"Lies are told by people who remember but don't want to believe, so they make up stories and share hope that continues to feed the disease."


We are abandoned in this false land of plain, We can be ridden with all our loss of shame, but we are still driven despite all of our pain, so even if we're forgotten- believe more than one day- it all will be safe and sane,


Why are some pets forbidden?

Because they grow up,

What's over that rainbow? Do I really want to know? Then, what's behind the alleyway? or is it all just part of the show?

Chapter 10, "Tuesday, October 14" W2D1 "First week down, 3 more to go!"

"Is there anymore like me? The other bears don't talk…"

"They just are shy like you dear."

Previously on Zack and Luke

"These are mostly my mom's, she has a cabin up on an island, dad is helping me fix it up." Angel told zack

Maki told zack "so if you start journaling your dad gave you permission to go."

"You look familiar…" Izzi said

and now→

Luke's Journal (in his handwriting)

There's that gift… i gave zack

and a strange -bad- tophatman; THM

(SO) obviously!- people soo know something

and this strange park… that I was practically raised in...

Plushkins too! what are they? are they haunted cyborg dolls? 'cus Noah's definitely one.

"FWD,3MTG!" Zack exclaimed as he drew his pen around, before school officially got out.

'First week down, three more to go..?' Luke thought as he watched Zack become excited about something that second tuesday in October, 'Probably Zelda's haunted house, or…' then asked Zack, "Till what?"

"Till dress up day!" Zack exclaimed, "Candy holliday and my personal favorite, meet your neighbors day!"

"So halloween?"

Zack then took a little lined notebook from his backpack and started writing on the cover.

"Other-Place NotES"

"What are you doing?" Luke asked as he looked over the cafeteria table to read Zack was writing.

"Getting to that journal Maki told us to do." Zack answered Luke as he tried to think of anything else to put in it.

"But that was 3 days ago." Luke replied as he zipped up his backpack.

"Yeah," Zack started, then with a smile, quickly added, "and I'm going to see her good timing huh?"

"Sure…" Luke answered, then as he waited for the bell to ring, took a sip of his orange juice and watched Zack write in his notebook.

;tuesday again, and lots has happened in a week huh? some strange pictures that turned into a conspareacy, going into another world! but theres surely more to come.

homemade oldy clothes, funny odd words, aparently a difrent numberical system too like maki told us, but most of all

Zack glanced at Luke and asked the question he was writing. "if teddy bears are alive… There, does that mean mine are? And if mine are, does that mean that hurting them or abandoning them really hurts them?"

Luke tried to reassure Zack by saying, "I don't think our stuffed animals are like those others Zack."

"But I know that Annabella fixes them, and stuff," Zack said, feeling unsure with the thought, 'Even if mine aren't alive now, that doesn't mean they won't be in the future…' "Zelda told me."

"Then maybe hers are," Luke suggested, "or maybe she just does that, you know?"

"I don't know…" Zack started to reply as the bell rang that tuesday afternoon, "A lot of things had happened in the past week, and most of them really exciting…" then looked around as people walked by and told Luke, "Okay ALL of them exciting!"

Zack folded up his things and put his backpack on while Luke waited for him by the outside doorway and asked, "You ready?"

"Maki said I ought to go home with you," Zack told Luke as they walked out of the cafeteria, then asked, "you think she's going to take us back to the park?"

"Probably." Luke answered as Zack put on his backpack, then opening the door, added, "I hope Noah's home today." When they started to walk down the hallway, Luke looked at Zack and asked, "Did you see her at church? She really looks different now huh?"

"I don't really know if I actually saw her before…" Zack admitted as they went outside and imagined the teenager that hid behind bushes at Snow's house a few months ago, "I probably just saw her picture and imagined her... Probably."

"Maybe, maybe not," Luke turned around on the sidewalk toward Gemini St. Then after walking a few minutes, told Zack, "I guess Joy sees ghosts right?"

"Unless he is one himself!" Zack blurted out. then smiled and said, "Isn't it all exciting?" 'Ghosts and fairies and mirrors and-'

"Yeah," Luke smiled back as he ran his fingers through the parks' fence until they came to the crosswalk that crossed onto Gaile St and thought about how, 'It's different over there, it's better... Everything's better.'

Luke looked at his watch '2:12PM' as the crosswalk light turned to WALK, then as they crossed and walked down Gaile St. toward #34, he thought, 'There's more to that park… Is Noah and Snow coming with us? If Maki actually takes us… and it wasn't just a dream.'

