Ep 2: Hate

Kazuki and Jun were in the Literature club, talking about his problem from his friends.

Kazuki: Then you will help me with my problems, in exchange, I should join to your club?

Jun: It's a good offer.

Kazuki: But I'm already in a club. The soccer team.

Jun: You can consider this a support.

Kazuki: Then, how could you help me?

Jun: First, I need to know more about your past.

Kazuki: Why?

Jun: It's required to help. You could tell me about your childhood, and the reason of your nickname. Why do you fight against dangerous gang band? Also about your rage eyes.

Kazuki was serious, but then he stared her with his evil eyes.

Kazuki: (In his state) If you're going to listen, then you'd better be ready.

Jun tilted her head by confirming.

Kazuki's voice: It happened 10 years ago, in my childhood.


Kazuki's voice: I was in elementary school, but mostly kids always bully me. And all because of my hair color. My parents knew that but never support my sadness. It's because I inherit my grandfather's genes. He was known as a delinquent who was the horror of any gang groups, specially because of his noticeable aspect, his white hair. (It's imagined what he said)

Jun's voice: Oh! A delinquent's genes is inherited to his decedents.

Kazuki's voice: Shut up! Let me continue. My parents hated my grandfather's reputation so they moved to other city. When I was born, they expected I didn't have his traces. However, many children mocked me a lot because of my hair. My parents didn't want their image was ruined. It was excessive than my parents decided to abandon me to clean their image. (It's imagined what he said)

Jun's voice: I can't believe your parents hated you because of your appearance!

Kazuki's voice: I was abandoned, but thanks to an aunt. She decided to take care of me, while her daughter was in a long trip. She adopted me. I thought my problems were over but kids continued bulling me. I was alone in school resisting those bullies.

/End of flashback/

Kazuki: My childhood wasn't so happy because of my existence.

Jun: I see, but then you got 3 friends after that.

Kazuki: Hinata was my neighbor after my aunt adopted me and Nagisa and Ren became my classmates when I entered to this high school.

Jun: Unless you had your friends at your side then.

Kazuki: I was living in this town, but those kids were bullying me, not just in school, also in street. I decided to investigate about my grandfather.

Jun: Your grandfather?

Kazuki: (Taking off his dark glasses) These belonged to him. And I learnt to defense myself.


Kazuki's voice: All the hate, because of my parents and the bullies I had, I developed a personality which made some people to fear me, my rage filled my eyes.

Kid Kazuki was surrounded by other kids in the street, whom bullied him in school. Then his hate made him to have his evil eyes, the kids were afraid of him. But some of them decided to attack him. Kazuki fought, beating them. All of them were afraid to see his personality.

Kid Kazuki: (With his evil eyes) Never get in my way!

Kid 1: (Scared) What are you?

Kid 2: (Scared) He's a white monster!

Kid 3: (Scared) Like a devil!

Kid Kazuki: (Smiling evilly) You call me a devil? Yeah, this is what I am! All this rage, all this hate! I like it! A devil! The White Devil!

Kazuki's voice: After that, I began to get into fights against those dare to face me. I got strength and skills in dangerous fights. And as sign of true, I use the dark glasses to hide my rage eyes. Because I know other people won't be close to me.

/End of flashback/

Jun: You suffered a lot.

Kazuki: A lot of it, more that you can imagine.

Jun: And what about your parents?

Kazuki: (Wearing his dark glasses) Tsk! I don't consider those good-for-nothing as my parents anymore. My aunt is the only relative I have. I try to not getting her in my problems.

Jun: And what about Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san?

Kazuki: I talk with them, hiding my evil personality. I preferred not getting them in my problem. Also Ren knows a little about my situation. Despite of that, he treated me as a good friend.

Jun: How do you plan to hide your true-self in an unexpected situation?

Kazuki: Even if they found out, I don't care anymore. I should have been alone after my childhood! When it's over, I'll continue living in loneliness like before. But before, I'll help them to get Ren, in that way they'll abandon me.

Jun: You don't have to suffer to get stronger.

Kazuki: This is what I am! I leave.

Jun: Before that, I'd like you sign this paper, to become a member of Literature club.

Kazuki: Eh?

Jun: Remember, deal is deal.

Kazuki: Okey.

