Chapter 2: Attack Manhattan

Washington D.C.


You could see it in the eyes of Charles Raleigh. The way he walked and the way he held the rather large file that was in his hand. He was in a state of panic, but he wasn't the only one in the country trapped in this mental state.

He had worked his way up from the bottom and manipulated his enemies to get where he was today. He had been waiting for a moment, not exactly like this, but a moment none the less his entire life and he wasn't going to miss his chance.

Too many people before him, he had rushed in hoping to secure a victory and as a result, secured failure. Too many people had died and were dying and there wasn't much being done about it, but he would.

As he walked towards his destination, he came to a door with a security keypad next to it. After quickly entering his number that allowed him access and swiping his key card the door finally opened and he walked through then moved down a long hallway.

Situations like the one that was happening in New York City was rather delicate. The thought of little green men firing ray guns and leveling cities was in the minds of them all, thanks to Hollywood, but in reality, first contact situations should be delicate and treated as such. If they acted aggressively to the new arrivals, they risk starting an intergalactic war.

As soon as he came to another door, this one with an armed guard standing next to it, he didn't give the guard a second thought as he signed his name in the book and slid his access card through the slot.

Once through that door he began to think about what he was about to ask the council of people he was minutes away from meeting. They wouldn't come to the decision lightly. He would make sure of that.

After arriving at the final door, he stopped to take a quick breath. This was it, what he had been waiting his entire life. He took one last glace at Old Glory as it hung on the door before finally entering.

Upon doing so eleven pairs of eyes snapped in his direction and watched him enter. They were all seated at a big oak table. One of those long tables you would normally find in a mansion. He came to his chair at the far end of the table and dropped his file on the top. He didn't sit, instead choosing to stand.

He wanted everyone to look up at him.

As he made eye contact with everyone, hoping to see signs of commitment, he was only met with signs of bewilderment. At the other end of the table to his surprise wasn't the President of the United States but not to his surprise and somewhat to his anger General Samuel Dufresne the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff for the Department of Defense. He figured the former must have been in a meeting with world leaders at the moment, but he didn't mind. He had a cold look in his eyes and would probably be the hardest to convince.

"I guess by now you know exactly why you are here Professor Raleigh." The General asked while eyeing the man closely. "You are the second lead scientist on Tachyon signals behind Alexander Morrow, and his whereabouts were in Manhattan at the time of The Arrival." He added while the man nodded his head.

"Are you aware of his status or the status of anyone else for that matter." He asked with concern in his tone.

"Getting in contact with anyone on the island has proven to be rather difficult. We believe the Aliens are jamming phone and television signals from their ship preventing outside and inside communication for reasons we don't know yet." Replied another with a smile.

"We don't know their intentions but the National Guards from New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and even the Army Rangers are moving into Upstate New York and the mainland. We don't want to take any chances." The General shot back.

"With all due respect sir I think that's a bad idea." He replied to the confusion of the man. "These…Visitors they didn't just come here on accident. Something brought them here and I think it was that beam that came from Manhattan." He stated to the confusion of the General.

"Your point doctor?" he asked.

"They were already in New York before that ship arrived. They've been amongst us this entire time and probably understand just how powerful our military is and what it is capable of. We put troops on the ground they may see it as an act of war and unlike us we don't know what they have in store for us." He added while the General chuckled.

"If they've been on this planet for so long why not make contact sooner instead of just dropping one of their ships in the middle of our orbit?" he asked with a raised brow.

"They seem fond of Tachyon Signals maybe they use them to communicate amongst each other. The numbers have seen a skyrocket since their arrival in Manhattan. Which is reason to believe they can't talk like you or me or are probably trying to talk to us now." He added while eyeing the General.

"Give me twenty-four hours General, twenty-four hours is all I ask to put something together to help us better understand the creatures." He pleaded earning silence from the man.

"It does seem like the smarter option." Voiced another man sitting in the far corner of the room. "Manhattan is an island of over one million people not counting tourist that can range in the hundreds of thousands. They will need to be evacuated…for precaution and we will need time to get our troops in order before any military action." He added while the General continued to remain silent before finally speaking out.

"We'll have the National Guard coordinate with the NYPD and try to evacuate as many people out of the city as they can while the main force holds on the otherside of the island. We'll send them door to door if we have to, but you have twenty-four hours to come up with something Professor after that I can't promise keeping my troops out of Manhattan." He declared earning a nod from the Professor who turned to walk out of the room with a slight smile on his face.

Since the Arrival of the other worlder's he had already been coming up with something he hoped could be used as a means of communication. Whether it worked or not was a guess, but if it didn't…he assumed all of humanity would be lost in the end.

Columbia University

"What happened?" Morrow asked while looking to the lead Engineer who was slowly rising to his feet. "Why is there only one Capital Ship, where is the rest of the fleet?"

"We consumed too much power and blew a fuse. The portal was only able to grab the nearest ship." He started only for a new signal to hit their Telepathic Network that caused them each to turn their heads in the direction of the ship.

It took them a few seconds to get a signal through but finally Morrow was able to upload the Native Language of the Humans of this continent into the minds of those on the ship as to be better understood by their human vessels.

"This is Controller Viras of Tachyon Carrier Scorching Moon state your situation." A new voice called out prompting Morrow to look up at the skies with a smile on his face.

"The portal couldn't hold long enough to bring the rest of the fleet in Controller and we're requesting more time." Morrow stated.

"We don't have much time, the humans have more then likely scrambled their military to this location." Grimes retorted over his own signal. "Controller what is your force?" he asked.

"Twenty Thousand Saurian Warriors with another twenty thousand unrisen, two hundred Flame Fighters, and a Corvette Class Stealth Ship." He replied earning a low growl from Morrow.

"Small arms but we'll have to work with them." Grimes retorted with a hint of venom in his once emotionless sounding tone.

"What are you proposing?" Morrow asked.

"Load the Warriors and the Unrisen on the Corvette and bring them to my location. I have already taken a suitable breeding ground that will be acceptable to awaken the unrisen." He ordered in a matter of fact tone. "And keep the Dragon Fighters on standby, if these Humans are just as we expect they'd be trying to get as many people off the island as they can. While they're doing so we need to be making our own move." he stated in a commanding tone before continuing to order them around.

Manhattan Police Department 24th Precinct

The scene at the Police Station could best be described as entirely chaotic as the officers inside the building found themselves scrambling around the station looking for any sign of direction. The power in the station was out, their radios were out, they were effectively blind, deaf, and dumb.

To make the situation worse was the fact that the last major thing they heard about was a mass-shooting inside of Madison Square Garden. Then to add to it a beam of light and a Spaceship came out of nowhere and now hovers over much of the island. Since then there have been reports of rioting, and general lawlessness in the city with the lack of power and communications.

The officers couldn't coordinate with any other station and had to decide which location to go to first Madison Square Garden or Columbia University. Both seemed to take priority, but the many officers didn't know what to do.

