I won't lie, I'm bad at writing people speaking the way they do in westerns which is why I didn't bother to try. This is meant to be the start of a series of one shots.

The birds were so high in the sky Eben Ross couldn't tell what kind they were, but they were certainly nice to watch as they became black dots contrasting the full moon. It was a nice night, without a single cloud which meant he could see all the stars that made everything seem so much more magical. While he has always been made fun of for this, he has always been a romantic at heart and be could see this as the perfect romantic spot. Perhaps a little to cold, but except for that everything was perfect.

"Will you stop thinking like a woman and get ready? They're all down there." his former superior from the army Captain Jameson told him angrily. The annoyance on his face hilariously made him look exactly how he did when he died back in '64 and his burden passed onto Eben.

"While I hate to agree with Jameson, he is right Eben-San." Yuki told her successor, who sighed with a mixture of agreement and annoyance. "There is no reason to wait any longer."

"Fine, I'll get moving. But the two of you need to relax more. You will be much happier if you stopped burdening your shoulders with things that aren't your concern." Eben answered as he got up and began checking he had everything he needed.

"We're dead and stuck here you idiot. We have nothing to be happy about." Jamesom told him as Eben checked his Beaumont-Adams revolver, and after assuring himself that it was loaded he put it in his holster. After checking his horse Samuel was tied safely to a tree, he pulled the knife out from the scabbard at his belt. The hilt was clearly old and worn out, but the golden blade still shined from the moonlight and looked as sharp as ever despite Even never having to sharpen it.

"Okay. Let's do this." he said to himself as he put his ebony black hat on. He was wearing a black jacket over a white shirt and dark trousers with matching boots, and around his waist was his gun holster was tightened against his waist.

For the last month a small town near the boarder of Mexico has been plagued by a gang of vicious and remorseless outlaws. Eben had just been following his instincts, directed by the knife, and it had brought him to the town. All it took was asking around and threatening the sheriff, who cares little about the people he was supposed to protect. Once he had seen the golden knife he quickly began to explain how his brother was the leader of the gang and he didn't want to hurt him so instead he let his brother terrorise the innocent. Once Eben knew where the gang was hiding he slit the sheriff's throat and moved on, and after some quick scouting found there were only eight gang members not counting the leader. Not surprising seeing as how high the risk of infighting there was, and he was willing the bet the sheriff's brother wasn't the one who formed the gang.

"So what exactly is your plan friend?" Addison asked him as he stood by a tree that Eben is walking past. "Take the fiends out one by one without any of them noticing?"

"No, I was thinking of just going into the centre of the camp and killing them all." Eben told the knight, while frowned in annoyance at Eben's lack of a plan. While Addison often tries to convince Eben that a plan would keep him alive longer, as did many others, Eben didn't see the point considering his situation.

Eben marched down the hill towards the camp, not bothering to be silent as he stepped on sticks that snapped under the pressure and tiny animals ran away as he approached. The twenty-seven year old held the knife tightly in his hand, and he gripped it even more tightly when he saw a guard. The man looked pretty young, probably joined them recently. A shame, but the knife was never wrong. It was telling him to kill the man who looked barely older than twenty, and Eben knew the knife was never wrong. Well, the truth was he hoped it was never wrong but it's not like he had a choice in this.

He threw the knife forward and it easily sliced into the man's throat, who's eyes widened in shock. This shock quickly turned into horror as he realised he was going to die and as he slumped to his knees, Eben summoned the knife back to his hand. He flew backwards in the air and it slammed right into the palm of his hand just as the younger man fell face first into the ground. Eben walked past the criminal and into the camp, looking around to find that the seven remaining members were either in their tents or had their backs to him.

"Hello gentlemen." he said loudly after clearing his throat, causing the men outside to spin around. Once they saw him they began yelling and waking up the ones in the tents while Eben continued to talk. "I apologise for the inconvenience, but I'm here to kill all of you."

Even felt the bullet his his chest and for the briefest of moments the air left his lungs. When this had first happened to him at the age of eleven, just seven months after coming into possession of the knife, he had freaked out and let his target escape. None of the previous owners of the blade thought to tell that the blade healed damage like that and he had ran around screaming his head off for about twenty minutes thinking he was going to die, not even registering that it didn't hurt as much as it should have. And he would have died if he had dropped the knife before the blade was done healing him.

The bullet popped out of his chest as the wound healed over and he grinned slightly at the looks of shock and horror as they all stared. He then swiftly pulled his revolver from his holster, aimed it at the one who shot him and fired. He was admittedly not a great shot so thankfully the man was close to Eben otherwise he would have felt very embarrassed. The sound of the gunshots, from his own and those belonging to the outlaws surrounding him, reminded him of his days in the army as a drummer and honestly helped him in ignoring the very brief flashes of pain as the bullets hit. While they didn't hurt as much as they should, they still stung especially when he felt one pass through his neck. As everyone stopped to reload, not bothering to look at the man Eben had killed, Eben made his move and started firing at everyone and stabbing them.

He felt bullets cut through his body and sent his teeth flying out from his face, but he ignored the pain. He kept shooting and when the revolver was empty, he shoved it quickly into the neck of one of he criminals trying to tackle him. Blood was practically spat out when he did so, and some hit Eben in the eye much to his annoyance. But hesitation could easily get him killed as someone could try to take the knife, and so he stabbed the next person to approach him. Eventually Eben found himself sitting atop a corpse watching his leg slowly heal, the bullets being popped out and the skin healing.

"You've missed one idiot." Jameson told him, and Eben looked around to see one of the outlaws crawling away. Eben sighed in annoyance before pushing himself up and limping his way towards the criminal, the limp slowly vanishing as he did, and the outlaw visibly began to breath harder when he saw Even looking down at him.

"What...what are you?" he coughed out, still trying to crawl away. They all did that, even though they knew they weren't going to survive. The instinct to survive, to fight, to kill anyone who might want them dead always pushed them forward.

Eben didn't bother to give him a response, he just crouched down and swiftly stabbed the knife into the criminal's throat. The man chocked for awhile, and clutched at his throat when Eben removed the knife. Eben stood up and walked away, knowing his job was done here and that it was time to move on. Hopefully he will get a few nights of rest before the knife senses someone else deserving of death and Eben has no choice but to deliver it.

Please tell me what you think and if there are any spelling mistakes or sentences that don't make sense. Like I said this is meant to be the start of a series of one shots with each one focusing on a new protagonist in a different period of history. For instance I have one idea about a pirate and another about Addison, and I'm going to try to research as much as I can for one shots set during major historical moments. I know there was a lot of stuff here but I thought it would be more interesting to start with a protagonist who has had the knife for a few years as opposed to someone who just got it as otherwise we would have just gotten one of the predecessors explaining everything all at once which would have been boring. If there is anything in here that you found unclear and wasn't explained properly let me know, and I'll work in a better explanation for my next one shot and I will explain it to you by message.