Ep 7: Pet

At morning, Kazuki was trying to wake up, then with difficult he made it.

Kazuki: Last night, it was heavy.

He was taking his breakfast then he noticed a pet dish, he put some little fleshes in it. He leaves it at his door, then he went to school.

Kazuki: I hope it enjoys this.

Kazuki was heading to school, then Hinata was in his way.

Hinata: Good morning! Kazuki!

Kazuki: Good morning.

Hinata: You still have that face of no-friends again.

Kazuki: I should use my dark glasses.

Nagisa: (Arriving) You shouldn't, Shirogane. It's prohibited using gang stuffs.

Kazuki: Okey. (Hidding his glasses) Because I could be expelled.

Nagisa: Okey then, we must go.

They headed to school, it's noticed there was a little animal which was following them.

At break time, Hinata and Nagisa were walking and talking.

Hinata: I wonder if Kazuki allows us to study in his home.

Nagisa: I hope so, he said he lives alone in an apartment.

Hinata: (Happy) Good! I could be with him.

Nagisa: Me too. But...

Hinata: (Confused) What?

Nagisa: You like Shirogane?

Hinata: Well, but you too?

Nagisa: Well...

They were in silent and worried.

Hinata: (Sad) If Shirogane likes someone, it could be one of us, then the other could be sad.

Nagisa: (Sad) But what if he likes only Himekawa-senpai. She's beautiful. Also she could like him.

Hinata: It can't be...

Then Hinata noticed something in the grass.

Nagisa: What?

Hinata: I saw something.

They went to the grass but suddenly an animal jumped and landed in front of them. That animal seems furious while showing its fangs. Hinata and Nagisa were too scared.

The animal was approaching to them like hunting.

Hinata: (Scared) What is it doing here?

Nagisa: (Scared) A wild animal?

They were going back trying to escape, but the animal continued menacing them, it was a wolf.

Hinata: (Scared) Take it easy!

Nagisa: (Scared) We won't hurt you!

The animal opened its snout as approaching more to them. They were too scared and the animal was ready to attack them.

They hugged in fear and fell to the ground. The wolf jumped to attack, the girls screaming in fear.

Kazuki's voice: Sit down!

Suddenly the wolf stopped and sit down as a pet. The girls were funny confused to see its behaviour.

Kazuki arrived and noticed the girls sat on the ground.

Kazuki: What's going on? (Little blushed) Girls... you should get up.

The girls realized Kazuki can see their panties because their legs are opened. Suddenly blushed and covered their skirts.

Kazuki walked and approached to the wolf, suddenly the wolf jumped to him. The wolf was licking his cheek as greeting.

Kazuki: (Happy) Hey! Hey! That's enough Silver.

Hinata and Nagisa: Silver? (Remembering something) Silver!

Nagisa: Shirogane, is that Silver whose Kin-san was referencing last time?

Hinata: Silver is a wolf?

Kazuki: Don't talk aloud!

Akari: (Arriving) What's going on?

Kazuki: Tch! The princess came too.

Akari: (Noticing the wolf) What is that wolf doing here, and how Shirogane-kun is cuddling it like a dog?

Kazuki: It's a long story.

Nagisa: But, it's prohibit a wild animal in school!

Hinata: We should ask the police to take it to the zoo.

Kazuki: (Angry with evil eyes, with Silver at the same time) Don't dare!

The girls were scared by those stares.

Later, at Literature club, Kazuki and the girls were talking, along with Silver.

Kazuki: This little friend was with me years ago.

Jun: Your friend?

Akari: I don't think it's a good idea to keep a wild animal here. That should be in a zoo.

Kazuki: (With rage eyes with Silver) Don't dare to touch him!

Akari, Nagisa and Hinata were funny scare to see them.

Akari: They are so scary.

Jun: Like pet like master.

Hinata: But how a wolf can be so friendly with you?

Nagisa: Usually the wolves are mostly with their own race.

Jun: How that Silver is obeying you?

Akari: A wild animal can interact with a wild guy.

Kazuki: Shut up.