It was this knowledge that both Nebraska and Arkansas seemed to be feeding on as they sat silently in their cell with everyone else who was arrested and merely watched as the officers ran across the floor, gathering their gear, and trying to coordinate with one another.

They didn't know exactly what was going on out there, only that there was a real panic and it was large enough to leave all the officers distracted.

It was this panic that they would soon take advantage of.

"What's the plan Chief?" Officer Brown asked as she and Davis approached the Chief with a serious expression on both of their faces.

"Communications are out, but word came in from another Precinct that both the National Guard and the military are in route and we are to start a mass evacuation immediately." He stated while noticing Niesha give him a raised brow.

"But sir what about Madison Square Garden?" she asked while eyeing the man closely.

"That's out of our district, we've been given the okay to help there but this evacuation is top priority." He added.

"Sir we'd be better suited at the Garden then handling some evacuation." Officer Davis retorted while the Chief gave a low growl.

"I don't care what you two think you're better suited for…you have your orders so follow them." He fired off before walking away from the duo who quickly noticed him heading to the Armory of the Station where six other officers were located.

"Guess an evacuation is above him as well." Niesha muttered out in anger before turning her head and noticing her partner Davis standing off in the distance.

"What is it?" she asked while approaching the man from behind.

"My family was supposed to be at Madison Square Garden." He retorted with a hint of anger in his tone. "I'd got my son tickets to tonight's Knicks game, but I had to work so his mom took him and-." He started only to be stopped as Niesha placed a hand on his shoulder and proceeded to conceal him.

"I can't promise that they're okay Dwight but right now we need to focus on the task at hand. There's too much going on for us not have a clear head." She replied earning a nod from the man who couldn't help but to chuckle before sending her a smile that she easily returned.

"You're right, in fact they're probably still at home right?" he asked trying to feign denial to which Niesha returned with a smile.

Upon doing so though she quickly caught sight of the various prisoners in the cell and upon doing so realization soon hit her that the group would have to be evacuated as well and that would mean they would have to be taken out of their cells and transported off the island.

She'd just come to realize it, but Nebraska and Arkansas were all over it and the news of a mass evacuation excited them both and they soon saw their chance to escape.

Madison Square Garden

"Still no signal?" asked the rather long-haired reporter of Puerto Rican descent as she found herself looking to her cameraman with an angered look on he face.

"Still nothing mam, we can't get a signal from inside or out." He replied to her anger and causing her to whisper something profane in Spanish before looking to the Garden with an angry expression on her face.

All she needed was to get a peak of what was going on inside of there. A peak was all she needed, but in truth what was inside wasn't something she needed to see.

The scene inside the Garden could best be described as a grizzly and looked almost like it was taken out of a WWII Holocaust movie. There had to be well over ten thousand bodies littering the floor of the building scattered in various positions and filling the air with the smell of blood, shit, and gunpowder.

It was a smell that didn't bother Grimes though as he found himself standing in the center of the court looking to the sky with a smile on his face. He couldn't see outside of the building but he could feel the change in the air as a cloaked ship about the size of a large ferry hovered over the building before landing on top of it in a manner that not even the people outside of the building could notice.

Then a loud hissing sound filled the room as a piece of the ceiling fell from the sky and shattered across the basketball floor.

"Anthony look at this." Hillary whispered out from her position behind a row of seats as both she and Anthony lifted their heads and noticed a device, that somewhat resembled the lift a window cleaner would use, came floating down from the hole with three large objects that were obscured to the duo because of the darkness in the building.

"What the hell is that?" she asked while keeping Anthony's camera on the ground floor before noticing the man trying to crawl away.

"Where are you going?" she whispered out with confusion in her voice.

"If you haven't noticed or smelled the dead bodies in front of you, I'm getting out of here while these fuckers think everyone is dead." He retorted with a hint of anger in his tone.

"But what about the story we are eyewitnesses to all of this." She shot back.

"And we'll be dead witnesses if we stay here any longer…so come on!" he ordered before motioning for her to move with his hand causing her to give a low growl before following the man while the floating lift brought in more of the strange circular objects and proceeded to set them in the stands.

Newark Liberty Airport

The chaos in Manhattan was infectious across the United States, but none more so than at Newark Liberty Airport. It was one of the closest and largest airports of its kind to the City of New York.

Because of this geographical advantage the base had become a main headquarters for military efforts and planning for what was going on in the city of Manhattan.

It was this base that Staff Sergeant Thomas Hopper found himself heading towards on a gray bus with a number of other Army Rangers who'd been called back to their respective bases before being shipped up to McGuire.

Like the rest of the troops here he didn't understand what was going on in Manhattan. Some people were saying Aliens and others Terrorist, whatever they were though he truly didn't care as long as he could get his feet on the ground and help solve the problem.

While his bus pulled up and the soldiers inside piled out in a hanger deep in the heart of the base plans were being made, actionable' s were being set, and orders were coming down from the highest chain of command.

It was these orders that Major General Kenneth Bookhart found himself spewing out while standing in front of whiteboard that held up a map of the island of Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs while a long black spoon shaped symbol was placed almost over the top of the island.

"Eyewitness reports state that the Spacecraft is hovering here over Upper Manhattan near Columbia University where the beam of light that brought it here was said to have originated." He pointed out in a matter of fact tone to a room full of people. "Not only that eyewitnesses are reporting of a second smaller ship that broke off from the first and then seemed to disappear somewhere in Midtown." He added earning the attention of one of the men.

"Are we sure the craft is still on the island if it just disappeared?" asked one of the men.

"That ship just like the big one is said to be giving off a high Tachyon Frequency that orbital satellites are tracking, and the last report showed a high buildup in Midtown that hasn't moved in the last few hours." The General retorted before moving to take off his glasses and set them on the table.

"Now I know I'm probably thinking the same thing as all of you, but we have to push the movies we've seen out of our heads. We don't know these creatures' intentions, we don't know what brought them here, and so far they haven't acted aggressively against us to our knowledge." He stated while looking at each and everyone person in the room. "There ship is emitting some kinda flux wave the eggheads in Washington are calling it, that is disabling all electrical equipment in the surrounding area. We don't know if they're doing it purposely or if it just comes with their technology so right now, we're treating this as a first contact scenario." He stated to the confusion of the soldiers.

"The New York National Guard are using the tunnels and bridges to head into Manhattan and assist the NYPD with evacuating civilians out of the city. Along with that they're setting up positions around Madison Square Garden and Columbia University." He added before another man interrupted.

"Rumor has it that they're doing it unarmed, is that true General?" another man asked earning a few seconds of silence from the man before he responded.

"Unarmed no, there is a rule of only one Shotgun and Assault Rifle per unit, only Stun Grenades are allowed for crowd control, and no explosive ordinances. In a way though yes there are some soldiers not carrying any weapons." He responded earning a series of voices from the group. "It's not my decision, but Washington's decision. They don't want to risk an intergalactic war so right now weapons are to be in short supply." He finished.

"Are we to follow these same rules when we send the Army to Manhattan?" asked another man.

