Ep 5: Pupil

It's seen a school boy with black hair walking in a street.

School boy: The courses of today were very hard to understand.

Then he saw a gang was reunited, surrounding someone.

School boy: What's going on?

Gang guy: Get him!

The gang attacked a guy. It was Kazuki in school uniform.

Kazuki: Each day is someone weird and fool.

Kazuki knocked all the gang, leaving them on the ground.

Gang guy: (Injured) What kind of training are you doing? White Devil!

Kazuki: Each challenge, makes me stronger.

Kazuki leaves, the school boy saw the scene.

School boy: That white-haired guy, is Kazuki Shirogane!

Later the school boy was following Kazuki.

School boy: I have to know more about him.

Then it's imagined how the school boy is being bullied by other school boys.

School boy 1: You are so coward!

School boy 2: So weak!

The school boy woke up and continued following him.

He saw Kazuki was sat on a bench while drinking a soda can.

Kazuki: More bastards trying to challenge me.

Suddenly he threw the soda can to the school boy who was hidden on a tree, scaring him.

Kazuki: Who's there?

School boy: (Scared) Wait, wait!

Kazuki: Wanna a fight?

School boy: No! I'm not so strong to fight you!

Kazuki: Then what do you want?

School boy: I study at the next school, from yours. My name is Naoto Fukamiya.

Kazuki: Naoto? I don't know you.

Naoto: Of course, but I know your name. I never expected to meet you.

Kazuki: Then, what do you want from me, Naoto?

Naoto: I saw you in that fight, so I wanted to ask something.

Kazuki: What?

Naoto: Can you make me your pupil? Teach me your skills?

Kazuki: (Ignoring him) I quit.

Naoto: Eh? Why?

Kazuki: What makes you think I want to teach, I'm a juvenile delinquent.

Naoto: Please!

Kazuki: Go home, this is not the life you want.

Kazuki leaves. Naoto was worried.

Naoto: I have to know, how could I be like him.

At next day, Kazuki and Jun were in the Literature club.

Jun: Something happened? Shirogane-san.

Kazuki: Not at all.

Later, Kazuki was leaving but at the entrance, he saw Naoto was waiting for him.

Naoto: Kazuki-san, please accept my request.

Kazuki: (Ignoring him) Get lost. Don't waste my time.

He pushed Naoto making him fall. Then Kazuki felt Naoto grabbed his leg from the ground.

Naoto: (Funny sad) Please Kazuki-san! You are my hope!

Kazuki: (Funny upset and shaking his leg) What's the matter with you! Let me go! Idiot!

Naoto: (Funny sad) Please! I beg you!

Kazuki saw many students were watching his situation. He took Naoto and when to other place.

They were at another street, they were talking.

Kazuki: Then, what's your problem?

Naoto: I was attacked once by a gang at my school. I couldn't face them.

Kazuki: Everyone has problems.

Naoto: But mine is serious.

Kazuki: How much?

Naoto: It happened some weeks ago.


Naoto's voice: I was walking with my friend Haruka. She doesn't know but I always had crush on her. We always walk together in returning home.

Naoto and Haruka were walking but then a gang appeared to them. She has long brown hair.

Naoto: Who are you?

Haruka: (Scared) Naoto-kun.

Gang leader: Well, isn't the coward student from that school?

Naoto: (To Haruka) Stay back!

Gang leader: Slow!

The gang leader hit Naoto on his limps, making him fall very injured.

Haruka: Naoto-kun!

Gang leader: Is this boy who pretended protect you?

Naoto: (Injured) It hurts!

Gang leader: Then, give me the wallet of your friend and we won't bother you anymore.

Haruka: (Going to Naoto) Naoto-kun, are you okey?

Gang leader: Then what will it be?

Haruka: Shut up! Naoto-kun won't obey that menace. I know him...

Naoto: (With his head bowed) Sorry, Haruka.

Suddenly he took her wallet, and launched to the gang leader.

