit...I knew that I'm going to be punished due to this incident. "Alright then Ms. Hemmensway, I accept several types of punishments that you will give to me. What kind of punishment will you give me then?"

"Well dad, you got any ideas?"

"Don't worry daughter, I think I got a perfect punishment just for this bartender alone." sneered the officer as he's seemingly giving an expression as if he was trying to kill me.

It was soon revealed that the punishment that I got for unintentionally ruining Samantha's life is going to jail and participating in community service and believe me, it's not much fun as I had to clean several rubbish scattered across the northern inner city of Dublin. As I continued cleaning several rubbish for my punishment, I then noticed a car nearly bypassed me and stopped for a while while noticing Saoirse sticking her head out of the car window.

"Hey Mr. Monaghan! Thanks for helping me get my modeling career back. Now enjoy collecting the trash scattered across Dublin as I hang out with my new boyfriend who is now a powerful political figure of Dublin hahahahaha...Good luck with that minion!"

Saoirse then threw a coffee cup towards me before the car started going again as an insult as I continued cleaning the trash. What an ungrateful geebag! Now I know how Samantha's feeling towards her and now I feel ashamed of myself.

Fortunately, during the early 2017, I was released from my sentence. However, at the same time, that incident tarnished the bar's reputation that I needed to try my best to recover it with the help of my brother and it worked. However, those scars of humiliation after helping Saoirse, who is revealed to be a massive geebag at the end of the day, were still left to this day.

However, thank god that she got what's coming to her as Victoria Secret is not successful anymore in Ireland. That and from what I heard, Saoirse's so called boyfriend basically divorced her while Samantha herself became a TV star and moved into a mansion in Galway alongside her father from what I heard so I see that as an absolute win. Despite that, I doubt that the police officer forgave me from what I had done in the past if we meet again.

So to conclude: Everytime I think about both Ciara and Saoirse, it feels like I feel betrayed just like Declan Rice and Jack Grealish betraying Ireland by switching to England when it comes to football with Saoirse being Declan Rice and Ciara being Jack Grealish of the whole debacle. As I contemplated my failed love life with Paddy's marriage being the straw that broke the camel's back, a customer then snapped me from my daydreaming.

"Hey! Mr. Bartender, where's my drink? I need it to enjoy the Ireland vs Slovakia tournament."

"Ah! Sorry to ignore you guys, what did you order again? I'll try to make it in a jiffy!"

As the football match between Ireland vs. Slovakia began, I was sitting here, faffing while dying on the inside while the customers were having some craic with each other while watching the match. It's not a really grand aul day for me despite the pub business being pretty successful.

After the football match was done which resulted in Ireland winning against Slovakia In penalty shootout if it was not for Paul McShane conceding 2 goals against the enemy, the customers went to their home in a happy mood while I went home in a rather sour mood. As I entered my own home, I met my mother who was sitting on the sofa in the living room, watching her favorite sitcom, Father Ted.

"Good evening Darry me boy, how's it going with the business at the pub?" my ma greeted me as she waved her right hand and turned off the TV.

"Hi ma! The business is pretty grand. A lot of lovebirds including my friend came into our pub, watching the football match together." I then sat beside my ma on the sofa.

"That's a good thing to hear Darry boy! Speaking of lovebirds, have ya found a fine gal to date yet?"

"Not yet ma, I'm really having a minus craic when it comes to interacting with a fine gal."

"Darry me boy, please try your best to get a girlfriend alright. You are already 27 years old now and I would like to see ya married and see you having descendants before I ascend to the heavens above and live alongside yer father."

"I already tried my best to get them ma, but everytime I tried to flirt with a gal, misfortunes happened. You remember that little incident I had 4 years ago?"

"Ah! I remember when ya went into a clinker 4 years ago that nearly destroyed our reputation. But Darry me boy, don't give up because of the thing that happened in the past." My ma then rubbed my back. "I'm sure that a girl will get attracted to ya at the end of the day."

"I just...Don't even know anymore ma… I have a feeling that when I get attracted to another girl, misfortunes will befall upon me again as if it was a curse."

"Darry, go to your bedroom, I think that ya need some rest. That should keep ya in a good mood, me boy!"

"I guess you're right ma. I might as well need to give it a lash tomorrow when it comes to attracting girls and having a relationship with them."

As I went into the bedroom upstairs, I then met with my little brother, Paul, who was reading several books on the desk while I laid myself in my bed.

"Hey Paul, reading some books again about history, mythologies and folklore?"

"Hey big bro!" Paul then directed his look towards me. "Yeah, I've been reading a lot of history books because it's a fun topic to be researched. Why do you ask?"

"Nothing, I heard that you applied for a job at a museum to become its brand new curator and that's the reason why you read the mythology books and folklore so much."

"Pretty much that! I am passionate about becoming the new museum curator of that museum and tried my best to prove that I'm worthy. Speaking of which, how's your business in the pub?"

"It's booming because of the football match which is great. But at the same time, I'm dying inside right now."

"What happened?"

"Served a lot of lovebirds who came to the pub. Which reflects myself as a failure when it comes to forming relationships with other women and the misfortunes that I had years ago."

My brother then patted my head "Awww… Cheer up big brother, I'm sure that you will get a girlfriend someday if you put more effort into it."

"I feel like experiencing a deja vu again. I know you and ma meant well Paul. But everytime I tried to attract a girlfriend, I reminded myself of what happened 4 years ago when I helped a seemingly innocent woman until they revealed themselves to be a geebag at the end of the day when I went into prison and forced myself to do some community service. "

"Hey! You can do it tomorrow big brother! Yeah, the incident that happened 4 years ago was awful but hey! Remember that both Officer Hemmensway and his daughter whose life is unintentionally ruined thanks to you also apologize after you received their punishment and moved on from their lives."

"Ah yes, now I remember what also happened 4 years ago Paul. Thanks for reminding me again for the positive things that happened despite it being a rather frustrating experience." I then hugged my own brother in order to cheer myself up.

"Go to sleep to recover from your traumas then brother. I'm sure that you need it."

"Yeah, I guess you're right."

As Paul and I were sleeping, I was contemplating in my dreams about my failed relationships in the past. However, during my dreams, I saw a beautiful tan skinned girl with a brown shoulder length hair with flowers decorating both sides of her hair, a brown bikini and a golden glow surrounded all of her body standing in front of me in the flower fields as I was stunned when meeting this girl.

"W...Who are you?"

"Hi there!" the beautiful girl waved her right hand. "Are you feeling rather lonely and experiencing several misfortunes when it comes to attracting a woman?"

"Y...Yes I am, why do you ask?"

"Fear not my darling, I am the person that could help you escape from these earthly problems."

"Thanks. You are rather pretty but...I don't even know you. Who are you exactly?"

"Just call me April thank you. I am the woman of your dreams. I will be the person who can grant you otherworldly desires. You will have a good time if you decide to spend time with me."

"I see. It is a very fine name that you have Miss April."

"Thank you for the compliment my darling. So, do you want to hang out with me or not?"

"Thanks for the offer, but I'm not sure if I'm going to hang around with you because I don't even know you that well."

"Well, if you still have lingering doubts on your heart, meet me outside of the museum that your brother will work at. Hopefully we can get to know each other better as we have a date there."

"H...How did you know my fecking brother?"

The woman then giggled as she put her pointer finger on her lips "It's confidential."

"Uhhhh...Okay. Hopefully we can meet with each other in the museum. Next time, put some clothes on please so that you won't stand out like a sore thumb."

"Let's see what I can do tomorrow." The woman just giggled and smiled as I said that as she turned around towards the flower fields.

As I woke up from the good dream that I had, me and Paul went downstairs to have some breakfast in the dining room that my ma had made with me daydreaming about the good things that I had last night, holding my chin with my two hands while smiling like an angel.

"Hey bro, you seemed to be in a good mood today. What happened?" asked Paul as he was eating the mashed potato that my mother made.

"Ah Paul...I had a fine dream last night. A beautiful young woman named April asked me for a date and we decided to meet in the museum that you will work at." I replied in an excited tone as I ate a loaf of bread for breakfast.

"Really, it's great to hear that you gained a girlfriend." said Paul as he became nervous at the same time. "Although to be fair, I feel kind of creeped out and confused about it because you said yesterday that you're in a poor mood when it comes to searching for a girlfriend. Guess the fortune has changed eh?"

"I can see your point, but can I at the very least have some craic with this young woman? I really need it mate!"

"Very well then brother, I guess at the very least, I will try my best to support your relationship with your new girlfriend from the shadows so there's that..."

I then slammed my table in excitement. "Thanks a million Paul! I hope me and that girl that I met will have some great time on our date."

Suddenly, my mother came and overheard the conversation and became intrigued by it. "Oooooo...Did someone have a great craic on the dining table?"

"Yes ma, Darren got a fine premonition about his future relationship with a girl."

"That's good to hear Darry me boy! Finally ya got a real gal to build a relationship with. Hope it goes well!"

I then hugged my mother in excitement. "Thanks for the support ma! She will be meeting me at the museum that Paul is working at."

"That's a nice thing to hear son! You, Paul and this young wan of yers go together to the museum. Next time, introduce me to this new young wan okay, then I will try my best to treat her nicely."

"I'll give it a shot ma! Hopefully both of you will like each other."

After Paul and I finished eating breakfast together, we then went to the museum via taxi in which Paul paid for the transport. While Paul was wearing a white suit to match his image as a polite curator, I still dressed up casually like I was in the pub because I like simplicity. Before we entered the museum, I had a little conversation with my little brother.

"Paul, I think you should enter the museum first. April and I will follow you up. Since I promised her to wait here on this spot."

"Alright then, best of luck with your date big bro! I'll be waiting inside the museum." said Paul as he uses his finger gun pose on both his hands to cheer me up.

"Thanks, you're the best Paul!" I hugged and patted my brother's back before he entered the museum.

As my brother entered the museum, the girl in my dreams, April, suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Here I am, as I promised!" the girl then bowed down towards me.

"Wow! You look...Kind of different when I first met you in my dream."

"I know right!" April then smiled and giggled. "Since you said that my costume was not appropriate when we first met, I decided to change my outfit into a strapless but still sparkly light brown dress. Still counts for our date, am I right?"

"Sure, why not, I still like the way you look today! You look different but that's okay…"

"Thanks for the compliment! Although I wonder why you put on your casual outfit rather than a formal one?"

"Preference reasons. I like simplicity at its finest. That's why I dress up like the way I was in the pub since I don't want to stand out."

"Fair enough. Shall we enter the museum yet my darling?"

"After you, my dear!" I then bowed in front of my girlfriend as she got into the museum first which she responded to with gratitude.

"Thank you my darling." We then held our hands together as we entered the museum.

After April and I entered the museum, we then caught up to Paul who guided the tourists in the Prehistoric Ireland Exhibit as he explained the artifacts in the exhibit with the classical music playing in the background.

"This ancient thing is a dagger from Knowth that was made during Neolithic Europe circa 3.500 BC. It is one of the greatest artworks from this country that was found in the eastern chamber of the great passage tomb of Knowth as several otherworldly symbols were carved in this dagger as if it wasn't made by a mere human...'' My brother continued his conversation towards the tourists while they took several photographs of it. However, as we saw the dagger, April felt disgusted with it.

"Eurrrghhh...Darling, can we go to another exhibit? Everytime I saw that dagger made me wanted to puke." Said April as she is about to throw up.

"Alright, sorry about it my dear. Just trying to accompany my brother that's all. If that's the case, we can move on to the next exhibit."

As April was about to throw up, I then tried to ask my brother to move on to another exhibit faster than before in order to prevent April throwing up. Luckily enough, we moved to another exhibit faster than before which is the dinosaur exhibit.

"The exhibit looks beautiful isn't it?" April complimented the surroundings around the dinosaur exhibit.

"I quite agree, the exhibit looks fine."

"Not only that, the music here is actually pretty nice. Is this Spring by Vivaldi?"

