Ep 6: Cousin

At airport, a mid-long red-haired girl arrived carrying a large baggage.

Girl: I'm home.

At other side, Kazuki was walking to school, in his way there were Nagisa and Hinata.

Kazuki: Hey, girls.

Hinata: Good morning, Kazuki!

Nagisa: Goog morning, Shirogane!

Kazuki: Now you two go to school together.

Hinata: The truth, we waited to go with you.

Nagisa: It's the first time I walk with a guy.

Kazuki: I wonder if all teenagers are like us.

The red-haired girl kept walking but some guys came to her, trying to flirt her.

Guy 1: Hey cutie!

Guy 2: Would you like to with us?

Guy 3: There's a good dessert shop we can eat.

The girl just looked at them with an evil stare, scaring them.

Girl: (In her state) Let me alone!

The guys were scared and run away.

The girl took a deep breathe, calming her down.

Girl: As usual, why do I have my grandfather's personality?

After school, Kazuki was walking to the gate, but then he crossed with the girl, making them crash.

Kazuki: Hey, look where you are walking!

Girl: Don't talk to me in that way!

Both of them looked each other with anger stare.

Girl: (Realizing something) That hair, those eyes! Kazuki?

Kazuki: And face, somehow you remind me someone.

Girl: As expected from my lost cousin.

Kazuki: Cousin? Then you are aunt Kaori's...

Girl: I'm Kin, my mother should have told you about me.

At other side, Jun noticed their meeting.

Later, at the restaurant which was closed, inside there were Kazuki, Kin and Kaori.

Kaori: This is a surprise, Kin. You came to visit.

Kin: It's was a long time, mother.

Kaori: I thought you will spend your vacation with your father.

Kin: I didn't want you to think I hate you. So I asked him to come to visit you.

Kazuki: I didn't see you since childhood.

Kin: (Upset) Don't talk me as if we were friends! I needed to come to forget a problem!

Kazuki: What's wrong with you?

Kin: You are the problem! Because you have grandfather appearance!

Kazuki: If you mean by my white hair, I didn't want to born with this.

Kaori: Kin, don't involve your cousin in your problem!

Kin: He's the problem because...

Kaori: Because what?

Kin: My boyfriend broke up with me!

Later, they were in the living room.

Kazuki: (Confused) What's up with your problem with me?

Kin: When I was in Italy with my father, I met my partner. He was intelligent and handsome. We started dating during 2 years. But then he wanted to talk about our families. I just talked my father and mother.

Kazuki: Then?

Kin: he was so smart, so he found out about my grandfather and you! He knew about his life as delinquent and about a white-haired boy who fights with gangs. He was scared about my relatives, also I had that dangerous stare like my grandfather and yours. So he decided to broke up with me! (Flashbacks about what she said)

Kaori: Oh, Kin.

Kin: All because those genes of delinquent! I hated my grandfather's reputation, so I decided to keep my mother's last name.

Kazuki: Sorry, but that problem is not mine.

Kaori: Kazuki!

Kin: As expected from my relative who is known as White Devil.

Kazuki: Now my identity is known in the world! That's great! Damn it!

Kaori: So what will you do, daughter?

Kin: I'll stay here for some days, then I'll return with father.

Later at his apartment, Kazuki was on his chair thinking.

Kazuki: A female devil, that's weird.

At next day, Kazuki was heading to his school in a hurry.

Kazuki: Damn! I woke up late!

After running, Kazuki arrived at the school gate at time.

Kazuki: (Exhausted) I'm good in running.

He noticed someone there, it was Kin, who was carrying a bag.

Kin: So this is the place where you study.

Kazuki: How do you know I go here?

Kin: Mother told me yesterday.

Kazuki: And why are you here?

Kin: (Giving him the bag) Mother knew you don't feed as usual, so she asked me to bring your lunch. Be grateful.

Kazuki: Well, it's a good moment, because I didn't have time to make one. Although I usually buy in the cafeteria.

Kin: Whatever, just eat this.

Kazuki: Thanks, cousin.

Then Akari went to them.

Akari: What are you doing, Shirogane-kun? The school started. (Noticing Kin's presence) And you are...?

Kazuki: Don't pay attention to her, Himekawa!

Akari: Shirogane-kun, that's not the way to treat a new girl. (Smiling) You should be more friendly.

Kazuki: Excuse me, but I'm not friendly with everyone!

Kin: (Thinking) "Wow! I wish I were so beautiful like her. Wait, why she's friendly with Kazuki?"

Kazuki: She's my cousin, you can talk with her. I'm leaving.

Kazuki leaves. Akari was with Kin.

Akari: (Surprised) Wait, you are Shirogane-kun's cousin?