Gang leader: Hahahaha! Well done, coward. (To Haruka) You should get a better boy!

Naoto was scared and Haruka in shock to see what he did. The gang retrieved, sharing the money from her wallet. Naoto and Haruka were alone, Naoto was sad.

Haruka: (Tearfully upset) How could you? Naoto-kun, you are a coward! I hate you! I don't want to see you anymore!

She run away from him. Naoto was on the ground in deep depression.

/End of flashback/

Naoto: After that Haruka never see me.

Kazuki: Wow! So your girlfriend dumped you because you are a coward.

Naoto: That's why I want your help. I want to become stronger and brave, like you!

Kazuki: Why don't you ask anyone else?

Naoto: In my school, no one want help, they knew about my situation. They only mock me. And when I saw you in action, I found a solution.

Kazuki: And you want me to teach you how to fight?

Naoto: Well some of. I saw you handled those gangs by yourself.

Kazuki: It's because I have the guts, not you.

Naoto: As you are a loner, you shouldn't have problems like this. I mean you shouldn't have any girlfriend to care so it doesn't matter how injuries you have.

Suddenly Kazuki grabbed Naoto's head, scaring him funny.

Kazuki: (Funny angry) Listen, dork! My life is not your concern, understood?

Naoto: (Funny scared) Yeah!

Later, Kazuki and Naoto were in other place.

Kazuki: So you want to be stronger to get back your girl, right?

Naoto: I wish, but even I make it, Haruka couldn't forgive me about what I made to her.

Kazuki: Then, you want to become my pupil?

Naoto: Yes! I want you to train me as my master!

Kazuki: Well, I could teach you some, but remember once you learn, don't ever look for me.

Naoto: Deal!

Kazuki: Then, let's train in afternoon and then early in the morning at weekend.

At next day, Naoto was leaving his school in a hurry, Haruka realized when he was leaving.

Haruka: Naoto-kun? What is he doing lately? He wasn't talking with me after that incident. I guess I was too rude with him.

At lone park, Naoto was reunited with Kazuki, who was wearing his glasses but also a scarf and cap, covering his face.

Naoto: (Confused) And you are...

Kazuki: It's me!

Naoto: Kazu...

Suddenly Kazuki covered his mouth with his hand.

Kazuki: Don't say name! Nobody has to know it's me! Or it's the end of the deal!

Naoto: Okey.

Kazuki: First I need to see your resistance, let's do this.

Naoto: This?

They were at a water fountain, they were being soaked with cold water. Naoto was feeling a lot of cold, also sneeze.

Naoto: Why do we do this? It's cold!

Kazuki: You can't let your nervous controls you, in a danger situation you must focus first and don't let the fright controls you.

Then they were climbing a mountain, running at a lone road, also hitting some trees.

Naoto: (Exhausted) I think my defenses are better.

Kazuki:You still need another factor that make you stronger, but you'll never have it.

Naoto: What is it?

Kazuki: Rage.

Naoto: Rage? But I think that won't work. That's bad!

Kazuki: It's something only few people can have. You didn't have a huge rage from your past.

Naoto: Kazuki-san, you had a hard past, so you are a delinquent?

Kazuki: Yeah, it's something I had to be used to, you still have the chance not to be succumbed by rage. Or you'll end up like me.

Naoto: Kazuki-san, I wish I had the strength to overpass those obstacles like you.

Kazuki: That's all I can teach you. You'll have to be in a real fight to test. But as I told you, you won't be able to control your actions, even in fear or rage. Also, you have a friend, she won't like to see you as another person.

Naoto: You're right.

Kazuki: Well, now you must stay in a situation to prove your courage.

Naoto: I wish I could defend someone by myself.

They didn't notice some gangs were watching at them.

Gang member 1: That's the White Devil.

Gang member 2: Why did he train that weak student?

At next day, in the Literature club, Kazuki was reading a book. The girls were noticing him.

