Ep 4: Pain

During a class, Kazuki was thinking about the past events.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "I'm glad Ren apologized to them"

Then, Kazuki was in the Literature club with Jun.

Jun: Are you happy that your friends know the true about Nagayama-san?

Kazuki: I don't know, he could be expelled for some days, but some of his fans are at his side.

Jun: You shouldn't come here if you don't want.

Kazuki: I can't. The soccer club don't accept me because of that incident. So this club is the only left.

Jun: We are just 2 members, this club won't last unless 1 week.

Kazuki: We need more members? Well, I didn't expect that.

Jun: It's required 5 members minimal for this club exist.

Kazuki: Then we need 3 members more.

Jun: We can just be together in 1 week. Could you look for more members?

Kazuki: Why me?

Jun: You said we can help each other. I helped you, now it's your turn.

Kazuki: That's too hard, people is scared of me.

Jun: Just try.

After that, Kazuki was walking but then he received a mail in his cell phone.

Kazuki: (Reading) It's from Hinata, meet at terrace?

Kazuki went to terrace, there were Hinata and Nagisa who seem sad.

Kazuki: (Surprised) Hinata, eh? Nagisa too?

Hinata: Kazuki.

Nagisa: Shirogane.

Kazuki: What? Are you trying to make me to do another favor?

Hinata: No!

Nagisa: It's not for that!

Kazuki: Then...

Nagisa and Hinata: (Bowing at same time) Sorry!

Kazuki: Eh?

Hinata: Kazuki, we're sorry for not knowing the truth!

Nagisa: Shirogane, we were blind for Ren's fake personality!

Kazuki: But you know the situation, that should be enough.

Hinata: Even so, you suffered a lot because we didn't trust you!

Nagisa: We know an apologize won't be enough! But please accept our apologies!

Kazuki: (Ignoring them) Listen, while you know the truth, I don't care about me. I always passed in pain, no matter how much. You are out of my problem. You should get true friends who you can trust.

Hinata: No! Kazuki, it's our fault you got...

Kazuki: (Seriously) Hinata! I don't want you got involved in my problems!

Nagisa: We shouldn't blame you while you blamed yourself for us. Let us help you!

Kazuki: It doesn't matter, I'm a delinquent. These students won't accept my company. If you continue with me, your reputations will be worse like mine. So please stay away from me.

He was attempting to leave but was stop by them.

Nagisa: Wait! If our words aren't enough for apologize, then...

Nagisa began to unzip her shirt, showing her bra and cleavage. Kazuki and Hinata were blushed.

Kazuki: (Blushed) Ah! What are you doing?

Nagisa: (Embarrassed) Please, I'll give you this, if you accept my apology.

Kazuki: Why?

Nagisa: Maybe mine are not so big as Himekawa-senpai but have good measures. I'll let you touch them.

Kazuki: Your boobs?

Hinata: In that case (Removing her skirt, showing her panties) I'll let you touch me too!

Kazuki: Hinata!

Hinata: (Embarrassed) Please, I'll do anything to fix my mistake!

Kazuki went to them, they were afraid and embarrassed to do that.

Hinata: (Embarrassed with closed eyes) Do it.

Nagisa: (Embarrassed with closed eyes) Be gentle.

But suddenly he puts his hands on their heads.

Kazuki: Idiots. You don't have to exposed yourselves for an apologize.

Hinata: Then you won't touch us?

Nagisa: I thought the delinquents like erotic scenes.

Kazuki: I can't accept a girl's body if they don't love me. That's why I can't do that to you against your will.

Hinata: Kazuki.

Nagisa: Shirogane.

Kazuki: Put on your clothes already.

Hinata and Nagisa put their clothes.

Nagisa: I thought you won't need us, after all Himekawa-senpai still talks with you, also you're getting along with Natsukawa.

Hinata: I was afraid you replaced us with them, after we made to you.

Kazuki: Even so, you don't have to worry, Natsukawa helped me so I paid her with coming to the Literature club.

