Red Earth, Darkened Water, & Shifting Skies

By: Paige K Duffy


The earth runs red in Oklahoma
—not the pale orange rocks
of a stretched out desert,
but the russet and rusty
kind of red peeking
out from patches of grass
in a green that doesn't exist
a few hundred miles south,
sharp contrast or complimentary
to the rusted dust smeared
over concrete highway infrastructures.
How does a color like that
not work its way into the crops?
When it stains any water
nearby—one pond of blood,
another stripped into purple
from dirt and reflected sky.

The earth runs red in Oklahoma

[Author's Notes]

Last year I took a road trip up to Kansas City to watch a podcast liveshow. These are some travelogue poems that I wrote at that time about some of my experiences. There's not a lot of them, but one poem will upload a week.