"Yes my dear April, this is Spring by Vivaldi. A very soothing music I must admit and matches nicely with our date together."

"I quite like the music. It is very interesting, needless to say."

"It's good to hear you like the music my dear. Let's move on to the next exhibit shall we."

As me, April and the rest of the tourists moved to exhibit after exhibit in the museum with Paul guiding us, we suddenly stumbled into a huge locked door and of course...A familiar face…Which resulted in me trembling in fear.

"Hold on a second I remember you!" said the familiar figure as he held his glasses to see me.

Oh for god's sake, I thought he and his daughter moved on to a mansion to Galway. Why did he come back again?

"Darling, I wonder what happened to you? You look rather frightened." asked April as she tried to check my condition.

I then lied towards April by whispering towards her. "Oh! Nothing my dear, nothing to see here."

"Please be honest with me darling and I can sort this out."

"Well, let's just say there is a familiar figure that I met 4 years ago and I'm not sure if he still held his grudge towards me after I ruined his daughter's life."

Suddenly, April then said the similar thing that my brother and my mother had said. "Hey! Don't be afraid of him. I'm sure that he moved on from that incident. Perhaps a little talk with him should conquer your fears."

"I...I guess you're right then April. Perhaps I should let go what happened in the past."

"Good, now try your best to confront that person and face your fears. I'll be hiding in that tree pot so that I could see you amending your relationship with that person. " said April as the police officer managed to approach me while she hid herself behind a large tree pot, just to see what happened.

"Ummmmmm...Please, I'm sorry for what happened 4 years ago! I hope that you're not angry with me Mr. Hemmensway!"

"Sorry about what? The incident that happened 4 years ago? I thought you moved on from that and the same goes with me. I want to say thanks to you because what happened with my daughter after she lost her job as a model turned out to be a blessing in disguise!"

"I...I see. I actually remembered her taking a job as a TV actress after I ruined her life as the first show that she starred was successful so I guess it is a blessing in disguise after all…That and you two moved into a mansion in Galway."

"That's correct, and I'm glad that the TV show that she starred would be a good breakthrough role for her so I have to thank you for that." the officer then began to hug me.

Well, this is pretty awkward am I right? The person that I unintentionally ruined his life was actually apologizing to me. Then again, they did tell me that it was a blessing in disguise so I thank god that my life is saved.

"No problem I guess ehehehehe…" I replied in an awkward fashion. "Anyways, I heard that you and your daughter were supposed to move into a mansion in Galway. I kind wonder why are you still here Mr. Hemmensway?"

"Well, basically, I had no choice but to return here because the people at Dublin Police Department tasked me to guard this door that led to the Irish Mythology exhibit as it was locked from the public so yeah…"

During my conversation with the police officer, Paul then approached me in order to pick me up after me and April left the group that he led.

"Ah! There you are brother! Where have you been mate? I decided to take a break just to find you and your girlfriend."

"Sorry Paul, I was talking to a familiar figure from my past. That's why I slowed down a little bit."

"Ah! Seems that you're talking to Officer Hemmensway then. Yeah, I forgot to tell you that the higher ups at the museum and the Dublin Police Department are working together to prevent several casualties that happened in the Irish Mythology exhibit and Mr. Hemmensway is one of the volunteers on guarding it in order to prevent several people snooping around in that exhibit.

"What he says though, I'm basically a volunteer on guarding the exhibit after all."

"I see...What's the craic with that exhibit Paul? I thought you love Irish mythology so much."

"Well you see, while I do want to guide the tourists to that exhibit and tell them interesting mythological stories from our nation, the exhibit's kind of...Cursed."

"Or in other terms, the exhibit is not suitable for the visitors due to numerous incidents that happened." Officer Hemmensway then continued on what my brother had said.

"Cursed? Casualties? What the hell is going on here?"

"Well, you see brother, there are several people who were driven insane after they entered that exhibit or at the very least, killed themselves. Mumbling something regarding how their girlfriend has betrayed them...That's what I heard from the museum higher ups."

"Yeah, we tried to investigate several incidents that happened in that exhibit alone actually as some of them who entered the exhibit died in an unusual death."

"This...Is some kind of mumbo jumbo isn't it? Are you fecking serious about this!?"

"Yes brother, I am serious about it. The last victim of that exhibit was the former curator of this museum. He's been mumbling about his hesitations to sacrifice several children just to please his girlfriend and was sent to the asylum after he stabbed himself in the wrist 29 times."

"I can vouch for what your brother had said, even our best detective, Dorothea Flanagan, had a hard time solving that case alone."

"That's...Kind of horrifying. But then again, I think I'll let that slide for now. Let's continue to other exhibits shall we since I want to erase that story with a bucket of bleach."

"Alright brother, let's go to another exhibit shall we!"

"Sure, why not. I guess April here is waiting."

"Remember what your brother had said!" Officer Hemmensway warned me. "Don't enter this exhibit otherwise you will be driven into madness hahaha…"

"Well that's reassuring of course."

Suddenly, April, who stood behind me, pulled my own blue sports jacket as me and my brother attempted to go to another exhibit.

"I heard the conversation between you and the police officer and your brother. Can we go to that exhibit darling?" she insisted.

"Sorry about it my dear, you heard what my brother and Officer Hemmensway who guarded the exhibit said, it's a no go."

"B...But I want to go to the exhibit..." she then pouts.

"I'm sorry but no."

"Please…" she begged by making puppy eyes towards me. "I'm begging you. I'm your girlfriend after all."

I then become agitated with my girlfriend's pleas. "For the last time, I'm sorry about this April but no."

"Fine, if you don't want to let me go to that exhibit, we're through!"

"Alright alright, I'll see what I can do as I tried to make some arrangements with my brother, my dear April. Please be patient alright."

"Really, thanks! You're the best boyfriend ever darling!" She then hugged me in excitement.

"Let's just go to another exhibit shall we and I'll talk with Paul about this."

After we toured every exhibit on the museum, I then talked to Paul about visiting the Irish Mythology exhibit.

"Thanks for guiding April and I mate. I appreciate it!"

"No problem bro! Although to be fair, I kind of wonder what your girlfriend looks like because I couldn't see her."

"Huh? She's right here." I was rather startled as I tried to show my younger brother my own girlfriend. "This is April of course! She's standing right next to me."

"Hi there!" April smiles while waving her left hand.

"Eh, I guess my poor eyesight is at it again." Paul then adjusted his glasses by wiping it. "But still, I believe in your words big brother that April existed."

"Thanks for supporting me Paul. Anyways, there's something I need to tell you."

"Sure, go ahead brother!"

April then whispered something to me. "Ask him! Ask him about how we will get into that exhibit."

"Ummmm Paul…" I asked nervously with sweat dropping from my body. "I wonder if my girlfriend and I can enter that exhibit as the latter had insisted me to do so."

"Brother, didn't you hear what me and Officer Hemmensway had said a while ago? For the sake of you and your girlfriend's safety, I'm going to say no."

I figured that he would say no for safety reasons...

"Because of the negative rumors that I had from that cursed exhibit, I am not going to let you in there with your girlfriend, April. I don't want you or April to die or be driven to madness!"

"Fair enough but Paul, I asked this because April is persistent on making me go in there otherwise she'll break up with me."

"Ummmm...Brother, judging by what you said to me? I think it's at best you break up with her for the sake of your safety. Do you remember what happened when you tried to help someone to the point that you ended up in jail around 4 years ago?"

"I remembered that incident vividly and didn't Officer Hemmensway say that he forgave me for the stuff that I had done in the past? April here is a different story compared to Saoirse. If I break up with her, then I will return to become nothing but a yoke who has severe misfortunes when it comes to flirting with other women. Come on Paul, please understand me!" I then begged pathetically towards my own brother in embarrassment.

My brother then facepalmed "(Sigh) Brother, I did this for your own good. But if you still wanted to keep hanging around with her? Very well, I'll talk with the higher ups and the Dublin Police Department members like Officer Hemmensway about the availability of the exhibit. But don't blame me if things went haywire okay?"

"Thanks brother, you're the best!" I then hugged my brother in extreme enjoyment.

"Don't mention it." Paul then walks out from the scene as I privately talk with April about this.

"Alright, since Paul will sort some things out for us so that we could go to the exhibit like you wanted, are you happy now?" I asked April to check her moodlet.

"Yes, yes I am! I am happy with your brother's decision for us."

"Since my brother is having a meeting with the higher ups, why don't we go to other landmarks in Dublin for sightseeing like I don't know...Going to an amusement park together?"

"Sure, I wouldn't mind doing that, my darling. Let's go to an amusement park that you wanted to show to me!"

Well...That was fast. Never knew she's a huge fan of the amusement park. I'll see what I can do about that.

"Alright, let's take a taxi and I did bring enough money for us to go to the park together."

"I'll be right behind you my darling. I'll try my best to behave."

After our trip to the museum, I and April then go to the amusement park together with a double decker bus. As we arrived at the amusement park, my girlfriend then suddenly got elated after seeing the interesting rides in the park.

"Wow! They look interesting. I have never been to this amusement park before darling!"

"I'm glad that you're liking it my dear. Anyways, any ride that you want to ride first?"

She then pointed her right hand to a rollercoaster. "Mmmmm...I'll go with that mountain like-ride with a train that can go up and down."

"Ah! So you wanted to go to a rollercoaster huh? Alright, let's get into it!"

As we get into the roller coaster together, we are having a fun time riding it as April was hugging me when the coaster is descending from the slope of the roller coaster because she was rather scared of what's going to happen. As we descend from the coaster's slope, I, April and the rest of the people who ride the roller coaster are screaming together.

"That was fun! I really want to ride that again someday." April then jumped and pumped her fists with a huge excitement on her face.

"I know right, you did hug me like a scaredy cat you are haha!"

"Hey! I am not a scaredy cat you know."

"Just teasing my dear. Anyways, is there any other ride that you want to go to?"

"Well, I kind of wanted to go to this ride called The House of Madness. Is it alright with you?"

"Ah, so you wanted to go on that Fun House ride? Alright, I'll see what I can do my darling!"

"Thanks! Hopefully we can enjoy this ride together!"

"You too my darling."

As we went into the Fun House ride together with a train that brought us to the several obstacles in said ride, I noticed something peculiar when we entered the "Mirror Madness" section: April does not have a reflection in the mirror which made me startled in horror which resulted on me asking her about it once we finished the ride.

"That was a fun ride isn't it my darling? Let's go there again!" April then jumped in excitement and hugged me.

"Uhhhh...Sure, why not?" I responded to her nervously.

"Is there something wrong my dear? Maybe a couple of foods will cheer you up a little bit."

"Well, there's something that nagged me in my own head but I guess I'll try to ask some questions for you later. Anyways, maybe you're right. I'm really hungry at the moment. Do you want some hot dogs?"

"Sure, that doesn't seem like a bad idea my darling. I am also really hungry at the moment."

"Great! Let's go to the hot dog vendor and buy some hot dogs then."

After the conversation, we then bought some hot dogs together in order to satiate our hunger or at the very least, clear my lingering suspicions towards April.

"Excuse me mate, how much do the hot dogs cost?"

"Errrmmmm...That'll be €2 mate. €3 if ya want our special veggie dogs that I just made."

"Thanks for giving me the price mate, I'll talk with my girlfriend first about which menu that interests her and I will pay for the hot dogs at the end of the day."

"Oh sure, I'll be waiting here patiently for ye. I got several customers to take care of."

As the hot dog vendor waited for my decision, I then walked towards April who sat at the bench and then talked about the hot dog that she wanted to have before I ordered the food.

"Alright April, I wonder what's your favorite type of hot-dog?"

"Oh! I'll just take a regular one just for you and I am fine with it."

"Alright, a regular one for you and a veggie one for mine then."

"Why do you choose the veggie menu my darling? I would love you to eat the regular one along with me to make it more...Romantic.

