Ep 3: Friendship

Kazuki showed his evil side in front of Ren, Hinata and Nagisa. Jun was hearing that dialogue.

Kazuki: (In his evil state) All of you used me as tool, to be popular like Himekawa. You want the true? This is my-self! I hated your company!

Jun: That was too hard.

Kazuki: (Thinking while getting back to normal) "Shit! I guess I said too much!"

Jun: Shirogane-san, so they aren't your friends? Then why are you coming to this club?

Kazuki was worried to hear that.

Jun: You said you are loner but you came to ask me help, instead of your other friends. Aren't you fool your friends who were closer with you? While we just met some days before.

Kazuki: No! I didn't say that!

He noticed Nagisa and Hinata were angry and sad to hear him.

Kazuki: No! It's not for that!

Suddenly Ren run and punched him on his cheek, making him fall on the floor.

Ren: Kazuki, who dare you to fool your close friends?

Hinata: Kazuki, we're not friends anymore!

Nagisa: Shirogane, you're not part of the student counseling anymore!

Ren: (Menacing him) Don't dare to approach them! You womanizer criminal!

Jun: Well, it's done. Shirogane-san, what are you going to do now?

Kazuki: (Getting up with his bowed head) Grrr! I don't care anymore! Do what you want!

Kazuki just leaves with great depression. The rest were just upset what he said.

Jun: (Smiling a little) He! First step, confirmed.

At the restaurant, Kazuki was working in the kitchen but still sad about before. His aunt came to him.

Kaori: Kazuki! What happened to you?

Kazuki: I... rejected those who pretended to be my friends.

Kaori: No! But I was sure you won't be lonely like before.

Kazuki: It's okey aunt, while nothing happens to us, there will be another way to fix it.

Kaori: (Worried) Kazuki.

Later, at his room, Kazuki hit his desk very angry, almost showing his evil eyes.

Kazuki: Fuck! I shouldn't trust that four-eyed bitch! She made worse my situation. Well, maybe it's my fate to be like a delinquent. This is what I am.

Then at night, Kazuki was walking back, carrying some supplies for dinner.

Kazuki: I can't be bonded with those who were supposed my friends. I won't need them.

Suddenly a group of delinquents appeared in front of him.

Delinquent: You are the white-haired guy who beat the gang band the other day. Surely they were too weak to be defeated by one guy.

Kazuki: (With rage eyes) I want to be alone, don't screw to me!

Delinquent: Who do you think you are? Teach him a lesson!

Then Kazuki left his supplies and hit those delinquents, leaving them on the ground.

Delinquent: (Injured) No! Those eyes, that white hair. You are Kazuki Shirogane! The White Devil! How could we be defeated?

Kazuki: (Wearing his dark glasses and picking up his supplies) Don't bother me again, ever!

Kazuki was walking back with his supplies.

Kazuki: I needed to retaliate, good.

At next day, Kazuki was heading to school but he heard some students conversations.

Student 1: There he is! The White Devil!

Student 2: Yeah, he used two cute girls to cheat them at the end!

Student 3: He also betrayed Nagayama-san's trust.

Student 4: He's so evil!

Kazuki just ignored them. He headed to his locker but when he opened he found many letter which curse him.

Kazuki: (Reading each one) "Die" "Go back to hell" "Dirty delinquent"

When he entered to his classroom, many students looked at him very upset, also he noticed an advised written on the board. "Go back to hell where you belong, White Devil!"

Kazuki: So everyone know about this. Such misfortune.

Later, in soccer class, Ren's team was playing, without Kazuki.

At the other hand, Kazuki was on the school terrace hearing the game while was lied on the floor. He was wearing his dark glasses.

Kazuki: How annoying! But now I can't go to the Student counseling, neither to soccer club. Well, it doesn't matter. I can be lonely as usual, no more annoying company.

Suddenly someone appeared to him. It was Akari.

Akari: Why are you lying here?

When Kazuki looked up, he noticed was under Akari. He quit his dark glasses, he saw under her skirt, looking her panties. He blushed.

Kazuki: Ah!

Akari: Pervert.

Kazuki: No!

Akari: Why aren't you with your team?

Kazuki: I quit from soccer team, they won't need me anymore.

Akari: I see, then you are here to see a girl's panties?

Kazuki: (Upset) No! It's because you appeared fast.

