A crowd of people is standing in front of what appears to be a huge stage patiently waiting for the show to start. While some have attended these shows many times before, the rest of the crowd is unsure of what to expect from this performance. The show does advertise about a woman who is known as the Georgia Giantess, these people can't help but expect the show's titular actress to be an unusually tall woman. If this is the case, they can easily demand a refund for the expensive tickets which they have purchased.

Hank looks out at the crowd, seeing that it is a decent size for the first show of the day. He remembers when Jane first started performing, the place would be packed. As a result, the money from ticket sales was good. But as time went on, the novelty of Jane's size began to wear off, her gigantic appearance becoming commonplace, the crowds began to dwindle. Walking onto the stage area, he can see the disappointment in some faces. He can tell that they were expecting a giantess, not a middle-aged man. "Good morning,' Hank says with a warm smile on his face.

Jane recognizes what Hank is saying as her cue to get ready for her grand entrance. She begins to tussle her hair about, doing her best to give herself a serious case of bedhead. "Jane," Chrissie says with a confused look on her face, "why are you messing your hair up?"

"Because," the preparing giantess answers, pulling some of her strawberry blonde hair over her shoulder, "this is part of what I do for pretend." She still can't believe that she needs to refer to her job as a game of pretend to her guest. It is the only way that she could have Chrissie perform as needed, the sweet giantess refusing to lie since she believes that it is wrong.

"The Georgia Giantess is just waking up now," Hank continues, "she had a late night last night but she should be awake at any moment."

"That's my cue," Jane says with a sigh. Turning to look back at Chrissie, she continues, "Wait right here until I call for you, okay?"

"Okay," Chrissie replies with a nod.

The crowd watches as the Georgia Giantess walks out, covering her mouth as she lets out a big yawn; her other arm stretched towards the ceiling as she is unable to extend it fully because of how low the ceiling is for her. Many of those who are attending this show for the first time can hardly believe what they are seeing, an actual giantess. Most were expecting to see an unusually tall woman. Looking on at her they can see that no one in the building is as tall as her knees.

Jane turns to face the crowd, putting a big smile on her face. Leaning forward so that she is practically standing over everyone, she waves to the crowd while speaking in an overly cheerful tone. "Good morning, everyone. I am so glad to see that so many people have come to see me today." She then stands up straight, clapping her hands together, "I have a special announcement today."

The words "special announcement" seems to have grabbed everyone's attention. Those who have attended Jane's shows multiple times are surprised. This is the first time she has made an announcement of any kind. Is she finally going to be physically interacting with the audience?

"There is someone special that I want to introduce to you, my cousin, Princess!" The crowd is watching in anticipation as they are waiting for Princess to come onto the stage. Jane is looking over at Chrissie, who is staring back at her with a smile on her face. Jane beckons for the sweet Giantess to walk out onto the stage, mouthing the words "come on" to let her know that now is the time for her to walk onto the stage area.

"I think we are supposed to go out with Jane," Chrissie says as she looks down at her puppy. Remy Jr, who is inside Chrissie's pocket, looks up at his favorite person and barks at her as if he is telling her that she is right.

The crowd continues to look on in anticipation, waiting for Princess to walk out; they are curious to see who the Georgia Giantess's cousin is. Thus curiosity is soon laid to rest when they see a large, bare foot come onto the stage, followed by an equally large woman. Many are surprised to see that Princess is about the same size as the Georgia Giantess. With a big smile on her face and a spring in her step, she is waving to the crowd. "Hi everyone! I'm Chri… Oops! I'm Princess!" She then reaches into a pocket, which she has sewn onto the front of her blue dress, and she pulls out a golden-haired puppy. "And this is Sir Remy Jr!"

Jane is watching, seeing the positive reaction that both Chrissie and her puppy are receiving. She can't help but smile, feeling that this could be a turning point for her shows. Granted, she knows that any extra money she will be earning is going to be used to support Chrissie while the sweet giantess is staying with her; feeding herself is expensive enough.

