Bally 9

Chapter 1

A young, 9-year-old, girl, with a short stature of 3ft 2in, stood by the door of the class room. She had a light brown hair color, with the hair on her head stretching all the way to the bottom of her shoulders, and on the side of her head was a clip in the shape of a moon. Her eyes where almost a greenish color, and she wore lip gloss which caused her lips to shine. On that day, she wore a sweeter with a picture of a yellow rabbit on it. She wore a pair of jeans that was bedazzled with colorful beads.

The classroom was a rather large 3rd grade classroom. The front of the classroom had a whiteboard with markers lined on the medal tray that jutted out of thee board. The walls where a cream white, panted on top or large bricks in the front and dry walls on the other three sides. The wall opposing the entrance was covered in hand crafted butterflies, created by the students in the classroom. The wall that had the entrance had a clear window, that was panted on the edges like a picture frame. The wood top desks where all clustered near the front of the classroom, with the back cleared just for indoor recesses. The back had a wardrobe that within it stored boardgames and toys, and just by that was a book shelf that contained all sorts of picture books made for little kids. The floor was covered in a grayish carpet that had short, stubby bristles.

And there she was, standing at the doorway with her hands behind her back her back looking across the classroom to the other end. There she saw 3 rabbit babies, all nuzzled together, as if trying to hug for warmth. The mother stood on her hind legs licking the water dispenser, before going back to her babies for protection. Each baby was cutie to her, and her face lit up when she saw the smallest rabbit, which was colored a cream yellow, open her eyes. The rabbit walked up to her in curiosity to what it was seeing.

Victorya, the child that stood near the doorway, walked through the aisles of desks and up to the podium where the cage stood to get a better look at the rabbit. The smallest one was only about half the size of her hand's palm. What a fascinating sight, she thought, all these babies, that where new, where only starting to understand their world. Just then, she heard footsteps coming from the back of the classroom. It was the teacher.

The teacher was preferably tall, in her mid-30s, with short black hair condensed in a bun, a pair of glasses that shielded over her eyes that where dark blue and wore dark red lipstick. On that day, she wore a sky-blue shirt with a dark blue collar and cuffs, and light black cackles. Her name was Ms. Jenna.

"Aren't you supposed to be going home now," the teacher looking at her with a heavy box in her hand containing crafting supplies, "class ended early today."

The girl wasn't really listening; she was instead looking at the rabbit that clawed at her finger at the other side of the glass.

"Oh, I get it, you must really like rabbits."

the girl nodded.

"Well, I've been thinking, maybe you should look into having real friends. I know you struggle with that."

The girl turned around, "Can I have a rabbit?" the girl closed her eyes, "It's so cute."

The teacher looked at her directly in her eyes, "Well you see, these rabbits are for the classroom to observe, however if you'd like one, you will have to ask your parents' permission before going to get one. I don't just want you taking one."

The girl looked back at the tank, "Ok," she then pointed to the cream yellow rabbit, "can I have that one?"

"I'll let you have it once you ask your parents."


The girl then ran off from the classroom, happily expecting her mother to say yes. The teacher looked back on the rabbits, ready to feed them. The yellow rabbit stood at the edge of the tank, wondering what that was all about.

Ten minutes passed, the teacher was doing paperwork, and the rabbit was eating her meal with her siblings. The taste of the lettuce was starting to get bland to her.

Who was that? the rabbit thought, I don't get it. The two bigger ones ate as well but they weren't talking. She was only a youngling after all, so she just assumed that it was nothing and continued eating with the lettuce in her paws.

The girl returned at that moment. this time, her mother was there with her. Her mother was rather tall at 5ft 7in, she had the same hair color as her daughter and light brown eyes. On that day, she wore a nice office uniform with a pair of brown pants to complement the uniform. Her eyes were on the teacher when she spoke.

"Hello there," she said when the teacher looked at her, "My daughter wants to have that rabbit of yours. I know how she is, but I think that having a pet might teach her responsibility."

The teacher looked at the child, "Alright, but you have to remember to feed it and take good care of it. Or elseā€¦"

The mother cut her off, "or else I'll give it back to the teacher," the mother knew what she was about to say, "Alright, now can you give her the pet."

