Hi, I nearly died of both allergies and from a heart attack when I saw a wasp chilling in my room yesterday. So how was everyone else's week?

I have two pieces of news to share. First of all, I may do a spin-off story that'll take place after the events of this story. I will either start writing it while I'm writing this story or after I write this story. It'll be about Aeron, Jay and Haydn returning to Britain.

Second, I got my Chinese book back from the war...I mean my school locker. I can now accurately translate multiple words and inform everyone that I have a random out of context note saying "Don't give cheese or clocks". I can only remember the context of the clock one but I can't remember why you don't give cheese to a Chinese person. I also have a random sum of how long Chinese students have school for each week. According to my notebook, (I have no clue how accurate my maths is) Chinese students have roughly 86 hours of school per week. Just for reference, Irish people have roughly 40 hours a week of school. (School starts around 9am and finishes at roughly 4pm)

-End of notes-

"Just relax and don't eat any vending machine granola bars." Jay chuckled, looking at Haydn's ankle which was possibly broken. Aeron laughed at this, remembering Jay throwing up after eating a granola bar that Zan had apparently given them earlier on that week. Haydn, however, wasn't so easily amused.

"Well, could just take me to the hospital so we can get this over and done with?" Haydn grumbled, pulling out his phone to check for the nearest hospital.

"Don't worry. Jay was going to be heading there anyway so we'll just go with her." Aeron laughed, grabbing his boyfriend by the arm and waist to support him while they walked to the bus stop. The trio hopped on the bus and started heading towards the hospital where Zan lived. There Aeron and Haydn walked to the emergency room while Jay went upstairs to resume her classes with Zan.

Jay walked into Zan's room to see her friend in a different state than usual. For starters, the only clothes that Zan appeared to be wearing were a bright pink bathrobe and light pink slippers. Zan's hair was wet and fully down and an oxygen mask was placed over her mouth. Her red was also redder than usual. Zan seemed to not notice Jay's presence for a few moments but when she did realize it, Zan quickly stumbled backwards, knocking some of her equipment over, including the machine that the oxygen mask was connected to causing Zan to then fall forwards onto the floor.

"S-sorry." Zan said, removing the oxygen mask from her mouth and turning the machine off. Jay rushed over to help her up and clean up some of the mess.

"Sorry about that Jie. I thought you weren't coming so I took a shower and decided to do some..." Zan pulled out her phone but was confused at one of the words - respiratory. She gave up after a few minutes of analyzing the word before just holding up her phone so Jay could see it.

Jay took out their whiteboard and starting writing on it. "Sorry I was late. Haydn fell in the garden this morning and Aeron and I spent an hour looking for him." They wrote before showing the whiteboard to Zan, who gasped at seeing that Haydn had a fall. She immediately started asking if he was okay and if he needed any help.

"He's fine but his ankle broke so he's here right now." Jay wrote, letting Zan see the whiteboard as they did. She breathed a sigh of relief and was just about to say something when Aeron suddenly burst through the door with Haydn, who was now on crutches.

"Heyo. The emergency room wasn't busy so Haydn got seen to almost right away. How's things up...were you guys just-" Aeron cheered until he noticed Zan wearing nothing but slippers and a bathrobe. He was about to ask whether or not Jay and Zan had been doing anything...sketchy...before he and Haydn came in but was cut off by Jay suddenly yelling "NO!".

The room froze when Jay said that. Mostly because Jay was still struggling to speak in front of anyone they didn't know. Jay starting taking note of everyone's expressions in that moment. Zan's eyes were lit up. She was acting as if she was almost excited to hear Jay speak. Haydn seemed shocked by the way his visible eye had widened and eyebrow raised. Aeron on the other hand, seemed relaxed but also confused as to why everyone was so shocked at Jay's ability to speak before he remembered what had been going on over the past three weeks and his expression changed to an awkward 'I'll try not to make eye contact' look.