Jane stands next to Chrissie, wrapping her arm around the giantess's shoulder as pulls her in close. "Isn't she precious?" she asks the audience with a big smile on her face, "This why she is named Princess." Jane is still watching the crowd's reaction, the last time she has seen everyone this interested in a show is when she made her debut as the Georgia Giantess. "Now," she continues while leaning forward, looming over the crowd, "I bet you are all wondering just how tall we are. I could easily tell you, but I think it would be more fun to show you." Before standing up straight she winks at the crowd.

Grabbing Chrissie by the hand, Jane begins to lead her off the stage area and alongside the crowd. The two giantesses are walking close, ensuring that the audience has a good sense of the pair's size; not a single person coming close to their knees. Jane is looking at a long board that is against the wall. With markings on that are a foot apart, each one being numbered one through thirty-six, it resembles an oversized ruler that is capable of measuring both Jane and Chrissie. Jane stands against the board with her back towards it, standing as straight as possible she lays her hand flat on her head before she steps away from the measuring apparatus. "Thirty-four feet to be exact," she tells the audience with a smile, "and before you ask, yes I am done growing." This is something that she is grateful for. Being this tall is bad enough, she would hate to think how much worse off she would be if the size ray had some kind of delayed effect on her.

"Okay, Princess " Jane continues, her smile never fading for even a moment, "let's show these nice people just how big you are." She leads Chrissie over the board, prompting her to stand the same way she had earlier. Craning her neck slightly, Jane can see which mark the top of Chrissie's head is at. "Wow!" Jane exclaims, making sure to act overly excited at the measurement she is about to read out, "You are thirty-six feet tall!" Jane isn't too surprised about the height difference between the two of them, her eyes could easily tell that the sweet giantess is taller than her. "You certainly are a big girl."

Chrissie giggles at what Jane had just told her. She may be big by Jane's standards but for a giant's, she could still be considered small. Since giants grow throughout their lives, Chrissie has met a lot who were a lot taller than she is now. Of course, this also applies to her. though she isn't due for another growth spurt anytime soon, having grown six feet less than a year ago.

"Isn't she folks?" Jane says to the crowd.

As both Jane and Chrissie head back to the stage area, the crowd is looking to see that Chrissie is taller than Jane. A two-foot difference in height may seem like a lot to a normal-sized person, but for those two it probably seems like a several inch difference.

Jane sits down, stretching her legs out, hearing a couple of disappointed groans when the crowd sees that she is wearing a pair of shorts beneath her dress; this causes her to roll her eyes since she has a pretty good idea on the type of people who are disappointed. "Princess," Jane says as she motions to the spot next to her, "Why don't you sit next to me?"

Sitting next to Jane, Chrissie crosses her legs as she ensures that her dress is over her legs since this is something she feels that a princess would do. Her puppy is laying on the fabric that is between her legs, wagging his tail as she reaches down to gently stroke his head. With a smile on her face, Chrissie waves to everyone once again.

"Now," Jane says as she grabs the audience's attention again, "I bet you are all wondering what Princess and I tend to do in our spare time."

"We have slumber parties and play games!" Chrissie says with a giggle. "Isn't that right, Sir Remy Jr?" The puppy barks as if to answer the sweet giantess's question, only to roll over on his back afterward as he waits for a belly rub."

"Yeah, that's right," Jane responds. This is not what she was going to tell the audience, but if there is one thing she has learned in her shows and that is to always say yes, a basic rule for improv. "Whenever we visit each other that is what we do every night." Chrissie starts to giggle and even bounce excitedly as she tries to contain her joy at what Jane has just said. Jane can't help but feel as though she has made a major mistake with what she just said. She could always tell the other giantess that she had only said that for her show, but this will upset her. Instead, she sighs, not having the heart go hurt her feelings.

The rest of the show goes great for the two. Both Jane and Chrissie showing off their size and even playing a couple of simple games; even Remy Jr got applauded for doing some simple tricks. The crowd is enjoying the show, many considering paying for tickets for the day's next performances.

