In Pittsburgh Pa, between Anderson Lane and Grimm BLVD. A caucasian medium blonde girl, a black girl in green, an Asian boy in blue, a caucasian boy with blonde hair and glasses, and a Scottish boy in orange were sneaking into an abandoned bookstore and were doing their secret handshake. "So," said the red-haired girl, "Is the initiate here"

"She is around the corner," said the black girl in green, "I'll go get her."

After the black girl left, the three boys were wondering about the new initiative, "Is she willing to be part of The Fairytale Tellers?" asked the Scottish boy.

"She is," said the medium blond girl, "I saw her a few times with some Little Mermaid T-shirts."

"She says that she reads a lot of Hans Christian Andersen books" explained the caucasian blonde boy.

Suddenly, the black girl came in with a blindfolded Puerto Rican girl, "Welcome, Candice Prinz" the medium blond said as she removed Candice's blindfold, "You're in The Library of Fairytales."

"Listen, lady" Candice growled, "I don't know why you showed up at my house and leaving a letter at my home, but this is dumb."

"I have a name," said the leader, "It's Misty Lane and I mix up Brothers Grimm stories."

"Yasmeen Normans," said the black girl in green, "Shakespeare Sweetie and with feeling

"Daniel Tenderson" said the Asian boy in blue, "Greek Mythology Maniac."

"Finn Valcan" greeted the caucasian blonde boy, "Charles Dickens expert and I dance like I never dance before."

"Kevin Riddleton" greeted the Scottish boy, "Mark Twain lover and I make the passion happen."

"Whatever" Candice growled, "I have a lot of pressure right now, my parents divorced back in Puerto Rico, I'm new to Pittsburgh and nobody wants to be my friend."

"But you are never alone" Oaklynn replied, "It's better if you let it out through a story. I saw you move into the house across the street from me and I figure you could use some new friends."

"I'm too old for bedtime stories" growled Candice, "But I am in need of some new friends."

The Fairytale Tellers members smiled, knowing that Candice has got it. They removed her blindfold and

It's there that she decided to remix The Little Mermaid in an Ancient Egyptian style.

The Little Mermaid In The Nile

In Egypt, there was a beautiful mermaid princess named, "Ada". She had long blue hair and turquoise fins. She lives in a lovely palace with her pharaoh mermaid father, pharaohs mermaid mother, and three older sisters, "Rubi", "Alyaqut", and "Zamarad". She loves exploring the seas, but never once saw the surface.

One day, Princess Ada was bored and decided to go on an adventure, her pet turtle, "Khajul" and pet baby hippo "Bitla" decided to follow her so she won't get hurt.

With one splash, she could see that Egypt is beautiful. Just then, she spots a boat and the lonely Prince Sahir. His older cousin, "'Iiblis" was starting to feel cautious of him, "What's wrong your highness?" he asked.

Prince Sahir took a deep breath, "It's only 1 month till I'm 18" explained the prince, "And the law says that if I'm not married by then, you'll take the throne."

"I was supposed to be the heir till you showed up," Iilblis growled.

Princess Ada wants Prince Sahir to fall madly in love with him. But there's only one problem, the law in her kingdom states that she can't marry a human.

Just then, the boat started to crash, causing the passengers to abort the ship. Prince Sahir however, couldn't get out. Princess Ada had no choice than to rescue him. She found him unconscious on a plank and swam to shore.

Once there, she sang the most beautiful song Prince Sahir has ever heard. Princess Ada had to get out of the picture before any humans show up. Lord Iiblis was riding a chariot for any survivors when he spots his cousin waking up, "Did you hear that Iiblis?" asked Sahir.

"Hear what?" asked Iilblis.

"That voice" Sahir replied, "Someone saved me.

The guards thought that he was drinking too much salt water, so they decided to let him rest.

Both Khajul and Bitla knew that Princess Ada was madly in love with her, so they decided to cheer her up as best as they can

In her garden Princess Rubi told her that she knew how Ada feels about being human, so she made a potion that would make her human before the next full moon. Then she gave her a piece of advice, "Before midnight on the night of the full moon," explained "you must get the prince to fall in love with you. If not, you'll turn back into a mermaid. Though there is a side effect, you can't talk."

Princess Ada didn't have a choice, so she decided to take the potion.

At midnight, twins Alyaqut and Zamarad gave her the signal with dolphin noises, meaning that it was Ada's time to drink the potion. With one gulp her fins turned into legs and swam up to shore, "Good luck little sister" said Ruby

Onshore, Khajul and Bitla came with her for safety. They helped her go to the palace steps for safekeeping. Around the same time, Prince Sahir was still thinking about the song and the girl who saved her but didn't have an idea on who saved him. As Khajul was stepping back in shyness, he accidentally broke a valuable vase.

The sound of the broken vase got Khajul's attention. He looked down and saw the young Ada and blushed.

In the morning after bath time, they had breakfast with the royal family, including Lord Iiblis, who seems suspicious of Princess Ada, "You know something" Prince Sahir said to Ada "I don't even know your name."

Princess Ada knew she couldn't speak, so she wrote down her name on a scroll and gave it to Sahir, "Ada?" Prince Sahir said, "I love that name"

Within a month, Princess Ada and Prince Sahir started getting along, but she still couldn't speak,

On the night before Prince Sahir's 18th birthday came, Lord Iiblis was annoyed because his plans to kill the prince is ruined, "Drat" Lord Iiblis, "My plan to drown Cousin Sahir is ruined. There's only one more thing to do, poison him."

He got out some cobra venom and smiled evilly, "This is my last chance to seize the throne."

But little did he know, is that Bitla saw the whole thing and decided to warn Princess Ada.

Princess Ada was in her room getting ready for the celebration, that's when Bitla explained through movement that Lord Iiblis is going to poison his cousin during the toast. Ada knew that she had to do something fast, especially on the night she's supposed to change back.

The next night, Prince Sahir was ready to celebrate his eighteenth birthday, not before he made his announcement, "I have finally found myself a bride" he announced, "She is the most beautiful girl I've ever met and she loves little animals, Ada."

Ada blushed, but then saw Iiblis with the cobra venom and placing it in his drink. Ada sat still so Iiblis wouldn't suspect anything. Before Sahir could drink the poisoned cup, Ada tossed it out of the way and kissed him on the lips, "I don't want you to die Sahir!"

Everyone was shocked, "Ada" Sahir replied, "You can talk."

"I can talk" replied Ada, "Your cousin Iiblis tried to kill you for the throne"

Sahir was mad. Iiblis tried to escape, but Khajul and Bitla both tripped him. The guards came up and arrested Iiblis, "Your spending the rest of your life in the palace prisons."

Outside the palace, Ada saw her sisters and parents in the river and was amazed that she stood up to her human crush. With one smile, the pharaoh decided to abolish the law and let her be free. Prince Sahir was also surprised that Ada is a mermaid, because of her strange matter, "You know" he said, "I love a woman with a passion for fins."

Princess Ada and Prince Sahir and they lived happily ever after.

In the real world, Misty, Yasmeen, Finn, Daniel, and Kevin were amazed by Candice's storytelling. So amazed, that they inducted her into The Fairy Tellers.

Candice had a bright feeling that she would love it here in Pittsburgh.

The End.