Kazuki signed the paper. Jun smiled a little.

Jun: Congratulations, I guess we are partners in private.

Kazuki: (Funny upset) Don't be so smart! This is just part of the deal!

Jun: Yeah, you can be here to read some books to not thinking in your major problems.

Kazuki: Tsk! Whatever, I leave. (Leaving)

Jun: You'll need a lot of help after all.

Some days later, in soccer play Kazuki was defending the porter. He noticed Hinata and Nagisa were cheering Ren, along with other girls. He just ignored.

After the game, Kazuki was leaving but Ren reunited with him.

Ren: Kazuki, can we talk?

Kazuki and Ren were behind the school.

Kazuki: What do you want to talk about?

Ren: It's about...

Kazuki: But before that, what about your dates? You know, with Hinata and Nagisa.

Ren: Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san were very friendly with me. I went to see another premier movie with Matsubara-san. Besides Mizukami-san and I shared another lunch. At last I allowed them to call by my first name.

Kazuki: Good for you, Ren.

Ren: What are you planning with your friends?

Kazuki: What do you mean?

Ren: Are you forcing Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san to get a relationship with me? Why?

Kazuki: They asked me a favor. So I decided to help them. They said they are in love with you.

Ren: It's that what they wanted?

Kazuki: Yeah.

Ren: I thought you like one of those two.

Kazuki: They are just friends. I have no feelings for anyone.

Ren: It's noble from you. But I need to tell you something.

Kazuki: What is it?

Ren: I like someone else.

Kazuki was funny confused.

Kazuki: Then, who is the girl you like?

Ren: I like... Akari Himekawa!

Kazuki: Eh? Her?

Ren: Aren't you upset? I said I like Akari Himekawa.

Kazuki: Why should I be upset for her?

Ren: Then, you won't be mad if someone else had a love relationship with her?

Kazuki: Of course not! I don't care who is with her.

Ren: Yeah!

Kazuki: You must be happy. Any guy would like to be with her.

Ren: I need to ask you a favor.

Kazuki: What is it?

Ren: I knew you have the attention of Himekawa, I would like you introduce me to her.

Kazuki: Why me?

Ren: You are the only guy who doesn't get nervous when she talks. Also you seem have experience because of your friends.

Kazuki: (Seem upset) Sorry Ren, but I can't help you with that.

Ren: Why? We're friends!

Kazuki: It's just, I can't. (Feeling depressed) I don't want to talk, excuse me.

Kazuki leaves. Ren was worried.

Later, Kazuki was heading to the Literature club. There was Jun.

Jun: You came, Shirogane-san.

Kazuki: Natsukawa, I just came as part of the deal.

Jun: It seems you have another problem.

Kazuki: Ren asked me a favor. He likes Himekawa, but I can't help him with that.

Jun: Do you really want Nagayama to be with Himekawa-senpai?

Kazuki: I don't care! (Imagining the little girl in his memory) What's wrong with me?

Jun: That's your only problem?

Kazuki: No. Hinata and Nagisa are focused in Ren, but how would they feel if they realize Ren likes Himekawa.

Jun: Are you worried for them?

Kazuki: They must learn that love is not everywhere. Even if they have to cry by heart broken.

Jun: Even it is true, you don't that happen to them.

Kazuki: That's not my decision, besides they will realize anyway.

Jun: You'd better be ready, because you will be involved.

Kazuki: That's not your problem!

Kazuki took a book and read.

Jun: So you want to relax by coming here?

Kazuki: Is there a problem?

Later, Kazuki was leaving the school.

Kazuki: Maybe I must avoid my friends, I don't want them to see my evil personality.

Then Kazuki received a mail in his cell phone.

Kazuki: A message from Nagisa?

Nagisa's voice: We have to talk, let's meet at park.

Kazuki: At park?

Later, Kazuki went to the park, Nagisa was waiting for him at a bench.

Kazuki: So what do you want to talk?

Nagisa: Ren is in love with Himekawa-senpai?

Kazuki: So you know it.

Nagisa: You knew it? You knew about Ren-kun's crush? Why you didn't tell me before?!

Kazuki: (Worried) I realized today.

Nagisa: Ren-kun asked me a favor, about his crush, Himekawa-senpai. After all, she's so popular.

