Flash of the Blade

By Shadowgate

Police Chief Clayton Moore stepped up to the podium in the town square of Savannah GA.

He starts his speech by saying "good evening ladies and gentlemen of Savannah. Today I'm proud to announce that a man by the name of Steven Norman beat his neighbor's teenage son when he found out he was listening to Eminem. Two of my men arrived on the scene and decided not to make an arrest."

He goes on to yell out "why was that teenage boy listening to Eminem in the first place?"

The crowd cheers.

Then 5 seconds later an angry young teenage boy runs through the crowd and yells "death to you chief pig!"

A great explosion goes off. A teenage suicide bomber killed the police chief and 117 people in the crowd along with himself.

Over 100 more people were seriously injured in the attack.

911 calls were coming in non-stop.

A fugitive named Miller Turnpike called a news network to announce "I sent the kid who just blew up the fucking police chief. I'm not sorry for it. I trained him since he was a small child. This police department went over the fucking line."

After he hung up a stolen cell phone he threw the cell phone across the street. Right after that he got on a bus to go west to Alabama.

A local news reporter took her seat. Her name was Jane Beller and when the camera director gave her the signal she said "we're live on channel 6 your local Savannah News Network."

"Today a teenage boy became the first homegrown suicide bomber in the United States of America. What on earth would lead a child to blow up himself along with the chief of police and hundreds of others? This has put Georgia on the map like never before. Not since the Oklahoma City Bombing have we seen a homegrown terrorist attack like this."

Jane caught her breath and said "we go live to Jim Cochran who is at the scene of downtown Savannah."

Jim immediately starts "thank you Jane and according to authorities this all started 13 years ago when three crooked cops burnt down a home. Those killed inside were Bolton Taft, his wife Arlene and his 12 year old daughter Henrietta along with his two twin children Harwin and Helen who were both 16. Three police officers who apparently bullied Bolton Taft in high school burnt his house down because according to them "he was behind on his federal income taxes."

"Wait a minute" Jane interrupted and asked "how did the local police department get that information?

Jim answered "apparently there was a warrant for his arrest. Oh but get this instead of arresting him the three police officers decided to burning his house down. Oh and here's another interesting fact, the three police officers who burnt his house down were brothers. All three were in fact triplets. The three police officers were later charged with capital murder and were killed in a shootout with police officers from their very own department."

Jane yells out "you can't make this stuff up."

Jim replied "yes and Bolton's surviving son at the time was just four years old. His name was Devin Taft and today he carried out a suicide bombing to avenge his family. He was taken in by a survivalist fugitive named Miller Turnpike."

Jane stated "a man called up our local studio claiming to have trained the boy to be a killer. Also I'm now getting word that CNN has received a phone call from a man claiming to be Miller Turnpike who says he trained Devin Taft to kill law enforcement officer since the boy was four years old. I will now play the message."

"This is Miller Turnpike. I found Devin Taft at age four after his family was killed. He had a toy sword that night and I soon trained him to use a real one. I told him he was destined to kill police officers and that all police officers were bad. He cried a lot but by age eight he vowed to kill police officers. He considered me his step dad. Hell I adopted him. He killed 13 police officers with a real sword. The first time he killed a cop he was just 11. Oh eyewitnesses were in shock to see a boy strike down a police officer in a surprise attack. That first attack along with the following 12 that were equally fatal left all eyewitnesses describing a flash of the blade every time."

Jane said "alright and that message you just heard was a voice message directly to CNN. As of now the whole nation is in mourning. As for the three police officers who set a house on fire making that boy an angry orphan their names were Harry, Tanner, and Johnny Morgan. Jim like you said all three were triplets. All three made a very extreme and most unlawful decision to burn a man's house down over late income tax payments."

Jim added "these three police officers had to be the worst crooked renegade police officers in history. Nobody has ever been murdered by a police officer over that. Furthermore that's federal law so I guess these local police officers really hated the man to use that as an excuse to destroy all but one member of his whole family. Back to you Jane."

Jane posed the question "who could imagine a boy with a sword striking down unsuspecting police officers and later giving up his life to blow up a police chief along with tons of innocent bystanders? The nation would love to know."