It is the day after his eighteenth birthday and Jorund is packing the last of his necessities as he prepares to move out of his mother's house. He runs his fingers through his brown hair, his green eyes full of excitement as he feels that he is ready to strike out on his own. Pulling on the drawstring, closing the bag's opening, he slings his bag over his shoulder and turns around to see his mother standing in the doorway, her eyes full of tears.

"I am going to miss you so much," she says while stepping forward to hug her only son. Wrapping her arms around him and resting her head on his shoulder she continues, "Be sure to visit me after you get settled in, okay? You know how I worry about you."

"Of course I do," Jorund replies, wrapping his free arm around his worried mother so that he can hug her back. "I will be sure to visit you often." The hug lasts for several minutes before it finally ends, allowing Jorund to leave his childhood home behind.

Walking through town, he is taking in his surroundings. The town of Oakhaven is a quaint town comprised of small homes and several shops, one really had a sense of community here. He can't help but feel saddened that he is leaving his birthplace but he knows that this is how life goes. Approaching the edge of town he keeps his gaze forward, towards his new life. All one has to do is follow the road and they can reach the next town over within several hours.

Jorund steps off the road and begins to head for the nearby forest. Cutting through the forest is not the most ideal path to take, but it is the quickest way to the next town over if one knows them. Jorund is very familiar with these woods, having spent many a lazy afternoon exploring them while growing up. Being familiar with many of the paths traveling this route will be very easy for him.

Memories of his childhood start to flood his mind as he is taking a familiar path. The times he has camped out, hiding from his mother when he was in serious trouble, and even just lazing about when he had nothing better to do with his time. He wishes he could relive those days, even if it was only for a moment; such a thing is impossible. At least he can relive them through his memories.

As he is walking he can't help but notice that something is off, or rather a lack of something. He has not seen or heard a single trace of any wildlife. The sound of birds chirping, squirrels scurrying through the trees, maybe even a deer. Their absence is unsettling to him and it is a cause for some concern since this means that something has frightened them off. He stops moving to take a good look around, whatever has them spooked must be close.

Looking towards a clearing he can make out the figure of a woman lying on the ground. Normally this wouldn't be an odd thing to see, but from what he can tell she looks to be huge. "Is she a loft?" He has seen plenty of pictures of these giant women, but to actually see one? Granted, they are a common sight throughout the land and are known to interact and socialize with people.

Straying from his intended path, Jorund begins to head towards the clearing. He has a strong feeling that she won't be the only loft he will see, but to come across one like this is certainly an opportunity he can't pass up. He knows that a loft can range anywhere between thirty to fifty feet in height, and this one looks to be somewhere in the middle of that height range. As he gets closer he can see her more clearly through the trees; long black hair, dark-skinned, and a yellow dress with thin straps over her shoulders. His eyes trail down her body, noting that she has no shoes on her feet, a sight that he can't help but admire.

Getting even closer, he can see something that he had never expected to see. Ropes, pinning her down to the ground. He can't help but be disgusted by the sight, wondering who can do such a thing. He has heard a lot of things about lofts, but not a single thing that could justify binding one. He resolves to undo the ropes that are holding her, only stopping when he hears several voices.

"I still can't believe we managed to pull this off," a man's voice says.

"Are you sure that some rich fool will pay us for this overgrown minger?" a second voice says.

"I guarantee it," the first voice says. "Good for hard labor, and if they can stomach being in a relationship with her she will be more compliant."

Jorund shakes his head at what he is hearing. Talking about her as if she is just livestock to be bought and sold. He walks up to the bound loft, tugging at the ropes as he tries to undo her bindings. This catches her attention, looking down at the small man who is trying to free her. Jorund looks up to see that she is gagged, which explains why she has been so quiet. The most notable thing about her is her eyes, a luminous shade of sapphire, a common trait for lofts. The look in her lovely eyes says that she is scared. Pressing a single finger up to his lips, he shushes her, "Don't you worry," he says in a low tone as he manages to looses one of the many knots., "I am going to get you out of here." Before he can continue any further, he feels something grab him by the neck and toss him back.

Lying on the ground, he looks up to see two men staring down at him. Most likely the two he had heard earlier and they look exactly as they sound. "Well, well," the one says as he cracks his knuckles, "and just what do you think you are doing?"

"I was… you see…" Jorund says as he tries to back away.

The other guy plants his boot on Jorund's chest, pinning him to the ground. You weren't thinking about releasing our guest, were you?"


"A thief and a liar," the first thug says, "Two things I can't stand." He then kicks the man he has beneath his boot. Feeling a sharp pain in his side, Jorund screams. "Unfortunately for you, we were starting to get a bit bored just sitting around and waiting."

