Prologue: They Came from Outer Space

Alberta, Canada. 65,000, 000 BC

The air was hot and humid, and the sky seemed a deep shade of red, which was not uncommon for this time of year or this time period, but it was just off enough to be noticed by the mighty Saurian inhabitants of the land. At least those were the thoughts that flashed through the minds of a small pack of Velociraptors that found themselves stalking through the dense jungle they claimed as their territory.

Small in size compared to most other predators in this region of the world, the Raptors had numbers, cunning, and a sense of experience on their side.

As the pack passed by a lake they immediately sent shrieks to each other before moving themselves out of the tree line and around the banks of the water where the warm mud and dry ferns squished through their toes with each step they took.

Upon reaching the warm steaming waters, they then moved to push aside the bright green algae that floated atop the murky waters so they may drink to their fill. Each never letting their eyes up so they can scan the waters as they drank; you never knew when a Sarcosuchus might be waiting in the water.

After taking their drinks the creatures quickly went back to patrolling their territory and immediately found themselves letting out low roars almost like cackles in delight as they noticed a lone Edmontosaurus gracefully yet slowly lumbering through the forest.

If the Velociraptors could jump for joy they would do so right now at the sight of their next meal as it slowly moved in front of them almost in a teasing manner.

Despite their small size compared to their lone prey, they had the advantage in numbers and intelligence. In months past they'd managed to take down a Juvenile T-Rex with only a loss of one of their own. So this challenge seemed somewhat simple for them.

Before the creatures could launch their attack though, a new foreboding sound quickly caught them all by surprise. It was a strange and unfamiliar sound that none of them had heard before or could truly register. The only thing they could do was each lift their heads and take in the sight of a rather large black object floating in the sky high above their heads and coming down closer with a beam of green light shooting forth and striking the ground before the Edmontosaurus and leaving a ring of fire in the dirt.

What came next was a complete surprise that could be best described as a mystery as they looked up and noticed a figure standing in the place of where the green light was.

None of them had ever seen a creature like it before. It stood on two legs similar to T-Rex but upright and not hunched and that's where the similarities completely ended. It was smaller than the T-Rex and the Edmontosaurus but about the same size as the Raptors in height. It had no tail, its arms were much longer, and it was covered in this light grayish and white cloak that made it shimmer under the sun.

There were noises coming from the figure that none of them could understand but instead they merely watched as it faced the Edmontosaurus causing it to give a rather loud shriek before charging the figure which merely snapped its fingers.

And with that snap the entire world would be changed forever.

Lincoln County, New Mexico 1947

Major Wells and his men couldn't believe what they were seeing. The last thing they remembered was being at the Roswell Air Force Base having drinks and listening to the Major tell them war stories. Their favorites being about the Foo Fighters the Major had seen over the South Pacific during the Campaign in the Pacific.

Nobody believed him but all agreed it was still a good story to hear. Then all of a sudden General Spielberg told them something had crashed somewhere on land owned by a rancher near Roswell. Nobody knew what the object was only that it appeared all of a sudden on radar and then disappeared somewhere in the New Mexico Desert.

The group had been told that it was probably just a weather balloon, but just to be on the safe side he and his men were sent to investigate.

What they all shone their lights on though was far from a weather balloon and soon all of the Majors men found themselves no longer doubting the Majors stories about Foo Fighters he'd seen back in the war.

What was in front of them a crashed plane, or dare they think a Spaceship, whatever it was that their flashlights moved on it had been ruined beyond all recognition to the point where nobody could tell exactly what on Earth it could have been. Shrapnel and pieces of metal were strewn everywhere across the desert sand and the main piece of the wreckage was completely engulfed in flames. The ground surrounding it was blackened by fire and the thick black smoke coming off of it rose into the cloud clear night skies.

"Sir…what is that, who built it?" asked a private.

A simple way to put it was the Major had no idea. The Roswell Airforce Base was home to the 509th Bomb Group, which had dropped the atomic bomb itself on both the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in the war. They were the only group allowed to use the weapon. As a result of the that and the Majors rank he had a good idea of new and experimental planes. Even those outside the United States.

The long and bloody war with the Nazi's had ended but the Cold War with the Communist was just beginning. Spy planes had searched the Soviet Union but none ever reported anything back like this.

But if the US didn't build it and neither did the USSR who on Earth did?

The Major was so dumbstruck he didn't check his words and could only speak the truth. "I Don't Know!"

After a few seconds of staring and wandering silently about the crash site they finally heard it.


At first none of them paid it any attention but after hearing it a second time and so clear they quickly acted on it.

"I am in the ship…help me please!"