"The Army isn't being deployed to Manhattan." He shot back to the shock of the group. "The President wants Army forces setup in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Jersey while Navy forces are to hold out around Staten and Long Island." He added while the group continued to talk amongst themselves.

"Those are the orders for his main forces, but a covert operation is also being undertaken as we speak." He added earning the attention of everyone in the room.

"About an hour ago a six-man Navy Seal Team had departed Kings Bay aboard the U.S.S Georgia. Their mission is to covertly gain access to Columbia University. find out what's going on inside, and report back. This mission is of great importance and shouldn't be discussed outside of this room, we don't want any compromises." He added before looking to the group and eyeing a bald Caucasian man with cold blue eyes and a stern look on his face.

"Captain Kennard you'll be leading another important mission in Manhattan." He stated earning a raised brow from the man. "Some egg-head scientist believes he's got a way to communicate with the Aliens and needs to get a little close to the ship to do so. I want you to take a team and a Blackhawk to Manhattan and get him close to the ship so he can do his thing." He replied while the man nodded his head.

"No weapons on board?" he asked with a raised brow.

"Same protocol as the National Guard." He replied earning a roll of the eyes from the man who merely rose to his feet and stepped out of the tent with venom in his soul.

Manhattan Police Department 24th Precinct

Things were now starting to calm down at the Police Station as Nebraska and Arkansas noticed that most of the on-duty officers had either left to help in what they heard was an evacuation or were setting up a perimeter around Madison Square Garden or Columbia University.

This boded well for the duo who looked out their cell and noticed that there must have been a total of three officers left in the station with the task of watching over them.

The duo were hoping that they would be moved along with the evacuation but at the rate they were waiting they assumed prisoners would be the last group transported from the island. With that in mind they silently came to the decision to get out of the cell their own way.

"Hey buddy you have the time?" Arkansas asked looking to the muscular African American man who'd stomped out the drug addict earlier and watched as he gave a loud scoff.

"Do I look like a got the time motherfucker?" he retorted with a yell earning the attention of the officers outside of the cell who ordered him to keep his voice down.

"No need to lose your sense asshole." Arkansas shot back with a slight smile causing the man to stand up and tower over him.

"The fuck you said to me motherfucker?" he asked standing over the man in an imposing manner while the officers looked on.

Then in a snap the man took a swing at Arkansas who easily managed to dodge it from his seated position before kicking the man in the lower abdomen thus sending him reeling over before being put in a headlock by the Korean American man while Nebraska, the Pakistani man, and everyone else in the cell moved to avoid being hit as the gang member flung his arms around in an attempt to hit the Soldier.

By this point the officers had grabbed their Keys and Batons and were making a beeline for the cell and once the first man had managed to get the cell door open and rush inside he was immediately tackled from the side courtesy of Nebraska who pinned him to the ground while the second officer looked back up at Arkansas and watched as he let go of the man and pushed him into the officer who couldn't react before head of the man collided with his own with enough force to draw blood from the both of them and knock them out.

"Shit we gotta-." The last man yelled out before moving to grab his radio only to remember that the line was dead along with all other lines in the city.

Upon realizing that he immediately looked up at the two men who towered over his five-foot six frame in an imposing manner.

As he moved to grab his gun he was taken off-guard as Arkansas hit him in the throat with enough force to cause him to fall to the ground coughing while Nebraska jerked the weapon from his hand and watched him cough and wheeze with an emotionless look on his face.

"Nothing personal we're just tired of sitting." The Belizean man shot back before walking over the man who continued to cough with tears in eyes while watching the two men make their way for the door along with the other prisoners following them out the front door before immediately noticing them standing in place and staring wide eyed at the giant metal object flying high over all of their heads.

"What is that?" asked the Pakistani man as he moved to stand next to the Nebraska and Arkansas before noticing them send looks to each other before running off along with the other prisoners who all seemed to go off in their own direction.


The sound of water wafting against the docks of the Hudson River filled the air but not the ears of almost a single person who'd all cleared the area upon the arrival of the Spaceship.

It was this silence that Lieutenant James Forge fed on as he found himself finally surfacing on the beach with his suppressed MP5 Submachine Gun at the ready.

As expected he didn't see anything upon scanning the area and he quickly motioned with his hands then watched as five other men rose from the waters all dressed in wetsuits similar to his own and carrying automatic weapons.

The Navy Seal team had been deployed and ordered to investigate just what the hell was going on at Columbia University. This was their first priority, priority two was to make sure that if the aliens showed any signs of aggression, they would respond by attacking them from behind their own lines without their knowledge.

It sounded like a tall order, but it was an order they'd get done without a second thought.

Madison Square Garden

The sound of mixed chatter and overlapping voices filled the ears of Police Chief Patterson as he found himself standing outside Madison Square Garden with a stern face that he was using to desperately try to shroud his fear.

Fear was evident amongst all of them. Despite having a force that consisted of well over a sixty NYPD officers and National Guard members fear was evident on all of their faces as they each found themselves taking up a position around the arena with terror of the unknown in each of their hearts.

The group had setup a position but had yet to actually move inside of the building and were doing their best to try and make contact with anyone inside. So far they hadn't gotten much luck and because of this the Chief knew that it wouldn't be long before they would have to go inside.

He just hoped what was inside was better then what wasn't.

While the police were outside of the Garden, inside of it things were different as Hillary and Anthony found themselves sneaking out of the stands of the famous arena and trying to sneak their way through the halls of the Arena in hopes of trying to avoid the armed men who after waking up after the Arrival of the ship went on a new mission of patrolling the building and killing anyone who hadn't been hit in the beginning onslaught.

"Hold up!" Anthony whispered out before pulling Hillary into the concessions stand as they noticed two of the armed gunmen walk past their location with emotionless looks on their faces and glossy white eyes. "That was a close one!" he whispered out with a hint of fear in his tone.

"Did you see their eyes what could cause something like that?" the wannabe reporter asked while eyeing the man closely.

"I don't know, but maybe what's causing it is the same thing that's unloading all those things on the court." Anthony retorted while pressing his back against the stand.

"I don't get it why haven't the cops came crashing through those doors to rescue us yet or anyone for that matter?" she asked while eyeing the man closely.

"You really think they're just gonna force their way through?" he asked earning silence from the woman before they ducked back down again at the sound of approaching footsteps.

As the mind-controlled figure moved to walk past their position Hillary and Anthony slowly lifted their heads and noticed that the figure hadn't actually walked past them but instead was standing in front of the concession stands with their back to them.

"Isn't she that cop?" Anthony whispered out earning a raised brow from Hillary before she looked back at the figure before realizing that the cameraman was right.

The person standing before them was indeed the police officer who they'd ask about the homicide earlier only to shove Anthony's camera back into his face. The sight of her seemed to unnerve and scare Hillary who took in the altered look of the woman who was now out of her jacket and only wearing her bulletproof vest and pants while splatters of blood coated her body.

It was clear she was in on the shootout butt he duo wondered why, she didn't seem like she would go along with something like this from their first encounter with her. She was a little brash but not brash enough to carry out a mass murder.

