Bloise stood a safe distance away from the mansion. Bloise wanted to talk with his son, but he knew if he got too close Agustin would feel his presents, quite possibly before anyone else would. No, he had to get Brysan alone, and outside somehow.

Though it had a cloaking spell cast upon it, he could see the mansion quite clearly. From where he was standing he could see his son and Agustin standing side-by-side on the balcony. With the moonlight shining down on them, they almost reminded him of a cover of a romantic novel. Of course that romantic novel would be a tragic story. Two people who are destined to be together, and yet destined to be apart. Almost like the couple he's watching before him.

Bloise didn't Care that his sons gay, love was love at the end of the day.

Listen to me. He thought. I'm worrying like a father would, even though my son doesn't see me as such.

He won't deny it, that does hurt a little bit. Brysan is just like his mother. Elnora was a spitfire, she was like a firework that never burned out, a flame that continued to burn, even today. His breath still gets caught in his throat when he thinks of the first time they met. Those eyes that shimmered in the moonlight. That voice is soft as silk. He even still remembered her touch. Yes, he was very much in love, and she with him.

But she was married, they fought it for a long time. But they crossed the line when they were sent out on a mission together. Surprisingly she had made the first move. They started the affair after that night, and they fell more and more in love. She became pregnant with their son. That day Brysan was born was the day she was executed. He took their son, at the request of Elnora, with the note in hand he had fled. But he couldn't take care of his son however. For the black shield would hunt him down to the ends of the Earth. He left him on the doorstep of a church, along with the note. Brysan was Elnora's father's name. Bloise wonders if Brysan knows that.

Bloise watched his son, he wanted so desperately to tell him everything. But the time wasn't right, if it will ever be.


Amberly stood outside the library, listening, hanging on to each word, like it was the last time she would ever hear them. She couldn't believe it at first. Viper, the most evil, egotistical, selfish Self-centered, self-absorbed, sociopathic man she's ever had the displeasure to meet in her life was actually considering moving on from the past? She'll believe that when she sees it.

When Viper left the library she froze. His red eye transfixed. He looked at her a moment, then walked past her. She let out a breath she didn't realize she was holding.

She stood there a moment, trying to calm her breathing, and her beating heart. She doesn't remember, but she was told that Viper was the one who bit, and fed on her. She did wonder where she got that scar. When Brysan finally told her everything, he came clean about the 'dog' that bit her. Perhaps that's why she was frozen when she saw him. She really did hate that man.

When she was calm, well, as calm as somebody can be with a sociopath around, She headed inside the Library, where she found who she was looking for. Ernestine was still staring where Viper stood 10 seconds ago. When he saw her walk in, his eyes lit up. She stood in front of the couch and folded her arms across her chest.

"So, that was interesting." She said.

"Yes, interesting." Ernestine frowned. "You heard?"

She nodded. "I heard."

"I felt that there was a small possibility, but I didn't dare to allow myself to believe it, I don't really deserve it anyway."


He looked at her with utter confusion and shock. After a moment he smiled. Her heart skipped a beat. Along moment passed before he finally said. "I haven't been called that name in a very long time." His smile faded slightly.

"Well, it's your name isn't it?"

"Yes, but I usually don't like hearing it." He smiled at her again. "I don't mind hearing it from you."

"Well, if you want I can keep calling you Ernestine, or Gesalec. To be honest I actually like the name Gesalec." she's smirked. "The name Gesalec is more manly."

"Oh? I have you know I gave myself the name Ernestine."

She snickered. "The name Ernestine is as weird as you are."

She walk to the couch and settled next to him. She did like the name Gesalec, but she also really like the name Ernestine. Perhaps she'll call him both, yes she like that idea.

"Tell you what, Ernestine Gesalec, how about I tell you that I love both of the names, so maybe you should use both of them."

"Ernestine Gesalec. That has a nice ring to it." He said placing his arm around her shoulders. She didn't really mind it. Amberly leaned her head against his shoulder. Who would have thought that she would fall in love?

"Amberly, do you love me? Or is this one-sided?"

Amberly couldn't believe he just asked that. Of course she loves this moron. "Yes, I love you. Seriously Gesalec, did you honestly think that I didn't?"

"No." He cuffed her chin, and lifted her head softly. "Just wanted to hear it."

He kissed her gently on the lips at first, but when she raised her hand, and cuped his cheek the kiss quickly heated. Who would have thought that she would ever fall in love with anyone, especially someone so childish, but so loving at the same time. But she's starting not to mind. His hand slid from her knee to the middle of her back. He pulled her closer. His lips was soft and warm. It felt right being held in his arms. Her hand slid from his cheek, and in tangled in his hair.

Somebody clearing their throat broke them out of their trance. Amberly broke the kiss, and turned to the three who was beaning at them in the entrance of the library. Brysan had a goofy grin on his face. Agustin was smiling and looking between the two. Sedna was giggling.

"Do I interrupt you too?" Asked Ernestine.

"Yes, all the time." Replied Agustin.

"Most of the time actually." Agreed Brysan.

"Is there a reason for This brilliant interruption?" Asked Amberly.

Brysan and Agustin's goofy grins faded, and was replaced with serious looks.

"I have an idea." Said Brysan.

Amberly didn't like the sound of that.