Nagisa: Don't you notice that Shirogane is more strange?

Hinata: What about him?

Nagisa: He wasn't staying when school is over.

Hinata: Oh yeah, he went in a hurry.

Akari: I hope he's not cheating.

Nagisa: What?

Akari: It's nothing.

Jun: Probably...

Hinata: Do you know something, Natsukawa?

Jun: Not at all. Maybe he's helping someone.

Akari: But I thought he doesn't care anyone. Except for us.

Kazuki: I hope that guy doesn't get in a trouble.

Suddenly a voice was heard from outside.

Gang leader: Hey! White Devil! It's me! The gang you beat the other day.

Kazuki went to the window and saw them. They are the gang who attacked Naoto days ago.

Kazuki: Who are you?

Gang leader: (Funny angry) Don't screw us! You fought us that other day!

Kazuki: Sorry but I defeated many jerks so I don't remember at all.

Gang leader: Ha! We challenge you in a fight, right now!

Kazuki: (Ignoring them) Sorry, but I'm not interested.

Gang leader: Then what about this?

The gang showed him they caught Naoto who was tied.

Naoto: Sorry Kazuki-san! They caught me when I was heading to my school!

Kazuki: Naoto!

Gang leader: If you are the called White Devil, it shouldn't mind if we punish this weak. So we are going to get him back to his home in a really mess.

The gang was retrieving but Kazuki called them.

Kazuki: Wait!

The girls were surprised with Kazuki's reaction.

Kazuki: I'll go, but in exchange you let that guy away of this.

Gang leader: That depends if you beat us. Now follow us at that abandoned store at the East. We'll wait for you, if you are worried for this life.

The gang retrieved taking Naoto with them.

Kazuki: (Upset) Shit!

Akari: Shirogane-kun, don't tell me...

Kazuki: Sorry girls, I have some business. Don't follow me.

Kazuki jumped from the window and landed on the school garden. He run to the East.

Nagisa: (Worried) We have to do something!

Hinata: Kazuki shouldn't get another fight!

Akari: I'll call the police...

Jun: Stop girls!

Akari: Why, Natsukawa?

Jun: It's the first time Shirogane-san is doing something that he doesn't do as a delinquent. We can't involved our lives this time.

At other side, Haruka was walking and noticed the gang carrying Naoto.

Haruka: (Worried) Naoto-kun?

Kazuki was heading to the East until he arrived to an abandoned store.

Kazuki: Where are you?

Gang leader: So you came, Kazuki Shirogane.

Kazuki: Where's Naoto?

Gang leader: You mean this weak?

He showed Naoto and threw him to Kazuki.

Naoto: Sorry, Kazuki-san, those are the guys who bullied me.

Kazuki: How stupid can you be? Letting you catch.

Naoto: Sorry.

Gang leader: Okey, weak one, you can run away. And the white-haired boy, prepare to be smashed!

The gang members appeared, armed with metal stuff to attack Kazuki.

Kazuki: Naoto, go!

Naoto: But Kazuki-san, I can help!

Kazuki: You are just a nuisance!

Naoto: (In shock) Kazuki-san!

Gang leader: Attack that white bastard!

All the gang went to attack Kazuki. He run and fought. Naoto was just looking the figh, he seemed scared.

Naoto: (Thinking) "Why am I doing? Why am I scared? I trained to be ready" (Watching how Kazuki is fighting with the gang) I can't be the weak like that before!

Kazuki was beating some gang members despite they have weapons.

Gang leader: No way! How can a single guy defeat us?

Kazuki: (After punched another gang member) Because I'm the white devil!

The gang leader was with four members left. They were ready to attack him. Kazuki walked to them.

Kazuki: Let's finish with this.

Gang leader: (Smiling evilly) Yeah it's finished! For you!

Kazuki didn't realized a another gang member was hide and run attacking with with a baseball bat.

Naoto: Kazuki-san!