"Shit how are we gonna get past her?" Anthony asked while looking to Hillary and breaking her concentration.

"I got an idea!" she whispered out earning a confused look from the man who noticed her looking down at the man's camera.

"I'm not liking this plan already." He let out before grabbing his camera then slowly walking from behind the concession stand with Hillary in tow.

As the duo continued to sneak up on the woman they watched her stand completely still almost like a statue and not even noticing Anthony who moved to raise his camera high over her head before sending it crashing down on top of her head and knocking her to the ground.

"Did I knock her out?" Anthony asked before noticing the woman roll around with her Pistol in her hand.

"Not even close!" Hillary yelled out while noticing the woman point her Pistol at them while looking at them with wild fear filled eyes.

"The fuck you do that for?" she yelled out with anger in her tone and eyeing the duo closely.

"Holy shit you're back!" Hillary let out while eyeing the woman closely and noticing her eyes were back to normal.

"I'm back what the-." Denise started only to stop as she rubbed her forehead not knowing if the pain in her head was from the camera being dropped on her head or something else though it did feel somewhat familiar.

After a few seconds of holding her head though she quickly realized what had happened over the last couple of hours and just what she'd done along with all the lives she'd taken.

"Oh god!" she whispered out in sadness in fear with tears beginning to well up in her eyes before a loud crashing sound caused them all to jump back and notice that the metal doors that led down onto the basketball court.

"What the hell was that?" Anthony asked with fear in his tone as a louder crashing noise was heard at the door that caused the group to jump back again.


The sound of footsteps going down the empty streets seemed to be the only thing that filled the minds of Nebraska and Arkansas as they found themselves walking a few blocks away from 96th Street down a long empty road filled with cars, one of which the duo found themselves trying to hotwire.

"He's still following us." Nebraska whispered out from his position under the hood of the car.

"Yeah I noticed." Arkansas retorted before looking over his shoulder and noticing the young Pakistani man hiding behind a car in the distance. "You think he'll follow us on foot once we get the car running?" he asked earning a chuckle from Nebraska.

"I wouldn't be surprised."

"It's pathetic…but I think we could use a new Rhode." Arkansas retorted before turning his head in the direction of the Pakistani man. "Hey we've just about got this car up and running so unless you wanna run behind us I suggest you come out and introduce yourself like a normal person." He stated before watching the car for a few seconds before the Pakistani man finally stepped out with a somewhat scared look on his face.

"Now that's a start." The Korean American man let out before watching the escaped prisoner approach them with a rather scared look on his face.

"Hello!" he spoke out with fear evident in his tone.

"Okay…can you introduce yourself." He spoke out while the man nodded his head.

"Yes my name is Omid and I guess I met you guys in jail." He spoke out with a slight smile. "In a manner of speaking." He added while rubbing the back of his neck.

"We were in holding not jail. If we were in jail, we'd be on Rikers Island right now." Nebraska corrected before watching the man nod his head while continuing to rub the back of his neck. "I can see that you're not the career criminal so can you tell us what got you arrested?" he asked.

"Reckless driving, but I can assure you it was self-defense." He replied.

"Can care less." Nebraska retorted earning a saddened look from the man to which he noticed before giving a low grunt. "I don't suppose you know anything about all this shit and when it happened?" he asked earning a shake of the head from the man.

"Figures." He finished before moving to look back under the hood of the car before the sound of the engine roaring to life filled their ears and caused them all to turn their heads and notice three Humvee's speeding past them from almost out of nowhere.

"You think they're here to help us?" Omid asked before the group heard the sound of guns cocking behind them causing them all to turn their heads and notice several men in military fatigues pointing at them with one man carrying an Assault Rifle standing behind them with serious look written on his face.

"Step away from the car gentlemen." The man with the Rifle yelled out earning mixed looks from the group.

"Shit!" Nebraska whispered before stepping from under the hood of the car with Arkansas and Omid who each followed him away from the vehicle and stuck their hands in the air.

"There maybe a spaceship in the air but that doesn't mean that the laws aren't still in place." The man with the Rifle spoke out.

"Could have fooled us the way we've seen guys looting stores and shit." Nebraska retorted with a slight smile. "Good on your part though." He added.

"Big talk!" another soldier retorted.

"I can back it up to." The Belizean man shot back with a chuckle earning an angry look from the soldier.

"Relax soldier we're just like you." Arkansas replied before reaching under his shirt and revealing his dog tags to the man.

"I wouldn't exactly say just like them, we've got six tours of Duty under our belts while they have what…six hours a day at Best Buy." Nebraska stated earning a low growl from the man with the Rifle before their Commanding Officer stepped up to deescalate the brewing situation.

"Step off Blackburn!" he ordered earning looks from the soldiers who watched as he stepped before the duo and looked them over. "Captain Shane Thompson, you guys really do six tours…Marines?" he asked.

"Delta Force, Carnivore Zero-Three and Carnivore Zero-Five." Nebraska retorted while sending a look to himself and Arkansas.

"And what about him?" the CO asked while looking to Omid who stood as still as a tree.

"He's with us, not one of us, but with us." The Korean man stated while eyeing the man closely. "I'm guessing the National Guard has been called in to help in an evacuation?" he asked earning a nod from the CO.

"Yes we've been ordered to get as many people off the island as we can and that includes you three." He retorted earning a smile from Arkansas who looked to Nebraska and shook his head.

"Guess we won't be needing the car." He retorted before moving to follow the soldiers with Nebraska and Omid in tow.

Newark Liberty Airport

The sound of Helicopter blades in the distance filled the ears of Thomas as he found himself dressed in his full military fatigues following about fifteen other Rangers who all found themselves running to three Blackhawk Helicopters in the distance.

The group had been handpicked because of their Ranger Training despite many of them being from different squads and having just met each other.

The Captain who was overseeing them had said this mission shouldn't require any real combat and was just an attempt at Communications between the two sides, but that didn't stop the bad feeling that was welling up in the center of his stomach.

They were only allowed to carry one Rifle per each Chopper and he wasn't the guy who got the lucky straw in that regards but he was able to carry a M9A1 Pistol along with a few other guys.

As he loaded up into the Helicopter he watched as a man in a white lab coat came running out from one of the hangers and climbed into the helicopter with them with a briefcase about the size of an old boombox.

It didn't take Edwin long to realize that this man must have been the scientist everyone was talking about. The one who had something that would communicate with the Alien. He didn't know exactly if what they were saying was true, but he hoped it was.

He didn't want to see any more lost lives.

Columbia University

Things were almost completely still on the campus of Columbia University. The police and the National Guard had setup their blockade, but it wasn't directly on the campus but a few blocks away from the main entrance.

Neither the police nor the National Guard would risk setting foot on the campus at the order of their superiors, but this wasn't the case for Forge and his team of Navy Seals who after getting past the blockade found themselves moving ass stealthily as they could across the campus.

Barren was the only word they could all use to describe it. With the exception of the spaceship floating over their heads the campus looked as though one would expect during the summer despite it not being the summer.

