The tomb was a quiet place, the groan of the stone door broke the undisturbed resting area of beasts that had slept for centuries. Air and light poured in illuminating the masses of dust that saturated the air and covered every surface.

"Come on Shay it's cool", Anna encouraged dragging her by the arm through the entrance.

The blond hesitantly followed her lead, less and less sure about defying the coven, she coughed as she inhaled making her anxiety flare.

"It's dusty down here Anna, what about my asthma?".

"It's fine", she dismissed rubbing her hands together. A weak glow emanated from Anna's hands pushing away the air in the vicinity, "See all gone", she said confidently pulling her sweater over her head.

Another girl squeezed through the opening, the clink of bottles in the plastic bag a telltale sign of shenanigans.

"See, how can Miss Aska say we're not strong enough for the coven ritual, we can do everything Jessica can, she just wants her niece in the coven, its bullshit!".

Shay nodded her head and sat on one of the three stone tombs pulling off her cardigan.

"It's blatant favouritism is what it is Kay", Anna agreed bitterly.

Kay sat the bag in her hand down and opened it, passing a wine bottle to Anna. She looked down at it and grinned, "Where did you get this, it looks expensive?".

While Anna wore an impressed smile Shay looked at it concerned, sneaking into a forbidden tomb was already serious, she didn't need stealing added to her list of stupid things she let the other two pressure her into.

The tall girl shrugged off the praise, "Mum and Joe are on a trip the weekend".

The Brunette took a sip and glugged down a mouthful before wiping the excess with her sleeve and passing the bottle to Shay.

She look a sip and spat the sour liquid out, "Please tell me you brought some cheap wine, this tastes so bitter".

Kay sighed rolling her eyes, "I did especially for you lightweight".

"Shut up it's not that, it just tastes gross", Shay defended.

"You just don't have a refined palate like us", Anna grinned giving her best posh impression.

All three girls dissolved into a fit of laughter.

It wasn't long before the young witches succumbed to the alcohol. Shay laughed and then stumbled, her bearings abandoning her. Usually she was barely tipsy when they drank, but the stress of it all had led to her using the alcohol to chase away her budding anxiety, which left room for silliness to fill that void.

The bottle in her hand smashed on impact with the ground, the deep red substance splattering onto the stone floor. In shock she reached to pick it up, fretting about the mess, not considering the obvious hazard it posed.

"Shay stop!".

She didn't and the result was a sharp pointed edge slicing her palm.

Shay sucked in a sharp breath through her teeth wincing as she looked at her hand, "Ow!". The witch looked up at the other two dumbly and shrugged under their pointed looks.

"Sit down", Kay said stepping over the broken glass slowly, careful not to let the dizziness she felt topple her over.

"Gross", Shay said as she looked at the blood pooling from her hand dripping down her fingers.

"You're making such a mess!", Anna sighed frowning as it began dripping on the stone slab.

"Don't worry, it's not like anyone comes down here anyway", Kay pointed out whilst wrapping her hand around the drunken girls injury, atleast no one would see the mess.

Anna placed a hand on Kays shoulder and both witches closed their eyes muttering a healing spell.

A fair amount of blood slid down a crack in the stone, falling inside the tomb. Ancient eyes cracked open inside, waking from what was supposed to be his eternal slumber.

With her hand healed Shay was up again ready to party. As they continued over the following hours unaware, drop by drop her blood fed a beast.

In their drunken state they were oblivious to the grinding of the stone lid being pushed aside, it was only when it hit the ground with a resounding thud that they partially came out of their delirium.

"What the hell!", Kay said taking a few steps closer.

In their rush to defy the coven elders they'd decided to desecrate this forbidden place, not reading the fine print.

She looked over the tomb surprised to see a body.

"Wow, guys look!".

The witch leaned over, looking more closely. Its yellow eyes snapped opened and her scream was cut off by the tight grip on her throat. He tore into her throat hungrily, the skin tearing as she flailed and then went limp. After her blood reenergised the demon he climbed out of the tomb and looked at the remaining two with a feral grin.

Shay hadn't had the flight reaction Anna had, standing still in fear, whilst the other girl clambered to squeeze through the stone entrance attempting to run.

The fleeing witch was drained first, none of her little tricks deterring him. He wanted all three, after hundreds of years he wasn't letting a drop go to waste or escape.

Then went the sobbing blond, his fangs piercing her carotid artery, her warm blood gushing into his mouth filling him up.

Looking at the carnage around his made his slightly scowl, an unfortunate amount of blood had been wasted on his first kill. Her flailing had sent blood painting the nearby stone tomb, the surrounding floor and even a few stray drops had caused blood splatters on the far wall.

Having drained three witches had given him a buzz on top of his usual satisfaction after a meal. Yet his desire to hunt and taste the classic taste of human blood drove his next destination, to consume and hunt and kill.

With a snarl he stepped into a new world of white fire that illuminated the streets, mechanical beasts and thousands of humans in homes unprotected ripe for feasting upon.

After his departure the tomb was silent once again. The freshly dead bodies drained of blood about to be desecrated again as a new set eyes opened, another monster awakening, the blood bathe having provided it just enough sustenance to slowly shift the stone lid aside.

The smell of blood made her salivate after hundreds of years sealed away. Still sharp claws dug into the corpses chests pulling out a previously vital organ. Being second hand in both feeding and post life meant the heart wasn't as plumb or as juicy as usual, but it would suffice.

After feeding she looked at the third tomb, it was closed, only the male demon had awoken. The heart feasting demon looked down at the corpses regretfully, such young girls lives wasted. It was evident that they were witches which meant the coven would be involved.

The panging in the demon's head made her sit down as new knowledge began sinking into her brain, the humans blood activating her assimilation Orac spell.

She felt relieved atleast knowing that she didn't have to do anything, he'd be tracked as soon as they were discovered and he'd be sealed away, no effort necessary on her part.

No risk of being captured again.