Akari: You are a delinquent, I thought you like it.

Kazuki: (Getting up) Damn! Why are you here?

Akari: Are you running away from that advise about you?

Kazuki: As if I care, I'm better alone!

Akari: Are you okey to be called in that way?

Kazuki: Why do you care?

Akari: I know you, that's why...

Suddenly she received a mail in her cellphone.

Kazuki: What?

Akari: Sorry, I have some business to care, see you later.

Akari leaves, Kazuki was confused.

Kazuki: What's up with her? First she came, and now leaves.

Then, Kazuki was walking, but he met Akari's group.

School boy 1: There you are, White Devil!

Kazuki: What do you want? Losers.

School boy 1: Akari-sama went to another place without telling us where!

School boy 2: You dare to tell her something that offended her!

School girl: You're the worst!

Kazuki: I don't care about her! She's not my problem. All of you are lame lackeys.

School boy 2: (Angry) What's the matter with you? Talking as if you were important above everyone!

School girl: You tooled two girls! And now with Akari-sama!

Kazuki: (Uninterested) Go to hell! (He leaves)

School boy 1: You payed for that!

School boy 2: You'll get expelled from school!

While he was walking he received a mail in his cell phone.

Kazuki: It's Natsukawa. I don't have time for that four-eyed bitch!

Then he received another mail.

Jun's voice: Come to the Literature club, right now, or else I'll public the scandal about Himekawa-senpai's skirt on the school terrace.

Kazuki: (Funny upset) Damn! How did she know?

Then Kazuki headed to the Literature club, meeting Jun.

Jun: I knew you can't refuse a message.

Kazuki: How much I must suffer after that rumors from my supposed friends!

Jun: I thought you were already used to hear that.

Kazuki: I don't need anyone!

Jun: What about Himekawa-senpai? She's still friendly with you.

Kazuki: Her? It's a pain about looking her to remember about past!

Jun: Then is she that girl from your flashback?

Kazuki: (Upset) No! I tried to forget about her in my childhood!

Jun: It's impossible to forget something that happened to you. You'll need to tell me details about your childhood if you want more help.

Kazuki: (Angry) Why? I already suffered because of you!

Jun: Maybe, it's a chance you could be better after all this. Come on, or else I'll public that incident if you don't mind.

Kazuki: Damn! I guess I have to tell you about that girl from my flashback.


Kazuki's voice: When I was 10 years old, I met someone. It happened after I had a fight with some bullies. I was walking alone in a street with few people, then I notice something.

Kid Kazuki was walking but then he notice a gang reunited.

Gang leader: We made it!

Kazuki noticed there was a little girl who was crying. She has long light blue hair, someone familiar for him.

Gang leader: Shut up, crying girl!

Little girl: (Crying) Why did you make to me?

Gang leader: Isn't obvious? I'll use you for a deliverance. Your father will have to pay me a lot of money if he wants to see you without injuries. Hahaha!

Kid Kazuki: A kidnapping? I don't care!

He was attempting to leave but he realized the little girl knew his presence.

Little girl: (Tearfully in low voice) Please, help me!

Kazuki was ignoring her but he still hearing her voice.

Kid Kazuki: Don't ask me help! I'm not a boy who can help!

Little girl: (Tearfully) Please help me. Please help me. Please help me. Please help me.

Kazuki was hearing her voice continually. He was angry trying to ignoring her, but he couldn't.

Gang leader: Enough! If that man doesn't pay, we won't need to keep his daughter without a injury. He'll understand I'm serious!

He was attempting to hurt the little girl but suddenly he was hit by a stone.

Gang leader: Who hit me?

Suddenly Kazuki run and grabbed little girl's hand. They run away from the gang.

Gang leader: Catch them! Recover the girl and hit that white-haired brat!

Kazuki and the little girl were running away in an big alley, but some members arrived to them.

Little girl: I'm afraid!

Kid Kazuki: Tsk! In what I was thinking about risking my life for a crying girl!

Gang member 1: Hey brat! Give back that girl!

Gang member 2: Our boss needs her to obtain money!

Gang member 3: You'd better to go away! Or else you'll be injured!

Kazuki was little afraid but he keeps the little girl on his back as protecting her.

Little girl: What are we going to do?

Kid Kazuki: (Angry) I'm trying to think!

Gang leader: (Arriving) Brat! You didn't have to get into adults business!

