The last member, as well as the leader of the Soldiers, Thomas Reimon, sits with the rest of The Soldiers in the mess hall.

Lunch was usually our time during the day where The Soldiers and I could just hang out and be normal. This is our break from our important matters where we can all relax for a bit. Mr. Kernel says we all need it since we're technically out of teenage-hood. I don't think anyone but us can say that we've been a teenager for a few decades. It's usually a time of relaxation, however things are different with all the commotion.

"Let's break this all down, Mrs. Malory is dead, and we have two recruits, no tests, no background check, nothing?" I asked.

"That's what we're telling you," Jason confirmed.

Two recruits in such a short amount of time. One week ago Captain Louis contacted us about the laboratory we were from before it all happened. They wanted to tear it down to get rid of all the evidence of any experiments. Since 1989, there were guards stationed there guarding the facility, but I guess they can't do it forever. Next thing we know, we're deployed at the lab to search the place for any evidence on our origins or the whereabouts of the science team that vanished after our rescue. We recovered a lot of equipment and resources that day. Of course we weren't allowed to keep it since it all belonged to the government. The last thing anyone expected to find was a human.

It was the three of us, Jason, Ben, and me, along with a platoon of marines. We all split up in different sectors with our helmet cameras activated. This was so we had support from Captain Louis and Mr. Kernel. Captain Louis was the man who was in charge of authorizing and calling in our service. Everyone that was with me in one sector had to wear an oxygen mask due to the fact that little oxygen was pumped where we were at. My armor already had oxygen pumping in so it was nothing new to me. We were all searching for records, computers, equipment, and everything from top to bottom. Then that's when the radio transmission started.

"Soldier Lever to mission control," Jason spoke.

"This is mission control, we read you Lever," Captain Louis responded.

"Sir, we seem to have found some sort of testing tube," Jason said.

"You're gonna have to be more specific soldier," Captain Louis replied.

"It's frozen, but someone's inside, and we think they're alive," Jason explained.

There was a short pause, and I can only assume it was the Captain reviewing the helmet footage to see what they were talking about.

"Soldier Reimon and Soldier Sabre, head down to sector 7 and get the tube to the surface," Captain Louis finally spoke.

Ben and I left the squadron of marines we were with and followed the Captain's orders. Both of us were confused since there's no way someone could have survived down here without power, and all the ice should have melted by now. Let alone, there's the fact that it's been 30 years and no one has noticed. When we arrived at the room with the testing tube, we looked inside to find a body almost intact and the machine fully operational. The three of us dismounted the tube from it's place, but somehow the tube was still activated.

We brought it to the surface for Mr. Kernel and Captain Louis to figure out. When we showed the tube to them, they inspected it for a long time until they discussed about it in private. At this point, we all went back to the sectors to search for more equipment to salvage. When our mission was over, and we took all we could find, it was time for us to pull out when Mr. Kernel and Captain Louis brought the tube back with us.

"What are you doing, aren't we suppose to turn over all equipment to you?" Jason asked.

"That's correct soldier, but we have a change of plans, you're taking the frozen man home," Captain Louis said before the rest of his men pulled out.

Then we loaded the tube on our plane and flew home. Mr. Kernel said that the tube has some sort of battery powering it which was why it stayed active, but for 30 years? He ordered us to place the tube in one of our infirmity rooms for Michael to open up and cut the power. We were hoping once the machine powered down the ice would go away, but we had to heat up the tube before any ice was going to melt. From there on, the man woke up after 30 years and smashed the tube. That's when we found him trying to escape, and we had to put him in one of our recovering rooms.

After the man woke up a second time, Mr. Kernel told him everything right then and there. For all we know this man could have been a spy or even a complete stranger. That's not the best part, he even had the nerve to give John the fire stone. All three of us were shocked on his sudden decision. We didn't even know who this man was, and he was willing to give up the stone to him.

"Two recruits, I still can't get over that," I said as I munched on my sandwich.

"Well there's also the girl, Mr. Kernel hasn't formally recruited her yet," Jason said.

"Let's be real, he would since she has the air stone," I said.

"True, if anything, her stone could have been a fake, and he still takes her in despite the risks," Jason said.

"The only thing Mr. Kernel ever said about John was that he was with us 30 years ago, but I don't remember seeing him with the rest of the candidates," I pointed out.

"None of us do, I bet if we even phone all the marines that retired, no one would recognize him. Also he just got the stone easily while we were trained and tested! If anything he should have tested him first, or even better, give it to one of the marines," Jason said.

Ben turned to face Jason. Ben's the only one that doesn't like the presence of marines. After all, they always make fun of Ben for the way he acts, so it is understandable. While on the other hand, Jason might be right on how we could have given the fire stone to one of the marines.