Zack smiled when he saw Snow planting some fall bulbs, then watched Noah's small teddy bear body waving as she called, "Well hello there, it's been so long!"

"Yeah, must have been like 40 hours." Snow said as Zack and Luke walked across the lawn toward him.

"Hi." Zack said, then looked closely at Noah and asked her, "Are you really one of those plushkins?"

Luke looked at Zack and said, "I told you it was."

"IT!" Noah yelled at Luke, "Who are you calling an it? Name's Noah for you my friend, Noah Gottlieb, see I'm not just a girl in a funny bodanamey, I'm biblical too!"

"Hmm." Zack opened his eyes and remembering who she was, thought how he 'Never really could see her before..?' and with a building smile, told Noah, "You look so cool!"

Noah blushed with a giggle and told Zack, "Thank you."

"So," Zack asked, "are you guys coming with us today?"

Snow stood up with dirty stockinged knees from kneeling in the dirt, then answered, "Blue asked us to."

"We were up there a lot during the summer!" Noah started, "Then school started up again... And well…" Noah twiddled around in a fashion of people without knees do. "You know how it goes. Boyfriend's and stuff like that."

"Hmm…" Luke said as he tried to understand that Noah really was living, then answered, "I'm sorry…"

"Don't you worry your sweet handsome face over it honey." Noah told Luke, "The truth is that if things were any much different, certainly I wouldn't be from there!" Noah opened her arms wide as she added, "I'd be down there!" then dropped down on the ground, folded her arms and laughed.

Snow smiled as he picked up Noah and told her, "Well, I'm certainly happy you came back to see me," then went to sit down on the steps adding, "and if you left I think that…" Snow grimaced, with a twist of his head, then boxed his ears and screamed "GO~~~D!"

Around 2:30PM, Maki set her bike down against the deck of 34 Gaile St, Then told her friends, "So I wanted you to meet here since there's a bus stop like," she pointed, "right there."

"Not just to get in touch?" Noah pouted, then laughed as if she was just pretending to be hurt and added, "To join in, in this new exciting chapter of," She noticed that Maki was looking at Zack and Luke swinging on the porch swing, then with a gasp, pointed and added with a pout, "They'res?" she jerked back to Maki with a grunt and told her, "You don't really like us, do you…"

As everybody was coming down the steps, Maki picked Noah up and put the living teddy bear on her shoulders, then Snow sighed and told Zack and Luke, "We just saw her like 2 hours ago."

Maki walked ahead of the group toward the sidewalk and announced her plans, "So today we're going to explore and take notes and make maps, " then looked back at Zack and Luke for a moment to ask, "You have your things right? Good."

"She didn't even look." Luke commented as they followed her down Gaile St. to the bus stop.

Zack glanced at Luke and told him, "Maki trusts us, I trust you, you trust me right?" Zack watched Maki grab a pole and swung around it with Noah, then asked her, "Why are we going to a different park anyways?"

"Because," Maki stopped and let Noah down, "I want to show you somethings, and anyways,"

"That place is Bo-ring." Noah spoke up.

"You know where we went?" Luke asked and wondered 'Is Maki controlling her now?'

Snow sat down on the bench, and then said, "You can't shut Blue up when she's had her coffee."

"HA-HA-HA" Zack laughed, "And Ppapa says Angel does bad in school."

Maki looked over at Zack, then squinted and asked, "Is that what he said?"


The bus that Maki took the group on stopped in two different places before she announced, "We're here!" Then led the group off the bus and toward a small park that lay between two seperate buildings that breezy afternoon. then stopped at the entrance to glance around and explained, "To see if anyone's looking."

As Maki led the group through the small park, with well kept trees, and soon pointed at a tree with the tube that held her canvas and asked Snow, "What's behind there?"

Snow pushed his glasses up, then answered, "It's alright, just an alley."

Maki smiled, then unscrewed the tube and set it down, and as she placed it's cover in her pocket, brought out a strap to tie the canvas around the tree, then looking at how the canvas held up, said, "Okay."

Zack looked at the canvas and saw it was indeed showing an alley, then looked at Snow and asked, "What's that?"

"What's what?"

"He means, how did you know what was behind the tree, Sammy." Noah explained, then turned to Zack and told him, "Don't worry, it's not because I'm from there, It's because of your little angelic cousin, who DOESN'T WANT TO BE AN ANGEL is beyond me… I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to be an angel, especially one who was named one…"

Snow pulled a tiny stone from his pocket, held it up to his eye and said, "It's just a little rock." then handed it to Zack and told him, "I'd give it to you, but, they're quite expensive."

