The people of Oakhaven are getting ready for the end of the day. Most people are at home, those who aren't are making their way home to be with their families. The town is a small one, being small enough to where everybody knows each other. People occasionally stop to say hello and catch up, nothing much happens so there isn't too much to talk about.

Several people close to the edge of town happen to spot a figure who is walking along the road towards their town. They can tell the figure is a woman, a pretty one too. Her skin is dark and her hair has been grown out to where it reaches her ankles, her bare feet in plain view beneath the hem of her skirt. The odd thing is that it looks as though she is carrying a doll in her arms. Is she coming to town to deliver it to a niece? As she is getting closer they can see that she is not carrying a doll but a man. As she walks past a tree, which barely reaches her shoulders, they can now see that a loft is coming to their small town.

Word spreads quickly about the statuesque visitor. While the townsfolk are not alarmed about her presence they are certainly surprised. They haven't seen any lofts in their town for many years, Oakhaven is not built to accommodate the tall race of women. Most people jump to the conclusion that she is looking for a man to become romantically involved with, this is quickly put to rest when others point out that she is carrying a man. All they can do is wait until she sets foot in their town and see what she does.

"So that's your hometown?" Florence asks. She looks down at Jorund, who she is holding securely in her arms. Normally she would have him in her pocket, but that space is currently occupied with clothes she has bought for him. Her pace is quick and steady; not only is she looking forward to seeing the town where Jorund grew up in, but she is also eager to meet his mother.

"Yeah, that is Oakhaven." He looks up at the loft who is carrying him, wondering just how easily she will be able to navigate its roads. He has only seen her walk through Peak's Ridge, a town which is specifically for lofts, and the market, which accommodates both lofts and vulns. The smile on her face does show she is confident about her visit.

Arriving at the town's edge, Florence stops to see that there is a small group of people gathered. Mostly children and young adults, who have never seen a loft, they are looking at her as if she is some kind of oddity. None of them even come up to her knees. "Hi there," Florence says with a smile on her face. The loft's voice catches the small crowd by surprise, many of them jumping slightly. "You vulns have never met a loft before?"

"V-vulns?" one of the young adults asks nervously.

"Florence," Jorund says grabbing her attention, "I grew up never seeing a single loft, a lot of people here have only seen lofts in photographs."

"I gotcha." She turns her attention back to the small crowd, smiling warmly at them. "Vulns are what lofts call humans. Listen, as much as I would like to stay and talk with you, I have to go."

The crowd starts to dissipate, their curiosity about the visiting loft now satisfied. They seem to be heading home, most likely to tell their families about the encounter, remembering how their first encounter with a loft was a pleasant one.

Florence looks ahead of her, trying to see where her destination is at. To her, most of the buildings look similar; with them being so small to her, none reaching past her waist. "Dear," Florence says with a smile, still enjoying the term of endearment which she calls Jorund, "where is your mother's house at?"

"I think it would be best if you put me down and let me lead the way." He is hoping that the giantess will put him down, giving him a chance to walk. It isn't that he doesn't like being held by her, her embrace is warm and loving if not a bit tight. He just wants to feel like he still has some independence with her. Jorund receives his answer when he can feel Florence's arms tightening around his body as she is hugging him. All he can do is lean his head back, resting it on her chest, as he looks up into her sapphire eyes. "I'll take that as a no then."

"I want to hold you for a while longer," Florence explains, "I just love you too much to put you down so soon. Can't you just direct me?"

Jorund can't complain about this situation. He can't help it that she loves him as much as she does, even if it is a bit much. Though this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Still looking up at the loft's smiling face, he smiles back at her. "I guess I can stay in your embrace a bit longer." He watches as his answer causes the giant woman's smile to widen. "Just head straight for now. Please be careful of where you step."

"Don't worry, this isn't the first vuln town I have walked through," she answers casually while taking her first step.

She is walking with the utmost care, fully aware that the town has not been built to accommodate a loft such as herself. The road is a bit narrow for her with buildings on either side of her. She does have some room to move off to the side if need be, but not that much. Her main concern is keeping her eyes on the road in front of her, knowing that she could potentially injure someone with her feet. Going barefoot is one measure that lofts take to help reduce injuring vulns, but not by much.

The townsfolk who are still on the road, making their way home, are staying off to the side and out of the loft's path. Looking up at her they can see her smiling face as she is carrying an adult thorough the town. Being a small town, just about everyone can recognize her passenger as Jorund. They are confused as to how he ended up with a loft. Granted he did leave Oakhaven about a week ago and a lot can happen in that time frame.