The Major then ordered the group to quickly check the plane while he went around it to the spot where he thought he heard the voice coming from. On approaching a large sheet of metal, he heard labored breathing. He then ordered his men to come and help him. They quickly pulled off the sheet of metal, with not a few burnt fingers to help whoever was trapped underneath. Or whom they thought.

As the metal hit the dirt with a dull thud they then turned back and screamed while each drawing their guns at the same time. They were each battle-hardened men. They had fought and won the most terrible war in all the history of the world after having been brought to their knees in The Great Depression. Future historians will call them The Greatest Generation. Now though soldiers of the Greatest Generations were all trembling like frightened children. Why though, nothing on Earth could possibly scare them. But then, what was in front of them was not of this Earth.

Lying on its back, on the ground, at first glance one would think the creature lying before them was an ordinary woman of East Asian Descent. She had a somewhat rounded yet chiseled face, oval shaped eyes, and long reddish hair that went all the way past her lower back. Those were where the similarities between human ended though.

The biggest thing the group noticed that separated this creature from an Earth female was the fact that her skin was a clear shade of grey that reminded all of them of the ash from the end of the cigarette, she had no clear irises in her eyes instead they glowed a shade of bright purple, and two moth like antennae's poking out of her forehead.

Her body looked broken, she had rather hideous wounds covering her body from which dark purple blood oozed freely with more and more flowing out with each breath she took. Each expansion of her lungs seemed to make her bones break further.

They kept their eyes glued to her nude body which past those abnormalities seemed to mimic everything else that a human body would, but they failed to look into her eyes. Eyes which feared the worst, eyes that revealed their keepers fear that they had failed everyone they cared about.

Both her arms and legs were broken along with her hips, one of her moth like antennae's was bent at a weird angle while the other was completely gone, and on her left hand her fingers looked as though they were hanging on by a thread. Then her rather small red lips that matched her hair in color parted and words came out.


Then to the shock of the men she started to glow from head to toe in a purple light show the men had never seen before. Shots then soon rang out from the panicked soldiers' handguns as they unloaded a barrage of rounds on the woman.

"What!" the Major screamed out. "Hold your fire! Hold your fire!" he screamed out causing his terrified men to do as they were told.

"You buffoons!" the creature shrieked out her voice sound like that of a bee buzzing then actual words. "What's wrong with you how can you give into your evils after just fighting a war with who you dubbed as the face of evil." The creature continued earning shocked looks from the group.

"I am a sentient being and yet you only let yourselves see a monster."

None of the soldiers could believe what they were hearing. It could talk, it knew their language and it knew about their war. They didn't understand what was going on but it was worth investigating.

"Men…lower your weapons." The Major ordered.

"But sir-!" protested a private.

"I said lower your weapons." The Major barked out this time with more force in his tone.

The soldiers had no choice they reluctantly lowered their weapons and looked to their commanding officer with a unnerving looks on each of their faces.

"Thank you!" the alien spoke out in a droning voice. "You are the leader of this band?"

"Yes…I am!" the Major barely believing what he was hearing answered. "You know our language."

"My people know many languages throughout the universe and yours is amongst them." She retorted earning light chuckles from the group.

"The universe!" the Major started only to be cutoff as the woman gave a loud groan.

"I don't have much time they're coming." She started to the groups shock and confusion.

"Whose coming?" the Major asked.

"…Them-!" she started while pointing to a piece of metal on the side of the ship that featured bloody marks on the side of the ship in the shape of large monkey like creatures.

Somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean (Present)

The familiar sound of water slamming across the side of a ship was a familiar noise to Admiral Joel Grimes as he found himself standing on the port side of a rather large research vessel in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It was a noise he grew rather familiar with in his lifetime that will never get old.

A former Admiral in the United States Navy and former commanding officer of one the country's most famed Guided Missile Destroyers, Admiral Grimes had spent much of life on the open waters and even after retiring from the Navy he continued to live his life in the belly of a ship.

His new career path now saw him acting as the Admiral to the NOAA Fairgrove, an ocean mapping research ship for the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration. The primary mission of the vessel was to conduct seabed mapping on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean.

It was rather easy at first for the long time Admiral, but these last couple of months he saw a rather shift in his mission that to this day he was still left in the dark about.

"Good morning Admiral." Came a familiar voice that was becoming all-to familiar to the man as he turned his head and noticed a white haired somewhat elderly Caucasian man walking past him with a smile on his face and an iPad in his hands.

The man's name was Dr. Alexander Morrow and he didn't know much about the man other than the knowledge that he was some kinda Physics Professor from Columbia University. He and his research team had been assigned to the vessel in order investigate a strange undersea anomaly on the floor of the Atlantic.

He didn't know much about the case but judging by the way Dr. Morrow, his research team, and his own crew were scrambling across the ship he guessed they must have found what they were looking for and were quickly trying to recover it.