Kid Kazuki: I'm not a brat! I'm in street fights!

Gang leader: Hahaha! Yeah, now you'll see how it feels the pain of reality!

The gang leader grabbed Kazuki and hit on his cheek, making him fall to the ground. The little girl was sad to see that.

Kazuki was injured but got up cleaning his injury with his hand while was angry.

Kid Kazuki: (Angry) Those attacks are not painful.

Gang leader: (Noticing him) Wow! Those eyes! That's the stare of a murder! Filled of hate.

Kid Kazuki: I already passed for those sufferings! I'm getting used to live with that!

Gang leader: Let's see if you can live with a scar forever.

He was attempting to hurt Kazuki but Kazuki dodged at time. He run and kicked his leg making him fell to the ground.

Kid Kazuki: Suck it! Asshole!

Gang leader: (Angry) What are you doing? Idiots! Punish him!

The gang realized his orders. Kazuki grabbed the little girl's hand.

At that moment, the police patrol arrived to the alley.

Gang leader: No way! It's the police!

Police officer: (Pointing with his gun) Don't move!

Kid Kazuki: Let's go!

Little girl: Yes!

They run away, the police arrested the gang members.

Kid Kazuki: We'd better to stay away of those morons!

The little girl was surprised while running away with Kazuki.

/End of flashback/

Jun: So, do you think that little could be Himekawa-senpai?

Kazuki: I don't know, but she resembled with her. I expected she's not her.

Jun: Shirogane-san, that little girl who was kidnapped really was Himekawa-senpai.

Kazuki was in shock to hear that.

Kazuki: No! No! No! She wasn't her!

Jun: You can't deny the truth.

Kazuki: How could you know about it?

Jun: In my childhood, I saw a kidnapping of a little girl. I realized a gang kidnapped the daughter of a rich family for money. That family was Himekawa.

In the flashback it's seen a kid Jun who observed that event.

Kazuki: I always wanted to forget that moment!

Jun: You have a good heart. You don't have to feel bad for that.

Kazuki: I deleted my memory to keep myself!

Jun: Those memories are part of you, you can't just throw them away.

Kazuki: I wish I could do it.

Jun: (Sending a mail from her cell phone) Shirogane-san, I ask you to go to read some books by there.

Kazuki: Eh? Why?

Jun: Just do it, and remember, whatever you hear, don't come until the right moment.

Kazuki just obeyed and went to other side. He was reading some books and suddenly he heard someone enter to the club.

Jun: You came, Nagayama-san.

Kazuki was hidden and realized Ren came to the club.

Ren: I came because you will help me with Akari.

Jun: That's right, but before that. What about Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san? Aren't you worried about her feelings after you rejected them?

Ren: I feel sorry for them, but I like Akari.

Jun: If you want I help you. You'd better be honest about this.

Ren: About what?

Jun: (Seriously) What about Shirogane-san? Isn't he your friend?

Ren: He betrayed us, even with his friends who were closer to him. Akari should know about his personality. She doesn't have to be with someone who manipulates his friends by his own sake.

Jun: (Seriously) Who betrayed to who?

Ren: (Confused) What do you mean?

Jun: Nagayama-san, you said Shirogane tooled Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san, but you didn't do the same?

Ren: What? No! I was friendly with them in the time they confessed to me. Even now they considered me as his friend. I'm more confident than Kazuki!

Jun: Then why you got mad when Kazuki rejected to help you with Himekawa-senpai?

Ren: Why is he so important for her?

Kazuki was confused to hear his words.

Jun: For Himekawa-senpai?

Ren: Why? Why? Why Akari always has her eyes on him? I'm the ace of soccer team, I'm the most flattered in school! Why the most popular girl doesn't have interest on me? He's just a delinquent with a scary stare!

Jun: So you became friends with him to get close to Himekawa-senpai. You used him for that, also you used his friends too.

Ren: (Smiling evilly) Yeah that's right! I became friends with him to get information about Akari! But he didn't give a tip about her likes so I expected to use something else to get. But when he introduced me his friends, that was the moment to get what I want!

Kazuki was sad to hear that but also mad.

Jun: In other words, you hated him for getting the attention of Himekawa-senpai.

Ren: (Angry) I'm the best in soccer, also popular with the girls. Why she didn't notice me? Why does she like that guy who fights in the streets also has an evil personality? It's not fair!