Nagisa: Because my fault you got expelled from Student Counseling. I'll try to convince them to accept you.

Kazuki: Forget it, they won't accept me anyway.

Hinata: But then the soccer club.

Kazuki: They are ruined, Ren is lacking of his talent by his actions, the team is losing their talent, they blamed me.

Nagisa: That's not fair!

Kazuki: It's okey, I always was alone, but while you aren't hurt, I can still count of you.

Hinata: You mean you forgive us?

Kazuki: I think.

Nagisa and Hinata were crying in happiness.

Kazuki: Hey! I didn't mean to offend you!

Hinata: (Sobbing) No! It's you forgive us after what we did to you.

Nagisa: (Sobbing) I'm happy you still consider us your friends!

Kazuki: He! We can still be friends if you want.

Hinata: Yeah yeah! Please.

Nagisa: We won't doubt from anything they tell us.

Kazuki: If you want. (Smiling a little)

Nagisa: So, what are you going to do?

Kazuki: It's a hard request, the Literature club needs more members, 3 minimal. It's just me and Natsukawa.

Hinata: Then, I'll join!

Nagisa: Me too!

Kazuki: Don't be fools! You are already busy. Hinata you are in tennis club and Nagisa you have your duties in Student counseling.

Hinata: It's not a problem for me.

Nagisa: I can handle it, don't underestimate me.

Kazuki: I guess it's okey then.

Hinata and Nagisa were happy while looking each other.

Hinata: Yeah!

Nagisa: He accepted us.

Hinata and Nagisa: (Smiling) In that way we can stay with him again!

Kazuki: What's going on?

Hinata and Nagisa: No, it's nothing!

Later in the Literature club, Kazuki and his friends reunited with Jun. Nagisa and Hinata were signing a file.

Jun: Okey you two are officially members of Literature club. Mizukami-san and Matsubara-san, welcome.

Hinata: Thanks!

Nagisa: We'll support this club to keep it active.

Kazuki: I don't want to give bad news but we still need one member.

Jun: That's right.

Hinata: I'll try to ask some of my friends in the tennis club.

Nagisa: I'll ask with other students.

Jun: You'll need a lot of effort, because everyone knows Shirogane-san is in this club.

Kazuki: I'd better to leave, I have to help with my aunt's business at the restaurant, see you tomorrow.

Later, Kazuki was working in the kitchen, he seems more comfortable.

Kaori: Kazuki, you seem happy. Something happened?

Kazuki: It's just my problem with Nagisa and Hinata is fixed.

Kaori: Good! So you are friends again?

Kazuki: Yeah.

Kaori: Then maybe you can get married with one of them!

Kazuki: (Little blushed) Aunt! We are just friends! I'm not interested in that right now!

Kaori: Hehehe! I'm sure you'll find your girlfriend soon.

Later at his room, Kazuki was reading a book while thinking.

Kazuki: A girlfriend? (Imaging Akari and her childhood self) Eh? That won't happen!

At next day, Kazuki was walking to school.

Kazuki: I'm glad tomorrow I'm free! Maybe I should buy a new dvd of a film.

Suddenly Hinata appeared behind him.

Hinata: (In loud voice) GOOD MORNING, KAZUKI!

Kazuki: (Funny scared) Ah! What?

Hinata: (Smiling) You said you don't like being hit on your back, so I tried something new.

Kazuki: Yeah, but neither.

Hinata: Let's meet at the club.

At the Literature club, Kazuki is with Nagisa, Hinata and Jun.

Jun: Did you have good results?

Hinata: Sorry, my friends didn't want to be involved with this club because of Kazuki.

Nagisa: I tried with some students to join but they don't want to be close with Shirogane, I'm sorry.

Kazuki: Damn! Maybe I shouldn't be here, so you could have more members.

Jun: Don't blame yourself, besides some students don't talk with me because I'm weird.

Kazuki: I could force someone but I'm already a menace for them.

Jun: We just have until Monday before this club is closed.

