As the sun begins to rise, a golden-haired puppy begins to stir in his sleep. At first, he is hesitant to awaken from his dream, dreaming about playing his favorite game with his favorite person. It does not take long for Remy Jr to open his eyes do, realizing that he doesn't have to dream about his favorite activity with his favorite person; he can actually experience it with her. The puppy turns his attention to a still sleeping giantess with long, golden hair who is wearing a light blue dress. He wags his tail, happy that he gets to spend another day with Chrissie. Running up to her face, he jumps up, propping his two front paws upon her cheek so that he can stand on his hind legs, and proceeds to lick her face.

Feeling her puppy's wet tongue on her face causes the sweet giantess to smile. Opening her emerald-colored eyes she is greeted by the sight of her beloved puppy, Remy Jr. Sitting up, she stretches her arms and legs, even spreading her toes. She is quick to turn her attention back to Remy Jr, who is wagging his tail so fast that it looks like a golden blur.

Picking up her puppy, making sure that she is careful about it like Remy taught her, she brings him up to her face. The puppy licks the giantess's nose, which causes her to giggle even more. "Good morning, Remy Jr," she says with her usual smile. The golden-haired puppy barks in response, the sweet giantess hearing this as him saying good morning to her.

Chrissie pulls Remy Jr away, still keeping him in her line of sight. Putting a serious look on her face, which does not look as serious with the smile she still has, "Now, I know that we normally go and say good morning to our best friend, Remy, but we will not be doing that today." Remy Jr droops his ears, cocking his head to the side as he lets out an erf. "Because we are going to get some pretty flowers for Claire."

Chrissie looks over to the circus tent, then over to the cart where both Remy and his infant daughter, Claire, are sleeping. As much as she wants to hug them both and say good morning, she tells herself that this will have to wait.

Putting her puppy in a pocket that she has sewn onto the front of her dress, Chrissie stands up, getting another good stretch in while she is at it. "Come on Remy Jr!" The puppy barks in response, as if he is saying, "Let's go!" Walking away from the circus, Chrissie starts to head into the nearby forest.

Chrissie is walking with a spring in her step and a smile on her face as she is humming. Anyone who meets her can easily see that she is the happiest person that they will ever meet, even though she is the last giant in existence. The only reason that she is able to be so happy is that she has the mind of a child, even though she has the body of an adult woman.

As she is walking, she is constantly having to watch out for any tree branches that could hit her face, a hazard the comes with being thirty-six feet tall. Though this is only a temporary problem since she knows that she will keep growing for the rest of her life, as all giants do. Pretty soon her head will be above the trees and she won't need to worry about the tree branches. But reaching that size may take another two or three years for her.

The wildlife is steering clear of the giantess as she is walking, her loud footsteps providing an audible warning of her approach.

"Let's see," Chrissie says as she looks like she is deep in thought," Where can I find some pretty flowers for Claire?" As she continues her walk, she soon finds herself in a clearing, with something that is in the middle of it. Chrissie's smile widens as she recognizes what she sees. "Remy Jr, look!" The pair are looking at a purple portal that seems to have appeared from out of nowhere. "Sammy lives there, remember?" Chrissie can't help but get excited at the prospect of meeting a friend who she hasn't seen in a long time.

Sammy is the biggest giantess she has ever seen, being ten times the size Chrissie is; or was since she was six feet shorter when they met. She can't help but wonder how her friend is doing. Has she made more friends? She would love to meet them. "Let's go, Remy Jr!" Without any hesitation, Chrissie runs through the portal, eager to reunite with an old friend.

Coming out on the other side, Chrissie finds herself in an area which she does not recognize. The last time she went through the portal she had found herself inside a huge room that made her feel very small. This time she is outside, in a place that looks very strange to her.

The first thing she can see is a set of black ropes, suspended between two poles; but as her eyes trail down along the ropes she can see that there are even more poles. She can't help but think that this is some kind of fence. She ducks underneath the ropes, not knowing what they are supposed to keep out. Her feet then feel something odd, a texture that she has never felt before.

Looking down she can see a long stretch of black dirt with yellow lines. The ground beneath her bare feet feels hard, too hard to be any dirt she has come across.