The teacher got up and went to the tank. The yellow rabbit was just about done with her meal when the teacher picked her up. The rabbit was a bit scared of what was happening to her. She was getting picked off the ground far from the woodchips that gave her comfort. She swarmed in the teacher's hands when she finally saw the girl again. The fear in her then subsided and was replaced with a sense of confusion. The teacher walked up to the girl with the rabbit in her hand.

"So, what do you think?" she asked, with her eyes now laying on the girl, "is this the one you wanted?"

The girl looked up to the teacher, then hugged her. "Yes, it's the cute one." The girl stopped hugging her.

"Here you go, this one is quite new. It was only born a month ago. Its name is Buttercup."

The teacher set the rabbit into her hands. It was small and soft to the girl, while the rabbit felt the girl's skin on her paws. The rabbit looked up to her, staring at what she saw, a large human that was smaller than her owner. The girl looked down on the rabbit in her hands, it was so tiny to her, but she was happy to have it. She then presided to hug the little rabbit with her check. The rabbit felt her soft check and felt a sense of calmness.

"Alright," the mother said, "we'll be heading home. Enjoy the rest of your day." The mother walked back to the car.

"Bye," the girl said as she walked away with the bunny.

The teacher smiled at the child with her mother before saying "take care now" and walking back to her desk.

The mother and child walled through the isle like hallway in the elementary school, passing by many classes' doors, before going to the lobby that was located in the middle of the isle. The lobby was rather small, with a few rainbow-colored chairs lined near by the office, and the top of the wall lined with an inspirational saying, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with one step" by Confutes.

In the lobby, Victoria was holding on to the bunny in a somewhat hard grip. The bunny itself didn't think it was confronting, but at the same time, found the girl to be quite startling. She didn't understand why she was being held like this, but she was too young to understand anything really.

Victoria looked at her mother, "This is my new pet. I will play with it all day."

Her mother responded with, "You know that she isn't a toy, right? She is a animal and like any animal, she needs food, water, and care."

Victoria looked back at the rabbit, "Ok."

" I hope you won't be irresponsible, you know that dad doesn't like it when you leave things around," she turned to look at her daughter, with her hand on the daughter's shoulder, "I don't want him to be the one taking care of the cleanup left behind by that thing."

Victoria was still not listening. At that moment she was admiring how the baby bunny looked. The bunny was a small size, rather small for its age compared to the other two. It was colored a creamy yellow with a belly covered in white fur. Its body was chubby like a new baby child, a few weeks after birth. Its ears jutted out of her head, with a rather long length. Its eyes where a ham colored pink, with black pulps in the center. Two teeth jutted out of its mouth, with a pearly white shine on them. The face was chubby like her body.

They walked across the small, parking lot that was lined with all sorts of vehicles, parked in between the lines of the parking spaces. At the parking space facing the major road was an old minivan from the late ninnies. It was a white sports car color with the doors sliding left and right in the back and swinging open in the front. The inside of the car had two seats in the front that was separated by a cupholder and gearshift, two seats in the middle separated by an aisle, and one large seat in the back that could hold up to three people. All the seats where light brown in color and sewed with red thread. The insides of the doors had cupholders that could hold cups.

The mother helped her child into the car before she herself went in. she put the key into the igniting and drove out of the spot to go home. The mother put on classical music on the car stereo for the drive home, with the sounds of the piano and triangle chiming threw the car's stereo. The daughter meanwhile put Buttercup in the cupholder on the right sliding door and then looked through the window, watching the buildings, trees and cars passing by. As Victoria looked, the bunny tried to get into a comfortable position by standing on its hind paws and putting its forepaws on the ground surrounding the cup holder.

The rabbit didn't know what was going on. At times she wanted to hop out of the pit into the surroundings, but she didn't know where to go as the car was sealed. The rabbit, for the most part stayed in its position for the drive. At times, the child would tell her how happy she was to have her and how she was going to be caring of her. The bunny didn't understand why she was being taken somewhere she didn't belong, but she couldn't do anything.

The car kept driving for about 15 minutes before pulling up at the family house. The house was a two-story building, that stood almost as tall as the oak tree in the backyard. The house was in between two other houses with a large gated isle between them. The house was colored a light badge color on the outside with a gray front door that sat behind the glass one which was panted a mere black. The windows where lined with a white trim on the outside, with curtains blocking the view of the inside. The walls of the outside of the house where made of bricks that where colored a light badge. Near the roof of the house, there was a dull yellow color trim that was ridged in texture and had a vent pultruding out of it. The back side of the house had a chimney that stuck out from the rest of the house. The roof was a gray shale color that had areas of black near the edges.