Kazuki: Why you? Isn't supposed his decision?

Nagisa: He told me he asked you the same favor. But you rejected it. What kind of friend you are?

Kazuki: It's just I couldn't.

Nagisa: How could you? This is your fault! My heart is broken and you betrayed my confident!

Kazuki: Nagisa, I expected you understand this situation.

Nagisa: (Tearfully) You're the worst! You aren't classmate! You aren't my friend!

Kazuki: Nagisa.

Nagisa: Don't dare to come to the Student Counseling for now! I'll help Ren-kun if you don't!

Nagisa just leaves tearfully. Kazuki was worried for her.

Kazuki was leaving but then he received another mail in his cell phone.

Kazuki: A mail? From Hinata this time?

Hinata's voice: We have to talk, let's meet at my home.

Kazuki: At her home?

Later, Kazuki went to Hinata's house, they meet at her room.

Kazuki: Do you want to talk with me?

Hinata: Ren-kun is in love with Himekawa-senpai?

Kazuki: Eh? You know it too?

Hinata: You knew it? You knew about Ren-kun's crush? Why you didn't tell me before?!

Kazuki: (Worried) I realized today.

Hinata: Ren-kun asked me a favor, about his crush, Himekawa-senpai is very popular.

Kazuki: You too? Isn't supposed his decision?

Hinata: He told me he asked you the same favor. But you rejected it. What kind of friend you are?

Kazuki: It's just I couldn't.

Hinata: How could you? This is your fault! My heart is broken and you betrayed my confident! I defended your situation when everyone saw you as an evil person.

Kazuki: But Hinata, I expected you knew about failed crushes.

Hinata: (Tearfully) You're the worst! You aren't my childhood friend! You aren't my friend anymore!

Kazuki: Wait, Hinata.

Hinata: (Throwing him a pillow) Shut up! Don't dare to come to my home! Get out! I'll help Ren-kun in his request!

Hinata made Kazuki abandoned her room and closed the door. Kazuki was worried for her.

Later, Kazuki was walking in the street, he seems upset.

Kazuki: Shit! (Wearing his dark glasses) I'll have to go back as I was before.

Suddenly a group of delinquents was in front of him.

Delinquent 1: Hey! White guy! Are you the dangerous delinquent who beats another gangs?

Delinquent 2: Yeah! He's the White Devil!

Delinquent 3: He's Kazuki Shirogane!

Kazuki: Perfect! I need to discharge my rage!

Delinquent 1: What is he talking about?

Kazuki: (Removing his dark glasses, showing his evil stare) Today I had a bad day!

Kazuki was heading to his home, he was dirty after a fight. He entered to his room and kicked a chair.

Kazuki: Damn it! Why do things go wrong?

Then, he received phone call.

Woman's voice: Hi! Kazuki.

Kazuki: It's you aunt Kaori.

Kaori's voice: You sound sad, Kazuki. Did something bad happen to you?

Kazuki: It's nothing.

Kaori's voice: Sorry if it's a bad moment, but our restaurant requires more hands. I wonder if you are free for extra job.

Kazuki: Sure, I don't have anything important to do.

Kaori's voice: Thanks, I'll give extra pay for today.

Later at a restaurant, Kazuki was working at the kitchen by washing dishes and organizing cookwares. His aunt came to him, a woman with black middle long hair.

Kaori: Thanks for coming to help, Kazuki.

Kazuki: (Smiling a little) No problem, aunt Kaori.

Kaori: Are you alright, Kazuki?

Kazuki: It doesn't matter.

Kaori: Did you get another fight with other mobsters?

Kazuki: It's nothing I can handle.

Kaori: Then, something happened with Hinata-chan and Nagisa-san?

Kazuki: Nothing. It's part of maturity.

A waiter came to them.

Waiter: Kaori-san, we had another order...

Suddenly when he saw Kazuki, was scared.

Kaori: What's wrong?

Waiter: The White Devil!

Kaori: (Upset) Watch your mouth! He's my nephew!

Waiter: Sorry, ma'am! I just wanted to advise more orders are required. (Giving her a paper)

Kaori: I'll handle it, go back to work.

Waiter: Yes. (To Kazuki) I'm sorry what I said.

Kazuki: It doesn't matter.

