The Molegator

I wander through these choking woods
Where shadows reign when sunshine should
And crunch on outcast leaves strewn crudely 'bout,
But looking 'round from where I stood
I find I know not if I could
Find the path that safely leads me out.

These woods with fearful beasts are fraught
And yet I know if I were caught
By raging bear that rears its ugly head
Or stealthy snake with deadly plot,
With strength in darkened woods I sought,
I rise and strike these cursed demons dead.

But suddenly I hear a sound
Of rustling 'cross the rotting ground
And vengeful growl that strikes no terror greater,
So fearfully I turn around
And though no monster can be found,
I know 'twill be the dreaded Molegator.

The Molegator hates the light
Despite the fact it has no sight;
Patiently submerged in shadowed minds,
It hunts for shame in darkest night
Whose reptile fangs do glisten white
With poison that is by your fear enshrined.

Though I am paralyzed by fear,
I beg myself to move from here
Before my pounding heart is plainly heard.
I will myself to disappear;
The Molegator's drawing near!
I'm being taken in by the absurd...

Option I:
The Molegator's snuffling snout
Finds my heart and rips it out
And sinks its teeth into my hopeful dreams.
Its poisoned scales slash me about
And whisper all my deepest doubts
'Til hungry eyes are all that's left to gleam.

Option II:
Another growl splits through the air;
I catch a glimpse of coarse black hair-
Molegators have but dirt-filled scales...-
I stand up tall and shout to scare
What was at last naught but a bear
And not the haunted beast that shame entails.

Option III:
As the growling again begins
I feel the weight of all my sins
Crush me as the rustling persisted,
But when I paused to look within,
I saw no beast that lies therein
For Molegators never have existed.