There were some bits and pieces of trash lining the courtyards around the campus but other than that it appeared almost like any other day.

There was a rather metallic smell in the air that resembled warmed pennies, a possible side effect of the ship hovering over all their heads. It was intoxicating but something they all had to push past as they walked around campus.

After about ten minutes of stealthily moving across the campus the Seals soon found themselves standing out of what remained of the school's gymnasium. The entire roof of the building had been blown off as a result of the blast of energy that shot forth from it, the windows were blown out, and the metallic order seemed stronger in this general area.

Its stench seem to make a few of the Seals, including Forge, disoriented but they continued to push through with their weapons all at the ready. Upon walking through the blown out doors of the gym they were all completely taken aback by what they saw on the otherside.

The bodies of men and women seemed to line the floor stretched out in various, even uncomfortable, positions. If the sight of them didn't unnerve them than the sight of the large ring in the middle of the room and taking up most of the room. Some pieces of it appeared as though they'd melted under extreme heat while others looked as though they'd been blown apart by the force of the beam of light.

"Check their pulses." Forge ordered before watching his group separate before doing the same.

While the group of soldiers checked the survivors, they'd failed to notice Morrow as he floated above their heads and looked down on them with intrigue.

"Interesting I thought these humans would stay away from this building until they'd approached the ship, but it seems they're trying to gather information on us." Morrow spoke out while leaning his head to the side.

"This is one of their Special Operation Units, probably carrying out a recon mission. They are some of this country's best of the best." Grimes retorted while Morrow smiled his response.

"If they are then we may have a use for them." He replied before smiling at the man.

"We need to begin the operation. These humans are evacuating the island and mobilizing their military with more and more Foot Soldiers coming ashore and heavy weapons being placed across the area." Viras added in his own deep booming voice over the wavelength.

"I see I guess we will have to speed up the process…begin the operation." Morrow ordered without a lack of emotion in his tone.

Madison Square Garden

"You're doing what?" Chief Patterson yelled out with anger in his voice as he eyed the Commanding Officer of the National Guard unit with them with shock and a hint of anger in his eyes.

"We got the order Chief, we're blowing the doors and sending a team in to get us a picture of what's going on in there and why these Aliens are here." He replied.

"But we don't know what that'll do. We should avoid conflict with them and we don't know how they'll see blowing the doors." He shot back.

"There was a mass shooting in the building I think we know what to expect." The CO interjected before moving to walk away from the police officer who merely stood back with an angry scowl on his face while watching as a National Guard Demolitions Team made their way to the front door and started to place a series of explosive on the door.

"Lord help us." Patterson whispered out as he watched the men work.

Queensboro, Bridge

The journey to the Queensboro, Bridge was long and boring trek for the two-military personal. Instead of heading straight for the bridge the group they continued to search the streets and brought the two Delta Force members and Omid along with them.

Together they had managed to find well over fifty over people who were either lumbering around or taking advantage of the lawlessness of the situation.

Now though and to the delight of the soldiers the group they found themselves walking across the Queensboro, Bridge out of Manhattan and into Queens.

They weren't the only ones traveling across the bridge though as an almost endless horde of people found themselves doing the same while the National Guard and police directed them.

While they were walking across the bridge though Nebraska and Arkansas couldn't help but to look out of the crowd and notice the series of Anti-Air Missile Trucks lining shores near Queens along with the Humvees and Tanks that were holding on the bridge and were probably awaiting orders for actions to be made against the ship.

Along with the heavy ground vehicles and almost endless foot soldiers there was also a number of battleships in the waters surrounding the island with all of their guns pointed in the direction of the ship.

"Seeing all this remind you of anything?" the Command Officer, Thompson, whispered out to the duo after approaching them from behind.

"A few places in mind." Arkansas replied while keeping his eyes away from the duo.

"I maybe with the National Guard but I was an active duty serviceman and while I was on my first tour I heard rumors about a special Delta Force Fireteam. Their Commanding officer was said to be to valuable to waste and was given command of a fireteam. The Fireteam survived countless battles, some even off the books, but always coming back from damn near suicide missions and they're as good as it gets-." He started only to be cut off by Nebraska.

"We aren't those guys." The man of Belizean descent retorted with a lack of emotion in his tone.

"I'm not saying you are, figured you weren't, all of those guys are supposed to be dead. Still whether you are or not doesn't matter. What matters is that if the shit hits the fan here we could use guys like the both of you." he finished while Arkansas gave a chuckle.

"We could understand, but we're not in the service anymore so problems like this aren't ours." Arkansas retorted while the man nodded his head.

"I can understand that…but once a soldiers always a soldier am I right?" he asked just as the sound of helicopter blades rotating caused all of them to turn their heads and notice a series of Blackhawks flying in the directly towards the ship.

Columbia University

"We got a live one here sir." One of the Navy Seals called out earning the attention of Forge who found himself walking over to the man who was lying beside a Caucasian woman with long blonde hair and wearing a white lab coat. "She's awake and speaking." He added while Forge continued to look over the woman with a raised brow as she slowly came to.

"What happened here mam?" he asked with a raised brow.

"You need…to run." Katrina whispered out with fear in her tone as she looked up at the ceiling and noticed Morrow floating high above all of their heads.

"Mam what are you-." Forge started before a loud scream filled the room and caused everyone to turn their heads and notice one of the Navy Seals screaming at the top of his lungs before collapsing down on his knees clutching his head.

"Johnson get a hold of yourself-." Forge screamed out before noticing blood starting to ooze from the eyes of the soldier and causing everyone to jump back at the sight as he started to convulse in pain.

"RUN!" Katrina screamed out earning the attention of everyone as they noticed her slowly rise to her feet and start to move for the door. "YOU ALL NEED TO RUN!" she yelled out one final time before running out the door as a wave of paralysis quickly started to wash over all of the bodies of the Soldiers who found themselves helpless before uncontrollably turning their heads to the skies and noticing an elderly man with glowing greens eyes and veins popping out of the side of his head floating down in front of all of them.

"Amazing these are some of the humans best Warriors alright…they'll make good host." Morrow let out with a wide smile printed on his face.

"The humans are breaking our zone." Viran retorted earning the attention of the man who lifted his head and looked out the hole in the ceiling at the ship above his head.


"You really think that thing of yours can talk to these aliens professor?" the Pilot of the lead Blackhawk asked as he looked back to Professor Raleigh who now found himself opening up his case to Thomas and the others.

"It should in theory at least hopefully let us know what they're saying as well." He replied earning before finally getting the case open to reveal a black computer with a series of speakers connected to it. "Tachyon signals are faster than light but I'm hoping this thing can at least tap into their frequency." He added while typing on the keyboard of the device and watching as a series of wavelength went across the screen.

"I think they're trying to communicate with us." Viran retorted while Morrow nodded his head.

"There will be no negotiations…let's show them that." Grimes spoke out in his own deep booming tone.