"I'm actually a vegetarian my dear. Sorry about it. I'm just not that fond of meat."

"Ah, makes sense! Shall we go to the hot-dog stand again darling?"

"Sure, I think the hot dog vendor waited patiently for us to make the decision."

After the conversation between me and April, we then went straight into the hot-dog vendor in order to pick our orders.

"Alright, I'm back with my own girlfriend. And I decided that we ordered one regular hot-dog and one regular veggie-dog please thank you."

"Yeah, I agree with what he had said. One regular hot-dog for me and one regular veggie-dog for him."

The vendor became a little bit confused as we took the order. "Mate, not meant to be rude. But is yer vision still working?

"Yes I am, why do you ask?"

"Well, are ya gonna act the maggot with me or not? Where's ya girlfriend? I didn't even see her."

"My vision's still working mate, my girlfriend is standing right beside me, look!"

"Hi there!" My girlfriend smiled as she waved.

"Lad, are ye a fecking gobshite? There was no one there standing beside you other and the only thing I saw was the crowds that were behind ye walking at the amusement park."

"Wait, really? I think you're the one whose vision is not working at all."

"Lad, please, don't accuse me like that. In fact, yer the one whose vision is impaired! My vision is perfectly fine just like a normal person."

"Errrghh...Fine, you win. My girlfriend isn't here. Are ye happy now?"

"Now that's more I like it! So ya wanna have two hot dogs eh? Seems that ya have a good appetite haha…" the hot-dog vendor said sarcastically.

"Yeah, yeah. But I'm a fecking vegetarian. So I decided to give it to my brother who was busy right now so I guess I brought that one hot dog home."

After the vendor cooked the hot dogs, he then gave me the two hot dogs that he made for myself. "Alrite ye feckin langer! Here are the two hot dogs that ya ordered!"

"Thank you very much you eejit! Here's the cash that I promised to give you."

After I bought the hot dogs, me and my "seemingly unseen" girlfriend went to the less dense part of the park and had a private chat with her as we sat together on a bench.

"I'm sorry for what happened on the hot dog stand my darling, is there something I can do to rectify it?"

"Yes, I kind of have several questions for you. But first, let's eat these hot dogs that I bought earlier."

"Okay, but first close your eyes my darling. I don't want anyone to see me eating."

"Sure...Make yourself comfortable because I will have a lot of questions that I wanted to ask just for you after you ate your hot dogs."

After we ate the hot dogs together while I closed my eyes, I then started to ask April about the incident in the Fun House ride.

"Alright April, be honest with me my dear. During the ride at the Fun House, I noticed that you don't have a reflection when we entered the mirror part. Why? It kind of creeped me out."

"Darling, if I'm being honest with you, I have a rare disease regarding my own reflection that isn't showing in other mirrors so it's kind of expected that you felt startled about it darling."

"Reflection isn't showing...What!? I have never ever heard of this kind of rare disease before."

"Like I said, that's why it's rare and I'm one of a kind."

"Please be honest my darling, I don't think this is even a disease at all. Take a look at Paul and the Hot Dog vendor. Both of them are unable to see your appearance."

"Well, they probably have bad eyesight that's all. That's why they're unable to see me."

"Look my dear, I don't want to be rude but...We just met with each other only one day and to be fair, you only met me in my own dreams which made my brother creeped out."

"Well my darling, I have psychic powers after all. So that's why I'm able to contact you in your own dreams and I feel bad for you due to the misfortunes that befall you when it comes to attracting several women."

"Listen, I kind of understand where you are coming from as you tried your best to comfort me albeit in a creepy manner. But...How did you know me and my problems at first?"

"Your brother…" she replied. "He's the reason why I know you have some misfortunes when it comes to having a relationship especially the incident that you experienced 4 years ago."

"Wait...Wait...Wait, I'm going to stop you right there my dear. The story that you made is utterly nonsensical. My brother is unable to see you and yet here you are coming to me like you were a savior of my bad day or something."

"Darling, I know it may sound rude that I came to your life without even knowing you and I apologize on that matter. But, I just want you and your brother to be happy together. Isn't that the right thing to do? I know how your brother feels when he sees his own brother is still lonely without having a girlfriend."

"Look my dear, I know that you meant well." I then hugged April in sadness. "But, people will suspect me as a gobdaw if you revealed yourself to be just a figment of my imagination all along. I just wanted to have eternal happiness for having a relationship with a real woman and don't want to become a loser who lost his mind for the rest of my life."

"I can understand why you feel that way my darling." April then patted my back in pity. "However, no matter where you go, I will always be there for you and try my best to make you happy."

"You know what, I'm going to have a personal chat with Paul about how you meet with each other first and then we could go back to our relationship, deal?"

"Alright, I'll be waiting here my darling."

As April sat on the bench, I then distanced myself from her and contacted Paul via my cellphone in order to find a resolution with April once and for all.

"Hey Paul! How is it going for yah?"

"Oh hey brother! I've been looking for you all day. Where have you been?"

"Sorry if I ended up ditching ya mate! April and I are at the amusement park right now so that we could spend more time with each other."

"I see. I can understand where you are coming from brother. Anyways, there's something that I wanted to tell you."

"I'm going to listen to that later Paul, there's something that I wanted to ask you."

"Sure, go ahead brother."

"Ummmm… I'm wondering if you have ever met my girlfriend, April, before we're dating each other."

"Oh! Your girlfriend. Like I said in the museum earlier, we haven't even met with each other before and I didn't even know what she looks like."

"Hmmmmm...Alright, since you didn't know what April looks like, I'm going to describe her appearance for you in detail if that's the case."

"Alright, I'm listening."

"April herself...Is actually a beautiful tan skinned girl with a brown shoulder length hair with flowers decorating both sides of her hair, a brown bikini and a golden glow surrounding all of her body. And now she wears a strapless but still sparkly light brown dress to hang around with me. Is that crystal clear?"

"Wait..I think I have seen someone like that before. Can you repeat what you are saying again about her appearance brother?"

"Alright, let me repeat again what I said earlier: April herself...Is actually a beautiful tan skinned girl with a brown shoulder length hair with flowers decorating both sides of her hair, a brown bikini and a golden glow surrounding all of her body. And now she wears a strapless but still sparkly light brown dress to hang around with me."

"Okay, now I suddenly get the picture of how your girlfriend looks, brother. At the same time, I've got a rather bad vibe about this."

"Bad vibes...What do you mean Paul?"

"Like I said, I've seen someone like that before in uhhhhh...A book about Irish mythology and once I got home, I'll do my research on the person you had described to me."

After Paul said something about him seeing the appearance of April in the Irish mythology books, I then muttered to myself: "So my gut feelings towards April are confirmed to be true then...There is something off about her and I will have a personal chat towards her."

After I muttered about something regarding April, I then resumed the conversation with Paul in order to ask about the thing that he wanted to talk to me before.

"I see. Anyways, sorry if I interrupted you with my question at first. But, can you tell me what you are going to say towards me in the first place?"

"Oh! About that...During my meeting towards the higher ups and the Dublin Police Department about whether visitors like you and your girlfriend should visit the forbidden exhibit They already made their stance clear on banning visitors like you and April from that exhibit for a good reason."

"I see. Yeah, I can understand why they think of that given the unfortunate things that happened in the exhibit."

"I tried to beg towards them brother. But it's futile as they plan to demolish it in one week and I kind of agree with them because of safety reasons."

"I see. So the exhibit is going to be demolished in one week. I better tell my girlfriend about this. Thanks Paul for reminding me."

"No problem my brother. And about your girlfriend, I'll try to do research on her because it would be a rather interesting discussion to have."

"Alright, see you soon Paul!"

"See you soon my brother!"

After the conversation with Paul, I then returned to the bench in order to talk to my girlfriend and tell some interesting things towards her.

"Okay April my dear, I contacted Paul and...I have something to say about you. But I'm not sure if you're going to like this explanation or not."

"I'm listening to what you are going to say darling. And don't worry, I'm prepared for the things that you will say about me."

"Alright, the first thing that I wanted to say is: Yes, Paul knows one or two thing about you and found your picture in Irish Mythology books actually."

"I see. So I am a famous person then due to my picture being featured in Irish Mythology Books."

"Yes, you are a really famous person my dear. However, at the same time. My brother said that he got several bad vibes after I described your appearance towards him."

April then suddenly looks a little bit devastated after I said these things to her. "Oh...I see. Fair play to your brother then and I can't blame them."

"Also, there's another bad news that I want to tell you and this was from my brother."

"Yes, please tell me darling. I'm listening."

"Well... You see, I don't think we will visit the exhibit that you wanted anymore as it will be demolished around one week."

Suddenly, April then becomes angered after hearing this news that I told her. "Demolished in ONE WEEK? Please darling, this has to be a joke right?"

"No, I'm serious, my brother has contacted the higher ups of the museum and says that the exhibit will be demolished in one week."

"Oh so you're not going to give me what I want then?"

"It's not what it looks like my dear. There's a good reason why."

"Good reason? Good reason huh? If that's the case, we're done darling! You will receive your consequences after you defied me." April then gave me a rather unpleasant look as she left the scene.

"But dear… Please listen to me for a second."

"I don't need to listen to someone who suspected me like I'm a ghost or something and ended up destroying my expectation. I'M DONE!" she then left in anger while I'm standing like a depressed person failing to stop her.

As a result of our conversation which fractured our relationship at the end of the day, I then became a depressed trainwreck as I went home around nighttime in shame. I should not ignore what my brother had said. April is truly Saoirse 2.0. after she removed her sweet girl facade.

"(Sigh) Ma, I'm home." I then lied on the sofa as I nearly cried myself

"Oi Darry me boy! What's the craic right now with ya?" my mother replied as she sat beside me on the sofa, watching Father Ted as usual.

"(sigh) My love relationship is in bits ma, again."

"Darry me boy, don't let that situation get over in yer head. There's a lot of better young wan out there for ye Darry me boy."

"Ma, this is supposed to be the most important day of my life and I blew it...I blew it all because of the argument that I had with her."

"I see…" My mother then patted my head. "Darry me boy, like I said, there's a lot of better young wans out there. If yer relationship with that young wan you had a date with doesn't go well, then it's best to leave it and move on to someone else."

"I see. Sorry about it ma, it's just that, I don't want to disappoint you even further since everytime I hang out with some women, misfortunes happen, especially what happened around 4 years ago. And you also wanted to see me having some descendants before you go to heaven above. You said this to me a day ago."

"Darry me boy, ya don't have to worry. Even if I want to see ya to have some descendants before I go to the heavens above, I also wanted ya to be happy with the right young wan.. Even if yer relationship with a wan doesn't go well, there's a million single young wan out there and hopefully the perfect young wan will came upon you and have a happy live together forever."

"I guess you're right ma. Maybe next time, I'll try my best again to make out with another woman and find a perfect soulmate so both of you and I can be happy. Thanks ma for the encouragement." I then hugged my mother in happiness.

"That's the spirit Darry me boy! Now go to sleep so that ya can regain yer confidence."

"Very well ma, I see what I can do tomorrow."

I then went to my bedroom upstairs in order to rest my body and forget the things that happened during this day. As I went to the bedroom, I noticed Paul was sleeping on the desk, reading a book about something. I decided to not bother him so I tried to sleep peacefully, forgetting the thing that happened today. However, as I was asleep, suddenly I woke up in a rather barren wasteland with a black sky covering up this place.

"W...Where am I? What the hell is this place?"

I then explored the wasteland, screaming "Paul!? Ma!? Paddy!? Are you in there? Where is everybody?" several times.

As I seemingly met a light at the end of the tunnel, I suddenly discovered the City of Dublin was in ruins as if a typhoon wrecked it. At the same time, I discovered my mother who was standing in front of me.

"Ma! I'm glad that you're in there. Where have you been? What is this place?"

"Darry me boy...Don't step closer towards me. She's watching us." my mother stands there like someone had been watching her.

"Who watches us? Let's get out of here ma! This place gives us the creeps."