Jun: How could you pet that wolf?

Kazuki: It was 12 years ago.


Kazuki's voice: When I was 4 years, I found Silver that was lost.

Kid Kazuki was walking alone, he seemed had a fight because his clothes were dirty. While was walking in a park, then in the grass he heard a howl.

He checked and found out a wolf cub, it was injured and scared.

Kazuki: Hey, what are you doing here?

The little wolf was sad and scared by looking Kazuki who had a cold mood. Then he stretched out his hand to it.

Kazuki: Don't be scared, I won't hurt you. Somehow you reminded me.

The wolf walked to him, then he stroke its fur.

Kazuki: You have light hair and injures like me. How ironic.

The wolf felt tranquility after being stroke by him. Then Kazuki was carrying the wolf while returning to his home. At his department Kazuki watched the news, about a group that transfer illegally animals from its habitat.

Kazuki: (Hugging Silver) So you escaped from those bastards. You must miss your family. My parents rejected me because of my appearance.

The wolf licked his cheek as thank his help.

Kazuki: I guess we have in common, little buddy.

He remembered when his parents abandoned him.

Kazuki: I can't keep you here because some people could send you to the zoo. You won't want to go there, right? (Showing its eyes as rejecting that idea) Then, we must find a way to keep our bond, we must start giving you a name.

Kazuki was thinking while lifting the wolf with his hands to his eyes.

Kazuki: You have gray fur, like my hair. I know! Your name would be... Silver!

The wolf howled in happiness.

Kazuki's voice: That was our first meet.

Some years later, it's seen Kazuki and Silver were running a long road as training. Then Silver was attacking Kazuki while he dodges its attacks.

Kazuki's voice: After that meet, Silver and I were the only friends who were together, while people don't to be with us. We grew up while training alone. But when Silver got older, I knew I couldn't keep it in my home. So it goes where no one can find it, and sometimes it comes to feed and play.

/End of flashback/

Akari: Oh? So you had a friend?

Jun: That's weird for a dangerous guy, obviously is required another dangerous beast.

Kazuki: Anyway, Silver supports me as an partner in some fights.

Girls: Partner?


It's seen last night, the moment Kazuki was walking in the alley after beat a guy who was on the ground.

Guy: (Injured and angry) You son of a bitch! Don't think you can leave without get the same injuries like me!

The guy stood up and took a knife and prepared to attack him but then a wild beast was approaching, but not to Kazuki, but the guy. The guy realized the beast was behind him and bite his arm making him to drop the knife. He was the one who screamed aloud while his arm was bleeding.

The guy fell again while suffering by the injury, the beast was Silver the wolf. It wanted to eat like a wild animal. Silver was approaching the guy who was in horror to see its eyes.

Kazuki: That's enough! Silver!

Silver stopped and sat as obeying his words.

Kazuki: (Stroking its head) Good boy, but remember, don't eat people if I don't order you.

Guy: (Scared and confused) How can you dominate a wild beast?

Kazuki (With rage eyes along with Silver) Don't dare to face us!

Then Kazuki and Silver went to his home.

/End of flashback/

Kazuki: Silver arrived at time to save my back. That makes it my partner.

Hinata: Wow! You are like beast tamer!

Nagisa: Maybe it works when you raise a little cub from its birthday.

Kazuki: Whatever, I took care Silver and that made us happy.

Jun: Even though, it will be a problem if anyone knows.

Kazuki: It's okey, Silver will go to its lair, it will return when it needs me.

Akari: That's so cute, but we are forgetting something important.

Jun: What? Himekawa-senpai?

Akari: The exams for next semester, we must be ready.

Nagisa: That's right, next week we'll have our exams.

Hinata: (Happy) After that, we'll have vacations weeks!

Akari: If you want them, you'd better get good grades.

Akari: (Little sad) Yes, Himekawa-senpai.

Nagisa: We need a place to study.

Akari: Then, what about Shirogane-kun's home?

Nagisa, Hinata were blushed while Jun was little surprised to hear her idea.

Kazuki: Hey! Why don't you ask me first?