Kin: My name is Kin Arai, sadly I'm his cousin. Some people see me as a female delinquent like him.

Akari: A female delinquent? How?

Kin showed her devil stare, like Kazuki's. Akari was amazed to see her.

Akari: Wow, so you are his relative!

Kin: Aren't you scared?

Akari: I know someone like you, so this is no new.

Kin: Kazuki?

Akari: Would you like to make a trip in our school?

Kin: Wait, why do you know Kazuki? What's going on between you two?

Akari: (Smiling) We are close friends.

Kin was amazed to hear that.

In rest time, Akari was walking with Kin in a trip around the school.

Akari: As you can see, this is our installation in our school, ahead is the cafeteria.

When they entered the cafeteria, they saw students eating their launch. They saw Kazuki alone in a table, eating the launch Kin brought.

Akari: There it is Shirogane-kun.

Kin: Ha! As expected from him, alone...

Then Nagisa was heading to him with her launch.

Nagisa: Hey, Shirogane! You just started to eat your lunch? Can we eat together?

Kazuki: If you want, Nagisa.

She sat at his side, but then Hinata arrived too.

Hinata: Hey, it's not fair! I want to eat with Kazuki!

Kazuki: But don't get too sticky.

Hinata sat at his other side. Kazuki was in the middle of them.

Nagisa: By the way, how is Kaori-san?

Hinata: Aunt Kaori? I didn't talk with her long time ago.

Kazuki: She's fine, as I help her in the restaurant.

Akari annd Kin observed them eating and talking together.

Akari: No way! Those two overtook with Shirogane-kun! If I could but my group could menace him.

Kin: (Surprised) What? Who the hell are those girls?

Akari: They were the first close friends of Shirogane-kun. Well, unless I met him since childhood so I still have chance.

Kin: No way! How could he?

Then, Kazuki was heading to the Literature club, meeting Jun at the door.

Kazuki: Hey, Natsukawa.

Jun: You''re late.

Kazuki: I was eating, but they wanted eat with me.

Jun: Don't forget we arranged with them to study for the next exams.

Kazuki: Yeah yeah.

Jun noticed someone who was watching them talking, it was Kin.

Kin: With a smart one too?

Jun: Let's organize inside.

Kazuki: Okey.

They entered to the room, Kin just leaves.

When school is over, Kazuki was heading to the gate, he met Kin.

Kazuki: Kin.

Kin: (Angry with him) What's the deal?

Kazuki: What?

Kin: You are a jerk!

Kazuki: What are you talking about?

Kin: Because of our grandpa's genes, we should be loners, but I saw you flirting with those girls! As I was rejected by my boyfriend!

Kazuki: I'm not flirting with anyone!

Kin: Yeah, as a delinquent, you should have blackmailed them, including that beauty with light blue hair.

Kazuki: You are wrong! Himekawa would be the last who I ever think!

Kin: Why am I the one who should suffer?

Kazuki: What do you mean by suffer?

Kin: I hate all of you!

Kin was angry then she run away very fast.

Kazuki: Kin!

Jun: (Coming to him) Is that?

Kazuki: Maybe she returned to home. I should check with aunt Kaori.

Later, Kazuki arrived at the restaurant, meeting with Kaori.

Kaori: (Worried) Kazuki, where's Kin?

Kazuki: What? She didn't go home, where she is?

Kin: No! My daughter!

Kazuki: Don't worry, I'll find her. Just wait.

Meanwhile, Kin was walking almost midnight.

Kin: I thought he should suffer more because he got grandpa's appearance, but why me!

Then she saw three burglars were running to her.

Burglar 1: Hey brat! Move out!

Kin and the burglars crash and fell.

Kin: What's going on with you, dumbasses!

Burglar 1: How did you call us?

Suddenly a patrol was chasing them.

Burglar 1: Fuck! Let's get out of here! You come with us!

Kin: No way!

Burglar 1: Shut up bitch!

The burglars escaped, kidnapping Kin.

Meanwhile, Kazuki was running, looking for Kin.

Kazuki: Damn! Where she is? (Remembering her words before leaving) She doesn't know how a person feels pain and solitude.

Jun: (Coming to him) Shirogane-san, why are you running at late?

Kazuki: I don't have time for you, I'm looking for my cousin.

Jun: The red-haired girl you were talking at the school gate?

Kazuki: Yeah.

Jun: (Fixing her glasses) It's good she's your cousin, otherwise Himekawa-san, Matsubara-san and Mizukami-san could kill you by cheating them.

Kazuki: I'm not cheating! And why they should care about my personal life?

Jun: So what's up with that girl Kin?

Kazuki: Kin run away from home. I'm looking for her.

Jun: Why running away? Aren't you cousins?

Kazuki: (Upset) You don't get all information from people so shut up! I have to find her!