As she looks ahead she can see what appears to be a town, though it is unlike any town she has ever seen before. The buildings there are tall, some looking like they could even taller than she is, and they don't look like any buildings she has ever seen. "Do you think Sammy could be there?"

Chrissie jumps when she hears a loud sound from behind her and is startled when a small, metal box goes right by her. She stares at the unknown object, watching as it is moving faster than anything she has seen. As it disappears into the town, Chrissie looks down at her puppy, who is looking as confused as she is. "We better find Sammy, Remy Jr."

With her long strides, Chrissie can reach the town very quickly. This town is nothing like any other one that she has been to, not to mention that it is very large. She looks down to see a couple of people walking by, looking up at her as they are noticing just how large the sweet giantess is.

"Hi!" Chrissie says with a smile and a wave. "I'm Chrissie and this is my puppy, Remy Jr!" The golden-haired puppy barks, aa if he is saying hello to the two pedestrians. "Do you two know where I can find my friend Sammy?'

"Sammy? No, I don't. Sorry," the brunette-haired woman says.

"Thank you," Chrissie says with a smile.

As Chrissie walks away, the woman turns to her friend, "Was she the Georgia Giantess? I thought she was redhead, not a blonde."

The appearance of a giantess strolling through Elkridge is not unusual, as they often see the Georgia Giantess walk through town on a daily basis. Chrissie is about the same height as her, so most people believe the sweet giantess to be her.

Chrissie is stopping often, introducing both herself and her puppy to every person she meets before asking if anyone knows where she can find Sammy. Though it seems that nobody has heard of her.

"Sammy has to be here," Chrissie says, feeling a bit discouraged since she is nowhere near finding her friend. Remy Jr whimpers, sensing how Chrissie is starting to become upset. "Don't worry," she says as he strokes her puppy on the head, "We will find Sammy."

Chrissie stops when something catches her attention, a series of lights. With it changing from green to yellow and finally red she can't help but take a look at it. She approaches the odd source of light, bending forward so that she can get a good look at it. She may not know what it is, but she can't help but find it to be pretty. As she reaches forward to touch it, she is startled when she hears a loud noise coming from below her.

The source of the noise is coming from one of the metal boxes that she has seen going through town, and there is a person inside it. "Hey! What are you doing?! You're blocking the road!"

"What's a road?" Chrissie asks. This word is unfamiliar to her as she has never heard it before. "Is it something important."

"What are you? Some kind of a moron!?" the person shouts up at her.

"I'm trying my best," Chrissie responds, her eyes welling up with tears, "I'm not stupid." She starts to back up, the words that she has heard being very hurtful to her. She stops when she feels something underneath her heel followed by a crunching noise. She knows that this is not good. Her sister has always told her to be careful of where she walks to avoid stepping on anything. She quickly turns around, seeing that she has stepped on another metal box, the front completely crushed.

A woman steps out from it, looking very angry with the upset giantess. "Watch where you're stepping, you overgrown idiot!"

"S-sorry, I didn't mean to."

More and more people are starting to yell at her. "Stupid." "Dumb." "Idiot" All these words are doing nothing to calm her down. Tears are running down her face as the giantess can't help but cry. She runs off, wiping the tears from her face, those hurtful words still ringing in her mind.

Away from the crowd of people, Chrissie sits down with her back against a building. Still sobbing, Remy Jr begins to howl as he is now upset too. "I-I'm not stupid," she says as she goes to dry her tears. "I try just as hard as anyone else. Some things are just difficult." No matter what she says to herself, the recent events keep playing in her head. Just as she goes to bury her face in her arms, she hears a voice that she does not recognize.

"Hey, is everything okay?"

Chrissie lifts her head, just enough so that she can look to see who is talking to her. Instead of seeing a person, she sees a pair of bare feet that are about the same size as her own. Her eyes trail up to see a pair of legs with a black skirt that stops just at the knees followed by a black top that only covers this woman's chest. Her strawberry blonde hair is long, reaching the top of her thighs and her emerald green eyes have a look of concern in them. This woman, who seems to be about the same height as Chrissie, is squatting so that she can be eye-level with the crying giantess.