The waiter leaves. Kaori noticed Kazuki's worry.

Kaori: Sorry about him, I'll make the workers respect the staff in the restaurant.

Kazuki: I'm getting used to be like that.

At next day; Kazuki send mails to Hinata and Nagisa but didn't received their answers.

Kazuki: I guess I can't talk with them.

Then at sport class, Ren's team was playing soccer, Kazuki as his position.

Kazuki: (Thinking upset) "Why did they blame me in love scene? As if I'm interested!"

The rival team was heading to Kazuki, who is thinking angry.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "It's not my fault!"

The rival player run and kicked the ball to the porter, Kazuki wasn't paying attention.

Ren: Kazuki! Wake up!

The ball was heading to the porter, Kazuki was angry and noticed it.

Kazuki: (Angry) This is bullshit!

Kazuki punched the ball with ferocity to the ground. The ball sank to the ground. The students were funny scared to see his action.

Student 1: Wow! What a strength!

Student 2: That's the rage of the White Devil!

Student 3: That's so scary!

Ren's team won the game; and he was the one to be congratulated. Kazuki just leaves, Akari was at other side and noticed his state.

Later, Ren went to Kazuki who was alone.

Ren: Kazuki, why are you angry?

Kazuki: Sorry, it wasn't a good moment.

Ren: It's because I told your friends to help me to introduce me to Akari?

Kazuki: (Avoiding to show his evil eyes) You call her by her first name as if she accepted you.

Ren: Is it something bad?

Kazuki: Not at all.

Ren: Then it's okey.

Kazuki: If you want.

Ren: Sorry for asking something personal, are you angry because I asked your friends about Akari?

Kazuki: That's something that has nothing to do with me!

Ren: Sorry, but you didn't want to help me, so I asked your friends...

Kazuki: Listen, Ren. It's your decision, not mine. Sorry but I don't want to talk for now.

Ren: Kazuki.

Kazuki went ahead to the school building, at the boys room, he was changing clothes.

Kazuki: I'm so stupid!

At school building, Kazuki was heading to other place. Akari was alone and noticed him.

Akari: Shirogane-kun, can we talk?

Kazuki: (Uninterested) What? Himekawa.

Akari: I'm alone so we can talk without problem.

Kazuki: I don't need to talk with you! You have any other guy who you can date.

Akari: It's not for that. Listen, Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san asked me the same favor. They want introduce Nagayama-kun to me.

Kazuki: So Ren asked them. How could they simply obey?

Akari: I know they are your friends, why you let them to do that?

Kazuki: (Upset) What's with that? Just date with Ren and everything is done!

Akari: You're not so evil like everyone comment about you. You don't want to hurt them for Nagayama-kun.

Kazuki: Why do you hide your good personality with that delinquent behaviour?

Kazuki: This is me!

Akari: I know you're going to the Literature club, why do you do that?

Kazuki: This is not your business!

Akari: Are you evading your good side in other place? Why in an other club?

Kazuki was ignoring her. Akari went closer to Kazuki, making him nervous.

Kazuki: What?

Akari: Don't you remember 10 years ago? The only good thing you did before becoming a delinquent.

Kazuki was looking Akari's face, then he imagined the little girl who was crying. It was a flashback about Kazuki and Akari meeting in childhood.

Kazuki: (Upset) I don't want to remember that moment! It's not me in that time! I wasn't good!

Akari: It's not bad to remember a little of your past.

Kazuki: (Angry) That's enough! (Wearing his dark glasses) I don't have to talk about my past. I quit!

Kazuki leaves, Akari didn't follow him.

Kazuki received a mail in his cell phone.

Kazuki: Natsukawa? How did she get my number?

Kazuki went to the Literature club. Jun was there.

Jun: Shirogane-kun, I noticed you were angry at soccer.

Kazuki: (Removing his dark glasses) I told you, it's my problem!

Jun: Then why are you still coming to this club?

Kazuki: I'm not getting along with the soccer team, except for Ren, but I'm not talking with him recently.

Jun: Is this about Himekawa-senpai?

Kazuki: Her again? Why everyone is talking about her?

Jun: And you mention her like you care her. Any guy would love her.

Kazuki: That's not true!

Jun: Really? I thought you could be interested in her by her beauty.