Madison Square Garden

The pitter patter of footsteps seemed to finally end in the hallways of Madison Square Garden as Denise now found herself leading Hillary and Anthony down the halls of the Arena hoping to find an exit that hadn't been blocked off or wasn't being guarded by the gunmen.

It was these same people that Denise could call herself. She could remember every second of the horrible act she'd done. Still she didn't know exactly why she'd done it only that something had come over her. Like she wasn't in control of her own body.


"Holy Shit!" Anthony screamed out as another loud bang and shriek was heard on the otherside of the doors that led down onto the basketball court of the Arena.

The group didn't know exactly what was banging against the doors and walls only that whatever it was it wanted to get out and it clearly wasn't of this world.

"I am not trying to meet what is on the otherside of that door." Anthony spoke out while Hillary nodded her head.

"We'll be seeing it soon if we don't get out of here." Denise spoke out before moving to turn another corner just as a loud explosion went off behind all of three of them that caused them each to whip their heads around and notice sunlight coming from a hole in the door.

"I think we have our way out." Hillary screamed out before rushing for the exit and causing Anthony and Denise to follow her out the hole where they were immediately greeted by the sight of a sea of police officers and soldiers aiming their weapons at them and looking on closely.

"We got survivors." One of them screamed out before watching the group raise their hands to the skies and slowly approach them where the police quickly pulled them away from the building while the five soldiers moved inside of the hole and started to search the inside.

"Officer Ortiz are you alright?" Chief Patterson yelled out while approaching the woman and the news group.

"No sir I'm not alright." She replied with a hint of sadness in her tone. "I did something really bad-." She started earning a confused look from the man.

"Are there any other survivors in there?" he asked while looking to Denise then to Hillary and Anthony.

"No, but there is something-." Hillary started before a loud scream and a series of gunshots went off inside of the Arena causing everyone to turn their heads in the direction of the hole in the side of the building.

Skies Above Manhattan

"I think we got something." One of the soldiers yelled out earning the attention of Raleigh and Thomas who lifted their heads in the direction of the ship where they noticed a section of its right side starting to open and emit a green light that could be seen by everyone on the ground from across all five boroughs of New York City.

"I think you got something Professor." Another one shouted out as all eyes continued to look to the opening as it grew wider and wider until finally the green light became almost blinding to those inside of the Blackhawk who all seemed to be covering their eyes in hope of catching even a glimpse of the Arrivals.

For those who could see past the light though they'd soon regret getting on the chopper for the next…two point three seconds of their lives.

That was the only amount of time they had left on this world as a fast moving green light shot forth from the opening in the ship and blew into the front of the Blackhawk killing the pilot and engulfing the rest in flames.

The sight seemed to stun and amaze everyone who was on the ground who couldn't help but to watch in horror as the as the now flaming wreckage of the Blackhawk started to spin out of control of the soldiers who weren't injured from the crash jumping from aircraft as it started to crash down onto the island.

"Oh god?" Katrina whispered out with fear evident in her tone as she watched the Blackhawk fall to the city.

"Holy shit!" Chief Patterson whispered out with fear in his tone as he looked to the sky at the flaming aircraft before a loud screeching sound caused him and everyone else to turn their heads back into the direction of Madison Square Garden where they noticed something moving around the hole in the main entrance.

"What the fuck is that thing?" these words seemed to be muttered out by a number of the people outside who immediately went wide eyed as they noticed something start to crawl out of the hole in a slow and sluggish manner.

"What the hell is that?" one of the soldiers explained as Denise, Hillary, Anthony, and everyone else all looked on in terror at what they each saw before them with Anthony grabbing his camera and immediately starting to film the creature.

Jurassic Park

It was the first thing to come to the minds of the people outside the Arena as they looked on at the creature standing before each of them. It closely resembled one of the Velociraptors from the movie standing before them, but where as those creatures were CGI, people in suits, and clearly animatronic the creature standing before them was clearly real.

The animal was hunched over diminishing his height but even while hunched over the creature was well over six foot tall and its length was over three meters with most of its length going to a rather long skinny tail that whipped around behind it it's rather skinny body.

It's skin was a smoky dark gray with a bluish hue its head was rather large, comparted to the rest of its body, and squarish almost boxy underbite with pyramid shaped teeth poking out, it's eyes were large and yellow in color, it's legs were long and powerful with three toes and a sharp forth hunched up like a Velociraptor.

The monster also had rather long arms and hands with four long rather long fingers and claws that hung downward. It also had a number of small bony plates across the creatures back and a rather noticeable circular bluish mark on the side of its neck.

It was what was in this creatures hands that made everyone unnerved, sick to the stomach, and most noticeably full of fear.

There were streaks of red on the creatures body as well but it wasn't apart of its own color scheme but instead belonged to the severed head of one of the National Guard Recon Team sent in to investigate the Arena. The group on the outside couldn't get any radio signals from the group with all communication being down but they would have never heard the screams of the men being slaughtered.

"Hold!" the National Guard commanding officer whispered out as he drew his Pistol along with the rest of the Guards and Police Officers.

As they watched it sniff the air with a low growl before letting out three throaty bellows into the air the blockade of police officers and National Guards members then watched as four more creatures similar in size and color scheme to the first stepped out of the hole and let their eyes adjust to the night sky.

"Holy shit!" one of the National Guards men whispered out in fear as he held his Pistol in the direction of the creatures while shaking his hands uncontrollably.

Because of their protocol there wasn't many heavy weapons within the group, Pistols and a few Rifles at the most. Still it was small arms compared to the creature standing before them and right now everyone was counting five, but it didn't take a genius to figure out that there were more of them inside of the arena.

After a few seconds of surveying their surroundings the creatures then turned their glowing green eyes in the direction of the people in the blockade and looked at them closely.

"Prepare yourselves." The National Guard commanding officer spoke out while pulling back the slide on his M9A1 Pistol and pointing it in the direction of the first creature.

Then in a slow instance the lead monster let out a powerful shriek to the heavens before a wave of black started pour out of the arena and a series of gunshots started to ring out.


Not long after the destruction of the Blackhawk a loud metallic howling sound quickly filled the ears of everyone on the bridge who kept their gaze glued to the spaceship and not missing a beat as a number of much smaller spaceships shot forth from the opening of the larger ship and started to soar across the skies.

The ships were dark brown in color with a white visage and bright green light coming off it with a shape similar to that of a teardrop but with a rather sharp curved head similar to that of the extinct trilobite of the Pre-Cambrian Era.

There was also two twin jets sticking out of the back of the ship that was helping to propel it forward with a set of moveable flaps that helped them change directions which they seemed to be doing with relative ease.

As everyone stared at the ships locked in a state of awe they were soon brought back to reality as the ships started flying downward in their direction at speeds at which nobody had ever seen before.

"EVERYBODY MOVE!" Arkansas screamed out at the top of his lungs as two bolts of green energy were fired from the sides of the ship and collided with one of the tanks on the bridge and resulting in a violent explosion that shook the structure, knocked people and vehicles off it, and left everyone else stunned by what just happened.

