Hello, I'm Dana Kurowasi I just moved to Orchestra Falls from Tokyo, Japan with my parents, my kid sister Flora, my older married brother Benji and his wife Kiyomi to open up a bakery. I'm Generous and very Imaginative. Our home is above the bakery and always smells good. Sometimes when they have leftovers in the bakery closes, I save them for some occasions like a meeting of the Doremi Crew. I have a huge crush on Rico but don't tell Rico he may not understand." I'm in charge of Vocals and singing.

Dana Kurowasi


Initiation/ favorite song: A picture of sweets by The Doremi crew.

Likes: Baking, goodies, happy people, singing, cute animals, dancing, my family, my new friends.

Dislikes: Being alone, my new bakery in danger, mean people like Tammy, pollution.

Ethnicity: Japanese- American

Family: Kazuo-Father(Bakery owner), Hanako-Mother(Baker), Benji- older brother(Head accountant at Bakery)(Age 25), Flora- Younger sister(Age 10), Kiyomi-Sister In law,(Baker)(Age 25).

Pet: Puffy(A Rabbit.)

Favorite subject: Music and cooking

Least favorite: Woodwork

Favorite music: Pop, Dance,90s music

Favorite musicians: Ace of Base and PuffyAmiYumi.

Dream career: Baker(Just like Dad.)