"And easy to lose!" Noah exclaimed, then moved her hand up to show her clumsy grip and explained, "I wish I could have one, I already lost it several times…" as she looked up at Snow.

After Zack gave the stone back to Snow, Luke watched Snow's smile as he picked up Noah, then wondered, 'Can someone walk through a bent doorway?' as they walked through the canvas, 'That's what Joy called it right..?' Luke watched Snow and Noah turn around in the canvasand thought, 'A doorway..?' then reached his hand through and petted Noah.

Noah took Luke's hand with her paws and pulled him in, "Don't be afraid honey, it's not scaredycat."

"It's just... Bent." Luke answered as he turned around to see Zack and Maki in the center of what seemed to be a very skewed window on the other side of the canvas, "It's weird."

"Hrr." Zack tried to keep his eyes open as he walked inside, then smiled and told Luke, "But that's what makes it so cool!"

Maki put her legs on the other side, then held the canvas with her back as she reached to untie the strap, then put it back in her pocket. "One of these days I gotta get a folding one or something…" Maki started to grumble as she tried to avoid having the canvas fall down on her head, "This is so stiff."

"They don't make 'em," Snow replied, as Luke followed him down the alley, "at least that's what he told me."

"Who?" Luke asked with a little bit of hope.

Noah turned her head and answered, "My art teacher!"

Zack held the cover of Maki's tube as she wrapped her canvas up, then after pushing down, she let him screw back on the cover and put it in her backpack.

"So today," Maki started to tell Zack and Luke as she exited the alley to turn left down a sidewalk and into a brightly lit park that had with a few benches and tables surrounded by white picket fences, "I wanted you to learn about your surroundings."

Then when they walked inside the park, Maki added, "In case you get lost. Now I'm sure that there is a map around here somewhere but it's certainly not on Byter! And anyways… Phone pictures don't seem to come out... Which is why we need notebooks!"


Maki took a notebook out of her backpack and handed it to Zack, then he looked inside and saw that the first few pages had little hand drawn maps, lots of notes and lists, some of those strange words or symbols, and various pictures pasted on the pages.

"I don't need one." Noah insisted, then pointed her arm up toward her head and said, "I have it all up here."

Snow looked at Noah and said, "She can't write with a pen anyways."

As Luke noticed familiar motifs and pathways, he started to think that, 'This is just a little part of the whole park.' then asked, "This is the same park right?"

Maki started to open her mouth, when Noah asked, "What park?"

"The Plushkin park for children and pets from Saint Nicole, right?" Zack proudly stated thinking that he said it correctly, "Or something that sounds like…" then not hearing a "Yes",squinted at Maki and asked, "...Right?"

"Ohhh," Noah started, then told Zack, "this isn't really that park honey, it's just a little place near the bank."

"The bank?" Zack asked, then looked around over the fence and thought, 'What bank?'

"Yeah, a little park they have set out near the town center or something," Noah told Zack, then patted her head, then her chest while she said, "See, I have it all memorized."

"Yeah," Maki muttered to Noah in front of a sign that looked as if it might have been instructional, "and if you'd write it down I could see too." Then asked, "Now what's its name?"

"Humph." Noah grunted, "What would be the fun in that, silly? You can just buy a map."

Maki looked at Noah and exclaimed, "With what currency, huh?"

"And this is why Joy should be here." Snow mumbled, then told Maki, "I've got some money from this land at home, I'm sorry I didn't bring it. And Noah, if you know where everything is why didn't you tell me to print it out?"

"I can do it myself." Noah told Snow, "And anyways, it's not safe to print out sensitive matention." then walked closer and said, "If you really want to know, it's in your phone."

"Well anyways," Maki started to tell Zack and Luke as Snow pulled a phone from his handbag, then went sat down at a picnic table with Noah to find some information, "I want you to look around, wander the fence and inside, but if you go outside or in the woods or anything please keep your radios with you guys." then stopped for a moment, gave Zack a hug and added, "Turned on."

"Cool," Luke said with a sense of surrility and thought, 'This is some cool VR game, I wonder how I got here.' Then tried to take off his imaginary glasses and added, 'Or how to get out.'

"What's wrong?" Zack asked Luke.

"How do I get home?" Luke asked as he walked toward the gate, "I mean we can't stay here right?"