Jun: But it's not right for using his friends against him.

Ren: (Smiling evilly) It doesn't matter! I attacked him using his most important people. Those girls made what I wanted without doubt! In that way Kazuki showed his rage in front of those who were his friends!

Jun: It's an interesting story and to think you have another personality.

Ren: (Realizing what he said) Eh?

Jun: So Shirogane-san is not the only one who has two sides.

Ren: Wait! What did you make me to say?

Jun: I knew about your personality. It's not possible that a popular guy became a friend with a delinquent like Shirogane-san. I realized you wasn't nice when you are alone.

Ren: What? Why?

Jun: I needed you confirm me with your own words, that's why I asked you to come. But I didn't expect you were so dumb to confess easily.

Ren: He! It doesn't matter! You are just a weird girl who doesn't have friends. You are like Kazuki!

Jun: Aren't you worried if I tell everyone about your secret?

Ren: He! No one will believe you!

Jun: Even Himekawa-senpai?

Ren: She won't believe you! Unless she were here with us!

Jun: You're right! (To someone) You can come now, Himekawa-senpai.

Suddenly Akari appears, she was hidden in other side.

Ren: (Nervous) Akari? What are you doing here?

Jun: I sent her a mail to come.

Akari: I didn't expect that face of yours, Nagayama-kun.

Jun: You heard his words, Himekawa-senpai.

Akari: You're cruel, Nagayama-kun, hurting Shirogane-kun using his friends for your own sake!

Ren: (Angry) And why did you choose Kazuki? He's a savage, a loner and a frightening guy! How could you have an interest in someone like him?

Akari: He made something that no delinquent dared to do for me, even risking his life! I'm grateful to him.

Ren: But I'm better than him! I'm the best guy for making you happy...

Akari: (Seriously) Enough! Your secret is opened, now I can't accept your feelings!

Ren: (Angry to Jun) You! You made this! To me!

Jun: I have the talent to know about everyone's personality, and you were the worst!

Ren: (Angry) You bitch! You don't have idea who I am!

Akari: Calm down! Nagayama-kun!

Ren: (Angry) I'll teach you that you can't mock me!

Akari: Stop!

He was attempting to attack Jun but suddenly Kazuki appeared and grabbed his hand.

Kazuki: That's enough! Ren!

Ren: Kazuki? You were here too!

Jun: You came in the right time.

Kazuki: (Angry) Why did you hurt my friends? They were friendly with you, also they shared their feelings to you. You manipulated them!

Ren: No matter how many must be sacrificed until I get my goal!

Kazuki got angrier and hit Ren, making him fell to the floor. Jun and Akari were surprised.

Ren: How dare you! After I offered my friendship...

Kazuki: (Showing his evil eyes) Friend? You used me to get closer to Himekawa, also... Hinata and Nagisa were hurt. I had to blame myself to keep them away of my problem!

Jun: It's over Nagayama-san.

Ren: I'm popular! Everyone won't believe you two!

Akari: (Showing her cell phone) I got something you'd like to hear. (Playing a record about the conversation) I'll send this to the Student Counselling in order for you get a penalty.

Ren: (Worried) No way!

Kazuki: (Grabbing him from his shirt, while staring at him with his rage eyes) Don't dare to approach to Hinata and Nagisa... and Natsukawa!

He released him, Ren left surrendered and in sadness.

Kazuki: Make sure to apologize to them!

Ren: Yeah.

After that, Kazuki wears his dark glasses.

Kazuki: Natsukawa, you planned all this?

Jun: I told you I'll help you in your problem. Now it's done.

Kazuki: He! You did well, even you fooled me.

Jun: All must be executed in steps. (To Akari) Thanks to come before, Himekawa-senpai.

Akari: You're welcome. (To Kazuki) Shirogane-kun, I...

Kazuki: (Ignoring her) Don't think this changed my personality and our relationship. By the way, did you hear before Ren came?

Akari: Of course, I came first.

Kazuki: Tsk! I shouldn't have spoken about my past!

Akari: Shirogane-kun, you remembered about our childhood, when you saved me in that kidnapping.

Kazuki: I did what I wanted, do not misunderstand!

Akari: We can clean your name after this.

Kazuki: You have already done. I'm still the White devil, this is what I am.

Jun: If this what you want.

Kazuki was attempting to leave. Akari was little sad.

