Chapter 4- The mom's hairbrush

A few weeks passed. Melissa felt that she was getting closer to Filippa every time she sat for her, and felt grateful for the relationship they were developing. The seven-year-old seemed to strive to behave as good as she could, probably having the belting in fresh memory. Melissa had to tell her off a few times, but that was it.
Mr. Wilkingson stated that the kid had been behaving well with him as well. "Not a single spanking for almost two weeks" he said one evening as he came home. "Almost new record I think. I actually thank you, Melissa. You are a great influence on her."
"Thank you, sir" Melissa said. "I'm just happy to spend time with her."

Filippa was so happy to have Melissa as sitter instead of grandma. Melissa was good in many ways. She had much more patience than dad and she was also better att helping her with the homework. And she let her do more fun things in general, like watching tv. And she was also fun, because she liked to play games and stuff.
Filippa really tried her best to behave. She didn't want to end up with another belting, or any spanking at all. One day it was too close when she got into a fight with another girl at school. Lucikly a teacher interrupted before it got too bad, and the teacher let them go with a warning. If dad had known, he would have spanked her hard for sure.
But she didn't get any spanking, not for several weeks. She was quite proud of herself actually for managing to behave and be a good girl all the time.

A setback was just to expect. No child keeps good behaviour forever, so of course something had to happen eventually.
After an afternoon with a bit laid-back attitue from Filippa, struggling with the homework and eventually throwing some quite bad comments, Melissa had enough. She warned Filippa that one single more thing and she would inform the girl's dad about it.
This worked. For about 30 minutes.
After dinner, Filippa insisted watching tv despite Melissa telling her it was bath-time. And there they were again.
"Filippa" Melissa said. "This is enough now of your behaviour."
The girl looked at her for a moment, but then turned her face back to the tv. Melissa picked up the remote and turned the tv off.
"Hey" the girl said.
"You are going to bath now right this instant" Melissa said with stern voice. "And I'm going to inform your dad about your lack of listening."
Filippa looked back at her, suddenly looking guilty. But then, the girl quickly stood up. "Okay, I'm taking the bath now!" she said.
"Watch that attitude, Filippa, don't speak to me with that voice" Melissa said.
The girl shrugged. Then she turned around and went towards the bathroom.

Not until she was there in the bathroom Filippa realized what she had done. She had just put herself into big trouble. It was just that Melissa had been a bit annoying this afternoon, nagging all the time. But Filippa knew she wasn't supposed to talk back. She knew she was expected to listen at all times.
She took a deep breath. Melissa would tell dad and he would spank her when he came home. Maybe she was already talking on the phone to him right now?
Carefully she sneaked back out from the bathroom. No, no voices heard. Where was Melissa? Still in the livingroom?
"This is not the bathroom, is it?" a voice said.
Melissa came out from Filippa's room. What had she been doing in there? Filippa looked at her babysitter. Then she noticed that she was holding something in her hand - Filippa's hairbrush. The one mommy had given her when she had been just four, before she had left. She never used it, it reminded her too much about mom.
"A spanking from me or I'll call and you'll get a spanking from dad?" Melissa asked.
Filippa swallowed. She already knew which one she preferred, but that didn't mean any of the choices would be comfortable in any way.
"Will... will you tell dad if... if you spank?" Filippa said with low voice.
Melissa shook her head. "No, I won't. Just like I didn't the other two times. It's our agreement."
Filippa thought for a moment, tried to find some other solution to the problem. But there was none to find. In her heart, she knew there was only two ways out of this - letting Melissa spank her or let her call dad and expect a spanking from him.
"Well?" Melissa asked.
"You" Filippa whispered.
"Very well then. Come on" Melissa said and took a hold of Filippa's hand.

Melissa led the seven-year-old into her room and sat down on the bed.
As she looked at her, she noticed that the child had tears in her eyes. But not only tears, Melissa also saw guilt. The girl really regretted her behaviour. But that didn't help, the spanking had to be delivered.
"I'm going to spank you for bad attitude an not obeying" she told the kid. "Pants down, please."
The girl seemed to take a deep breath, but then she immediately pulled down her soft pants to her knees, revealing a pair of pink panties with a horse at the front. The second later, she pulled down those as well.
"Over you go, then" Melissa said and guided the kid down across her lap.
For a moment she looked at the cute, pale little bottom in front of her. She gave it a few pats with the hairbrush before delivering the first real smack.