As I slowly walked towards my ma, April then suddenly appeared behind my ma while putting a knife on the latter throat.

"Hello my darling. Or should I say my former darling." April then stares at me threateningly.

"April, what are you doing here and why are you putting a knife on my ma's throat?"

"This is your worst nightmare. You didn't give me what I want, you're going to face your consequences for your actions starting by killing your mother slowly."

"Please April, spare my ma. I'm begging you!"

"It's too late my darling, you disappoint me, and you'll pay the price."

"Darry me boy, please do anything that the young wan had said to us and she will leave us alone."

"Yes Darren my darling, please, give us what you want otherwise I'll slit your mother's throat in return hehehe…" said April with a sick grin on her face.

"No...I can't! I have to trust what my brother has said to me. It is for you and your safety my dear. Please, just leave my mother alone." I was driven to tears and begged to April as my ma was going to be murdered by her.

"Hehehe...You have one choice, my darling: Your loved ones or me. NOW PICK IT OTHERWISE I WILL SLIT YOUR MOM'S THROAT!"

"I...I...I can't choose!" I cried. "I really can't choose. I'm sorry about it."

"So, you have no answer then? Very well, I'll start to do this!" April then starts stabbing my mother like a madman as I watch in horror, screaming "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

As I woke up screaming, I woke up from my sleep as if I was having a heart attack.

"Augghhh..." I then touched my forehead as if I'm having a migraine. "Thank god it's just a dream."

Suddenly, Paul woke up from his sleep in panic and shook my body. "Brother, are you okay?!"

"Ah! Paul! Please stop shaking my body. Yes, I'm a little bit okay. Just having a nightmare."

"Thank goodness you're okay!" Paul then hugged me in excitement.

"Thanks for checking on my well-being Paul. I'm not having a good day today ever since April and I broke up and had a nightmare about our mother getting murdered by her...Oh god Paul! We need to check our ma! I wonder if she's okay?" I began to panic.

"Relax bro! Maybe you should drink a cup of tea to ease your mind. Then you can go to sleep peacefully."

"You're right Paul. I might dismiss this as a mere bad dream that I had. Thanks for the advice Paul, I need to drink some tea to ease my mind."

"No problem brother!" he then smiled in front of me before I went to the kitchen.

As I followed Paul's advice and went to the kitchen, I then made some milk and drank it to ease my mind before going back upstairs to have some good night sleep. However, as I went back to sleep, suddenly a voice of a woman whispered to me.

"First...I'm targeting your mother, then I'll target your loved ones next including your brother and your best friend. You will pay for betraying me."

As a result of that voice and the dream that kept bugging me in my sleep, I didn't have a good night sleep with me looking weary and my reds becoming red.

"Hey brother, what happened?"

"Oh you know Paul, nightmare ruined my craic and all." I then prepared to make some tea for breakfast. "Anyways, have you seen ma?"

"I haven't seen her in the morning brother. And she hasn't made us breakfast yet."

"I guess she had a good time sleeping. Maybe I shouldn't get too bothered by her and get back to work at the pub. It's Monday after all."

"And I need to go back to the museum too. If our ma doesn't wake up, then I guess I could ask Officer Hemmensway or the detective from the Dublin Police Department to come here."

"Yeah, I guess calling the Dublin Police Department especially Officer Hemmensway would be a good last resort in order to find what happened to our mother."

"Pretty much that. Anyways, time to go to buy some snacks in the street before I go to work as our mother is absent after all."

"Well, me too. Good luck with that Paul!"

I then went back to work at the pub as usual. The pub still has a lot of customers despite not being as busy during the Ireland vs Slovakia football match and I served several customers pretty well including Paddy as usual.

"Oi Darren! Howsagoin for yah!?" said Paddy as he tried to perform a high five towards me.

"Been fine as always, how bout you Paddy?"

"It's always been a grand aul day to enjoy some drinks for myself and my girlfriend. Wonder where are ye yesterday, friend?"

"Uhhhh...Yesterday was Saturday, remember? We're closed during Saturdays."

"Ah feck! Now I remember hahaha!" said Paddy excitedly as he put his hands around me. "I wonder what did ye do during the Saturday vacation mate?"

"Faffing. Just fecking faffing. Why do you ask?"

"Awwww...Don't lie to yer own very best friend. If ya have some problems, tell it to this ol' guy and I'll sort things out." Paddy then put his right hand in his chest with excitement.

"Fine. Guess I will tell you the truth Paddy. Yesterday, I met with this beautiful young wan and had some craic with her. However, one argument ended up getting our relationship fractured. And now I ended up dreaming about her killing my mother. I literally have a minus craic day yesterday as that young wan reminded me of fecking Saoirse that made me go into prison 4 years ago." I scratched my head in embarrassment.

"Awww..." Paddy then put his hand around me. "So that's why ya look so down right now. Don't worry, old Paddy will entertain yah by singing the Drunken Sailor so that ya can regain yer confidence."

"Thanks mate! I appreciate it."

As Paddy tried to cheer me up a bit, he and I decided to sing the Drunken Sailor because why not? "What do we do with the drunken sailor? What do we do with the drunken sailor? What do we do with the drunken sailor... Early in the Morning! Way hay and up she rises, Way hay and up she rises, Way hay and up she rises, Early in the Morning!..."

"Thanks man! I feel energized after singing that song." Said myself in excitement as I hugged my friend.

"Yep! That's all ya need mate! Anyways, if ya ended up getting dumped by yer girlfriend. Just forget her and this indicates she isn't made for yah! There's a million girls better than her ya know!"

"I guess you're right mate, now you're sounding like my ma who said the same thing towards me!"

"Hahaha...No problem mate! I appreciate the compliment."

"Speaking of which, I wonder why didn't you bring your girlfriend here?"

"She's been sick and all yesterday, so I think it's best to have her rest for now."

"Ah, I see. Well, best of luck to you and your girlfriend, especially your marriage."

"Thanks Darry! Yer the best mate!" said Paddy as he drank another beer that I served just for him.

As I finished my shift at the pub, I then went back home as usual. At the same time however, I noticed something a little bit off when I entered the living room of the house.

"Strange, I kind of wonder why ma isn't here yet...She usually watches Father Ted in the living room. I'd better check out the kitchen and her room if that's the case."

As I tried to find my mother, I then checked several places that I always spotted her with the kitchen being the first one. However, I didn't find her in those rooms and the only spot left is her room in which I decided to check anyway.

"Ouch! The door seems to be locked." I tried to open the doorknob only to find out it's locked. "It seems that I'm going to take some lockpick to open this door I guess."

I then pick the lock picker that was left in the kitchen in order to open the locked door to my mother's room. However, as soon as I opened it, I smelled a rather foul stench coming from the bedroom.

"Eurrrghh...What was that smell!? It's pretty manky around here." I pinched my nose and waved my right hand as I tried to found the source of smell. However, as soon as I found the source of the smell, I then found out the horrifying truth...

The stench came from the seemingly bloodied bed and as I decided to open the blanket, I noticed my mother's lifeless body that has been stabbed 40 times with guts and gore spilled from the bed and several insects surrounding my mother's body.

"HOLY FUCK! MA! WHO DID THIS TO YOU!?" I then began to cry, hugging my mother's lifeless body and drooping my head. "(sob) God, what did I do to deserve this?"

After I found out my mother's dead body, I decided to call Paul and the paramedics in order to take out my mother's dead body and then we went to the hospital in order to get an autopsy.

"This is all my fault...This is all my fault." I repeated these words as I sat in the waiting room at the hospital with tears dropping from my eyes and holding my hands together.

"Brother, are you okay?" Paul then patted my back to check my own condition.

"I'm...Not okay, this is all my fault (sniff)"

"It's not your fault brother, you did nothing wrong."

"This is my fault Paul! I should not have told April about the exhibit going to be demolished next week."

"No brother, you are not at fault for this! I will try my best to find the cause of the death of our mother."

"Paul..." I then began to stop crying "Just...Leave me alone, I need some alone time right now."

"I see. Well, take your time brother."

As the doctors finished the autopsy of my mother's body, they then told me and Paul that she was murdered horribly. After that, we then went to the funeral and buried my mother's body with several of our family members and my friends mourned of my mother's loss on the rainy day.

"It's a very sad day for the Monaghan family as they lost their matriarch, Mrs. Sheryl Monaghan. In the name of God, the merciful father, we commit the body of Mrs. Sheryl Monaghan to the peace of the grave. We entrust her into your hands." The priest and the rest of the crowd that came to my mother's funeral then began to pray so that my mother could descend to heaven's above.

After the funeral, Paddy then encountered me outside the grave.

"My heartfelt condolences to ye and yer family Darry, I wish ye nothing but comfort and strength. What happened to yer mother was horrific as I know that she was a nice person inside her." He then patted my back to cheer me up a bit.

"It was all my fault Paddy, I disappointed my own mother and I'm not going to be able to have any descendants due to my inept social skills."

"Hey! It's not yer fault ya know! Ya did nothing wrong in this situation."

"Paul said the same thing to me and I don't think what you said is going to solve the case, Paddy."

"I see, sorry if I can't help ya mate. I really hope ya will have a better day tomorrow and try to recover from this mess."

"Thanks for the encouragement, but I guess I need to take a break from this whole matter. Maybe a week should suffice. I really don't want to talk with anyone right now."

"I see, well a break is all yer needed friend. If ya need me, I'll be there for yah! Yer not alone mate as me, Paul and Allison will try our best to accompany yah."

"Thanks I guess. Let me just go home now."

After this incident, I decided to take a vacation from work until Wednesday in order to ease my mental health. April truly reminded me a lot of Saoirse, but a magnitude times worse. However, the dreams that I received everytime I took a nap about a female voice threatened me by killing my loved ones just ruined my break for me. I decided to isolate myself in the bedroom while Paul was busy doing his affairs until someone knocked on the door at noon on Wednesday.

"W...Who is it!? Please don't kill me!" I said nervously as I hid myself in the blanket.

Suddenly, I heard a voice of a woman outside the house.

"Hello, this is the detective speaking! I would like to talk with the owner of this house please."

"Go away! I want to have some privacy right now!" I tried to drive out that so-called detective by screaming from my bedroom and hide myself with a blanket.

"Oh really? Well, I guess I could try to destroy this door with my feet then." The annoying woman shouted again, threatening to break the front door if I didn't show up.

"WAIT! Please don't destroy that door!" I rushed through downstairs and went to the front door in order to stop the annoying woman. As I opened the door, a beautiful woman in a detective outfit and a blond ponytail hair with bangs stood in front of me.

"Uhhhhh...Hi." I was startled by her stunning beauty. Her appearance truly reminded me of Samantha Hemmensway.

"Now that's more I like it! How dare you reject the request of a beautiful woman like me!" She then slapped me and then made a pouty face while her arms were folded together. "Hmph!"

"Awwww...It hurts!" I touched my own cheek that was slapped by the woman. "Why are you so rude towards me?"

"Well that's what you deserve for neglecting me." The woman then pulled down her lower right eyelid and stuck out her tongue as if she were mocking me.

"I'm sorry about it. Is there any way to make amends with you?"

"Well..." The woman then rubbed her chin in order to tell her own thoughts. "If you want to be forgiven, then please ask these simple questions then I will forgive you of course!"

"Alright. But first, may I know your name please youngwan?"

"I'm not a youngwan, my name is Dorothea Flanagan! Get it right this time mister."

"Geez..." I slightly become annoyed with her presence. "You might be beautiful but you sounded like an utter geebag. Dorothea Flanagan huh...You must be that detective that Officer Hemmensway told me. Well, you sounded like an antithesis of what a professional detective should act. Can I call you Ms. Geebag then?"

"Hey! My name is not Geebag! My name is Dor...You know what, nevermind, how did you know that fecking officer in the first place? I envied him because of how successful his daughter, Samantha, is right now to the point he had a mansion in fecking Galway of all places before he came back here."