What came next was a panicked frenzy as everyone on the bridge started running for whatever land mass was closest to them and for Nebraska, Arkansas, and Omid that was Manhattan.

"GO GO GO!" a soldier screamed out at the top of his lungs before another explosion rocked the bridge as the Alien Ships now took aim at the bridge and started targeting anything on the otherside of their weapons.

"GUYS!" Omid screamed out as he tried to push his way past the crowd to little result only to be grabbed from behind courtesy of Arkansas who was following behind Nebraska with the large Belizean man pushing through the crowd of people with almost relative ease.

"Don't stop moving!" Arkansas howled out while jumping away from Omid and noticing a woman fall flat on her stomach before being stepped on by the crowd of people.

"SHIT MOVE!" he ordered before cutting a path through the crowd and moving to check on the woman only to find that she had been trampled to death and blood was flowing from her mouth and nose.

"Damn!" he whispered out in anger before standing up in the middle of the crowd and watching as three of the Missile Trucks that were setup in Queens fired off a barrage of Anti-Air Missiles at the spacecrafts before watching with a smile as one ship was hit from behind and started spin uncontrollably before crashing down into Manhattan.

The second set of missiles slammed into the side of another ship and didn't appear to do much damage to the hull of the ship but the force of the explosion did knock it out of the sky and send it crashing into the waters of the Hudson.

"At least our weapons can damage it." The Commanding Officer whispered out before watching as more Anti-Aircrafts Missiles were launched and managed to knock three more ships out of the air with one courageous operator preferring to take aim at the real target…The Mother Ship.

His Missiles did manage to get past the almost endless wave of smaller ships but once they got to the much larger ship the result was a massive failure as everyone lifted their heads and watched as the missiles exploded not against the almost endless hull of the ship but against an invisible shield that manifested itself upon being hit by the missiles.

"You gotta be fucking-." Arkansas started before another explosion rocked the bridge and sent him falling to the ground with Nebraska stopping in his tracks to look back for the man whom he couldn't see past the crowd of people.

"Shit!" he yelled out before turning around to the surprise of Omid who eyed him closely.

"Get off the bridge." Nebraska ordered out to the confusion of the man before watching him run back on further on the bridge in search of Arkansas.

After finally getting back on his feet the man of Japanese descent couldn't help but to rub his now bleeding forehead with a low growl before the soldier from earlier, Blackburn, came running up beside him with his M4A1 Assault Rifle drawn and quickly started yelling at him to move only for his words to go on deaf ears as a loud ringing sound filled the head of the man.

"You gotta move man." He finally screamed out one more time just as Arkansas turned his head and noticed that the duo was now standing by an unexploded tank and that two of the ships were making a full three-sixty and heading straight for them.

"MOV-!" Blackburn started to scream out one more time before being pushed back by Arkansas as the aircraft fired off its main weapon and rocked the bridge with another violent explosion that this time sent the man flying over the railings of the bridge but he didn't get far as he felt a hand grab onto his right leg and prevent him falling.

"Why do I always have to save your ass." Nebraska whispered out as he desperately tried to pull the man up but finding it rather difficult with much of his own body weight being over the bridge.

"Just let me go." Arkansas ordered out while Nebraska chuckled.

"Never gonna happen." Nebraska shot back in anger as he kept a firm grasp on the man before feeling something grab onto his waist from behind causing him to look back and notice Omid clutching tightly onto his waist with both hands and using all of his weight to try and pull the man back.

There wasn't much size to the man of Pakistani descent but he would take whatever he could get. Still though it wasn't enough to pull the man up and Arkansas could tell.

Just as another explosion shook the bridge the group soon found their grips beginning to slip under the shaking but still neither relented in trying to pull each other up and before long Omid soon found himself being pulled back by the arms of Blackburn and the Commanding Officer who combined their own strengths with the trio and finally managed to fully pull Arkansas back onto the bridge just as another explosion went off from another Spaceship falling out of the skies and more of the Anti-Aircraft Missiles trying to get lucky and break the shields of the larger ship.

"Thanks for the save!" Arkansas whispered out while Nebraska nodded his head.

"Looks like we're in this shit together." The Belizean man replied before looking to Omid and merely nodding his head while the man did the same as he caught his breath.

The man of Japanese descent then turned his head to the two National Guards men and quickly noticed blood leaking from the head and shoulder of Blackburn who had taken a rather sharp piece of shrapnel sticking out of his arm.

"You're hurt pretty bad man." Nebraska yelled out while looking to Blackburn who clutched his injured arm angrily.

"I can manage!" he replied while trying to hold up his Rifle to no avail and being forced to take up his Pistol while Arkansas took up the Rifle and gave it a quick once-over.

While he was looking at the weapon though another violent explosion caught all their attentions as they turned their heads back to Queens and watched in terror as the smaller Alien Space Ships started to pass over and bomb the Anti-Air Weapons on the docks and send them all up balls of fire while the unfortunate men standing next to them were caught in the explosion.

"There goes our Anti-Air Support." Nebraska yelled out in anger before the group lifted their heads and noticed three different types of Spaceships move to hover over the bridge before lowering themselves down.

The dark brown and white color scheme of the ships were the same as all the rest, but the overall design was completely different. Whereas the small ships were shaped like tears this one was much larger and shaped almost like that of a box with turbines coming off the side.

What was even more odd about it was the fact that there weren't any clear weapons on the aircraft. It was just a rather odd looking ship.

Then to the shock of the group the side compartments of the ship opened up and the group soon realized what the main role of the spacecraft was.

It was a Drop Ship.

And what the ship dropped was, forty-five in total, dinosaur like creatures on the bridge that quickly started to roar out and sniff the air before running in the direction of the fleeing civilains and pounce on those that were too slow to get away.

"They got ground forces to?" Nebraska asked with a raised brow.

"They came prepared." Arkansas replied while looking out the ACOG Scope of the M4 at the creatures while the remaining surviving National Guardsmen moved to take stands along side the group as the creatures roared amongst each other before running towards the group with their teeth and claws poised for striking.

"COVER THE CIVILLIANS!" the Commanding Officer yelled out while Nebraska sent a look to the man with a serious expression on his face and yelled out, "I need a gun."

"You're not gonna need one this isn't your fight." The man replied to the confusion of the two men. "This bridge is just a battle, the real war is on Manhattan and I got a feeling you two are gonna be of more use there then here so get your asses off this bridge." He yelled out at the two men who stood in silence before looking back at the charging creatures before looking to each other and running back for Manhattan with Omid following close behind.

"Are we really just going to leave them?" Omid asked as he tried his best to keep up with the duo.

"What do you think we're doing now." Nebraska yelled out while taking a look back and watching as the soldiers managed to shoot down five of the creatures before one jumped up and came down feet first on the Commanding Officer before wrapping its powerful jaws shut around the head of the man whose screamed soon ceased once the creature gave his head a sharp jerk.

Seeing the Commanding Officer go out first seemed to leave the other soldiers stunned and frozen in fear and it was this momentary distraction that the creatures took complete advantage of as they dove for the soldiers with tremendous ferocity and no hesitation. They attacked with more precision then a well oiled killing machine.