As Florence continues to walk, watching her step while Jorund continues to give her directions, she is saying hi to every vuln as she passes by them. She understands that this town hasn't seen many lofts if any, so she is doing her best to seem as friendly as possible.

After walking for a short time, short for Florence due to the long strides that come with her size, the road begins to open up as she is approaching people's homes instead of businesses. Florence is grateful for the open space that is more accommodating for her size. She looks down at Jorund, who seems to be content being held against her body. She gives him a gentle squeeze, her way of hugging him in her embrace. "Are we close to your mother's house?"

Jorund is looking ahead as he is trying to find the house he grew up in. It should be a simple task for him, he did spend the first eighteen years of his life there. He would normally have no problems directing someone to his childhood home, but his high vantage point is making it slightly more difficult to recognize any landmarks he can use for reference. Staring ahead, he manages to find the house which he most familiar with. "There," he says as he points to the quaint looking home.

Florence looks at the quaint, single-story building. She smiles as she is looking at the very house where Jorund grew up, where he became the man that is today, the vuln she has fallen in love with. The yard is the next thing she notices, a sizeable property that surrounds the building. Lucky for her, it seems to be large enough for her to sit at. There is a single tree in the yard, which looks like it only tall enough to reach her knees.

As the loft carefully steps over the fence which surrounds the property, an older woman rushes out the door. "Jorund!" she cries out in excitement the moment she sees her son. Her short brown hair is brushing against her shoulders as she rushes out, her arms outstretched as she is ready to hug him while she watches the loft kneel on her property. Florence lowers Jorund to the ground, reluctantly since she is not quite ready to release him from her loving embrace. She watches as the woman wraps her son in her arms, tears of joy running down her face. "Jorund, thank goodness you are okay. It's been over a week and I haven't heard anything from you."

"I'm fine, Mom." Jorund feels slightly embarrassed by how his mother is acting. He knows that she was worried about him and he can't blame her for how she is acting, he only wishes that she would let go of him already.

Jorund's mother turns her attention to the loft who is kneeling in her front yard, craning her neck just to see her smiling face. Releasing her son, who breathes a sigh of relief, she approaches the towering woman. "I guess I have you to thank for bringing my son back safely, Miss… Uh…"

"I'm Florence." She has a smile on her face while saying her name, helping her to look friendly. "I am your son's mate. He bonded with me."

Jorund's mother has a look of confusion. "Jorund's mate? He's bonded with you?" The words Florence is using are familiar, but the context they are in is what has her confused.

"Mom, let me explain what she means." Jorund stands next to Florence, placing hid hand on her thigh. The moment he touches the loft she cups her hand over him, holding him close. He looks up at the loving woman, appreciating the affection that she is showing him. "Florence, here, is your daughter-in-law. We, basically, got married."

Jorund's mother is silent for a moment, shocked at the news she has just heard. Her mind is processing what her son has just told her, with difficulty. "Wait, you are married to her?"

"Yes," Jorund answers.

"Jorund, can we talk, inside?"

"Sure." Jorund has a good idea about what his mother wants to talk about and he knows that there is no avoiding it. "Honey," he calls out. He is trying to free himself from her grip but he is finding it impossible, "as much as I love cuddling up to you, I gotta go inside."

"Aww…" Can't I hold you just a bit longer?" Florence groans as she pushes out her lower lip, an obvious attempt to guilt Jorund into staying in her hand.

"After I come back out you can hold me for as long as you want." He feels her hand slowly lift away from him, her fingers sliding across his body and caressing him. He can tell just how hesitant she is to move her hand. "Could you grab some clothes for me too? I would like to change out of these clothes while I am inside."

Florence reaches inside her pocket, her fingers closing around the clothes that she had bought earlier. Pulling her hand out she brings it close to Jorund on opens her fist to reveal several outfits in her hand. Jorund looks at the assortment of shirts and pants that are before him, remembering how she had made such a big purchase. "Honey, I still say that you didn't have to buy so much for me."

"I did pay for using the smallest bill I had on me. When he didn't have the change to break it I decided that it would be best to just buy enough to break even." The loft then smiles, running a single finger along her mate's cheek, "Besides, you needed new clothes."

Jorund thinks back to the transaction that had recently occurred. The tailor was shocked to be receiving such a large amount of money for a single transaction. When Jorund asked Florence if she has a smaller bill he was surprised to learn that she was using the smallest bill available.