Kazuki: Maybe but not.

Jun: Sure? Or maybe because she has big breasts.

Kazuki: (Blushed imagining her with her bouncing breasts) No!

Jun: Pervert!

Kazuki: (Funny blushed) I'm a guy, what you expected!

Jun: Getting back about before, I told you I'll help you with your problems, but I need you tell me more details.

Kazuki: That's all! What else do you want to listen?!

Jun: If you can't talk with words then what about in real situation?

Kazuki: What do you mean?

Jun: They are here.

Suddenly, Ren, Nagisa and Hinata arrived to the club. Kazuki was surprised to see them together.

Nagisa: Shirogane?

Hinata: Kazuki?

Kazuki: Nagisa? Hinata? Ren too?

Ren: Kazuki, what are you doing here?

Kazuki: What are all of you doing here?

Jun: I called them by mail to come to this club at this time to talk about your case.

Kazuki: Why?

Jun: You couldn't tell me in words, so I called your friends to tell me about you.

Hinata: What's the meaning of this? Kazuki.

Nagisa: You decided to go to another club, instead of Student Counseling?

Ren: For this you didn't want to help me?

Kazuki: Well...

Ren: I can't believe you rejected your friends, we helped you in school for you don't feel lonely, even we defended you from the ones who talk in your back!

Jun: So this is your way to treat your friends?

Ren: Oh, you called us. You are Natsukawa, right?

Jun: It's nice to meet Shirogane-san's friends.

Kazuki: Wait, don't tell me you called Himekawa too?

Jun: For now, I won't involve her.

Kazuki: It's better.

Ren: Why did you mention Akari? Do you care for her?

Kazuki: No! It's not for that!

Nagisa: (Upset) Shirogane, we trusted you for helping us, but you did it for Himekawa-senpai!

Hinata: (Upset) Kazuki, you preferred Himekawa-senpai instead of us?

Nagisa: It's your fault after all!

Ninata: You toyed us!

Ren: How could you do that us? We're your friends!

Jun: So you hide your true nature? This is new for us.

Kazuki: Why do you make this to me?

Jun: You fight in the street to reveal this personality but in front of your friends you have to hide it? Now show us your true nature.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "I didn't want my acquaintances got into my problems, but it seems it's too late!"

Ren: Kazuki, why don't you say something? Kazuki!

Kazuki was in silent and his head tilted.

Nagisa: Shirogane!

Hinata: Kazuki!

Jun: Don't you have something to say to your friends, Shirogane-san?

Kazuki: (Smiling evilly) He! I tried to not show you this personality, but I can't continue!

He showed his evil stare to them. Nagisa and Hinata saw him at first time, they were little surprised.

Kazuki: I hate to fake my personality into a weak one!

Jun: That's right. Faking with another personality.

Kazuki: Since I was a child, I had to be alone to gain a strong personality. All of you supposed to be my friends but you are like everybody! Judging me just because of my white hair!

Jun: Come on. You can express your feelings right now. Say what you want to say.

Kazuki: That's right! (To Ren) You are the only boy who was at my side in the school. But you are so popular with the girls and even you asked me to help you with Himekawa, who I don't care! Who do you think I am? (To Nagisa) You who treats me as a normal classmate but just to use me get closer to another guy! (To Hinata) And you who said I'm your childhood friend, even they betrayed each other after years to use him to get another guy!

Ren: Hey Kazuki! You don't have to go so far to express your inconveniences!

Nagisa and Hinata were worried to see Kazuki's personality.

Kazuki: Everything I had to resist in this life. I hated these friendships in order to change but were in vain! I had to defend myself!

Ren: Kazuki, it's not good you express in that way. You are friend of Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san.

Kazuki: (With evil state) Ha! Me? I'm just a tool. I was fooled by those two in order to get a crush! I was the one who was toyed!

Hinata: (Worried) Kazuki.

Nagisa: (Worried) Shirogane.

Ren: Hey, Kazuki!

Kazuki: (In his rage eyes) You want to know the true, I hate company! I'm a loner! I fought to defend myself! This is my true-self! I'm the White Devil!

Everyone were worried and shock in that situation. Kazuki showed his true personality. Akari was behind the wall, listening his words, she seems worried.

That's all, see ya in next episode.