Panic then soon started to break loose as a couple of the soldiers started to run away while more opened fire into the attacking creatures, but also managing to hit a few of their teammates in the process.

Despite being out in the open the gunfire was deafening to Blackburn who fired his Pistol one handedly at the attacking creatures. The guns were loud but even they were not quite loud enough to drown out the shrieking hisses of the dragons that attacked the men.

People were shouting orders, Blackburn included, but their voices were being drowned out by the creatures and the gunfire. Soon he realized that they were all surrounded and as everyone's eyes darted around to try and find an exit the skies soon started to fall in front of them as more Dropships started to land on the bridge and replace those that were cutdown in the hail of gunfire.

The smell of Sulfur then soon filled the air on the bridge as the wounded creatures bled a dark purple colored fluid that seemed to turn to steam upon making contact with the air. The warm smoke then soon started to burn the eyes of the soldiers and leave many of them sweating profusely as they backed up into each other ready to make their kill.

"FUCK YOU ALL!" one of the soldiers screamed out as he fired off a barrage of rounds in the direction of a horde of the creatures before running for the edge of the bridge hoping to escape what would be a rather brutal death of being ripped limb from limb by the creatures with a long drop.

He didn't even make it to the railing though as one of the monsters spun around and struck him in the chest with its razor whip like tail and sent him flying back before crashing back first against the windshield of one of the cars that wasn't destroyed in the bombing.

Before the man could lift himself off the car though the same creature who'd sent him crashing into the vehicle jumped up and came crashing down feet first on the man's chest with enough force to completely shatter his sternum before opening its jaws and taking several bites out of the man's face to the disgust of the remaining National Guardsmen who stood back in fear before the creatures soon pounced on all of them.


The sound of panicked screams and gunfire filled the ears of Hillary, Denise, and Anthony as they found themselves running for dear life with the hope of trying to put as much distance as they could between themselves and Madison Square Garden as possible.

The sound of gunshots going off in the distance was still loud despite the many street blocks they'd run to avoid the creatures.

Everything was still somewhat of a blur to each of them of exactly what happened.

The creatures or Aliens as they should have been called just poured out of Madison Square Garden, shrieking, hissing, and attacking anything that had gotten into their path.

Their numbers seemed almost endless, they were a literal sea of talons, teeth, and a deadly whip like tail that could break bones. The flowed out of the building, some even running on the walls and ceiling, moving on either all fours or their hind legs with more speed then any animal ever recorded. The came out like agitated cockroaches escaping a dumpster.

Denise had only been a cop for a year but she was able to recognize the first cop to be taken out by one of the creatures. She didn't know his name, only have a conversation once with him, but she did recognize him long before one of the creatures leapt from the top of Madison Square Garden and sunk its teeth into the side of the man's neck as he fired at it.

After he dropped the monster let out a loud almost satanic like call to the air that caused a level of fear within the woman that she'd never felt before in her lifetime. Almost to the point where her fear was actually causing a numbing pain to shoot through her body.

"Come on Come on!" Anthony screamed out at the top of his lungs.

As they darted down another block they'd failed to register that they were being pursued no less then a hundred of the creatures. After making their way down another street they quickly noticed another wave of panicked people running out of the nearby Subway Entrance and nearly getting hit by a car as it tore down the street.

"RUN!" Denise screamed out with Anthony doing his best to try and keep Hillary as close to him as he could.

None of them ever looked back but could make out the sounds of cars slamming into each other, panicked pedestrians running for their lives, and in the distance sirens of oncoming emergency response teams. The blocks then seemed to grow very long as the trio bolted through the panicked crowd that were running frantically from the attacking creatures.

To their misfortune it seemed like the creatures were coming from all directions as Hillary could make out a few of them coming from the Subway Entrances, popping out of the manholes that led into the sewers and snatching people who ran by, and even jumping off buildings.

Some of the people were even running from the buildings they were in, seeing the crowd of people on the street running for dear life and deciding to join them, unsure themselves of exactly what was going on, but deciding to join the masses all the same. Others were choosing to run into the very same buildings that people were abandoning, choosing to seek shelter from the ravenous storm of death that pursued them.

The streets soon were turned black by the endless sea of monsters as they flowed from almost all directions and took claim of the asphalt, subduing or killing anyone that crossed their path. They leapt over cars, clung to buildings, crashed through glass windows, ran into buildings, and ran across the scaffolding that lined the buildings.

Their attack never ceased and the unlucky trio never stopped running without even taking a look back at what lay behind them.

"Come on come on!" Anthony screamed out as they watched him run through the front doors of a rather rundown looking apartment complex before following after him.

The trio then soon found themselves running up the stairs of the building two or three steps at a time. They then watched as he pulled out his front door keys and quickly shoving them into the lock with no wasted time.

"HEY!" Someone shouted from the streets.

As Anthony pushed the door open, Hillary and Denise each turned their heads back and glared at the man who pushed past them and grabbed Anthony by the arm.

"You gotta let us in man!" he howled pushing Anthony aside trying to move him aside.

Anthony fought with him, grabbing the man's shoulders and spinning him back around before the man grabbed Anthony by his shirt and slammed him back first against the wall before punching him once in the stomach.

"Let him go!" Denise ordered before drawing her Pistol and pointing it at the back of the man's head prompting him to let Anthony go and allow the man to walk and stand behind her.

"Please I'm just trying to survive what's out there." He whispered out with tears beginning to fill his eyes.

"Aren't we all!" Denise replied before hitting him over the head with the butt of her Pistol and watching him crumble to the floor clutching his head while she stepped back into the apartment while Hillary shut the door and quickly propped her back against the wooden frame and closed her eyes in an attempt to catch her breath.

They soon shot back open though and her focus soon fell onto the window across the room while Denise slid down the wall and hit the floor with a low thump and Anthony fell back onto a rather dirty look brown couch. Both had their chest rising and falling hard as they fought to catch their breath.

A rather loud crashing sound soon filled the air around them as a large ball of fire soon streaked across the skies and crashed onto the streets near Downtown Manhattan.

The group along with many others on the island didn't have a clue of what the object was but those watching TV at home and were in their homes in the safety of the other Boroughs knew exactly what the object was and just where it came from.

The image would haunt and stick with them forever as they looked out to New York Harbor and looked to the Statue of Liberty. A once proud sight and landmark of all of New York now still standing perched but noticeably without its head that now lay a burning wreckage in the middle of Manhattan.

"My God!" it was the only words that could come to the mind of those sitting in the oval office watching a news feed that was coming from someone in Queens as smoke billowed out of the Manhattan with fires being noticeable inside of a few of the much higher buildings.

The more ominous features of the image though came from the large UFO looming high above the island, the smaller ships that were zooming past in the skies, and the burning wreckages of the naval ships that were slowly sinking into the waters around the island.

Charles Raleigh: Ebon Moss-Bachrach

Omid: Omid Abtahi

Thomas Hopper: Aaron Taylor-Johnson