When I first saw Lilith I thought she was just lonely. There were stories about her stealing children in the middle of the night, and how she betrayed Adam in the Garden. It's weird that my fellow Angels would gossip about someone that essentially started a system of forgiveness. It was her prayers that our God responded. More stories about her became ridiculous. Suffice it to say that I was curious about her. What I did learn is that she was two Angels in one body. She was two incomplete Angels that melted into one. The bigger question is, why did she fall?

I'm an Angel that was created after the war, after the fall. We were taught about the Fall by the other angels, by those who actually fought in it. We did whatever God asked of us. I served God as best I could. I maintained the Garden when it was taken back from Earth. An opportunity came up.

God requested an audience with all his angels. He wanted an angel to volunteer to do a simple task. A married couple tried and failed to have children, and had prayed to him for a child. He needed an angel to be born on earth and to birth the Son. I thought about Lilith and this could be the best time to get to know her. I was the first to step up, but not the first to voice out. I, among a few angels, was asked why we volunteered. The others answered that they simply want to please him, and would blindly follow his orders. I answered:

"I feel the same as them, but I want to see earth for myself. I want to understand humans. I want to experience raising the Son."

Of course I get a few horrified looks from the angels around me. It was curiosity that got some of the Angels to Fall. For some reason God chose me.

What they don't tell you when an Angel becomes human and gets born that they forget everything about heaven. I lived my life with my new parents, awaiting to get married. One day the ArchAngel Gabriel came down to give me a message. For some reason I understood that I was to be pregnant. My parents were both happy and horrified. God gave me a child without marriage. It was unheard of in this society, and my father tried to convince my betrothed that my being pregnant was a blessing. It was until I talked to him.

I made Joseph touch my stomach and right away he felt the power of my child. We continued the marriage. We found out we had to go to Bethlehem right before I was about to give birth. When we made it there all the rooms were taken. Of course everyone knows how this story goes. He was born and I placed him in the manger.

Many years later, I raised my Son to be the best person he can be. I may have pushed him several times, but what mother wouldn't. When He was on that cross bleeding and in pain. I prayed to God to ease his son's suffering. I saw a beautiful face. This woman was utterly gorgeous, but I didn't know why I cared. I wanted to talk to her.

"Excuse me. Did you know my Son?" She was startled when I asked, but she quickly shook her head.

"I am Mary, can I have your name?"

She had the most puzzled look on her face but she answered. "Lilith."

This woman ran off. At the moment I wondered why that name was important to me. I did what I could to catch her but I couldn't. She just disappeared.

Years later I died. God asked me if I wanted to go home. Everything about my previous life as an Angel came flooding back. I still remember Mary the virgin mortal, but I was Mary the Angel and I was still curious. I answered that I wanted to stay. He then gave me a number. A number of souls to save, so I can come back home. God sent me back to earth.

I saved a few humans until one became so problematic that I prayed for help. Lilith found me praying and when I looked up she ran away. I chased her down. She was surprised that I tackled her.

"You are not going anywhere until you answer my questions." I demanded.

I looked closely and I noticed how deformed she actually was. My memory of meeting her at the crucifixion was different. My human eyes saw a beautiful woman whereas I now see the seams of two very different angels. Lilith relented. There were times I knew she was holding back. I knew I was going to get her to tell me everything.

She did help me with the problematic human. Lilith taught me to transform into a monster to scare them into following God's rules. Every now and then I would find Lilith and bug her. I needed to know more about her. That was until she found me.

"You wanted to know why I took those children. I can't tell you here."

Lilith took me to a place where the connection between earth and hell are the thinnest. This place is less likely to be watched by other angels. That is where I learned her secrets. This whole time, centuries of asking, she was hiding three secrets.

Her sons walked towards us and introduced themselves. Right at that moment I knew we had something in common. She's a mother too, but these three are still alive. It wasn't until she told me who each of their fathers were. Her boys were nothing but nice to me. I do remember when this took place it was after the abduction of Wolf's family. I cannot remember the date exactly, but I think it was after the fall of Rome.

I was sworn to secrecy. Those boys are a God send, and quite possibility the only ones allowed to live. The middle ages was when the other ArchAngels decided to set up an angels gathering. Gabriel the messenger gave everyone the invite. It made me excited. I get to see Lilith and freely hang out with her.

It became clear the other angels did not like her. Maybe it was because she didn't look like an angel, or how it was her prayers that got them into this system. This however was the first time I saw Lilith and Michael get into a fight.


"I AM YOUR SUPERIOR! I'M THE ARCHANGEL!" he screamed back.

She punched him. I don't know how the conversation started but I had to stop it. Michael fell clutching his face and blood was spilled. I grabbed Lilith and took her away. I didn't ask about it. She was quiet for the longest time. We left the gathering before it officially started. This wasn't what I had in mind, but I wouldn't have it any other way. No one defied an ArchAngel before.

"He should've known who I was." she spoke.

"Michael knows that you are the woman from the stories." I say.

"No that's not it." she lifted her sleeves and I saw on both inner elbows the symbol of the Archs.

"So he was ordering you around like a lesser angel." it was a statement.

"Yes. I don't have to answer to them."

"Well, it's up to you if you want to reveal that information. Although, you can hold off on it for a while."


"Gabriel likes to show off sometimes. If this gathering was to put on a show of the ArchAngels then I suggest you wait. We've known each other for centuries and I know how much you like to be alone. They could leave you alone and not parade you around like the warrior you are."

Lilith was quiet. She listened. Overall, she agreed.

During WW2 was when she had to show her true self. We did meet several more times but nothing much happened except an attempt of saving her family. That almost didn't end well. I wasn't there, but I was there during the Blitz. I saw the look on Michael's face when she showed her true form.

According to Lilith, she had to show the people an actual angel. To help them believe. And the note from God was convincing. Michael confronted her.

"You! You are an ArchAngel!"

"Both of me are Archs. Surprised you forgot that. When we reached out to you for help."

Michael's face dropped. That wasn't information that I knew. She never talked about the war. Lilith never spoke about her Fall. Michael and I are volunteer angels in this "forgiveness." She had no choice. Lilith told me she died while pregnant with Mikulu, and God saved her. Mikulu is a Nephilim, and they are suppose to be extinct, but he's still alive.

Knowing that Lilith asked for help in heaven but was ignored by Michael was heartbreaking.

I vowed to Lilith that I'll always be there for her. Lilith is my friend, sister, fellow angel of God. I loved her when she forgave Lucifer. I promised that I'll drop everything if she ever needed me. When God forgave her, dismissing her number, and freeing her from service, I couldn't be prouder. She is the first one to be forgiven, and she can go home. I can't wait until I finish my number. I want to be free just like her.