Kazuki: Then why you don't just look for another club.

Jun: I can't, this club I created and no students wanted to be here.

Hinata: No way!

Nagisa: There should be another way to prevent.

Kazuki: You'd better look for another solution.

Kazuki realized Jun was sad about it.

At next day, Kazuki was walking in the city, wearing his dark glasses.

Kazuki: I wonder why Jun is sad about the club, maybe it's more important for her.

He was walking while thinking but suddenly he crashed with someone making both to fell to the ground.

Kazuki: Hey, don't you have eyes to see?

He realized it was a girl, Akari.

Kazuki: Himekawa!

Akari: Shirogane-kun?

Kazuki: Well, what is the princess doing here?

Akari: I was going shopping to the mall.

Kazuki: Alone? Where are your lackeys?

Akari: It's my free time, so I wanted to be free.

They stand up looking each other.

Akari: Where do you go?

Kazuki: I'll just go wherever I want! (Picking up his dark glasses) That's all!

He leaves, then Akari follows him.

Kazuki: I don't need company!

Akari: I'm not following you, I go wherever I want.

Kazuki: You...

They keep walking, at that time someone was looking at them.

Guy: That white hair, it's him!

At the mall, Kazuki was walking while looking some stores. Akari took the advantage to buy some stuffs.

Kazuki: (Thinking little uncomfortable) "Why do I feel as if we are in a date"

Akari: (Thinking while smiling) "This looks like we are in a date"

After visiting some stores, Kazuki realized Akari bought many things in big bags.

Akari: Excuse me, would you mind?

Kazuki: Eh? Why?

Akari looks little upset but also sad. Kazuki tried to ignore her but at the end went to her and carried her bags. She was happy.

They walked until they sat on a bench in the park.

Akari: Thanks for helping me, it's like before.

Kazuki: Don't think I'm going to save you again!

Akari: I heard your club is not popular, so possibly it's going to be closed.

Kazuki: We were trying to look another member, Hinata and Nagisa were nice to help Natsukawa.

Akari: Natsukawa is not known by the students, so she doesn't have many friends to keep the club.

Kazuki: She seems worried by the club.

Akari: Why you try to help her?

Kazuki: She helped me, so I return the favor.

Akari: Why you didn't to talk with me after the kidnapping?

Kazuki: I had my reasons.


It's seen kid Kazuki rescued kid Akari from the gang while the cop arrived and arrested them in the alley.

Kazuki and Akari kept running until they arrived to a park.

Kid Kazuki: We should be saved for now.

Kid Akari: (Blushed) Excuse me, would you mind to leave my hand?

He realized he was holding her hand since they escaped.

Kid Kazuki: (Blushed) Hey! What am I doing?

Kid Akari: (With her hands on her chest) What you did was so brave. Thanks.

Kid Kazuki: I was irritated for seeing a crying girl.

Kid Akari: What's up with that personality?

Kid Kazuki: I'm a young bad boy!

Kid Akari: Then why did you save me?

Kid Kazuki: I don't know! It was too fast! Anyway, why those idiots kidnapped you?

Suddenly 2 bodyguards arrived to them.

Bodyguard 1: Miss lady!

Bodyguard 2: Are you okey?

Kid Kazuki: Who are those big guys?

The bodyguards looked at him, they seem angry.

Bodyguard 1: Who are you? Did you help those gangs to kidnap our Miss lady?

Bodyguard 2: You little...

Suddenly one of them hit him making him fall to the ground.

Bodyguard 1: Don't dare to touch our Miss lady!

Kid Kazuki: (Injured with his evil stare) You bastards!

Kid Akari: (Going to his front) Stop you two!

Bodyguards: Miss lady!

Kid Akari: (Helping Kazuki) He's the one who saved me when I was in danger!

Bodyguard 1: That kid?

Bodyguard 2: But look his white hair and those eyes! He's not good!

Kid Akari: You two stop already! Or I'll tell my father to got fired! Now apologize to him!

Bodyguards: Yes our Miss lady. (To Kazuki) We're sorry!