Suddenly Naoto run and pushed away that gang member knocking him on the ground.

Gang leader: Damn you! I let you the chance to save you. But now I'll smash you! Go!

The gang run to them.

Kazuki: Shit! Naoto, remember out training! Defend yourself!

Naoto: Yeah!

Kazuki run and catched the four gang members, while Naoto was in front of the gang leader.

Gang leader: I wanted to fight with the white-haired boy, but first I'll eliminate you in order to be free of trash like you.

Naoto was scared to face the gang leader.

Kazuki: (While fighting the gang members) Naoto! Don't let the fear controls you, remember, We trained your nervous to face a danger like this.

Naoto then was filled with courage to hear Kazuki's voice.

Naoto: You're right! I can do it!

Gang leader: (Taking the baseball bat) Tsk! Believing the White devil has a pupil. What a hell, I'll crush both of you!

The gang leader attacked Naoto with the baseball. Naoto was dodging his attacks. Kazuki was fighting the other gang members.

Kazuki: Keep doing!

Haruka was watching the fight, she noticed how Naoto was dodging the attacks of the gang leader.

Gang leader: Come on! Is that all you can do? Remember, you were a coward when you gave me your friend's wallet!

Naoto: I know! That's why I was training to not be a coward in front of Haruka! Maybe she doesn't forgive me about that but I don't want to seem a coward in of her! I do this to prove I can be someone who can help!

Haruka was worried to hear his words.

Haruka: Kazuki-kun.

Naoto moved fast and stopped the baseball bat and stroke back to the gang leader to his head, knocking him.

Meanwhile, Kazuki knocked the other gang members. Kazuki and Naoto were exhausted after that fight.

Kazuki: Not bad for your first fight.

Naoto: I'm glad to hear that.

Then Haruka appeared to them.

Haruka: Naoto-kun!

Naoto: (Surprised) Haruka! Why did you come?

Haruka: (Walking to him) Listen, about before, I'm...

Suddenly the gang leader woke up and grabbed Haruka from her behind, using her as a hostage.

Naoto: (Worried) Haruka!

Gang leader: Don't move! (Taking a knife)

Naoto: No!

Gang leader: And step more, and I'll slice this bitch's neck!

Haruka: (Scared) Naoto-kun

Kazuki: Let them go! This is between you and me!

Gang leader: (Mocking) Ha! I thought the White Devil doesn't care anyone. But I think I found your weakness!

Naoto: Haruka!

Suddenly someone threw a stone to the gang leader's head, making him release Haruka. Kazuki noticed that action. He was attempted to go but Naoto run fast to catch Haruka.

Naoto: Are you alright? Haruka.

Suddenly the gang leader woke up to attack them but Naoto reacted and punched him, knocking him. He seemed exhausted and heavy breathing about what he did.

Kazuki put his hand on his shoulder, making him to be quit.

Kazuki: Calm down, it's over.

Naoto: I did it. I did it!

Haruka: Naoto-kun, calm down.

Naoto: (Looking to her) Haruka.

Kazuki: (Noticed someone hidden) I know you are there, four eyes!

Someone came, it was Jun.

Jun: I arrived at time.

Kazuki: Good launch.

Jun: I suspected you'll be in a trap so I came to check.

Kazuki: Where are Himekawa and the others?

Jun: They are in school, but Himekawa will call the police once I call her.

Kazuki: Damn! she's still getting in my problems.

Jun: She's still worry for you.

Kazuki: Nevermind.

Jun: What about them?

Kazuki: Them?

Naoto was calmed and Haruka at his side.

Naoto: Haruka, what I did before, I don't want you see me as an evil guy, so...

Suddenly Haruka embraced Naoto, surprising him.

Haruka: Naoto-kun, I'm sorry! This hasn't happened if I didn't argue about that!

Naoto: But it was my fault you lose your wallet because of my cowardice.

Haruka: I didn't realize you were training to be braver.

Naoto: Yeah, because I want to save you next time.