"Reasons...reasons. 4 years ago I got imprisoned thanks to ruining his daughter's life."

Suddenly, the lady or should I say, Ms. Flanagan began to laugh her ass off. "Ahahahahaha...Really? You got imprisoned because of that?"

God this lady is utterly annoying that I want to eat her head off. "Yes…" I answered in an agitated manner. "Why don't you just go away if you only came here to laugh at me about what happened in the past? I'll definitely kick you out from my home of course because you're nothing but a nuisance."

"Oh shit! Please don't. I'll stop laughing alright!"

"Huh...Alright then. You went from an arsehole mode to a cowardice mode real quick."

"Please just give me a chance alright! Anyways, yes, I am a detective from the Dublin Police Department and I am here to investigate the case of Mrs. Sheryl's Monaghan's death.

I then become startled after finding out her intentions. "H...How!? How did you know about this!?"

"Well, this person called Paul Monaghan arranged a meeting with me in the police station along with myself and Mr. Hemmensway as he pleaded to me in order to investigate his mother's death while giving me the autopsy report. Does that answer your question hmmmmm..." Ms. Flanagan then replied in a rather smug and condescending manner as she performed a creepy stare towards me.

"Right, that really answered my question." I answered sarcastically. "Anyways, why on earth are you becoming interested in this case? It happened around two days ago and you will find nothing about it."

"Well, cuz I was solving another case along with Mr. Hemmensway and it took me two days to complete that shite. Being a detective is hard ya know! Does that answer yer question ya utter gobshite? However, because I noticed that you're feeling so uneasy when I try to solve this case, I have a feeling that you were involved with her death so that's why you are acting so...Spontaneous."

I began to sweat as she suspected me about my mother's death and tried to defend myself from trouble. "N...No, not at all! Please listen to me."

"Aha! I knew that you were involved in Mrs. Monaghan's death! Tell me or I'll bring you into custody for further interrogation! Or at the very least, calling Mr. Hemmensway just so that he could interrogate you haha..."

"Will I, yea!? Like I said, I don't try to hide anything from you. It's just that I think solving this case would be an utter waste of time because you will find absolutely nothing about the person who murdered my mother."

"Hey! You were supposed to be my informant ya know! If ya don't want to answer my question, I'll definitely take you into custody as the prime suspect for further interrogation because the way you talk is a massive red flag for me."

"Alright, alright. You win, I'll try to act as yer informant then. If you want to ask me some questions about this case, then please come into the living room and I will answer all of your questions."

"Sounds great! Ya might be a gobshite but at least you have some brain cells still intact haha..."

And now I really want to eat the head off of this lady. Because what she's said really pisses me off. Regardless, I decided to serve her after all.

As Ms. Flanagan sat at the sofa in the living room, I decided to make some tea for the guest in order to resume our conversation.

"Here is some tea my lady, I hope you like it."

"A tea? A tea!? What am I? A Victorian English gombeen!? Give me a soda and we'll talk! I love drinking soda."

"So you like drinking soda huh?"

"Yes, now give me a soda to refill my energy peasant!"

And I thought April or Saoirse was bad, I really wanted to jump from the window after this. Although to be fair, she's still not on that territory yet.

"Alright, I'll give you a soda then." I replied in a rather agitated manner as I tried to give her the soda that was left in the fridge.

"Here's your soda my lady." I responded in a sarcastic manner while serving the soda.

"Good! Now let's sit and talk with each other. I don't have any time to have some craic ya know."

I then sat on the sofa beside Ms. Flanagan, with me getting agitated as I opened the conversation for her. "Alright, if you have any questions that you want to throw towards me? Ask away so that you could get out of my sight."

"Well that sounds rude! Let's make this like a professional interrogation shall we."

"I'm fine either way as long as you make it quick and leave me alone for fucks sake!"

Ms. Flanagan then prepared her notebook and her pencil as she tried to interrogate me.

"Alright, first question, what's your relationship with Mrs. Sheryl Monaghan?"

"Ummmm...I'm her eldest son. Paul is my younger brother actually."

"Wait...You have a younger brother?" Ms. Flanagan hesitated a little bit.

"Yes, the one who called you here is my younger brother actually. Why do you look so pale?"

"It's just that...Uhhhhh...I actually have a younger brother. I'd prefer not to talk about it actually." She bowed her head as she touched both of her pointer fingers.

Wait...Really? I thought she was just a mere annoying lady, but I guess Ms. Flanagan has a soft side after all...

"Wait, what am I doing?" Ms. Flanagan then shakes her head. "Shouldn't I be interrogating you at this point?"

"Yes, yes you are. You wanted to interrogate me in the first place,no?"

"Right...Now where was I? Oh yeah! Where were you during your mother's death?"

"I came back home from work and noticed my mother wasn't in the living room watching Father Ted as usual. That's when I noticed something was off."

"I see. Third question, when did you find your mother's body and how did she die?"

"Well...I found her in the bedroom and I found her body rather mangled with guts spilled all over. That was a rather nauseating experience to see actually."

"I see, when you went into your mother's bedroom, did you notice something was off? Like, someone entered the room?"

"Well, not really. My ma's room was locked shut before I got in. Especially the windows. No other person came into that room except myself and I was shocked after I entered it."

"I see, so, after this conversation, can I go into the room so that I could get some evidence for the murderer?"

"No." I responded with a straight face when Ms. Flanagan asked my permission to go into my mother's room.

"Why not?" Ms. Flanagan then began to pout and then began to threaten me. "I will go to that room no matter what otherwise you will become the main suspect mister! You're the only one who's in the room during your mother's death you know!"

"The reason why I said no is because you will definitely not find anything resembling evidence in my ma's bedroom with the exception of the autopsy report Paul had given to you. Does that answer your simple question?"

Ms. Flanagan continues to pout. "Nonsense! I'm gonna prove you wrong mister and try my best to find some evidence about it!"

"Go right ahead! You won't find anything of value in there." I responded as I stared angrily towards the annoying woman while she stared angrily at me back with a grimace.

"We'll see about that mister! We'll see. But first, can I get some information about the location of your mother's room?"

"Go to that corridor in the living room and look at the door located to the right side of the corridor, you will find my ma's room there."

"Okay, thanks! But at the same time, no thank you! Because I will try my best to find the evidence to help me solve the case haha."

As Ms. Flanagan went to my mother's room, I was in here, just sitting and contemplating the threats April has given to me because I was really scared of what's going to happen in the future. After Ms. Flanagan finished investigating my mother's room, she came back to the living room pouting as if she was looking annoyed at something.

"Eurgh...I can't believe I couldn't find any evidence that could help me solve Mrs. Monaghan's case in the bedroom even with this fecking fingerprint scan. Because all of the fingerprints that were scattered in the bedroom mostly belonged to Mrs. Monaghan and the scans show that you went into that room after Mrs Monaghan was murdered. And yes, I can't even find the murder weapon. This is frustrating as hell!"

"See, I told you that you will find nothing in my ma's bedroom. Happy now?"

"Fine, you're right and I was wrong. But this raises new questions. How the holy feck your mother was killed if the fingerprints show that the only one in your room was your own mother? Like it makes no sense."

I then responded sarcastically "I don't know. I guess my ma died due to supernatural occurrences?"

"Hahahaha...I refused to believe that!" Ms. Flanagan laughed as she folded her hands. "But then again, you may have a point." she then scratches her head in embarrassment.

"Anyways, why don't you return to Dublin Police Department so that you and Officer Hemmensway could investigate more about my mother's death with the autopsy reports that Paul had given to you?"

"You know what, you're right. I'm gonna return to the police station and I'm gonna hope that you will be the main suspect ahahaha..." She replied in a mocking manner much to my annoyance. "Anyways, before I go, there's something I want to tell you."

"What is it? Are you gonna mock me again like you did earlier?"

"No! Yes, I might hate you but...Please take care of your younger brother until the end of time. I am happy to see that you still have a younger brother."

"Ooooh...Sounds like you have a brother complex right now. Ms. Obsessive With Brothers."

Ms. Flanagan then began to blush in embarrassment. "I...It's not like that you fool! Anyways, time for me to go and never come back again to this house!"

"Fine, you won't be missed anyway!"

"We'll see about that! I hate you." Ms. Flanagan then sticked out her tongue and pulled down her lower eyelid. "Goodbye Mr. Gobshite! Take care of your younger brother and if you don't, I'm gonna arrest you just like Mr. Hemmensway did to you four years ago."

As Ms. Flanagan left my house and slammed the door, I muttered to myself. "What an annoying lady she was." Even then, deep down in my heart, I actually kind of started to like her a bit even more so than April or at the very least, Saoirse. However, that puts me in a rather bad mood everytime I think about her. Oh god, do you think me and that lady are destined to be the true couple? Please no, I would rather take April than her or at the very least, wipe my memory with a bucket of bleach everytime I think about that detective lady.

As I started to go back to sleep at night again to recover my mental health, I ended up returning to the same place again during my past dreams...

"Oh god, not this again! I really want to get out."

As I tried to get out from this hellhole, I then noticed a smell of something burning. As I went to the source of the fire, I noticed it was caused by a car crash.

"That orange car...I know who owns that! Oh dear god...It can't be!"

As I rushed into the crashed orange car, I tried to notice the people inside it and I found out a rather horrifying discovery. Inside the car, I noticed two burned bodies belonged to someone I knew and it was revealed to be Paddy and his fiancee, Allison.

"No...It can't be. This has to be some kind of sick joke right?" I panicked as I put both of my hands in my head and then burst into tears. "Paddy, please don't go!"

Suddenly, I heard a loud laugh behind me. As I looked behind me to find out who laughed on Paddy and his fiancee's death, I noticed that the laugh came from a huge reflection of April in the sky.

"Ahahahaha! Now you have to pay the price my darling!" said the huge reflection as she laughed at my misery like a noblewoman.

As I noticed April again in my nightmare, I ended up waking up from my sleep and screamed again which awoken Paul.

"Oh god! What happened brother?" Paul then panicked as he checked my condition.

I then touched my forehead due to the nightmares that I had made me having a headache. "Eurrrghhhh...Bad dreams as usual Paul."

"Maybe tomorrow, we could go to the therapist so that you could ease yourself from the pain that you have experienced for two days straight brother." Paul insisted.

"Maybe you're right, I did need to go to a therapist after all. Let's just see him or her tomorrow morning. I need some good night sleep before that."

"Hopefully you don't scream again in your sleep big brother! It's getting a little bit annoying."

"Yeah, sorry about it Paul. I'm going to go back to sleep and if I scream again, please restrain me."

As I went back to sleep, I was still plagued by the nightmares that I had to the point Paul had to restrain my stress. I didn't have a pretty good sleep that night to the point that I look like a person that woke up on the wrong side of the bed.

"Eurrrgh..." I touched my forehead as I tried to make a coffee to fight against my own exhaustion. After I made coffee, I then went into the living room to meet with Paul who sat on the sofa, watching some TV while eating his breakfast so that we could go to the therapist together.

"So...Are you ready to go to the therapist together brother?" said Paul as he ate his bread.

"I guess, I don't feel so good." I replied as I drank my coffee.

"Well, after we go to the therapist, I bet that your condition will be a lot better now."

"I mean...It will take a long time for me to recover. But I guess I'll take it."

As we are trying to prepare ourselves to go to the therapist, suddenly the TV program changed into a morning news in which the female news anchor tries to narrate the news for us.

"We interrupt this program to report the news regarding a car crash that happened in the streets of Dublin..."

What kind of car crash that the female news anchor tries to tell us. I started to feel anxious about this.

"The car crash happened around 3 am at the outskirts of Dublin in which an orange car collided with a truck. 2 people died during this incident and it was revealed to be a couple, Paddy McDowell and Allison McDowell. It is suspected that the crash was caused by the drunk driving by the truck driver. However, both bodies of the victims will be autopsied so that the authorities will determine their cause of death and the truck driver was in the custody of the police regarding the accident that happened in the morning..."