After about half an hour of watching the group intently he then noticed a wide smile spread across the face of Dr. Morrow as he watched his men use the ships crane to lift something out of the water and hold it high above their heads.

"What the-!" Grimes whispered out while eyeing the object.

At first glance it resembled some sort of satellite. It was about the size of an outdoor trashcan but was all metal with a few bumps and a dark gray almost gunmetal color scheme with a few dark lines on the underside of it. There were also three metal vents at the end of it that looked like exhaust vents.

As the crane gently dropped the metal anomaly on the ship Admiral Grimes quickly joined Dr. Morrow and the others as they circled around it.

"What the hell is that doctor?" he asked earning a shake of the head from the man.

"It looks like some kinda satellite, but the signals it's giving off are beyond me." He replied while pointing his iPad at the ship and showing the man a chart.

"What is this?" he asked while eyeing the doctor closely.

"Tachyon Signals." The doctor replied to the confusion of the Admiral.

"What the hell is that?" he asked with a raised brow.

"A hypothetical theory." He replied further confusing the man. "They're believed to be a particle that can travel faster then the speed of light. They've been hypothesized and named, but never proven because they violate the relationship of cause and effect." He added.

"Professor how are these Tachyon Signals they violate the law of relativity?" asked one of the scientists while eyeing the man closely.

"Those are the laws of earth, but space is something we don't know anything about and that's the only place this thing could have come from." He replied to the confusion of the group as they watched him touch the back end of the object then watching as the back of the ship opened with a mechanical whir and caused everyone to jump back at the noise.

"What the hell is that?" the Admiral asked before watching the doctor walk over to the object before slowly looking inside.

"What is-?" he started before a bright green flashing light blinded everyone.

"AHHHHHH!" Admiral Grimes screamed out along with everyone on the ship as they each fell to the ground screaming and rolling in agony while clutching their heads and eyes in pain as the green light of the object flashed on and off almost every three second while a strange voice that sounded like a deep booming gurgle came from the inside of it that quickly filled all the radios and loudspeakers on the ship and effecting everyone on the boat.

The pain then soon started to fade for Admiral Grimes and the others. The pain started to fade and so did the voice, but so did almost everything else for the Admiral. He was beginning to lose all the feeling in his body, his heartbeat started to drop, and his breathing was slowing as his entire respiratory system seemed to shut down almost at once.

The same could be said for almost everyone else on the ship before their screams finally faded, their movement stopped, and their breathing ceased.

A full seven minutes had passed then almost at once the eyes of everyone on the ships snapped open almost completely in synch then they each rose to their feet. They're was a major difference between who they were now and who they were before they woke up.

Each of their eyes now glowed with a dark shade of green, they each had an emotionless look on each of their faces, and another major noticeable feature was only shared between Dr. Morrow and Admiral Grimes. Both of whom had rather noticeable glowing blue veins bulging out the side of their heads that seemed to be pulsing with each second.

"It would seem our survival was assured, but our mission was a failure." Dr. Morrow let out without even opening his mouth as he telepathically spoke with Grimes and the others.

"No, our mission is not a failure just off schedule." Admiral Grimes retorted without moving his own mouth. "The collection of the specimens was successful; we were unable to gather the required numbers but we have enough to ensure victory and the time to act is the most appropriate." He added while Dr. Morrow.

"How so?" Morrow asked while turning to face the Admiral.

"We've watched and studied the creatures of this planet for eons with them having no knowledge of our presence. Their technology is still years behind our own but it is growing." He continued while moving over to pick up the iPad and show it to Dr. Morrow. "The time to strike is now."

Las Vegas, Nevada

It had been a long night day for Bucky Wells as he found himself walking in through the front door of the rather large home he shared with his sister. He was a security guard for one of the city's largest casinos so on average his days were spent escorting people out and breaking up drunken fights but tonight he'd really gone through the ringer.

"Hey, Megan, you home?" he asked yelling at the top of his lungs as he investigated the house in search of his sister only to enter her room and see her window wide open.

"What the fuck!" he started before looking to her bed and noticing a few streaks of bright red almost fruit punch colored strands of hair on her pillow.

"Shit!" he whispered out with a hint of fear in his tone.

Before he could say anything else though he was caught off-guard by a notebook resting on the floor with a crudely drawn picture on it.

At first glance he'd thought the picture was of that of a man but upon closer inspection he could tell that the creature clearly wasn't human he stood on two legs like a man but the overall design of the creature seemed more reptilian then human but with a horn sticking out of its similar to that of a rhino and in its arm was rather long spear shaped object that it held over its head almost in a champions pose.

Alexander Morrow: Larry Brandenburg

Joel Grimes: Clancy Brown