Kid Kazuki: Yeah, yeah.

Bodyguard 1: Miss lady, your father was worried since you was kidnapped.

Bodyguard 2: We're glad you are saved, we'll take to your family.

Kid Kazuki: (Wearing his dark glasses) It seems you are from a rich family, you'd better to return to that life.

Kid Akari: I would like you come with us, my father will thanks for your help.

Kid Kazuki: He won't believe me, your big guys didn't trust on me.

Kid Akari: Unless tell me your name to thank about your actions.

Kid Kazuki: I'm Kazuki Shirogane, some people call me the White Devil.

Kid Akari: My name is Akari Himekawa, I hope we meet again.

Kid Kazuki: A princess? Next time you'd better to get better security.

Bodyguard 1: Miss lady, we must return. We can't let your father be more worried.

Kid Kazuki: I leave.

Kid Akari: Bye! I hope we meet again.

Kid Kazuki was leaving, kid Akari went along with her bodyguards.

/End of flashback/

Kazuki: I won't forget the hit from your bodyguards.

Akari: But I made them to apologize to you.

Kazuki: People judge me because of my appearance.

Akari: Shirogane-kun, I should have been at your side when you were alone, I could help you in that time.

Kazuki: It doesn't matter, unless Hinata and Nagisa became my friends, despite I was a delinquent. I thanked them.

Akari: You called them by their first names. So you care for them too much. Like you did with Natsukawa.

Kazuki: Well, Natsukawa is different, I don't get along with her at all.

Akari: I wish you call me by my first name.

Kazuki: Eh? But you call me by my last name.

Akari: (Little blushed) Shirogane-kun... no... Ka...

Suddenly a guy with black hair appeared in front of them.

Guy: I found you!

Kazuki: Do I know you?

Guy: You are the White Devil, Kazuki Shirogane!

Kazuki: So?

Guy: I'm Yamamoto, I was looking for the white hair guy who defeated the gang from my partner! I supposed it was you!

Kazuki: I beat many gangs so I don't remember at all.

Yamamoto: You bastard! (Suddenly take out a gun) You dare to mock me!

Some people were scared and run away after seeing the gun.

Kazuki: Hey! Don't point with that!

Akari: (Worried) Shirogane-kun!

Yamamoto: Don't run away! (Pointing to Akari) Or your girlfriend dies!

Akari: (Little blushed) Girlfriend?

Kazuki: She's not my girlfriend!

Akari: I'm not?!

Yamamoto: Fight me or both die!

Kazuki: Very well, but this is between you and me. (To Akari) You stay back.

Yamamoto: I thought the White Devil doesn't care for anyone.

Kazuki: Nah! It's because I don't want hindrances in my fight.

Yamamoto: Now walk!

Kazuki: I hope this is fast, I have school tomorrow.

Kazuki and Yamamoto went to an abandoned store. They looked each other seriously.

Yamamoto: You'll pay for what you did to my partner!

Kazuki: You planned fight me by hands?

Yamamoto: (Smiling evilly) No, I knew you have skills in combat, so I cheated. (Taking a pipe) I have skills by using weapons!

Yamamoto attacked with the pipe, Kazuki tried to evade that attack.

Kazuki: Shit!

Yamamoto: Be quiet, asshole!

Kazuki grabbed his pipe and hit at his chest making fall.

Yamamoto: (Angry) Damn you!

Kazuki: You are an idiot to face me!

Yamamoto: (Taking his gun) I'll kill you!

Kazuki: You coward! You have no honor!

Suddenly, Akari appeared to them.

Akari: (Worried) Shirogane-kun!

Kazuki: (Realizing her presence) Idiot, go away!

Yamamoto: (Angry) You took my honor! Now I'll take what you care the most!

In slow motion, Yamamoto shot to Akari.

Akari: Kazuki-kun!

Kazuki: Akari!

Kazuki run fast and took Akari to dodge the shot. But it's seen his arm was injured by the shot.

