5th of Harvest

Dear Mr. Squizzyfoot,

The Asis ambassador is full of promises. He says their King looks forward to reopening relations between our countries. I know the real reason behind his flowery language: endless war and piracy has drained his treasury and alienated his allies. Their enemies see his weakness like a thief facing a toothless guard dog.

But enough politics! Nurse Leah will be bringing Teresa for her midday visit soon. Yesterday my darling daughter showed me a picture she drew and said it was me. I thanked her and stuck it to the wall. Howard, my seneschal, had the small tapestry behind my desk removed just for this. The way my talented daughter draws, I may have to ask him to move another one soon. Nurse Leah stated that Teresa has been leaving her bedroom and wandering the halls at night. I asked Teresa if this was true. She said she is an explorer. Then she said "Butt!" and laughed wildly. (It is her favorite word. Howard assures me she will grow out of it.) I tell her to obey Nurse Leah and stay in her room at night. She agreed, quite solemnly for a four year old. I suppose that will do for now. I am reluctant to order her locked in, that seems rather extreme.