"What?" Zack thought loudly, as he followed Luke, "Maki's canvas I guess," holding on to the gate door said, "though she said these things are everywhere, so I suppose there's other ways in and out."

'In and out...' Luke thought then asked Zack, "Did your uncle tell you how to get one?"

"No," Zack answered, then admitted, "But I didn't ask…"

"I think he wants to help me," Zack continued to explain as Luke looked across the street and thought, 'That building, is it the same one we often drive past?' "but he has a family now. He "can't…"

Zack looked to see what Luke was looking at, then asked, "Is that the same building?"

"I think so," Luke answered, "the clock is in the same space, it's the same shape and everything, but… But it's here…"

"Didn't Maki say to find the similarities?" Zack asked.

"Yeah…" Luke glanced back at Maki, Snow and Noah as they sat at a table for a moment and thought, 'Probably looking for that stuff Noah wrote.' then he tried to read the time on the clock. "It's not the same."

"What isn't?"

"The time," Luke told Zack as he crossed the street to take a closer look at the bank buildings clock face, "there's a compass rose not a 12 or 24 or anything… But," then looked at his watch and said, "The minute is though…"

As they wandered on the other side of the street, a car passed and Zack looked back to notice how the cars were, some had running boards and there were horse buggies looking one's too, and the pavement was cobblestone with trolley rails in the middle, then as his mind wandered, smiled as he wondered if he'd tip over the track and said, "These cars are really old, maybe we really are back in time."

"Or just a fantasy movie set." Luke added skeptically as he glanced around at the picturesque scene.

"Or a strange part of the city that we haven't yet gone to before that could be a movie set!" Zack suggested with excitement, then added, "That's what it is you know, and Maki and Snow and Noah know the way, there's probably even a gate like in China town or something."

'A gate' Luke felt with a smile as he glanced at Zack for a moment, then saw Maki looking at them, so he told Zack as he started to cross the street, "They probably found Noah's notes." then mumbled, "She's really a very intelligent robot you know, I wonder who programmed her."

"I wonder if it really is the same bank?" Luke asked as they crossed onto the sidewalk and started to notice even more familiar architecture and pointed to a large factory. "But, yeah, it really is the first national, because that's the "Maplemilk" building."

"Hey." Zack pointed to a large old famous stone carving down the road, "That statue's the same too!" When they walked back inside the sunny park, Zack noticed that many other buildings were the same and knowingly said, "These must be the dark side of the town, like that song, you know."

"You know," Noah walked toward Zack and Luke, then joylently added, "if you really wanna see this "dark side" stuff, you need to see Anna, she has lots of stories about these places."

"Really?" Luke asked as the sounds of a trolly coming closer, "Who's Anna?" and immediately thought, 'I bet I already know...'

"Angel's mom!" Noah answered, "Anyways, You really ought to see her, maybe she'll even come over here with us," Zack tried to pick her up but Noah shook her head with a smile and added, "Either way, it'd be good for her."

Noah walked in front of them and explained, "She doesn't get out too much, Angel says." then paused, touched Luke's leg for him to pick her up, and when he didn't, smiled up at Zack and Luke and added, "But she's starting too! And maybe even do a special at your school. She used to be a performer you know, told stories and played music, got the audience involved to make things for themselves too. She was awesome is what Jossi says…"

When Snow came to kneel down on the ground, Noah faced him and sadly said, "Queen Anna doesn't do those things anymore... Now she's just Making crafts and is mostly bedridden..."

"Zack," Luke turned to look at him, though feeling a little silly, but he was trying to get Noah's jubilant attitude back up and exclaimed "you should know who your cousins own mother is!"

"Angel said she lives with Joy." Zack told Luke, then looked at Maki and asked, "Is she nice?"

Maki took a moment tp call from the table, "When and if she'll actually hold a conversation with you she is absolutely amazing!"

"Well anyways." Noah started to smile. "She made my skin you know. And she made it real quick like just a few hours"

"What do you mean?" Luke looked at Noah and asked, "Skin?"

Snow caught his breath, pushed himself up and told Luke, "She's not just full of fluff you know."

Noah swung her head back and forth as she explained, "I used to like like an big, ugly puppet." then held her mouth open in a smile and exclaimed, "But I was still alive!" Noah left her mouth open like a puppet for a moment, then brought it down with a


A/N: "Byter" is like Wiki and Google. "Smilebook" is like facebook/ and a "plushkin" is a reanimated person.