"No...It can't be! Paddy! Why?" I began to burst in tears and punched the coffee table.

"Oh god, brother, are you okay?" Paul then patted my back while I'm still crying.

"NO! (sniff) I AM NOT OKAY! (sniff) First it's our ma who left us, now it's my best friend. Why can't god be so kind to me just once. (sniff)." I then tried to erase my tears even though I'm still crying.

"I too am devastated by the news brother. So you're not alone." Paul then hugged me in order to comfort me, who was drowning in sorrow after hearing the news.

"Paul..." I touched my brother's right shoulder with my left hand while still bowing my head in sadness. "I don't think I am in the mood to go to the therapist today...Just leave me alone will you. You just go to the museum finishing several affairs alright. Just...Leave me alone."

"But brother...We still need to go to the therapist."

"Please, just leave me alone Paul!" I then became a little bit agitated. "The only thing that can help me is myself! You don't have to worry about me (sniff)" I then went upstairs straight to the bedroom in order to release my sorrows.

"Alright then brother, I guess I will go to the museum to finish several affairs there."

As I went into the bedroom, I lay myself in the bed in a prone position, crying myself by burying my face in the pillow to vent my sorrows.

"Why!? What did I do to deserve this god!? Shouldn't I have at least a brink of happiness!?"

Suddenly, during my breakdown, I heard a rather familiar laugh of a woman as if she loves to see me suffer.

"Who!? Who is it that decided to laugh at my current suffering!?"

"Ahahahahaha!" As I decided to look behind me to find the source of laughter in anger, it was revealed to be April who laughed at my suffering. "How's your day my darling, feeling miserable yet?" she asked the question sarcastically.

"You..." I suddenly become more and more agitated everytime I see April to the point I want to eat the head off of her. "GIVE ME BACK MY MA AND PADDY YE FECKING GEEBAG!" I attempted to strangle April for all the things she had done to me.

"A...A...Ah!" April then shakes her pointer finger. "You are a nice person after all so it's no use to kill me. You are the type of a person who refuses to hit an innocent girl like me."

"Innocent!? Grrrrr..." That statement made my blood boil to the point that I threw several things including my pillow towards April.

However, whatever the things that I throw towards April, she managed to evade the attacks and laughed at me just to spite me. "Ahahahaha...Your throw is just like a toddler. TRY HARDER!"

I suddenly gave up to the point I have no choice but to bow my head down and punch the bed in sadness. "Fine, you win. Are you happy now that I'm suffering enough!?"

"Mmmmmmm...Nope! I'm still not happy enough. That's what you get for refusing to take me to that exhibit and claiming that it will be destroyed at a later time. You need to suffer more!"

"No, It's not because I hate you. It's because I'm concerned about our safety! That's why I didn't take you to that exhibit."

"Liar!" April then began to lose her temper. "You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to kidnap your brother to that forbidden exhibit alongside yourself and kill him right on the spot as you watch in horror so that you could give me what I wanted ahahaha!"

"No! Not my brother!" I suddenly began to burst into tears. "Please! He doesn't deserve this! Is there anything I can do to make amends with you so that you could release my brother from this charade!?"

"Hmmmmm...I'll tell you what though. I might be going to liberate you and your family from your misery only in one condition."

"W...What kind of condition?"

"Bring me 30 children to that forbidden exhibit and kill them at the spot. Your time limit to do so is tomorrow otherwise your brother will suffer several consequences!"

"Killing...Several...Children!? I definitely can't do that. Is there anything to lighten up the requirements of yours?"

"No can do, you need to bring the children to that forbidden exhibit in that museum and kill them otherwise I will kill your brother right off the bat. 30 children isn't that bad. Humans sacrifice a little portion of people for the benefit of mankind. Am I right darling!?"

I suddenly just sit at the bed, speechless on April's requirements.

"Is that a yes my darling?"

"Y...YES! I will try to comply with your wishes and I'm serious with my answer now! Just please leave me and my brother alone."

"Alright then. However, I will take your brother as a hostage and will pin him down at the Forbidden Exhibit. See you tomorrow my darling hahahahaha!" April then soon fades into the darkness.

After April left, I became much more panicked after contemplating about April's requirements while holding my head and muttering, "I can't possibly do this. Killing children? What kind of sick maniac I've been dating 4 days ago. But I have no choice since Paul is in jeopardy. Oh god, what should I do?"

During my contemplation session, someone knocked on the door again and I then went downstairs in annoyance as I decided to check who knocked on the door.

"Go away! I wanted people to leave me alone!" As I opened the door, I noticed a familiar presence stand in front of me and screamed in which the person in front of me also screamed. It was revealed to be that annoying detective, Ms. Dorothea Flanagan.

"Why...Of all people...Why are you coming to this house? Can't you see I'm suffering right now!?" I replied in anger as I attempted to slam the door.

As I slam the door, Ms. Flanagan then tries to stop me from doing so. "Wait! Can I just come here and talk to you for a second regarding the car accident that happened in the morning?"

"You're just going to belittle me again aren't you. GO AWAY AND GET OUT FROM MY SIGHT!" As I closed the door, I then sat on the floor in a fetal position and began to cry.

"(Sigh) I might hate you and find you fecking annoying while promising that I never want to visit your home again but...Due to my sense of obligation to my job, give me one more chance please?"

As I stopped crying, I then held my breath and took it out so that I could calm myself down and open the door again.

"Alright then, I'm a bit calm now but I still want to have my privacy, what do you want?"

"Well, I actually wanted to ask you if you have any relations with a person called Paddy McDowell but I guess I'm not going to interview you just yet. You look fecking awful today even though I hate you to the core, what happened?"

"I...Don't want to talk about it. I've suffered enough. Are you happy now?"

Ms. Flanagan then became a little bit shocked after seeing me suffering and then patted my head. "I see. Alright, yes, I might hate you. But, you're far from the worst person I've encountered in my entire life. And I think I could sort this out by bringing you to the psychologist to fix your mental health. So please, tell me."

"You really wanted me to tell you? I don't think you're that trustworthy and you might laugh at me if I tell you this."

"Hey! Like I said, you might be an utter gombeen, but you could always count on me when it comes to improving your mental health. Call it pragmatism alright as I helped you but when it comes to mental health and depression? I rarely joke about it and try my best to help people like you to recover for the better."

"I see. Very well then, it pains me to say this, but I'm going to tell what happened to myself. Please don't laugh alright even if my story is goddamn nonsensical. Let's go to the living room shall we in order to discuss what happened with myself."

"I'm listening..."

As I tell my story towards Ms. Flanagan in the living room while sitting on the sofa together about April and the death of the people that I closed to that led me to the depression, initially Ms. Flanagan tried to laugh at what I said but then stopped because she tried to respect me because of my deteriorating mental health.

"Okay, so let me get this straight: You dated a woman that you met in your dreams, you ended up seemingly betraying her in a form of misunderstanding and then your former crazy girlfriend started to kill your loved ones as a retribution?"

"Yeah, that's pretty much it alright."

"This is a rather outlandish story to the point I really wanted to laugh, how could you justify their deaths with an imaginary psychopath? But then again, I've seen much more outlandish things before when I tried to solve a case. That and how your mother's death made your story a little bit more believable and I wanted to fix your mental health, so I believe in you."

"Really, for once I kind of want to express my own gratitude even though you're annoying."

"Heh...Don't mention it, but at the same time, I really wanted to punch you in the face for saying that. But given your conditions, I'll cut you some slack. Anyways, I can't help you with this because many people including me could dismiss her as a figment of your imagination or at the very least, a madman because you could argue that this April woman didn't exist at all."

"I see...I know that you won't believe me but...Have you ever solved a case regarding a forbidden exhibit in a museum that Paul works at?"

"Mmmmmmm...Which museum do you refer to?"

"National Museum of Ireland actually. Does that ring a bell?"

"Ah, that museum...Yeah, I actually know about the weird cases that happened around that museum. That's why I've seen much more outlandish things than you had experienced. Many suspects were either driven insane or committed suicide after entering the infamous Irish mythology exhibit. As I investigate the murder cases, I noticed a pattern here: Most of the suspects were claimed that they were manipulated by a woman that is actually...Nonexistent in this living world...Which made them the real victim here. You remember Mr. Hemmensway? Yeah, he acts as a temporary security for that exhibit to prevent even more casualties before we tried to demolish it for a good reason."

Suddenly, I then became startled about what April had said as it was nearly similar to what both Paul and Officer Hemmensway had said...It seems that the puzzle pieces connected together. "Come to think of it, yeah. Both Paul and Officer Hemmensway said the same thing during my visit at the museum. Perhaps we could connect the puzzle pieces after all."

"Hmmmmm...Come to think of it, I agree with you. Perhaps this April woman does serve as a connection with other cases that happened in that museum as she does seem hellbent on destroying your life if you didn't obey her wishes. Anyways, speaking of which...Where is your brother?"

As Ms. Flanagan answered that question, I bowed down my head and answered it with a sigh.

"What's wrong? Is there something happening with your brother?"

"Well ummm...You may not gonna like this but...Please don't get angry or arrest me when I say this."

"Just please tell me! I'm not going to get angry or anything."

"Okay." I then touched both of my pointer fingers before saying the truth. "My brother...Is actually being held hostage by April in the forbidden exhibit in the museum and I had to fulfill her demand unless my brother is killed."

Ms. Flanagan then became shocked after hearing what happened and then shook my body "WHAT!?"

"Please...Just listen to me...I'm sorry if what I'm saying made you angry." I put both of my hands up in fear while begging myself towards Ms. Flanagan.

"Oh I'm angry alright! Why didn't you keep an eye on your brother earlier! You promised me that you would take care of your brother otherwise I will imprison you like Mr. Hemmensway did to you four years ago. You could have at least done something earlier." She then slapped me due to my recklessness.

"I'm really sorry!" I then prostrated myself towards Ms. Flanagan due to the mistake that I made. "It was all so sudden because I'm not aware that April took my brother as a hostage as my brother went into the museum to finish some of his affairs there."

"I see..." Ms. Flanagan then put her right hand on her mouth in shock. "Since this is an accident, I don't blame you if you really don't know what was going to happen earlier. But god, you reminded me about my own past self which I fecking hate the most."

"Wait...What happened to you in the past?" I asked as my curiosity piqued.

"(Sigh) It's a very long story, but I guess there's no point in hiding this from you." Ms. Flanagan then bowed her head in sadness.

"I'm listening to what you're going to say given the situation that both of us are in right now."

"Very well, the reason why I truly have a brotherly complex to the point I asked you to protect your brother from harm? Is because I used to have a younger brother in the past. I accidentally let him die due to my stupidity."

I suddenly became startled after the revelation. "Wait...What happened to your brother?"

"Well, let's just say I was a fecking gombeen back then. I dated this handsome fellow and I thought he was a rather nice bloke. But as soon he took interest in my brother who had Asperger's Syndrome back then, I realized how wrong I was to trust that fellow. He was a member of an organ trafficking organization once I found out the truth as he kidnapped my own little brother to sell his organs. I never forgave him at the end of the day and killed him. This is why I became a detective in the first place and never want to joke about mental health or depression."

I suddenly became stunned after hearing what happened to this lady. "I...I see. I give you my deepest condolences after hearing that."

The woman then burst into tears after telling me her own story. "I just...I just wanted my brother back. Why is the world so unfair? There's so many things we can do together as we grow up."

As the woman cried, I then patted her in the back and gave her some of my condolences. "There...There, I guess after hearing a story, you weren't such a bad person after all as we are in the same position."

"You too, I still hated you but, I guess I can't help we're having the same circumstances. Dating a seemingly innocuous and pretty person only to be revealed to be an utter bollox of a person as they targeted our brothers."

"Yeah, I guess I could relate to you a lot..." My sadness suddenly becomes a bit of a smile because I found out a person with similar circumstances as mine despite not being a big fan of said person.