"Sorry Ben, but you have to admit that it doesn't make any sense. Mr. Kernel restricted all personnel from connecting with the fire stone, now John shows up and he lets him take it," Jason pointed out.

"I know there's something he isn't telling us about the two. Think of it, the only thing Captain Louis turns over to us is John. They both know something we don't. It gets more strange when we're talking about the girl," I said.

"Yeah, I don't believe Mr. Kernel when he says that she died because she didn't want to come back, he's never lied to us before, why's he starting now?" Jason asked.

This was a question that filled everyone's minds. He hasn't been telling us anything on what's happening, and we're left to our own thoughts. Part of me thinks we're on the wrong side of the war, but I can't betray Mr. Kernel. Then again, we think he's betrayed us. Why is he silent throughout all of this?

"What if we're thinking about this all wrong, what if they're not bad people? They could always be a good asset on the team," I pointed out.

"Yeah but he took John in without hesitation," Jason said.

"So what we do then?" I asked.

"You think we should head to his office?" Jason asked.

"No, if you said he's depressed over her death, then he'll come out when he wants to," I answered.

"He's not treating us fair though, he's hiding from us, and the longer he stays in there, the worse it's going to get," Jason argued.

"You're right, should we go right now while we have the time?" I asked.

"I'm all in, let's just hope he doesn't punish us. What about you Ben?" Jason asked.

Ben got up from the table and threw the rest of his lunch away. We took his answer as a yes and repeated the same thing. Then all three of us advanced our way to the main hall. The main hall primarily serves as a highway for us from room to room. Mr. Kernel occupies the office at the end of the main hall, which for the most part is a long way from the mess hall. Honestly the designers of the place didn't put much thought into distributing each room. When we were about a quarter away from the office complex, a figure in front of us appeared from the complex. It was Dr. Rose, the woman who takes care of all the patients in the infirmity a few floors down.

"Stop! I need you, where are you going?" Dr. Rose asked.

"Mr. Kernel's office, whatever it is you need us for, get someone, this is important," Jason replied as he continued towards the office.

"That's why I went to him first, but it's no use, he doesn't want to be disturbed after what happened," Dr. Rose said.

"What did you need Mr. Kernel for doctor?" I asked.

"It's the recruit, he's awake again," Dr. Rose announced.

Meanwhile, the story shifts from the base of the soldiers, to the main base of their enemy, the Dark Shadow Raiders. A figure sits completely still in his study. This is not any ordinary person, for he is the leader of the clan.

The last few weeks have served as an uprising for us. They think we disbanded our group 20 years ago, but they never suspected the growth of our empire. Two decades are enough to build an army, establish alliances, and grow our future. I was the man who started it all, but everything comes with good reasons. Outsiders think what we're doing is bad, but they don't know what we're doing for them behind the scenes, nor do they ever bother.

For years, our government has hidden secrets from us. The people in control build walls around us. They say that the people have control in the government, but how much do we really have? Our world is corrupted, and my clan only wants to fix it. We have hundreds on our side, along with alliances from other countries who support us. It's time to tear the barriers down, and recreate our world to be fair for all.

This was what I wanted for years, our movement has only begun. Here I am faced with what to do next. They look up to me as their leader for our cause, and I hear everyone's word instead of ignoring them. I guess that's how I earned their respect. What do I do next? I have to decide our next move, and I don't want casualties. We need to get our word out to the country, but how? As I continue to study our next movement, a sudden knock came from the door directly opposite of my desk.

"Come in," I spoke.

The door swung open and a large figure emerged. It was my right-hand man, but he isn't a man anymore, he's only a robot now. Kiborg was the name we gave him after his transformation. He was human, a close friend of mine. One day, he was shot, and there was a lot of blood that day. The only way we could save him was to transfer his conscious into a robotic shell. After the process was complete, he was stronger than before, and served me well. I just hope that something doesn't happen to him again.

"Sir, everyone is awaiting orders from you," Kiborg said in a robotic dull voice.

"I know, that's why I'm planning, we need to make the best outcome. Military bases provide us weapons, research, base locations, and other secrets that they keep from us," I replied.

"Is there other tasks needed to be done?" Kiborg asked.

I thought for a moment, all we've been doing is stealing government data, but we haven't used them yet, why haven't I thought of that.

"There is, thank you for opening a new path, we need to break down all the data we have now, probably upgrade some of our equipment before our next move. Tell the marines to take a break while we build more equipment, after all they're doing a lot of work and need all the rest they can get," I answered.

"Yes sir."