I had a dream last night that's been haunting me since I woke up from it. The dream begins with me waking up in my room. Everything looks the way it always has at first because of the darkness shadowing everything. I then step out of the bed and notice everything else from my room is missing except the door. My closet is gone and in its place is a wall that hadn't been there before. My chairs and bedside table have also vanished.

There's a feeling of uncertainty that flows through my head as I consider whether or not I should explore some more. My curiosity gets the best of me and I slowly turn the doorknob and walk into the hallway. My hallway is far from anything special. There's only two framed pictures and they're both imitations of paintings I could never afford. Both of them are gone and so are the two other doors that lead to the bathroom and second bedroom. I walk down the hall and see a glimmer of light peeking from around the corner.

My instincts tell me to hide and I quietly peek around the corner to see my kitchen looking the way it always has. The lights positioned above the sink are the only lights on in the entire room. I check every corner of the room to see if anything is hiding and breath a sigh of relief once it's clear that there's nothing else in here with me. Another light catches my attention as I look to my left and see it shining through the basement door.

Something about basements will always bring about dread to anyone who has to investigate them alone. There also sounds like footsteps coming from downstairs. My first natural thought is to contact the police. The unfortunate thing is that I can't even do that because it was lost along with everything else in my room. A few deep gulps push down my throat before I quietly open the door and take some more steps downstairs.

A sound of light breathing can be heard from somewhere downstairs. My heart is beginning to pound in my chest as I reach the bottom of the stairs. I'm about to touch the last steps when I hear a door slam. My already thumping heart does one giant thump before I turn the other way and run upstairs. My interest in whatever is hiding downstairs has been overshadowed by the growing fear of whatever is after me. I bolt up the stairs and close the door, breathing so hard that I lean against the wall and slide down.

The light continues to glow from the basement door. There aren't any sounds of movement being heard. I take this opportunity of peace to leave through the front door. I have no hope in my home being safe with everything going on. My body moves towards the door before I can even process the thought and I find that the doors are gone as well. More and more of the house appears to be missing as I spend more time in it.

A rattling sound from the other side of the basement door is heard. I can feel a chill running down my spine as I see the doorknob turning through the corner of my eye. The door opens just a smidge and a very unfamiliar looking thing is seen through the cracks. It looks like a person with very wrinkly skin, each fold looks like they're being squished against the other. There's also a very dry look to them as I think I see tiny flakes fall off as it moves. These are the only feature I can really identify before I run to my room.

Just as soon as I start running, something heavy fills my legs and I feel myself slowing down as the creature behind me begins to pick up the pace. I can hear what sounds like a leg sliding across the floor. I fall to the floor and dig my fingers into it as a desperate attempt to push forward. The creature is now breathing heavily and it sounds like a wheeze trying to get through a straw.

Now I'm about to exit the kitchen as the rest of my body begins to weigh heavily on me. Even breathing has become unusually difficult for me. The creature's shadow looms over me. I can see wild hair sticking out in every direction. I'm about to desperately reach for the doorframe that leads to the hallway when I feel something slimy touch the top of my head.

This is when I wake up. I'm sweating profusely and too afraid to leave the bed. I've checked the basement since the dream and there's no sign of anything happening from the dream. I know that should be obvious, but being reassured after getting scared so badly helps a lot.

Now if only I could find an explanation for the whispers.