Searching through the pile of clothes he grabs a simple shirt and pants. Looking up at the loving loft, staring into her sapphire eyes, he smiles at her. "I will be right back out. I love you, Honey."

Florence smiles at Jorund's words, being called Honey, especially since she knows the meaning behind it, makes her feel so loved and special. "I love you too, Dear."

Jorund heads in through the front door of his mother's home, his mother following closely behind him. Closing the door behind her, she hopes that they are both out of the loft's line of sight. Turning to face her son, she takes a deep breath. "Jorund, is she forcing you to be with her? Did she force you to marry her? You can tell me, you are in a safe place."

"What?!" Jorund looks shocked at the accusations his mother is making against Florence, his wife. He can't picture her forcing him to be with her. "No! She proposed to me and I accepted."

"She isn't using you, is she? I have heard so many things about lofts. How they find a man and force him to be with them. Using them like some kind of object in any manner they seem fit.'

Jorund sighs, "Look, I know that you are concerned for my well being. Based on those rumors you heard, I can't blame you. Florence is a sweet and loving woman. She loves me. Sure, she can be a bit clingy, but that is because she loves me so much."

"She isn't hurting you, is she? I have heard that lofts aren't aware of their own strength. Hurting men, or worse."

"I am safe in her hands. She is very gentle… -ish."

"So she is hurting you!"

"No! No! Her grip can be a bit tight, but not to where she is hurting me."

"Can't you divorce her? I can't see a marriage with her working out."

"I am not divorcing her!" Jorund says firmly. "I love her. Besides, there is no backing out of a bonding, as lofts call it. It is 'til death do you part.' I mean, she took care of me while I was unconscious, for a week. When I came to and saw her face, those beautiful eyes. I don't know how to explain it, but I just knew that she is the one for me." Jorund's mother is looking at him, seeing his devotion towards the giantess. "Florence is excited to meet you, just give her a chance. For me, please?"

Jorund's mother shakes her head, "Okay, I will give her a chance, for you."

"Thanks, Mom. That is all I ask."

Florence is still sitting outside, not that she can enter a vuln's home anyway. She has no idea what is taking her mate so long to get changed and return to her. She does wish that he would hurry up.

She looks over to see a family at one of the other homes, looking over at her with a sense of wonder and curiosity. Smiling at them, she waves, "Hello! Waiting for my mate to come back out, he loves me!" Her attention is soon grabbed by the sound of a door opening, watching as the vuln she loves exits the house and is heading towards her. She immediately reaches out for him, wrapping her long fingers around his body before she lifts him towards her face.

Jorund's mother watches as her son is picked up from the ground like he is some kind of doll; with the size difference between the two of them, he may as well be one to her. She is stepping forward to protest the way Florence is handling her son. She has already chosen the words that she was going to say to the giant woman. No words escape her lips as she witnesses the couple kissing. Her son seems to be enjoying the token of affection from his wife. The kiss soon transitions to her cuddling Jorund against her cheek and he is leaning into her. Other than the difference in their size, they seem to be your average, newlywed couple.

When Florence finally lowers Jorund to her body, wrapping her arms around his body and putting him in a sweet embrace. Jorund seems to be comfortable and content where he is at, even if it is unusual for the husband to be the one who is being held. With his wife being at least seven times his size such an arrangement would have to be considered normal for them. "So, Florence," Jorund's mother begins, remembering how her son had asked her to give the giant woman a chance, "you seem to be a nice loft, and Jorund seems to really care for you."

"He is just so sweet," Florence replies with a smile on her face. She tightens her grip slightly, showing her affection for him with a loving hug. Jorund exhales slowly, the giant woman's already too tight grip becoming slightly tighter on him. "I still find it hard to believe that I found a vuln who loves me."

"Vuln?" Jorund's mother repeats in confusion.

"Lofts call humans vulns," Florence explains. Jorund's mother has heard that lofts have their own culture and their own terms. "I love your son so much and I want to make sure that he is well taken care of, I do have his best interests in mind."

Jorund's mother finds herself smiling, now beginning to see what she believes that her son sees in Florence. She really is a sweet, if not a large, woman. She will have to get used to having a statuesque daughter-in-law, but if Jorund can overlook such a stature then so can she. "I will admit that I did worry about Jorund finding a good woman to settle down with and you certainly have laid those worries to rest."