"Yeah..." both of us then started laughing together.

"Hey! You know what I'm thinking?" Ms. Flanagan resumed the conversation "Let's try and save your brother shall we and punch that April person in the face."

"I guess you're right but it's nigh impossible to do so."

"Hey! Don't be so pessimistic. We could give it a lash on defeating this April fellow and save your brother after all."

"I guess, but April asks me to bring 30 children to the exhibit and then murder them on the spot. This is something that I can't do. I can't murder several innocent children who has bright future around them as this is just wrong and I feel bad for them. That's the requirement on how to save my brother."

"Wow, I kind of understand why you had a rather hard time just to save your brother. You know, let me help you with that problem alone."

"You sure you want to do this? I'm not going to kill those innocent children because it's just wrong."

"Trust me, we won't kill any children when we defeat this April fellow. We just use them as a distraction and I know a friend of mine who is now a principal in a certain school."

"I see...Just a distraction then, I can give that a leeway for that and it's good to see there is hope in this plan after all."

"Anyways, do you have any ideas on how to defeat this April fellow?"

"I don't know, she is leagues beyond us as a regular person isn't able to see her in real life. Only myself is able to see her. Probably her real body is in another realm."

"Nonsense! There must be a way to defeat her! Have you done research on this April fellow mate?"

"Well, when I described April's appearance towards my brother and predictably, it made him uncomfortable for a good reason as he had seen a figure just like April in an Irish mythology book."

"Then the answer must be in the Irish Mythology books that your brother had read then. Shall we go to find that book?"

"Sure, I think we could find it in my room on the second floor."

"Then let's get into it then!"

As Ms. Flanagan and I went into my own bedroom upstairs, we attempted to find the Irish Mythology book that Paul had read. And we managed to find it in one of the bookshelves. However, as we managed to find the book that Paul was referring to, Ms. Flanagan had a hard time finding out about the figure that looks like April.

"This is useless, I can't even find a figure that looks like this April fellow. Do you have any ideas on what she looks like?" asked Ms. Flanagan as she skimmed the book.

"Well, from what I remembered, she is a beautiful tan skinned girl with brown shoulder length hair with flowers decorating both sides of her hair, a brown bikini and a golden glow surrounding all of her body. And during our date, she wore a strapless but still sparkly light brown dress."

"Wait a second, can you fecking repeat that again? I don't get what you're saying."

"This is getting annoying but ok, she is a beautiful tan skinned girl with brown shoulder length hair with flowers decorating both sides of her hair, a brown bikini and a golden glow surrounding all of her body. And during our date, she wore a strapless but still sparkly light brown dress. Does that answer your question?"

"Ah! Now I get what you are saying. I saw a similar figure at the Fair Folk section of this book."

"Fair folk!? Oh dear god..."

"Yeah...I can understand your concern mate! Fair folks are actually a cruel version of a fairy or an elf and if you meet them, expect that they either trick you or at best, torment you. I thought they weren't real until I saw your circumstances."

"Anyways, can you read me the part about the entity that looks like April in the Fair Folk section? I'm curious about what her true nature was in that book."

"Alright, just hold on. I think the section would be the queen of the Fair Folk so I'll read that for you."

As we jumped into the Fair Folk page, we then found the figure that looks like April.

"There she is! Yes, she's the queen of the Fair Folk by the way."

"I should have known. Mind if you read this part so that we could know who she is and the weaknesses that she had?"

"Sure why not. I'll try my best to skim the important parts and try my best to describe who she is."

As Ms. Flanagan read the important parts of the Fair Folk section including it's queen, I was rather intrigued but at the same time horrified.

"Okay, so let's talk about your girlfriend. She is the Queen of the Fair Folk and her name was not April as she changed many names. However, this book calls her Aoibheann which is rather ironic at best because she is depicted as a horrible tyrant. See, here's the thing, Aoibheann manipulates four different races and they were none other than humans, elves, leprechauns and fairies to fight against each other or at the very least, committing chaos throughout the land just for fun. And yes, several innocent people were kidnapped during her regime so that she could sacrifice them for a rather awful ritual to summon well...Something with a moniker of a Blind Idiot God called Azathoth while keeping the world in chaos. Well, this sounds fecking familiar isn't it. At least from my standpoint."

"Oh god...That is terrible." I then touch my head with my hands in panic. "I wonder if there is anything that we could do to defeat her."

"Well, there is the story about the four heroes that defeat the evil queen once and for all...Do you want to hear it? Be aware that this will take a long time to explain."

"Sure, anything to defeat that geebag of a girlfriend once and for all."

"Alright, so the four heroes in question came from four different races. One of them was a human named Eoghan who is actually just a regular human blacksmith with no special abilities whatsoever and the Queen truly fell in love with him until Eoghan found out about the Queen's atrocities and attempting to sacrifice Eoghan's body to Azathoth while keeping his soul intact so that she could rule the world together with Eoghan being suffered mentally while being forced to watch as the world plunged itself into chaos. As a result of this, Eoghan then assembled a team with the warriors of three different races to defeat the Queen once and for all and to that end, they carved a holy dagger to plunge the queen into her death as she is a rather powerful magic user who is able to change into several hideous forms. As the Fair Folk Queen and her soldiers were defeated by the four warriors, she then vowed revenge to spread misery against Eoghan and his descendants while her soul was sealed in an obelisk for the time being. Rumours that Aiobheann's soul is responsible for the disasters that happened in our country such as the Great Famine, Air India Flight 182, Religious Wars and so on and had a penchant on targeting and manipulating innocent male who were still a virgin and manipulate them to cause horrific deeds as a revenge towards Eoghan and his descendants..."

"That's...A rather interesting story. I guess April or Aiobheann or something like that is a grim reaper in our daily lives and no wonder I became her target. Also, speaking of which, did you mention something about a dagger in that story?"

"Yeah, I did, it's the only thing that could defeat the evil queen once and for all."

"I did remember seeing a dagger in the Prehistoric Ireland exhibit at the museum Paul works at and April was repulsed by it."

"That must be the dagger that the four warriors carved to defeat the evil queen once and for all! Seems that the puzzles are connected together isn't it?"

"I guess I agreed with you. But how could we bypass the guards in the museum especially Officer Hemmensway so that we could take the dagger to defeat April once and for all?"

"I have an idea..." Ms. Flanagan then whispers her idea to me as I listen to the plan that she said.

After me and Ms. Flanagan discussed the plans to defeat April once and for all, I then went back to sleep in peace. Preparing for what's going to happen tomorrow morning. Strangely enough, April didn't appear in my dreams just to harass me. Maybe she's just that tired or at the very least, waiting for me to suffer tomorrow morning. After I woke up from my sleep, I then prepared myself to go to the museum and as soon as I arrived, I then waited in front of the museum for Ms. Flanagan and several schoolkids she promised to bring to the museum

"Alright..." I then took a deep breath and extracted it. "This is the eventful day, where I can save my brother and defeat that geebag April once and for all."

As I stood still, waiting for Ms. Flanagan until 8.00 AM, a school bus then appeared. The people who came out from the bus were revealed to be none other than Ms. Flanagan, who wears a modest Irish Green dress and glasses and the 30 kids that were accompanied by her.

"Wow! You look...Rather different to the point I almost didn't recognize you and that dress...Suits you nicely." I complimented Ms. Flanagan's new look.

"Thanks! And here I am, with the 30 kids that I promised." said Ms. Flanagan as she approached me.

I then whispered to Ms. Flanagan. "That's great but you do know that Paul was taken as a hostage? How do we guide the kids without a proper museum curator then?"

The lady then whispered back. "It's okay, I'll be the temporary museum curator to guide these kids after all."

"Wait what? You as a curator!? Are you mental Ms. Flanagan!?"

"Hey, don't underestimate me mate! I can handle this job pretty well ya know! I already learned the history lesson when I came back home after I contacted my friend."

Our conversation was interrupted by a girl who ran straight to Ms. Flanagan.

"E...Excuse me Ms. Flanagan, When will we go to the museum?" the girl asked.

The woman then replied to the girl's question. "Ah! Thanks for reminding will enter the museum now. Tell your friends to organize themselves so that we could enter the museum together." Ms. Flanagan then patted the girl's head.

"Thanks Ms. Flanagan, I will tell my friends to organize the line." The girl then ran back to the crowd of children in order to organize the line as they were prepared to enter the museum alongside the lady. Perhaps she wasn't a bad curator after all. Before we entered the museum, I then asked Ms. Flanagan again by whispering to her whether she already asked permission towards the higher ups to become a curator for the museum.

"So by the way, I wonder if you already asked the higher ups or at the very least, Officer Hemmensway, so that we could be allowed to enter the Forbidden museum?"

"Well, I already sort those things out and I've already negotiated with several museum members including Officer Hemmensway so you don't have to worry." She answered my question in an optimistic manner as the children managed to enter the museum.

"I see...Fair enough. Hopefully we can do this."

As the children managed to get into the museum, I just stood here blankly because I'm afraid of what's going to happen.

"What are you staring at! The children had already entered the museum, let's go mate!"

"Oh right!" I suddenly regained consciousness after the lady called my name. "After you my lady."

As we entered the museum together, I then saw and heard how Ms. Flanagan lectured the kids about the things that were displayed in the museum as I walked following the line. Surprisingly, she's rather good as a curator just like Paul. As she managed to explain the objects that were displayed in the museum in a rather fun manner and did answer several questions pretty well.

I think I might underestimate Ms. Flanagan's abilities as a curator because of her annoying and brash personality when we first met. But I think she shows her real personality when it comes to children. Being a rather soft and likeable person on the inside. And I think this is understandable given the loss of her brother in the past that made her want to express her feminine and affable side towards younger children.

As we moved on to exhibit after exhibit, we then encountered the door that led to the forbidden exhibit and surprisingly, Officer Hemmensway was absent from guarding this exhibit. Well I guess this is an opportunity for us to defeat April after all. At the same time, I was standing right in front of the door that led to the Forbidden Exhibit nervously because of what's going to happen later on while holding my deep breath. This is it...The final battle. Time to end my misery once and for all!

"Well kids, are you ready for the exciting part of the museum?" Ms. Flanagan asked the children that she guided.

"We're ready Mrs. Flanagan!" the children shouted together as they prepared to enter the forbidden exhibit. I just hope Ms. Flanagan didn't screw up.

"Alright then, before we go to the exhibit, let me introduce you to my friend first as he will be the guide for this exhibit, Mr. Darren Monaghan!" Ms. Flanagan then directed her pointer finger towards me.

"Yes Ms. Flanagan!" the children shouted together as they ran straight to me. Is she mental!? I'm not very good at becoming a museum curator unlike my brother or Ms. Flanagan.

I then complained a little bit. "Wait, why did you leave the children in my hands? I'm really poor when it comes to guiding the museum."

The lady then just winks and uses an ok hand gesture towards me.

"Oh! Now I get what you're saying. Let me see what I can do." Ms. Flanagan then left the scene as she tried to stick with the plan that we made.

"Hey Mr. Monaghan, why did Ms. Flanagan leave the responsibility to you?" one of the kids in the crowd asked.

"Ah hey kid! Well, Ms. Flanagan is a busy woman as she tried to guide other visitors in this museum. But don't worry, she will come back for you. I will become your new guide for this exhibit ahahaha..." I then scratched my head in embarrassment.

"Thanks for the answer mister. I hope Ms. Flanagan will come back to guide us." The kid then returned to the crowd again.

"Alright kids, since Ms. Flanagan is busy with some stuff, let me try to guide you all. Are you ready for this exhibit?"

"We are ready Mr. Monaghan!" the children then shouted together.

"Alright then, let's open the door to this exhibit of wonders."

As I opened the door that leads to the Irish Mythology exhibit and entered it, I then saw an obelisk glowing in purple light as my brother was bound and gagged to the obelisk while the children were terrified by it.