Filippa remembered the sting of that hairbrush, even though it had been almost two years since last time. Her daddy never used it, he always used the hand, spoon or the belt when he spanked. But her mom had used the hairbrush.
"This is multifunction" she had told Filippa when she had given it to her "it works both on hair and on naughty bottoms."
But nowadays, Filippa didn't use it for her hair either. So it usually just lay there on her table. She used to look at it when she thought about mommy, as well as the small figurine of a girl playing the violin which had it's spot in her window. Mom had given that one to her as well.
The fourth hard blow landing on her rear end stopped Filippa from thinking, and she had to concentrate on the pain and not to move too much.

Once again, Melissa was surprised about how little Filippa moved during the spanking. She kicked her feet a bit, but that was about it. It even made Melissa try to increase the strenght of the blows a little bit. This caused Filippa to cry harder, but she didn't move more than before.
After fifteen-sixteen smacks, the little buttocks were satisfyingly pink all over and Melissa ended the spanking with a stinging blow right at the center of the lower part of the bottom.
Then she put the hairbrush to the side and considered what to do next. From that last experience, she knew that Filippa probably was put in corner time after her spankings. But that didn't feel really right. She had been punished, and taken the spanking without any complains. So why punish the kid further?
No, she decided to do like the other times, and lifted the girl to sit on her lap.
Filippa was still sobbing hard. Melissa hugged and hushed the girl, caressing her back. After a few minutes, the child had calmed down.
"My... my mom gave me that brush" Filippa suddenly said.
"Oh, did she?" Melissa said, surprised. She had never heard neither Filippa nor her dad speak about Filippa's mom.
"Yes, before she left" the girl said.
Melissa didn't know what to reply. She had assumed Mr. Wilkingson was a widower.
"Where... where did she go?" Melissa carefully asked.
The kid shrugged. "She didn't want to be with us anymore."
Melissa felt tears in her eyes, and wondered what on earth could make a mom leave her daughter.
Filippa looked up at her. "Don't cry, it's okay" the little girl said and her little hand wiped away a tear from Melissa's cheek.
Melissa laughed a little bit. "Sorry, kiddo, I just wasn't prepared to hear that."
"She used to spank me with that hairbrush" Filippa told. "And brush my hair. Can you brush my hair?"
"Sure" Melissa said at the unexpected question. "Maybe after bathtime?"
Filippa nodded.
"Well, no idea putting the clothes back on" Melissa said. "Get them all off and let's go to the bathroom."

Filippa didn't know why she wanted to let Melissa brush her hair with mom's hairbrush. Maybe she felt that it wasn't more than right that it was used for her hair again, just like it had just been used for her bottom again.
In some way, she felt close to mom when she stood there in the bathroom, Melissa behind her brushing her hair. It reminded her of the many times mommy had done exactly the same thing with that brush. She could even recall one time when she had been spanked before bathtime, just like now.
Her bottom still felt a little bit sore and would soon start to itch a bit. That's why she asked Melissa if she could just wear the nightgown without panties.
"Your choice" Melissa said with a small smile telling Filippa that she understood exactly why she wanted it that way. Filippa slightly wondered if Melissa had ever been spanked when she had been a little girl.

"Well, thanks for today, then" Mr. Wilkingson said.
"Sir, there was one thing... I wanted to ask you" Melissa carefully said. She didn't want to make Mr. Wilkingson upset or seem rude in any way. But she had to know. "Filippa wanted me to brush her hair with a specific hairbrush today. She said that she had gotten it from her mom."
For a moment, Mr. Wilkingson seemed startled. Then he cleared his throut. "Well, that was unexpected. She haven't touched that brush for quite a long time."
They looked at each other. "Come" Mr. Wilkingson then said and showed Melissa to the livingroom where they sat down.
"I don't want to seem..." Melissa said, but Mr. Wilkingson interrupted: "It's good if you know the full story."
Melissa nodded.
"Filippa's mom, my wife, were in a car accident two years ago. Luckily, she recovered physically. But after the accident she wasn't the same person. She started drinking. She could disappear for hours or days, just to show up in a complete mess. I tried everything. Doctors. Psycologists. But she didn't want any help. And suddenly, one day she was gone. She left a note on the kitchen table saying that she wasn't a good mom or a good wife anymore. Then she never came back."
"Is... is she...?"
"She's still alive" Mr. Wilkingson said. "But she doesn't want to have any contact with us. Court gave me full custody. The last thing I heard was that she was living in California somewhere. We still hope and pray that she will recover some day."
The poor man in front of Melissa had tears in his eyes, although he seemed to try his best to have a neutral face.
"I'm so sorry to hear this, sir" Melissa said. "If there is anything I can do..."
"Keep taking care of Filippa" Mr. Wilkingson said. "She needs a female role model in her life now that her mom isn't around."
"I'm honored" Melissa said.