"I just want to die." Adam said. He walked around Shanice, and continued down the street. Shanice was shocked.

"No way! What do you mean?" Shanice followed after him.

"Listen, even if I did turn my dad in, I would have no place to go. No place to live. Nothing to live for. Listen, do me a favor ok?" Adam asked.

Shanice just stared at him. After looking into his eyes, she knew that he was serious, and there was nothing she could do. But still..she had to try..

"Sure, anything Adam." She replied finaly.

"Listen, I'm going to go back to my house, and my father is going to kill me. I don't want him to get away with it. You need to be a witness. Be about a block from my house, or whatever, and when you hear me scream, go to the police. Tell them that a man named Joseph Nelson killed a boy named Adam Nelson. Tell them where I live. Will you do that for me?" Adam stared at Shanice. She was getting tears in her eyes.

"Yeah..Sure Adam. But are you sure you want to do this? Please, life doesn't suck. There ARE people that care about you." Shanice said to Adam.

"Do it for me. That's all I ask." Adam gave Shanice a hug, then continued down the road. Shanice could do nothing but just sit and wait.

Finaly, she heard it. There was a loud scream, and a gun shot. Now, all she had to do was complete Adam's last wish. She called the police.

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