She said that
If she were to have them
They couldn't be "useless"

She said, if she kept them,
That she wouldn't raise them to be

She put together
How she would go about this
And her methods

Some things would be forbidden
And things would be all business
Nothing else

She made a note
That she'd be cold, distant, unloving
Only keeping them fed and alive

But not much else

She'd raise them in accordance
To what was practical, strictly business
No, what she deemed,


If they engaged in something
She disapproved of, she'd disown them

In life, they'd either sink or swim
And she'd reenforce that notion
No progeny of hers

Would be useless

Education would be important
Practicalities would be a must
Nothing else, nothing more

She'd show them
Of what NOT to aspire to
And punish them harshly

If they strayed

They'd better make up
For all the damage they caused
And then some

She would have
No useless offspring