The next thing Jorund knows he is receiving blow after blow, these two men refusing to let up on the defenseless target. He can feel his vision starting to go, his consciousness starting to fade. The last thing he sees is a giant hand swatting at one of the men. Falling to the ground he hears a feminine voice shouting, "LEAVE HIM ALONE YOU WORTHLESS VULNS!" With everything going black he is unaware of what is going on around him.

He can feel how his body aches as he is becoming aware of his surroundings once again. The beating he received was pretty severe so he can imagine the bruises he has. His body does not want to move from how weak he feels. Opening his eyes, he is greeted by a large pair of sapphire eyes. Their owner is smiling down at him, looking very relieved. It takes him a moment to recognize the large face that is staring down at him; the loft who he had attempted to rescue.

Looking at her this time, he feels that there is something different about her. All of her features are the same yet he can't help but admire her, finding her to be attractive; her eyes being the one feature that he can't help but be drawn to.

"Oh good," the loft says, "I was beginning to think that you might never wake up." Jorund groans as he tries to sit up, his body refusing to move as if he has no energy. "Don't strain yourself, you've been unconscious for about a week. I've been looking after you this entire time."

"A week?" Jorund asks weakly. He takes a look at his surroundings and finally notices that he is no longer in a forest. He is inside a home, one that is large enough to accommodate a loft. Moving his head slightly, as this is all his body would let him do, to see that he is laying on some clothes that must belong to her. They have been piled in a manner so that it is like a bed for him, the excess cloth being used to cover his body. His face turns red when he realizes that he can feel the fabric on his body. "Where are my clothes?"

"I removed them," the loft answers. "They were torn and covered in blood so I removed them."

With how badly he was beaten, Jorund can easily believe what the loft is telling him. "What happened to the two guys who were beating me?"

The giant woman turns her head slightly, looking downward while saying, "I did what had to be done." Jorund swallows hard. He can only imagine what someone of her size could do to two fully grown men, two well-built men. "Enough about those vulns," she continues in a more cheerful tone.

"Vulns?" This is the first time he has ever heard the word. From the context, he can gather a pretty good idea of what it means.

"Oh!" The loft looks surprised about the injured man's confusion, "Have you never spoken with a loft before?"

"You are the first loft I have ever seen."

"Well, a vuln is what we call a human." She leans in closer, smiling warmly at him. "Do you mind if I ask if you are a freeman?"

"No, my name is Jorund."

"A freeman is a man who is not in a relationship. It is obvious you are not with another loft, and I believe that you have not devoted yourself to a female vuln either, I believe vulns show this by wearing a ring of some kind."

"No, I am not romantically involved with anyone." The loft begins to smile as if she has just heard some highly desired news. "Is there any reason you are asking me this?"

"No reason," she says casually. "How are you feeling?"

"A bit sore still. But I can imagine that I would probably be feeling a lot worse if I didn't have a nurse, like you, taking care of me."

"I'm not a nurse. Everything I have done for you is just basic first aid I have been taught. All lofts are taught how to care for a man."

"I am still grateful for it, miss… I am sorry but I haven't gotten your name yet."

"My name is Florence."

"That is a nice name." He watches as she starts to blush. "I would hate to impose on your kindness, but is there anything I can eat? I imagine that I haven't eaten anything while I lost consciousness."

"Yea, of course. You have had nothing but a sugar-water mixture this past week, so let's get you something more substantial." As Florence stands up, she can't help but continue to smile at him. Her smile, while still seeming warm, seems to have changed to where it seems more flirty.

Jorund watches as she walks across the room towards the kitchen, remaining in his sight. He now notices how long her hair is, reaching down the length of her back and legs until it reaches her ankles. He looks down a bit further with the hopes of getting a better look at her feet. They seem to be large for a woman of her size, her toes appearing to be on the long side. Every time she takes a step he can see her soles, which have a much lighter skin tone than the rest of her.

He can hear her humming as she is in the kitchen prepping something for him to eat. The longer he stares at her the more beautiful he finds her to be. He can imagine that this is most likely because she has taken care of him the entire time that he was seriously injured. He has heard stories of people falling in love with someone because of such circumstances. But to fall in love with a loft? Would it even work? His brain is telling him that such a relationship would never work out. His heart, that he can make it work. Another party is yelling at him, telling him that he would be stupid not to be with someone who has such a lovely pair of feet.

As Florence returns, she is carrying a small bowl in her hand. She places it next to the small man, the contents still a mystery to him since he is unable to see over the bowl's rim. Jorund struggles to sit up but finds himself unable to, his body is too weak to support himself.