The two giantesses end the show with a display of strength outside; lifting a small van that Arnold had purchased intending to have Jane lift it for one of her shows. Placing the vehicle back down on the ground gently, Jane turns to the crowd, waving at them. "Okay, that is all for this show. Princess and I have three other shows today, each one different than what you have just seen."

"Bye, everyone!" Chrissie says with a wave. She is sad to see everyone leave, wanting to hug everyone before they go.

"So, Chrissie, did you enjoy performing today?"

"Of course," the sweet giantess answers with her usual smile, "I had a lot of fun performing with you." Remy Jr barks as if to make his presence known to the pair of giantesses. "And Remy Jr had lots of fun too."

Jane will admit that she was surprised by the crowd's reaction to the puppy when he was performing a series of simple tricks. Perhaps with some training, he could learn a routine. This is something she has to worry about later. Her next show is up in a couple of hours and while Chrissie enjoyed performing in the first show she isn't too sure if she will feel the same way about the upcoming one.

"Chrissie," Jane says, "Can you act mean?"

"No," Chrissie answers, "being mean wouldn't make people happy and I don't like it when people are sad. That is why I love to give hugs, hugs make everyone happy."

"Of course you don't," Jane says to herself. She had an idea that Chrissie's sweet nature could be problematic for the next act. The crowd loved her and she would hate to omit her from the upcoming show. "Actually, for the next show, the people who are coming will be expecting us to be mean. We will only be playing like we are mean."

"Are you sure that I can't give hugs instead?"

Jane shakes her head out of frustration, wondering if this is worth all the trouble. Stress from money problems or stress from dealing with a simpleton who is as large as she is; it is a very close call as far as which is the worse of the two.

An idea starts to come to her; she feels that it could be a bit of a long shot but it is her only option right now. "Chrissie, what if you were to pretend that you were a scary monster?"

"I can do that!" Chrissie says with a smile.

This response helps to put a lot of Jane's worries at ease about the sweet giantess being able to perform, but she is still unsure if she can act the part. She isn't expecting her to be convincing, even a cheesy act would suffice. "Show me your scary monster face, I want you to scare me."

Chrissie holds up her hands, her fingers stretched out like they are claws, and shows her teeth as if there are rows of fangs in her mouth. "RAWR!" she roars with an unmistakable smile on her face. Watching Chrissie do this reminds Jane of how a child would play a monster; with Chrissie's mentality there really isn't much of a difference. Either way, her actions still come off as being cute and adorable; Jane is starting to suspect that no matter what it is how Chrissie will always be perceived by others. Jane jumps back slightly, looking as though Chrissie had actually managed to frighten her. "That was scary."

"I didn't scare you too much, did I?" She can't help but feel a small pang of guilt.

"You scared me the perfect amount," Jane responds with Chrissie giggling at the comment. Chrissie might not be able to pass as frightening, though with how cute the attempt was she firmly believes that it may work in Chrissie's favor; at least she hopes so.

"Can I hug the people after the show? That way they know that I am not a mean monster, but one who wants to be friends?"

As much as Jane would love to tell Chrissie yes, she knows that this is simply not possible. The giantess may be sweet and gentle but there is no telling how other people would react to her giving them hugs. Handling the wrong person could lead to trouble with consequences that she does not want to even begin considering. "You can give me a big hug at the end of the show."

"Can I give you a big hug now?" Chrissie asks excitedly.

"Sure," Jane says with a sigh, only answering so that she can keep the sweet giantess happy. Without any words, Chrissie wraps her arms around Jane and gives her a big squeeze, one that she is unable to do go often since she rarely comes across other giants; Remy has taught her not to hug humans too hard since they don't like it.

Jane is finding the hug to be quite nice, which us surprising to her since she had believed it was going to be more of a nuisance. She can feel how the simple giantess cares for her newest friend. Jane leans into Chrissie, wrapping her arms around her as well, any worries about the next show simply melting away.