Haruka: Listen, I don't care if you strong or not, I was sad after I didn't talk to you. But what you did, was too risky. I want to be with you again like before.

Naoto: Then you forgive me?

Haruka: Of course! But don't risk your life like this again.

Naoto: Yes!

They embraced each other. But Kazuki coughed a little calling their attention.

Kazuki: Hey, if you want to flirt, do it at other place.

Naoto: Sorry.

Kazuki: (Smiling a little) You did well, my pupil.

Naoto: (Smiling a little) Thanks.

Jun: We better go. I heard the police is arriving.

At next day at the Literature club, Kazuki was sat and watching through a window. The girls noticed his behavior.

Hinata: It's me or Kazuki helped someone else?

Nagisa: I wonder if it's other girl?

Jun: It was a boy.

Akari, Nagisa and Hinata were funny worried then they looked at Kazuki. He heard their conversation.

Kazuki: (Funny angry) What are you thinking of me?

Jun: I guess you misunderstood. Shirogane-san helped that student called Naoto because something else happened with him. He talked us that gang leader was Haruka's ex-boyfriend, but she rejected him because of his evil actions. Then she and Naoto befriended, also a new relationship was born. That made that gang guy found out and attacked Naoto and made him Haruka be angry with him. (Flashbacks about what she said)

Nagisa: How can be people so evil?

Hinata: That's what we thought about Kazuki before?

Akari: I knew his intentions but never showed his true personality in front of his acquaintances.

Jun: It's because you didn't know his heart.

Akari: I guess you two should thank her because she showed you don't know him deeply.


It's seen Kazuki was leaving after facing Ren's true nature. Jun and Akari were alone, but then Nagisa and Hinata came too after listening that scene.

Jun: You two can come out already.

Akari: You know the true now.

Nagisa: (Worried) No way.

Hinata: He lied us. Kazuki was blamed.

Nagisa: But why he told us he hated us?

Hinata: He confirmed he is a delinquent even we were friends.

Jun: You two are supposed to be closer with Shirogane-kun. But you only know by his thoughts but not by his heart.

Akari: Do you have any idea how Shirogane-kun felt after blaming himself to keep you away of his own problem being treated as a delinquent.

Jun: You were cheated by Nagayama-san, how could you be so blind?

Hinata and Nagisa were sad about hearing their words.

Akari: Natsukawa and I were the only ones to understand Shirogane-kun's heart.

Jun: Make sure to apologize him later.

Hinata: Yes.

Nagisa: Thanks for calling us.

/End of flashback/

Hinata: Natsukawa and Himekawa-senpai, thanks for open our eyes.

Nagisa: We shouldn't mistrust Shirogane. We asked his forgiveness.

Akari: But at the end you became friends again. That should be enough.

Jun: I think Shirogane-san is not so evil as we see.

Then Kazuki came to them.

Kazuki: Now what are you girls talking about?

Akari: That's girl stuff.

Kazuki: Whatever.

Jun: So what about Naoto-san?

Kazuki: He'll be fine as long as he understood what I said.


Kazuki was with Naoto and Haruka. He wore his dark glasses, then he put his hand on his shoulders before leaving.

Naoto: Kazuki-san, I wonder if I'm able to follow the same fate like you.

Kazuki: Idiot, you don't need to follow my steps. You must follow your own path.

Naoto: So you have someone to care, like me.

Kazuki: I'm still looking for a way to get along about being someone who can protect and someone who is a delinquent. You and me are too far different.

Naoto: Okey, master.

Kazuki: And you are not my pupil, you are free to go on. Remember it, Naoto.

Naoto: (Happy) Kazuki-san, yes!

Haruka: Let's go back, Naoto-kun.

Naoto: Yes, Haruka.

Kazuki was leaving, as Naoto and Haruka leave together.

/End of flashback/

Kazuki: (Smiling a little) I'm sure he understood.

That's all, see ya in next episode.