"You're still weak. Here, let me help you." Reaching out to him, Jorund can see that, just like her soles, the palms of her hands are a lighter skin tone. Gently reaching behind the weak man she helps him sit up. Looking at the bowl's contents, Jorund is unable to tell what Florence has made for him, the contents smashed into a pulp. Normally this isn't an ideal presentation for a meal but with how weak he is he highly doubts that he would be able to chew any food properly. "I don't have any vuln utensils, so…" She dips her finger into the bowl, covering the tip with the mixture. "I will have to finger feed you.

Watching as the massive finger is approaching his face, Jorund can't help but see the full situation he is in. He knows that she is taking care of him and that his lack of strength won't allow him to fees himself. He opens his mouth, taking the necessary nourishment that he is being offered. The moment it hits his tongue, he is hit with a terrible taste. With a mixture of flavors and strong seasoning, he can't even tell what ingredients have been used to prepare this dish. He tries to swallow what he has, but his throat is refusing to let him push it down. He figures that this dish must have been prepared for nutrients over taste, so he struggles to down it.

"Is it too hot for you?" Florence asks with a look of concern on her face.

"No, no, it's fine," Jorund lies. He would hate to insult the food which she has prepared, especially since it is for his health. Besides, she may be loving and caring now, but there is no telling what she will do to him if he was to tell her that it is the worst thing he has ever tasted. His injuries from those two thugs may be bad, but they are nothing compared to what she could leave him with.

Florence continues to feed Jorund, smiling at him lovingly as he struggles to the contents of the bowl. With every bite he takes, he feels that some of his strength is returning. Once the last bit has been taken, she leans forward, trying to bring her face as close to his as possible. "How are you feeling?"

"I am feeling better now." Of course, this is ignoring the fact that he feels sick to his stomach from what Florence just gave him. He knows that he had to eat it if he has any hopes of recovering.

"So, Jorund…" Florence is beginning to look nervous, her sapphire eyes turning away from him as she continues, "Do you mind if I ask you a question?"

"Uh, sure, go ahead."

"I was wondering…" Florence quickly stands up, "I think it would be better if I showed you."

As Florence walks away, Jorund again finds himself admiring the beautiful woman. His eyes never leave her as he watches her rummaging through a drawer, obviously looking for something. This does not last long as she begins to return to where he is at, the object she was searching for clenched in her hand. She has a hopeful loom on her face, her eyes locked onto him. Looking into her eyes, he feels that they are her loveliest feature, how the color of her irises seem to change depending on how the light hits them.

Extending her hand towards the vuln, she shows him a necklace that is resting on her palm. The necklace is small when compared to her but looks as if it will fit around his neck. On the chain is a medallion that is engraved with an intricate design. Looking up at the large woman, Jorund can see the smile on her face, her eyes looking hopeful. "A necklace?"

"I'm asking if you want to pair with me."

"Pair with you?"

"I am asking if you want to be with me, romantically."

"You mean, marry you?"

"That is what a vuln would call it, I suppose. When a vuln pairs with a loft, he has her love. Not only that, but I can offer you something in return. Most often it tends to be a service she can provide or helping out with a job. What do you want from me?"

The idea of marrying the beautiful woman before him has never crossed his mind. Now that he is being offered the chance he can't think of a reason to say no. "The only thing I would want from you is your love, that is more than enough for me." Looking at her face, he can see tears forming in her eyes. "Did I upset you somehow?"

"No, no," Florence answers between sniffles, "You have done nothing wrong. It just sounds like… I mean it seems to me… Do you honestly love me, is that what you are saying?"

"You have been taking care of me for the past week and from my time with you seem to be a very loving, very sweet loft. I can honestly say that I do love you and would love to pair with you."

The giant woman covers her mouth in disbelief, tears of joy running down her cheeks. "You're bonding with me?"

"I suppose so. But, what do you mean by bonding? I thought I was pairing with you."

"A bonding happens when both a loft and vuln truly love each other. No arrangements are made, no deals are struck. The two bond because of their love for one another."

Looking up at the smile on Florence's face, he can see just how happy she is. He may not know how a bonding is more significant than a pairing but he does know that it is important to her. Smiling back at her he can already picture the two of them together as a happy couple. "I would consider myself lucky to bond with you."

Florence squeals from excitement, bouncing as if she can hardly contain herself. Jorund isn't too surprised with the happy woman's reaction, he has heard about plenty of women reacting this way when they would receive a wedding proposal. The next thing he knows a large hand is wrapping its fingers around his still sore body before he is lifted into the air.

