I Am Everest

I am Everest

I see the hopes of those

Who dare to attempt the summit

I want to call to them

Please, I am so lonely!

I know they cannot hear my pleas

My anger gets the best of me

I am the Mountain Everest

Admirable, Tall, and Strong

I feel the strength of the ones who summit

I feel the despair of those who cannot

I touch their souls and give them strength

I give them trials to prove their worth

I am the fear that lays deep in your heart

Yet I worry that I may never be heard

I cry out against my solitude

Long and livid howls

I understand that my trials are difficult

Some don't make it back alive

But I must remain an impartial judge

I musn't grow to care for my challengers

I want to give my people strength

I want to prove them worthy

I understand that they may be afraid

Unwilling to take up the sword and shield.

I call to them with promises of glory and hope

I will help you ascend beyond the heavens

Become Something beyond your wildest dreams.

What if I fall? They whimper in fear.

To this I must respond with hope

Light a fire within their souls.

Yes you might fall, I admit to the child.
But Darling,

What if you fly?