A long long time ago. There was a short girl in a blue overalls with braids in her hair. She was a famous pirate viking named Ming Wukanda. She was Asian and wore a tutu on the weekends when she wasn't out pirating. Her best friend was a girl in a yellow trencoat. They met on top of a building when Wukanda was sad. The first meeting Foxy was yelling at her. "Are you upset you didn't get what you wanted?" and then they finished their arguing as friends. Ming Wukanda took her shoes and put them back together. They then ate at the Foxe's house. "I hope you don't mind I'm a gajin" The fox told Ming that he was a foreigner. "I don't care" she said smiling. "I'm no hunter though" the fox burst out laughing. "ha ha of course not. Here have some pocky. I hear you lost yours" Poky was a japanese snack. It was bread sticks covered in choclate a like a weird chocolate cookie! "It was stolen" she bit her lip. "I know that is" Foxy burst out laughing. "Tell me can we play video games?" Ming Wukanda held her chest. "Sure do you like watches or juming better" "You own jumpforce" Ming was surprised given he was an immigrant. "yes i main yugi! But I only have it in english not the japanese we are speaking" he smiled. That night the two people played video games. "Please don't consider this rude but...what gender are you?" "Oh gender motion!" he smiled. "my gender changes like the days and nights. Sometimes I'm a girl sometimes a boy,sometimes nothing, sometimes everything" "You know R is my favorite song" Ming begun to cry. "Well it's my R today" he smiled. The kind fox. "So you spending the night?" "Um no but do you have line?" "Sure!" He gave her his number and they became best friends. He invited Ming into his imagination. A magick island he dreams up in the sky. Like neverland but cooler. There Ming became captain of the pirates. Her name there was Cherry Blossom. Sakura. She wore a pink tank top with her tutu. She was the first ever pirate of Candle Island! She said that Yuki aka Foxy needed to invite more people to the island. It was lonley being there with just them too. Foxy agreed. He was a regular at a maid cafe. He was checking out the place so he could apply for a job there. Foxy was born a boy but liked to be a girl sometimes. He was an english teacher in Japan where this story takes place. He speaks it perfectly but Foxy is Black in race. He has a gajiin tone with dark skin and frizzy hair. He wears a neon orange hoodie with red wraps around his neck because he is a fox! Sometimes for Japanese festivals he wears a red and white kimono with a pretty mask. Anyways Candle island was Foxies daydream. An imaginary world of play pretend him and other adults could go to. Foxy was a little. A little is somebody who is grown up but mentally smaller like you! Foxy was 22 physcially but little-ly 16 like a teenager. So in Candle Island he is always attending pirate high school! It is very funny. He never gradutes. He doesn't age either! he is like a vampire. As a fox he has 9 pretty tails. He is defensive of the people he loves. But he is also a kind shy kid who is a bit of a pushover. Anyways it's time for Foxy to Daydream. He likes to listen to music when he does this. Todays song kids is Rolling Girl Shuu's verison! Sometimes Foxy gets nervous around other people and his breathing increases. It's called "anxiety" and means you get nervous too much! not enough. Sometimes you have "attacks" where you get super nervous but its different for everybody. The Fox of Candle Island is like this. But he's a goodboy. He just gets nervous. Again it's time for him to dream. So we must say goodbye to the fox this chapter. and wait until the next one to visit him again! Can you say goodbye to the fox? Go on say it. [wait for your kid to say it] Alright the fox says goodnight back!