He cringes in pain as Florence's grip on him is agitating his bruises. He can't blame her for having such a grip on him, otherwise, he would fall to the floor, which is more than a two-story drop for him. He is then thrust into her bosom, her arms wrapped around him as she is hugging him. Normally he would appreciate a gesture, but he is in pain from how much his body aches, something that the happy loft is oblivious too.

"I can't believe that I am now bonded to a vuln!" she says excitedly. "Do you have any idea how rare it is for a loft and a vuln to be bonded? Most of the time it is a pairing. Yet you, you want to be with me! You actually love me!" She looks down to see the look of pain on Jorund's face, "I'm so sorry! Am I hurting you?"

Immediately he can feel her grip loosen around his body. Not so loose to where he can slip through her arms and fall, just loose enough so that he can be comfortable. "I am still a bit sore." Looking up he can see that she has a look of love and concern in her eyes. He knows that she would never hurt him intentionally but the fact that she could, by accident, does worry him. "So if we are bonding, is there a ceremony we have to attend?"

"Nothing elaborate," Florence answers. "All you need to do is accept the necklace and then we go to the town hall to make our bonding official and legal." To Jorund, this sounds very similar to a couple who chooses to get married at a courthouse. He has always pictured a more traditional wedding at church, but so long as he is with the woman he loves he knows that it doesn't matter. "Also," Florence's face begins to turn red as she continues, "the two of us laying in bed together as we get very, VERY, intimate."

This is one detail that has slipped Jorund's mind. Even if his body wasn't sore how is he supposed to make love with a woman of her size? He is aware that there are possibilities but there are none that he can think of. "Yeah," he begins to say nervously.

"That will have to wait," Florence says as she places the necklace around Jorund's neck, "With how sore you are I don't believe that we can get that intimate tonight. We will have plenty of time to be together in such a manner."

"I will admit that is one issue I was worried about."

"Worried about how you would manage?" Florence replies with a giggle.

"Well, yeah." Jorund can't understand what is so funny, he does feel that it is a genuine concern.

"Don't you worry about that. All lofts take classes that are about vulns, and those classes did cover how to be intimate with one." She sets Jorund back down on the table as she continues, "Tonight, we will just lay in bed and be close to one another." She begins to slide her dress off, exposing her bare skin as if she is trying to seduce the relatively tiny man. Jorund can't help but stare at Florence now, admiring every inch of her body. "From how you are gawking at me I take it you like what you see?" Jorund can only nod, most of his blood being concentrated in a single area. "Glad you do, because I am all yours."

Being pick up once again, for the second time, Jorund is expecting to be brought to her ample-sized breasts. Instead, he is brought up higher and greeted by the sight of a by of lips that are puckered up and ready to give him for a kiss. The pair of lips envelop his face and he can't help but kiss her lower lip. This is an odd experience for him, having always thought that be would lock lips with another woman. He can't help but find this unique experience to be a pleasant one as they hold their display of affection for several moments. When he is finally pulled away, the two can't help but smile at each other as they have both experienced their first kiss.

Florence heads over to her bed. "One thing I need to do before we lay down." Reaching behind her, the loft grabs her hair and begins to wrap it around her new husband. "Loft tradition, wrapping a vuln with your hair to make sure that they are comfortable and secure."

He notices just how soft and silky her hair feels on his body. If this is a tradition, as she claims it to be, he does hope that it is one that she will continue to observe. "Is this why you let your hair grow so long?"

"For this very reason, yes. All lofts keep their hair long so that they can keep their vulns safe and secure."

Clutching Jorund to her chest, she lays in her bed and covers up. With him secured between her breasts, his head buried between the two mounds of flesh" she can see just how content he is. "You should get some sleep, we have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." She wraps her arms around him, holding him close to her. I love you."

Looking up at the loft who is embracing him, Jorund smiles back at her, "I love you too." Never before has Jorund laid in a spot that is so comfortable, the woman's breasts making for a soft set of pillows while her hair is the perfect blanket. The rhythmic sound of both her heartbeat and breathing is very soothing and lulling him to sleep. He closes his eyes, enjoying her loving embrace as he prepares to fall asleep. Just as he is about to drift off, a loud noise wakes him up.

He looks up to see that Florence is snoring, loudly. He can't believe his luck, he ended up meeting a loft who snores worse than a bear. For eighteen years he had listened to his mother snore when he would try to sleep. With the loft's size, she is even louder. He smiles as he closes his eyes, the sound being very familiar to him and bringing some comfort to him. As he drifts off to sleep, his last thought is about how perfect she is for him.