"Paul? Paul!" I then ran straight towards my brother in order to free him. However, everytime I touched him, the purple light of the obelisk stung my arm like a poison ivy.

"Aghh! It hurts." My brother then cried desperately for help despite being gagged.

As I seemingly failed to save my brother, an evil laugh from a woman is heard from a distance. It was none other than April herself.

"Ahahahaha! How does it look like to have your brother being bound to that obelisk? That is where my real body is sealed." April then appeared in front of me which resulted in me becoming enraged.

"You..." I then clenched my fists in anger due to this woman that took my brother as a hostage.

"Do you agree with our promise? 30 children and I'll spare your brother."

"Alright, I'll present you the 30 children and as I promised, I will murder them one by one."

"Ahahahaha! I can't wait for my real body to materialize in this real world!"

Suddenly a boy then shouted towards other children that were terrified in that exhibit. "I hear what that man is saying! He's going to murder us! Run away for our lives!"

After he shouted those sentences, the children then started to run away in panic and tried to get out from the forbidden exhibit.

"You BUFFON! Why did you let the children escape? You should murder them so that I could manifest to this real world!" April then becomes angry as my brother cried, trying to break free from April's clutches.

"Heh, as if I would want to help you! The jig is up, April! I ain't scared of you, ya utter geebag!"

Suddenly, April then becomes agitated as lightning appears while expressing her anger. "Fine, if that's the case, I'll murder those kids by myself and when the deed is done, I'm gonna murder your brother by tearing his limbs one by one."

Oh god, please no! Children, I am sorry to involve you to this charade. I hope all of you and my brother survive this.

After April expresses her anger, she then captures the children one by one with her own powers by enthralling them with a purple cloud like substance and then nearly cannibalizes them.

"Ahahahaha! You're now mine little chickens! I am the little wolf that will consume you all." said April in a demonic voice as her face turned rather nightmarish with her fangs shown and has no irises, trying to eat it's prey as she attempts to eat one of the children.

"Mommy...Please help me." The child then cried as she was about to be eaten by April.

However, as April attempted to eat the children, a glimmer of hope suddenly appeared as Ms. Flanagan rushed to the scene to save us.

"Not so fast Ms. April!" Ms. Flanagan shouted. "Or should I say...Nyarlathotep!"

Suddenly all of the crowd in the exhibit including myself stared in shock towards Ms. Flanagan. Nyarlathotep? Well that took a rather interesting turn isn't it?

"I thought her real name was Queen Aoibheann, not Nyarlathotep." I shouted towards Ms. Flanagan. However, she only gave an ok hand gesture and a wink while saying "Trust me, I know this." Towards me in a rather soft tone in which I know what she means as I just accepted it at the end.

"Who dares to call me by that inferior name!?" April then shook her head, trying to catch the person who called her Nyarlathotep.

"The jig is up Nyarlathotep! Ever since I read the Irish Mythology Book that Mr. Monaghan had given to me and read the part about the figure that is almost similar to you, I know that you were the one who tried to plunge the world into chaos with your plans."

Suddenly, April's anger then turned into something of a maniacal laugh. "Hehehehe...Hehahahaha! Oh, I am now interested with you, how do you find my true identity you peasant!?"

"Put it simply, I am a Lovecraft fan. I thought you weren't real until I saw you."

"Ahahahahahaha...Oh, you never cease to amuse me girl. I was originally trying to kill you after you called me by my real name. But guess what? Yes, I am Nyarlathotep. I am the one who is responsible for pitting 4 races against each other thousand years ago for fun. But one man had ruined the fun for me in order to spread worldwide chaos and suffering to let this planet get devoured by Azathoth. I initially offered that man, Eoghan, to be on my side and we could rule together, but no! Eoghan decided to side with these inferior races because he hates suffering of other people and decided to defeat me once and for all. I'll make Eoghan and his descendants pay for the things that he had done to me by causing several disasters across Ireland in a span of a thousand years by manipulating idiot virgin men to do my bidding to cause chaos and misery hahaha..."

"Well not if I can help it, me and Mr. Monaghan could defeat you once and for all."

"Defeat me? Hahahahahaha...Don't be silly. I have several godlike powers that could tear you bit by bit like an ant. After my real body materialize myself in the real world, I will bring chaos and disorder on world scale and let it being devoured by Azathoth while me and Darren will rule together with the latter being horrified to watch what he had witnessed just like what I attempted to do to Eoghan thousand years ago hahahahaha..."

"Really? Mr. Monaghan, take this dagger, I will save the kids!" Ms. Flanagan then throws the holy dagger towards me and tries to escort all of the kids from the banned exhibit.

"You..." April then suddenly becomes repulsed after seeing the dagger. "PUT THAT THING AWAY FROM ME!"

"Oh yeah?" I replied. "Let me stab your heart with this dagger."

However, as I tried to stab April, she managed to teleport to somewhere else.

"Hahahaha...You're too slow my darling. Fine, if you can't throw the dagger as far away from me as possible, I guess I have to kill your brother after all." April then attempts to kill my brother as he screams and I watch in despair.

"No god...Please no!" I begged April to spare my brother.

Suddenly, Ms. Flanagan then appears and then shoots April with a water gun.

"Take this you demon!"

"Aaaaaaaaa! It hurts! It hurts!"

"Thanks for saving me, but why do you use a water gun to attack that demon, Ms. Flanagan?"

"It's a gun filled with holy water. It may not kill her, but at the very least you could hurt her with this."

"You..." said April as she showed her true, hideous melted face after she was sprayed with holy water. "I'M GONNA KILL YOU FOR THIS!" She then aims to kill Ms. Flanagan with anger on her face.

"Stab that obelisk with the dagger Mr. Monaghan! Hurry! It could definitely defeat April once and for all!"

As I rushed into the obelisk, April then suddenly noticed me trying to stab it.

"Oh no you don't my darling!" Suddenly, April tries to catch me about my actions and throws me away with her telekinetic powers.

"Ahahahaha...It's futile! You can't touch that obelisk with that horrific dagger."

"Not if I can't help it!" Suddenly, Ms. Flanagan then shoots the holy water again towards April.

"Auuuughhhhh!" April then chases Ms. Flanagan as a mere distraction as I tried to stab the obelisk with the holy dagger as fast as possible while April brutally beats Ms. Flanagan with a sadisitc glee.

"Ahahahaha...That's what you get after you try to defy me! Sit down and be a good girl alright after I reach my own goal to retrieve my body." Said April as she continues to beat up Ms. Flanagan with her telekinetic powers.

"Errrrghhh...You're too late for that...Look behind you." Said Ms. Flanagan as she lies on the floor and pointing out to the obelisk. As I stabbed the obelisk quickly as possible, suddenly, I saw April began to disintegrate.

"My fragment? Nooooooo...My beautiful fragment!" said April as she saw her body begin to disintegrate.

"It's over April, or should I say Nyarlathotep! I hope you burn in hell." I then stuck out my tongue as a last nail in the coffin for April.

"YOU! I WILL GET YOU! I'LL BE BACK NO MATTER WHAT! YOU WILL PAY FOR DESTROYING MY FRAGMENT! NOOOOOOOOOOOO..." April's body then began to explode in purple light. Killing the evil geebag once and for all. As April was killed, the purple light that was emitting the obelisk suddenly fades away and my brother was released from that trap. I then rushed to my brother to check his condition.

"Paul! Are you okay?" I then began to hug my brother who began to cry.

"T...Thanks for saving me brother! I am scared now."

"There, there, your brother's here alright. Everything is going to be okay." I then patted my brother's head to calm him down.

"It's all my fault brother...It's all my fault!"

"Calm down Paul, it's not your fault at all. That should be my fault because I didn't listen to other people's warning and being oblivious towards my own surroundings."

"No brother, it was all my fault in the first place! I prayed that you would have a girlfriend during my first trip at the museum when the higher up showed me the forbidden exhibit and this happened."

"I see..." I then contemplated what April had said to me in the past, she really knew me from my own brother. However, at the same time, I can't blame him due to the unintentional accident that happened similar to what happened with me and Saoirse in the past. "I guess it feels like a deja vu after all. I forgive you Paul, it seems that it was unintentional on your part similar to what happened to me 4 years ago."

"Thanks brother! I'm sorry too!"

As we apologize towards each other, Ms. Flanagan then interrupts our conversation.

"Alright, good to see you two brothers reunite together! However, can I ask a question?"

"Ah yes! What is it Ms. Flanagan?" Paul asked as I followed "Yes, what is the question that you want to ask mate?"

"Since that obelisk is the source of the problems that happened in the museum, what should we do with it?"

"Hmmmmm..." Paul then rubbed his chin. "I might have a perfect idea for that!"

"I'm listening to your idea to get rid of the cursed obelisk Paul."

"Alright, but first, let me ask the higher ups of the museum and the members of Dublin Police Department including Ms. Flanagan and Mr Hemmensway first."

"I give you a yes for getting rid of that cursed obelisk." Ms. Flanagan replied. "But hey! You could call Mr. Hemmensway and other police force members in order to get rid of the obelisk after all."

After the meeting with the museum higher ups and the Dublin Police Department, it was soon revealed that they agreed with Paul to get rid of the obelisk once and for all and transport it to the seaport as me and Ms. Flanagan followed Paul together to transport the cargo. As we arrived at the seaport, Paul then talked with a sailor about the huge cargo besides Paul.

"Aye! I am the captain of this cargo ship. Who are ye guys?"

"Hi! Names Paul Monaghan, the curator of the National Museum of Ireland actually."

"I see...Ya langers are the representative of a museum eh? Alright then, I'll hear yer pleas."

"Can you get rid of this huge cargo as soon as possible? At the very least sink it to the bottomless ocean."

"Well that's a weird request. Sure, I'll fecking take yer request mate! It is perfect timing too since we are going to New York baby!"

"Alright, thanks for accepting our request."

Before the ship departs, we then help Paul and the sailor transport the giant cargo to the ship and after doing that and the ship already departed, I began to feel a sigh of relief.

"Phew...It's over. It's finally over! I hope I can go back to my old days."

"Me too. What a rather...Interesting day it has been right?" Ms. Flanagan replied.

"Pretty much, thanks for helping me defeat that demon."

"Aye, don't mention it! You know, I think I kind of wanted to confess something."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Ummmm..." Ms. Flanagan then began to scratch her head and began to blush. "Ever since I met you, I guess I started to feel...Like you as a person."

"Heh...Don't mention it. I admit that while I still don't like you, I think I will start to develop that feeling too."

"I...It's not like that!" Ms. Flanagan's face then became red in embarrassment. "You know what, I think I'll let you off for today alright."

"Well, see you later I guess."

Suddenly, Ms. Flanagan began to kiss me in the mouth for no reason as I went along with it before Paul intervened with our conversation.

"Hey! What's going on between you two?" Paul asked with his curiosity off the charts.

"Uhhhhhh..." me and Ms. Flanagan began to blush together in embarrassment. "It's not like that Paul."

"Yeah...It's not like then mate!" said Ms. Flanagan as she also replied to Paul's curiosity alongside me.

"Well I see. Anyways, why don't we hang around in my brother's pub instead."

"Mmmmm...That seems like a good idea Paul. I'm going to open the pub tonight as I feel better now, you guys wanna have a treat?"

Ms. Flanagan then replied. "Sure, why not? I think a break for once is good in a while."

"Me too brother! Let's go to the pub together."

"Alright then! Let's go."

"Before we go, do you want to invite Mr. Hemmensway together for some celebration Mr. Monaghan?" asked Ms. Flanagan.

"Eh sure...I guess he could be invited to our little hangout together." I laughed as we went to the pub together.

So there you have it, my own interesting experience about encountering supernatural forces. What happened to the others after I experienced some interesting stuff? Well, me and Ms. Flanagan began to start a date together and then Paul still continues to be a great museum curator as usual. However, at the same time, deep down inside, I have a feeling that a certain evil will come back. Regardless, I'll let myself and Ms. Flanagan having a nice time for a while.

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