Jay sighed and picked up their whiteboard. "I'll see you at school tomorrow." They wrote and showed to Zan before leaving, taking Haydn and Aeron with them. Jay was almost taken back to the incident. They felt scared, confused and most of all, silent. They didn't speak for the rest of the day. They did almost nothing except lay in their bedroom and watch TV.

Jay was quiet the next day as well, not speaking to Haydn or Aeron on their way to school or to any students once they arrived. It was only when a they overheard a certain conversation that they snapped out of their pit of fear. It was an argument-like conversation between Zan and Bai during break time and Jay tried their best to make out what the two were saying in English. They heard Bai ask something about Zan not loving him which seemed normal for him but what came next shocked Jay.

Zan had said something about love and...Jay? What did this mean? Did Zan no longer love Bai due to his mistreatment of Jay? Or did Zan actually love Jay? Jay's head spun with all the questions about this statement when Zan suddenly spotted them and started a conversation with them.

"Oh, hello Jay. How are you today?" Zan asked, acting as if she hadn't brought them up in a recent conversation. Jay was about to write something on their whiteboard when Zan stopped them by putting her hand on the whiteboard before Jay could write anything. Jay was about to question their friend's action when Zan suddenly said the two needed to talk. Zan quickly grabbed Jay's hand and dragged her to a secluded spot near a tree in the school's yard. Once there, Jay wrote "So, what's wrong?" on their whiteboard.

Zan started muttering something to herself in Chinese. It was as though she was trying to find the right words to use in English. Jay was about to write something down but Zan interrupted them again by putting her hand on the board.

"Wǒ ài nǐ" (I love you) Zan whispered, pulling Jay into an embrace as she did so. Jay stood there in shock, not knowing how to reply. They could hear Zan sobbing into their hair as the tall girl held them close. Jay felt somewhat safe in Zan's embrace. Jay hugged Zan back, trying to soothe her.

Everything felt slightly off for Jay for the rest of the day. They weren't sure about how to respond to Zan's confession, even though she had suspected it for a while. Bai was also acting differently. He would usually pick on Jay during the day, telling them they were unworthy of Zan and that they should die in a road traffic accident. However, he started acting ashamed of himself in front of both Zan and Jay. He didn't talk to anyone at all. His usually neat notes turned dark and messy.

The end of the day eventually rolled around and Zan gave Jay her phone number, telling them to call or text her when they had an answer for her. Zan gave Jay one last smile before heading back to her house on foot. Jay smiled back and started cycling to catch up with Aeron and Haydn, who hadn't gone too far because of traffic, which was unusual for the area at that time of day.

"What happened?" Jay asked, noticing Aeron trying to look ahead of traffic.

"That's what he's trying to figure out." Haydn sighed, gesturing to Aeron trying to extend his neck to see beyond the cars.

"I THINK THAT'S MESSY LITTLE ASSHOLE!" Aeron yelled after seeing a young male with a paint stained uniform on the ground ahead of them. Jay immediately put everything together - the conversation between Zan and Bai, Bai's behavior and worst of all, the notes Bai was writing in class.

Jay threw their bike to the ground and started running towards the scene where they met Zan who was absolutely shocked at what was before her. Bai was lying on the ground, unconscious and bruised.

"What happened?" Zan asked as soon as a police officer approached the two. The officer explained that Bai had apparently jumped in front of the car and was in a critical state. Zan and Jay watched as Bai was carried into an ambulance before Zan fell to her knees in tears. Jay watched as she sobbed into her hands. Zan was always to bright and cheerful so seeing her like this hurt Jay.

It started raining and Jay knew they had to get home soon. They took their jacket off, revealing their binder and sheltering Zan. Zan looked up at Jay, who was gesturing for them to get going. The two stood up and started walking towards where Jay's bike was. Jay and Zan both got on the bike and Jay carried both of them on an awkward and quiet ride to Jay, Aeron and Haydn's apartment.


So yeah plot twist.

For the record, I am at the same state as everyone else. As in, I have no clue whether or not to kill the bitch.

Anyway, I might start the new spin-off before the next chapter is uploaded so keep your eyes open for that.

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