Kazuki: (To Akari while leaving) Thanks.

Akari heard that but Kazuki left already. Then she imagined kid Kazuki.

Jun: He's more complicated, it will difficult to make you friends.

Akari: Thanks for helping Shirogane-kun, I wish I could help him like he did.

Jun: There's something else to do. You two can come already.

Then two girls appeared and heard everything about that.

At next day, Kazuki was heading to school.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "After what happen yesterday, I think I can go back in my usual habit"

In his way he meet Hinata, she seems little sad.

Kazuki: (In cold mood) What do you want?

Hinata: (Bowing herself) I'm sorry! (Leaving fast)

Kazuki: What was that?

He arrived to school, he headed to his locker, there was Nagisa who was sad.

Kazuki: (In cold mood) Get out!

Nagisa: (Bowing herself) Sorry!

Kazuki: Her too?

Later, in his classroom, the students were looking to Kazuki a little worried.

Kazuki: Why do everyone is looking at me with suspicions?

Then its heard from school announcement. It was Akari's voice.

Akari's voice: Listen, everyone.

Student 1: That's Akari-sama's voice!

Student 2: The director's daughter!

Akari's voice: I need your attention, I asked my father to make this announcement.

Later at break time, Kazuki was heading to other place.

Kazuki's voice: And that happened. Akari said that Ren was expelled for a week for his actions, including his manipulation of Nagisa and Hinata and his lies about me. But she kept my behaviour as usual.

Kazuki entered to the Literature club, meeting Jun.

Jun: Hi, Shirogane-san.

Kazuki: I came to thank you about what you did.

Jun: It's good you are out of guilt for Nagayama-san.

Kazuki: I'm okey while Hinata and Nagisa know the true.

Jun: You were worried for them after all.

Kazuki: They were very important, I never had friends so close since my childhood.

Jun: I told you, even a devil has a good heart.

Kazuki: I'm not a devil after all.

Jun: You helped me when Nagayama-san tried to attack me. That made me your friend too?

Kazuki: Don't think too much! (Wearing his dark glasses) I acted without thinking well.

Jun: You're not honest when you do good things for others, like Himekawa-senpai.

Kazuki: I saved her, ignoring that I was a bad boy.

Jun: I think you'll need more support for helping you.

Kazuki: I think I own you after.

Jun: Really? I hope you don't ask something pervert with me.

Kazuki: (Funny upset) What are you saying?

Jun: (Lifting a little her skirt) As a delinquent, I thought you wanted it.

Akari: Not all guys want an indecent favor!

Jun: You are good, I thought you could be gay.

Kazuki: Why do I wasting my time explaining you!

He was walking to her but he slipped and his face buried on her breasts. He blushed.

Kazuki: (Quitting himself) My mistake!

Jun: (Fixing her glasses) Well, you are a boy with dirty needs like any guy.

Kazuki: In that case, I'd prefer with other pretty girl instead of you.

Jun: (Little blushed) Other pretty girl, you mean I'm pretty? Despite I look like a nerd?

Kazuki: You have some examples, like Hinata and Nagisa, and maybe Himekawa.

Jun: Like them? Even though Himekawa-senpai is the most beautiful here.

Kazuki: (Smiling a little) You seem you have another personality, not just nerd mode. You are amazing.

Jun: I'll take that like a compliment.

Kazuki: With that I paid for your help about Hinata and Nagisa.

Jun: Then, let me pay you with my supports.

Kazuki: I don't need more help from you, you did well.

Jun: Then why do you come to Literature club?

Kazuki: I'm a member of this club, besides Ren's company won't accept me after what happened to him by me.

Jun: So not everyone believe Himekawa-senpai's words. They admired him after all.

Kazuki: Then I guess I can still accept your help, while it's not something dangerous.

Jun: Maybe I'm not so pretty like Himekawa-senpai, but I'll do my best effort to help you.

Kazuki: He! Idiot, this is not just for Himekawa, or Nagisa or Hinata. This will be for us.

Jun: Then, we think the same.

Jun showed her hand to Kazuki. They touched their hands as accepting their new friendship.

Jun: Let's do our best effort to overcome anything in this life.

Kazuki: Sure, this is beginning of a new friendship.

Jun: That's right, you'll do it well as Kazuki Shirogane.

Kazuki: No as just me! Also as the White Devil!

That's all, see ya in next episode.