Kazuki leaves while looking for Kin.

In a dirty store, the burglars were hidden, with Kin as hostage.

Burglar 3: Damn! The police is keeping looking for us!

Burglar 2: What do we do now?

Burglar 1: We have that girl, we'll use her to evade the police!

Meanwhile, Kazuki was looking for Kin, but without success.

Kazuki: Damn! Where are you, Kin? (Suddenly his cellphone rings) It's Natsukawa?

He read the message. "I asked Himekawa-san about Kin-san, she told me she had her cellphone number. I asked her cellphone number so I used and GPS application to track her location. I found she's at the district 20, inside a small building. You must hurry, I heard there was a kidnapping near she was".

Kazuki: District 20, it's just 3 blocks to the south from here!

Meanwhile, some cops still looking for the burglars.

Cop: Damn! We have to find them, or else that girl's life would be in danger!

At the store, the burglars were ready to leave with Kin.

Burglar 1: Okey brat, time to go!

When the burglar were attempted to leave its heard a noise from back.

Burglar 1: What's that? Inspect!

The burglars were checking the back of the store. Kin realized someone was coming to her, it was Kazuki.

Kin: Kazuki, how...?

Kazuki: I used a distraction from that window at behind so I could enter quietly. (Untying her)

Kin: Kazuki, we must...

Kazuki: Yeah, I'm gonna get you out...

The burglars returned and shot, scaring them.

Burglar 1: Who are you?

Kazuki: (Putting in front of Kin, protecting her) I came for my cousin, let her go!

Burglar 1: Ha! A white-haired kid is giving us orders?

Kin: Kazuki, you can't face them! They have guns!

Kazuki: You stay here, I'll handle him!

Kin: Don't talk me if I were a weak girl, I'll make them pay!

Kazuki: You are not a fighting girl or a female delinquent.

Kin: Yeah, but...

Kazuki: Trust me, cousin.

Kin: Kazuki.

Burglar 1: Don't talk as if we weren't here!

Kin: What could you do? You won't use your fists this time?

Kazuki: Maybe, but I'm not just a fighting mind delinquent, also I have some friends who taught me about other situations.

Burglar 1: Now we have two hostages, catch them!

The burglars 2 and 3 run to them, but then Kazuki kick a little can to a pillar of boxes, then a lot a boxes fell from the sides and smash them, letting them unconscious.

Kin: You used your brain, that's unusual.

Kazuki: (Little upset) I'm going to ignore that.

Burglar 1: (Upset) Enough games! (Pointing his gun to them) Two brats can't mock me!

In a high speed, Kin picked a dust bag and threw to the burglar. The dust blinded the burglar for a while.

Burglar 1: Little bastards!

Suddenly Kazuki and Kin run and hit the burglar at the same time with fists, knocking him.

Kazuki and Kin seem satisfied with their victory.

Burglar 1: (Injured) Who are you? Kids don't have that strength!

Kazuki and Kin: (With scary stares) We are grand-kids of a delinquent!

Then the burglars were found by the cops. They were tied at side of the store.

Later, Kazuki and Kin were walking while returning home.

Kazuki: It's hard to believe you got along with Himekawa to give her your cellphone number.

Kin: Well, it was just because I wanted to know her in case you blackmailed her.

Kazuki: I could be a delinquent but not the ones who blackmail a girl.

Kin: You two really get along.

Kazuki: (Little blushed) Idiot.

Kin: Also your other friends are with you too.

Kazuki: (Wearing his dark glasses) They are only friends, that's all!

Kin: (Noticing his dark glasses) Hey, are those? From grandpa?

Kazuki: Yeah, it's his. The only way to keep his memory, because not many of our relatives visit him after his death. Except aunt Kaori and me.

Kin: I see. Kazuki, I'll return Italy soon, so would you come with me to a place?

Kazuki: Eh?

At next day, Kazuki and Kin were heading to a cemetery. Then they arrived to a grave, it was their grandfather's grave.

Kin: I don't remember the last time I saw him, even in his funeral.

Kazuki: I just saw him but I didn't show any sad feeling.

Kin: Sorry for not seeing you while you were alive. I wish I changed my behaviour.

Kazuki: Don't worry he didn't want to involve us by his reputation.

Kin: How do you know?

Kazuki: Aunt told me when I was a kid.

Kazuki and Kin kneel down and prayed in his grave.

Kazuki: Grandpa, I will bear your image, even if some people hate me.

Kin: Kazuki, now I understand what my aunt told me last night.


Kaori and Kin were in the living room, talking after the rescue.

Kaori: (Little upset) If Kazuki wasn't here, what could have happen to you.

Kin: Sorry, mother.

Kaori: I'm glad you are safe.