"Victoria," her mother said, "could you hand me your rabbit? I don't want you grabbing that thing too hard?"

"No," she said with a loud voice, "I am careful."

"Alright, but you have to be very careful. It's still a baby."

The young girl picked up the rabbit from its seat before sliding open the car. She took one step out of the car, and almost stumbled when she did. The other step wasn't as bad as she was able to coordinate her foot to the ground. After that, she turned her grip on the rabbit into a fair cupping of the hands so that she could be careful, or what she thought was careful. the rabbit however, wasn't as happy as she felt the grip was hard but was calmed when she felt the girl's hands turn into a cup. The bunny wanted to jump out then and there but didn't know what to do.

As the mother walked in with Victoria's pink and black backpack, Victoria walked to the back yard with her rabbit. She walked through the rusted, silver colored gate of the driveway before closing it on the way to the back. Once in the backyard, she set the rabbit on the ground. The back yard was covered in a carpet of green grass that made up the lawn. Sticking out of he ground, was a large oak tree that stood as tall as the house, with a small hole that embedded a home for blue jays. Just near by the tree was a plastic jungle gym that consisted of a latter that went up to the top, a floor at the top surrounded by red walls, a slide that was aqua blue in color, and a tire swing that was connected to a beam near by the slide area. Under the slide was a sand box that was not being used, and as a result, had grass growing in it.

Near by the jungle gym as a shed that stored all the supplies needed for mowing the lawn. The shed itself was a white color with brown trims. The doors of the shed looked kind of like doors seen on a barn, albeit with the door being the same color as the rest of the shed. Near the house that overlooked the back yard, there was a porch that had boards that looked like plastic wood. On that porch, there was a grill, an outdoor futon that was sprinkled with oak leaves near the wall, and a set of a glass top table that had a black trim with several old lawn chars. There was also a wooden fence that surrounded the backyard that was light brown in color, with a flat spear shape for every plank of wood, and for every 6 planks was separated by a gap.

The girl looked at the rabbit that was on the ground. She was happy to have a pet now. She has wanted a pet ever since she was five, however, now that she had a pet, she was going to take good care of it. she was going to prove to her mother that she was responsible, and caring. As she looked at the rabbit, the rabbit hopped across the lawn, heading straight for the porch.

The girl laughed, "Hay, I didn't tell you about the backyard yet."

The rabbit stopped hopping and turned to her, standing on her hind paws, halfway to the porch. She stood there listening.

"So," Victoria started, "this is the lawn. We have fun things hear like toys, games, and sprinklers."

The rabbit thought to itself thinking about what she meant by those things while her right paw was on the bottom of her chin.

The girl walled to the porch and picked up a toy dump truck that was small and looked like it was meant for the sand pit. It had a yellow box on the top with the back wall lose, large tires with yellow hubcaps on each of them, and a front that had been colored green. The girl went up to the rabbit and presided to put the rabbit into the box area of the dump truck. The girl then started to drive around the car on the porch.

"This is a fun toy," said the girl with a ton of joy in her voice

The rabbit felt a sudden surge come to her. She didn't understand it but it made her feel happy, as if it was a new feeling that she never felt before. The rabbit smiled. Suddenly the truck stopped, and she saw the girl's hand fall from plan sight. Just then, she felt the ground beneath her tilt a bit.

"Are you ready?" said the girl.

The bunny then fell to the ground with her hind legs stretched to the lose wall and her front paws facing the wall. After that, the girl tilted the box even more, causing the rabbit to slide to the ground hindlegs first. Once the rabbit felt the grassy ground beneath her, she got out of the box part of the truck and looked at the girl.

So, this was fun, the bunny thought.

"It looks like you had fun," the girl said happily, "let's go again."

And so, the girl and the rabbit payed outside for the rest of the day. The girl was happy to have her new pet with her and played with her till thee sun set. The rabbit was at first nervous of her, before adjusting to her during the rest of the day and having fun as well. And indeed, this was the start of a new friendship. A bond that would last for years to come.