Akari: Shouldn't be a problem?

Nagisa: (Little blushed) Well... I guess it's okey.

Hinata: (Little blushed) Sure...

Jun: It's a good idea I think, also Shirogane-san needs to step up with his grades. We could help him, don't you think?

Kazuki: Tsk! As you like.

Akari: Tomorrow is sunday, then, let's meet tomorrow at morning.

Kazuki: (Uninterested) Go on.

At night, Kazuki was feeding Silver with some pork.

Kazuki: Make sure to hide, I'll look after you when I finish the study session.

Later, in a flashback, it's seen Kazuki's parents talking alone in the living room. They didn't notice kid Kazuki was at the other side as listen their conversation.

Kazuki's father: I can't believe my son had my father's hair!

Kazuki's mother: How could I bear such creature!

Kazuki's father: Our neighbors and acquaintances will begin to be apart from us!

Kazuki's mother: I can't continue taking care that child!

Kazuki's father: We must leave that kid!

Kazuki's mother: I'm agreed!

Kid Kazuki was sad in silent to hear his parents words.

Suddenly he woke up at midnight.

Kazuki: (With his hand on his forehead) I can't be affected with that again!

At next day in the morning, Kazuki was on his bed, then he heard someone ringing at his door.

Outside there were the girls with some books for study session.

Kazuki: Why is someone making me wake up too early.

Kazuki opened the door, the girls saw in pajamas.

Akari: Good morning, Shirogane-kun.

Kazuki: (Yawning) So it's going to be so early?

Nagisa: Shirogane, we must get all the time to study!

Hinata: Yeah, Kazuki, you must effort to pass the next exams!

Jun: Unless you want to be in extra sessions to pass in school during the vacations.

Kazuki: Well, come.

The girls were looking his room, then Kazuki wore off his shirt. He was half-naked, the girls were little blushed to see his naked muscles.

Akari: (In her state) What? What? What? Why you took off your shirt in front of girls?

Kazuki: What are you saying? Oh? Sorry, I'm getting used to do it because I didn't have visits.

Jun: (In her state) Don't you feel embarrassed?

Kazuki: Why? I'm not a girl.

Akari: That's not the point! Pervert! Go change your clothes in your bedroom!

Kazuki: Yeah, yeah.

Kazuki went to his room to change clothes.

Nagisa: (In her state) Oh my! So that's a boy's body!

Hinata: (In her state and her hands on her cheeks) He's so hot! I can't forget that naked body!

Later; Kazuki and the girls were at a table as studying seriously.

Kazuki: Those topics, were so hard to understand.

Hinata: Yeah, but thanks to Himekawa-senpai, we could understand those exercises.

Akari: You'd better not forgetting those parts, I think those would be in the exam.

Nagisa: Sure, thanks to teach us, Himekawa-senpai.

Jun: I guess we can relax for today.

They stretched their arms as relaxing.

Kazuki: I'm tired.

Hinata: By the way, Kazuki, where's Silver?

Nagisa: Yeah, I didn't notice its presence.

Kazuki: It just went to anywhere, we'll meet some day.

Jun: You really trust each other.

Akari: So I guess we must go home. See you tomorrow!

The girls went to their homes. Kazuki relaxed more.

Kazuki: Why I must be in care with those girls?

Jun: Because we're friends, right?

Kazuki: (Noticing her presence) Ah! Natsukawa? You didn't leave?

Jun: I just want to tell you something. (Approaching to him) Take care of us, as you did with your little friend. (She leaves)

Kazuki: I know, I hope Silver is safe.

At other side, Silver was going in some fields but suddenly someone shot a tranquilize dart, making it to feel dizzy.

Guy: We got a good pet, they'll pay too much money for this!

At next day, Kazuki was walking as checking his cell phone.

Kazuki: (Reading) We must reunite at library for the study session.

Suddenly he heard some howls.

Kazuki: Those howls! Silver? No way!

Then he saw a truck passed at his side, at slow motion he saw Silver in a cage.

Kazuki: (Worried) No! Silver!