Kin: Kazuki, I didn't know he risks himself in that kind of fights.

Kaori: He always got in fights, but I didn't know how dangerous.

Kin: The most we could imagine.

Kaori: Kazuki passed a lot of time suffering by his appearance. Got bullied by his hair, that made him to create that frightening stare.

Kin: Oh my! That explains his nickname, White Devil.

Kaori: His parents abandoned him, I swore to take care of him, even his appearance scares people. I tried to educate him but I couldn't help him to cure his hate about his image, due of my father.

Kin: I hated my grandfather due his reputation, but Kazuki, he bared more hate than I could. He really suffered more than me. He received that nickname but he knew how to resist all that hate.

Kaori: That's how he manage his life.

Kin: I was wrong about him, how stupid I was.

/End of flashback/

Kazuki: The good is that four eyes helped me.

Kin: Yeah, that Jun girl, she's really a mysterious girl, she knew my behaviour by just looking at me.

Kazuki: Yeah, it's true.


While Kin was running away, she met Jun at her way.

Kin: Look where do you walk, nerd!

Jun: That behaviour, you must share the same bloodline like Shirogane-san.

Kin: (Little surprised) Eh? You noticed so fast!

Jun: You could be similar, but Shirogane-san is in other level, he bare the hate from the ones who bullied him since childhood.

Kin: What's your relation with Kazuki? Like that beauty with light blue hair.

Jun: (Little blushed, trying to ignore that question) Let's say, we have in debts. I'm not so opened like the other three girls.

Kin: Is he a womanizer or a blackmailer?

Jun: he! I don't think any option.

Kin: That guy...

Jun: Listen Jun-san, Shirogane won't give the back to the persons he cares, including you. Remember it.

/End of flashback/

Kin: Kazuki, you don't have to keep that bad memory from our grandpa, because I'll do it too.

Kazuki: Kin, I don't know if you can handle like me.

Kin: If you could, I can too!

At next day, Kazuki, Kaori and Kin arrived to the airport.

Kaori: Take care. I want you come back again.

Kin: Don't worry. When I finish my studies aboard, father and I will visit you.

Kazuki: Kin, I... just don't go too far about bear yourself like me.

Kin: I know that won't be easy, but I'll achieve.

Suddenly 4 girls arrived to the airport, to them. It was Akari, Nagisa, Hinata and Jun.

Akari: Hey, Kin-san! Wait!

Kin: You?

Akari: We wanted to say good-bye before you leave.

Hinata: Nice to meet you, I'm Hinata!

Nagisa: And I'm Nagisa. It's a pleasure to know you.

Kin: But how?

Akari: He! I asked Shirogane-kun about you and he told me you were returning abroad.

Kazuki: How could I be convinced to tell you.

Kin: So you wanted to say good-bye to me?

Hinata: Before that, can you give us your cellphone number?

Nagisa: We didn't have time to know each other, so?

Kin: (Smiling) Sure.

Then she gave her number to all of them.

Hinata: (Smiling) Now we can talk each others. We are friends!

Nagisa: Yeah, another friend.

Kin: Friend? (Nearly crying) Thanks!

Jun: Unlike Shirogane-san, you can cry.

Kazuki: (Little upset) Shut up!

Kin: (To Kazuki) Thanks, Kazuki. Even if my boyfriend broke up with me, I can overcome that.

Kazuki: That's the spirit, like our grandpa!

Kin: (Taking her luggage) Okey, it's time to go!

Kazuki: Take care.

Kin: (Talking in low voice to his ear) And you, take care of those four.

Kazuki: (Little blushed) Don't say no-sense things!

Kin was ready to leave but then realized something.

Kin: Oh! I forgot!

Kazuki: What?

Kin: Hey Kazuki, I didn't have the chance to ask you, how is Silver?

Kazuki: He! I told you last time when we spoke, I'm responsible about it.

Akari, Hinata, Nagisa and Jun: (Confused) Silver?

Kin: Okey, let's talk later.

Kin ahead to the airport, everyone moved their hands as saying good-bye to her.

Kaori: I hope my daughter know control her mood, better than you Kazuki.

Kazuki: Sure, she isn't involved the same life style like me. She will be alright.

Jun: Hey Shirogane-san, can you tell us who is Silver?

The girls were interested in that topic.

Kazuki: (Smiling a little) You better not know.

The girls were confused what he said.

At night, Kazuki was walking in a alley, it seems he had another fight because he was dirty.

Kazuki: (Wearing his dark glasses) A weak asshole.

Kazuki keeps walking, but then behind him, eyes were watching at him. They belonged to an furious animal, its fangs at sight. It seems it approached to him from behind, then it attacked him. An animal scream was hearing at night.

That's all, see ya in next episode.