Adam sat alone on the school bench. The wind blew the brown bangs of his hair into his eyes. At least if his eyes were covered by the hair, he wouldn't be able to see all the other kids. He was a Freshman in highschool, he thought this madness would have ended by now, but it didn't. Ever since the first day of kindergarden, when he showed up in a raggedy old shirt with hole in it, and torn jeans, the kids had made fun of him. Now, 10 years later, he was still being made fun of.

The bell rang, and he knew that it was time to get back to class. His lunch period was over. Every day at this time, he would sit alone at the same bench at the very end corner of the school, and nibble on the half of sandwich that his dad could afford. His mom had died when Adam was only 2, so he didn't remember her at all. He grew up around his dad, a beer drinking, lazy poker-playing guy. Everynight he would go to the bar and leave Adam alone at home to heat up a small TV dinner by himself. Adam didn't have the best life that you could imagine. He lived in an old apartment on the first floor, infested with bugs and germs. It was not a place that any human being should live in. But hey, it was the cheapest his father could find.

Now sitting in class, Adam took out his notebook, ready to take some notes for today's lesson. He heard kids laughing behind him. Adam knew that they were laughing at him. That's all it was ever like in school. "There's Adam, the kid who has no friends!" or "Hey look! That poor boy who has that alchoholic dad!" And many more cruel things to say...and they even said them right to his face!

Adam was used to it all. But this time, He didn't want to hear it any longer. He stood up, took his things, and walked out of the classroom. No one tried to stop him, no one followed him out into the hall to make him come back, he just left. The teacher didn't even look up. Adam didn't know where to go, but he knew it had to be anywhere but there.

**To be Continued...