Kazuki run chasing the truck which headed to the port.

At the port, some guys were carrying some cages with animals.

Guy 1: I'm glad we catch a wolf before we leave in the boat.

Guy 2: I wonder how it make to come here?

Guy 3: Who cares? As we get paid for this animals!

The guys were putting the animals in a boat, they were ready to leave. Kazuki arrived the place, his cellphone rang, it was Jun's message. It said "Where are you? The study session began 20 minutes ago"

Kazuki: (As writing a message) Sorry, I have a important business. I won't be there. Tell them is my own risk.

Kazuki entered the port, he found Silver in a cage and liberated it.

Kazuki: We must leave.

But Silver seems sad as watching the other animals in cages.

Kazuki: Okey, they have the same rights like you to be free.

Kazuki was liberating the other animals, but the guys realized his presence.

Guy 1: Hey you! Brat! Why are you liberating our commodity!

Guy 2: You'd better run!

Guy 3: You won't make us lose our money! White-haired kid!

The guys run to catch him but he dodged their attacks and hit two guys.

Guy 2: It looks like a kid knows martial arts.

Guy 3: So childish.

Kazuki: I'm always into street fights.

Guy 1: Don't screw us! Get him!

The guys run to attack again but then Kazuki and Silver attacked first making them fall into the ground.

Kazuki: (Satisfied) Point!

Guy 1: (Taking a pipe) You're going to respect your elders!

Suddenly Kazuki whistled and Silver run and bite the guy's arm as obeying his order

Quickly, Kazuki run and hit the guy 1.

Kazuki: (Stroking Silver) Good boy.

Kazuki was ready to leave but then the guy woke up and opened some cages, liberating some wild animals.

Guy 1: (Angry) Die you bastard!

The wild animals were furious and run to attack Kazuki but he used his scary eyes. The wild animals stopped and were scared to see him. The guy was confused.

Guy 1: No way! What kind of human you are?

Kazuki was in his state, scaring the guy too.

Kazuki: Don't hurt my little friend anymore!

The guys were unconscious after that battle, then some cop patrols arrived to the port, arresting the guys.

At night at his home, Kazuki was stroking Silver as watching the news.

Tv reporter: As you can see, these guys were responsible of illegal commerce of animals. The animals were taken to their natural habitat. It's not clear how these guys were injured...

Kazuki: Your friends are safe now, you can be quiet.

Silver was happy to hear that.

Kazuki: Make sure to go to your lair more cautious.

At next day, Kazuki was with Jun at the Literature club, also Silver was with them.

Jun: It's strange Silver is with you, even here. You know that will be a problem if the school counseling find out.

Kazuki: I know but I can't abandon someone important.

Jun: As expected from you. You care even animals.

Kazuki: I do the things in my way. (To Silver) Make sure they don't see you.

Then Kazuki was in class.

Kazuki was sat as thinking deeply.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "I don't care what my parents said about me, I'll make my life as I want. Be sure about this, grandpa"

He received a mail in his cell phone.

Akari's voice: (As reading her mail) "Don't forget we must study extra hours because of your escape. Make sure you will be there."

Kazuki: That girl. (Thinking) "I could be a delinquent, but I'm not alone in this live for now"

But suddenly some students were crying.

Student 1: Ah! Watch out! A beast!

Student 2: A wild animal escaped!

Silver appeared in his class, run and jumped to Kazuki, looking for protection.

Kazuki: Silver! I told you not to be seeing!

Suddenly a group entered to his classroom. It was the school counseling.

Counseling member 1: Hey! That wolf must be in a zoo!

Counseling member 2: Kazuki Shirogane, stay away from it!

Counseling member 3: Or you will get a penalty for keeping wild animals in school!

Kazuki: Oh, shit! I guess I have no choice. (He stood up and then turned back) Run Silver!

Suddenly Kazuki and Silver jumped to the window to outside.

Counseling member 1: Hey, stop!

Kazuki and Silver run as trying to escape.

Kazuki: (Thinking) "We must care each other, partner"

That's all, see ya in next episode.