Akari: Your arm!

Kazuki's arm was bleeding.

Kazuki: This pain is nothing!

Suddenly flashback about his bad life since childhood was in his mind, that made him angry. Kazuki run to attack Yamamoto who shot again but Kazuki evaded. When he grabbed his hand to take the gun, Yamamoto used his other hand and hit with the pipe on his head.

Kazuki: (Feeling pain while bleeding) This pain is nothing!

With rage, Kazuki hit him with a punch on his face, knocking him out.

Kazuki: (With his forehead bleeding) Bastard!

Suddenly he felt pain by his injuries. Akari run to him.

Akari: (Worried) Shirogane-kun! Hold on! I'll call an ambulance!

Kazuki: It's not your problem, Himekawa... (Feeling pain) Ah! Shit!

Akari: Don't talk, you need medical attention!

Later at a hospital, Kazuki was on a bed, his head and right arm were bandaged.

Kazuki: What a shame! I, the White Devil, be hospitalized by an attack.

Then, someone entered to his room, it was Akari.

Akari: Shirogane-kun, how do you feel?

Kazuki: I can't believe I was injured by that?

Akari: The doctor said your injuries aren't mortals so in few days you will be okey.

Kazuki: Ha! Some injuries are nothing. I passed with a lot of pain which I suffered.

Akari: You don't have to suffer to prove your worthy! Pain is not the only way to pass!

Kazuki realized her eyes were upset but tearfully too.

Kazuki: Tsk! You girls always acting as my life is normal like yours.

Akari: You risked your life for me, twice.

Kazuki: It's not as if I wanted to protect you.

Suddenly, she hugged him. He was in silent to feel her.

Akari: Don't dare to do that in front of me again.

Kazuki: You are still the little crying girl who I met in my childhood.

Akari: But this time, when I was in danger, you called me by my first name.

Kazuki: (Little blushed) Yeah, but you called me by my first name too. So I reacted without thinking.

Akari: (Little blushed) So can I call you Kazuki?

Kazuki: If you want.

Akari: (Smiling a little) Okey, Kazuki-kun! You can call me Akari.

Kazuki: Very well, Akari. But it's only when we are alone!

Akari: Yes!

Kazuki: Fuck! I forgot about the club!

Akari: The Literature club?

Kazuki: Natsukawa said we need one member to keep the club, tomorrow is the last day.

Akari: I see, then after you saved me. I'll be the last member so your club won't be closed.

Kazuki: What? No! What about your image? Your group, also your father would mad at you if you join with low class students.

Akari: That's my decision, so relax to recover your injuries.

Kazuki: Yeah, I have to get out fast, or aunt will be mad at me.

Akari: Okey, see you in school, Kazuki-kun. (Leaves)

Kazuki: Damn, another girl involved in my life.

Some days later, Kazuki was walking with few bandages to school.

Kazuki: I wonder if the club is okey.

Kazuki arrived to the Literature club. Suddenly Hinata and Nagisa appeared to him.

Hinata: (Worried) Kazuki!

Nagisa: (Worried) Shirogane!

Hinata and Nagisa: (Worried) Are you okey?

Kazuki: Yeah.

Jun: But you don't seem very healed.

Kazuki: I can't pay a lot about my hospitalization. Besides I feel better.

Akari: (Appearing to him) I'm glad you are better, Shirogane-kun.

Kazuki: So you came to this club.

Jun: (Showing a file signed) Thanks to Himekawa-senpai, we have the minimal members to keep this club active.

Akari went to Kazuki's ear.

Akari: (In low voice) I'm happy we are together in a club, Kazuki-kun.

Hinata and Nagisa seem upset to see them together.

Jun: (With little suspicion) It looks like they are friends again.

Kazuki: You can be relieved, your club is saved.

Jun: (Smiling) Thanks to everyone!

Kazuki: We could get more members later.

Jun: It's okey, with 5 of us it should be good.

Kazuki: I think I can still get relax when I come here.

That's all, see ya in next episode.