"I was just getting off work and I couldn't help but hear you crying. Is everything okay? Are you upset because you don't feel like everyone else?"

Chrissie nods her head, "People were saying some mean things to mean."

The woman standing before Chrissie can't help but feel that something is slightly off with her. The way she answered seems to be on par with the way a child would. It is clear that she is an adult. So these mean things that were said to her most likely had nothing to do with her size, but possibly were referring to her mental level. "You know what," she says with a smile, "They are wrong about you, they don't know who you really are."

"Really?" Chrissie says. Her frown fades and is quickly replaced with her usual smile.

"Really," the woman reassures the sweet giantess. "I'm Jane, by the way."

"I'm Chrissie, and this is my puppy Remy Jr." The puppy lets out a couple of barks, alerting Jane to his presence. She can't help but find the puppy to be the cutest thing that she has ever seen. Before Jane can even say anything, the sweet giantess leans forward and gives her a hug.

"What are you doing?" Jane can't help but be confused by this sudden action. This giantess has just decided to hug her as if she is an old friend.

"We're friends now, and friends hug each other."

Jane can't help but appreciate the kind gesture. Ever since she became a thirty-four foot tall giantess over a year ago, no one has been able to give her a proper hug. She can feel the sweetness in Chrissie's hug and she can't help but smile, something that she rarely does because of how difficult her life has become over the past year. She then wraps her arms around Chrissie, hugging her back.

The two giantesses hug for several minutes; if it was up to Chrissie this hug would last forever. Like most things, it does come to an end when Jane lets go and stands up to her full height. "Well, it was very nice meeting you Chrissie. But I should be heading home now, and I advise you do the same."

"Umm…" Chrissie looks around, as though she is lost. "I don't know how to get home."

"You're lost?" Jane can see the lost expression on Chrissie's face, though she is not too surprised. From what she can see, the sweet giantess is like a child, mentally. "That's okay. Was someone with you when you got here?"

"Remy Jr is with me."

"I mean someone like a family member, or a legal guardian or even a friend."

"Remy Jr and I left without Remy to get his daughter some pretty flowers."

"Remy, great," Jane says as she claps her hands together, "What is his last name?"

Chrissie shrugs her shoulders. "I don't know."

"What about your home address, do you at least know your address?" Chrissie shakes her head in response. "Of course you don't." Jane sighs, feeling that she can't leave Chrissie by herself. Leaving her alone is essentially the same as leaving a child alone. "Come on," Jane says as she holds her hand out, "you can come home with me until we find out where you live and get you back home."

Chrissie grabs Jane's hand, feeling that she can trust her. After all, she is a friend and you can always trust your friends.

As Chrissie stands up, Jane finds herself doing something that she would never be able to do again. She is looking up at her. Granted looks like a four inch difference from her perspective, but still, she can't help but feel surprised at this. She can't help but wonder what could have caused her to grow to such a size. Pulling herself out of her stupor, Jane begins to lead Chrissie back to her ware house.

As the two are walking. Chrissie can't help but wave and say hi to everyone that they walk by. Before, nobody was paying too much attention to her. Now they can't help but stare. Seeing one giantess walk through Elkridge is a normalcy they have come to terms with, but two? Most onlookers can't help but wonder if something is causing women to grow to such sizes, or if those two are unique.

Jane can't help but feel some annoyance as she is leading Chrissie behind her. "Chrissie, stay out of the road, it's for vehicles." She can't help but feel that she is babysitting a very curious child. "Don't touch the utility lines." These are things that she should know, that are common sense. Whoever raised her either did a very poor job of doing so, or gave her a sheltered life.

The scenery does change as they leave the city and are now walking beside a long stretch of road, scenery that Chrissie is much more familiar with. Open fields and trees as far as the eye can see, the only foreign things she can see are the poles that have those ropes stretched across them. As the two giantesses continue to walk, Chrissie can see another building in the distance. This building is large, large enough to where she can stand upright inside.

Jane leads Chrissie around to the front of the building, where the main entrance is. While the entrance is big enough for both Jane and Chrissie to enter, the two giantesses will still need to duck to go through. Grabbing the bottom of the bay door, Jane prepares for the reaction that her personal assistant, Sam, is going to have when he meets Chrissie.