This story is made to be the storyline of an RPG I'm working on with my brother and some friends. For more info on Sinisix, check out my profile, and my account on Noteflight (my username is also Johto Jedi there) where you can find some of the game's music. Thank you.

Osina leaned against the wall smirking as she watched the boys get scolded. Nissi couldn't help but give her a dirty look, but that just seemed to satisfy her more. Stupid Osina. Stupid siblings, stupid society, stupid school, stupid teachers, stupid girls. Nissi rolled his eyes and looked back at the dean yelling at him. He wasn't paying much attention, but he thought the teacher said something like "basketball is bad, you boys suck and you're wasting your childhood by having fun" or some crap like that. After an hour or so, the two were dismissed. Nissi looked back in the room to see his twin sister being worshipped and praised, and then looked next to him to see his best friend clench his fists.

"Hey, Asher?"

Asher looked up. "Yeah?"

"Wanna go to Stalactites? I think I heard some of the tenth-graders talking about a new parkour course they got there. If you beat it you get real time cash."

"Bro, what?"

Nissi was the strongest boy in the grade, and Asher knew it. Beating that thing would be easy for Nissi, no matter what it was. Nice.

"When you wanna go?", Nissi asked as they approached the door of their class.

"I dunno," Asher said as they stopped a couple meters away from the door. "Maybe tonight."

"You sure about that?", Nissi giggled. "If you breathe too loud that rampacorn's gonna wake up your dad."

"Haven't you forgotten?" Asher raised his eyebrow, making the patch over his right eye move a little. "Starry sleeps in my brother's room now. Easy. Then there's your sister."

"She sleeps like a doorknob. She says that sleeping less than ten hours will make her look like the 'depressed bum her brother is'."

"Oh yeah, I remember her saying that that one time I slept over and she claimed we were 'disturbing her beauty sleep' or something like that."

Nissi clicked his tongue and pointed at the door. The boys walked in awkwardly and took their seats. Prayer class. Why was that even a thing? Everyone hated it. You just had to sit through an entire period of an old woman making a class of sleep-deprived eighth-graders take notes about the holy gods Sinisix and Astraburst, and how the two worked together to create good and destroy evil, and how the world wouldn't be the same without them. Worst of all, the kids always had to share "their connection with the gods" to their classmates. It was HUMILIATING.

Asher was basically asleep when someone tapped his shoulder. He yawned, and looked up. The person tapping him was a girl named Avis who sat next to him. She dropped a crumpled red index card on his desk and got back to her work. Asher looked at the paper. The front of it said "give this to asher if anyone else views it i swear to astraburst youre dead meat dont say i didnt warn you". Yup. It was from Nissi. Asher opened the crumpledness. Inside, it said one word: midnight. Wow, Asher thought. Midnight? That's just cliche. He looked to the other side of the room where Nissi was and nodded.

Asher and Nissi lived in a city called "Lava Shield". The city sounded just like what the name suggested: A shield for lava. Basically, Astraburt, god of creation, wanted the humans to have an ideal land as their home. It found a group of mountains, and decided that was the perfect space. Some of these mountains were volcanos, so it created a shield, protecting the humans from the dangerous lava, well, according to legend. No one really believed that besides priests and stuff.

Because the shield was always covered in solidified lava, it was always dark in the sky, so day and night were just concepts. Day was when everyone turned their lights on and lit up street lamps. The holes in the shield that were never covered (breathing holes?) worked as stars during the day. The shield was always beautiful with some light or another.

Night came and the lights vanished. Asher got bored and decided to play video games to pass the time. Midnight. Cliche time. Asher grabbed his backpack, a headlight, a basketball, a bag of salt and vinegar chips, and a water bottle, and headed out for Stalactites Pizza.

The place was crowded with kids trying to get dat cash. Finding Nissi was hard in the crowd. Apparently, Nissi had been there for hours already, and they had already gotten a spot in line. Wow, Nissi. Just wow.

Eventually, Nissi was called. Asher waited at their table for Nissi to finnish. Asher had fallen asleep. Oops. He woke up to a pair of sweaty hands on his shoulders shaking him really hard.

"Asher Asher Asher Asher Asher Asher wake up wake up wake up wake up Asher wake up guess what?"


"You want seven-hundred shards?"

"You're joking."


Nissi handed his backpack to Asher. Nissi took no snacks or supplies or anything. The bag was filled to the top with small yellow crystals. Shards. Nissi had beaten the course. And he got the cash.

"It was REALLY hard," Nissi stuttered, panting. "The guys said I was the first one to beat it. Gave me fourteen-hundred."

Asher nodded and handed his friend the water bottle. The two left the pizza place and back to their apartments, each with a bag of seven-hundred. When Asher got home he hid the shards under his bed, put away his stuff, and went to bed.

The next day, Osina found yet ANOTHER thing to tattle on them for. ANOTHER day talking to the dean. Great.

Nissi and Asher left the dean's classroom carrying notebooks. They were spiral with cardboard covers, Asher's painted red and Nissi's blue. The dean was no longer "angry" at the boys, but now he was more like "I'm worried about you", so he dismissed them from the entire rest of the year's homework, and said they had to do diary writing instead. What had gotten into his head?, the boys thought. What is in those boys' heads?, the dean thought at the time he gave them the notebooks.

Nissi thought the idea of a diary was BS. He decided to throw it out with the rest of the trash in their apartment. A few minutes later, Osina walked into her twin brother's room holding the stupid notebook.

"Don't want to flunk another grade, do you?" Osina was so perfect, she was in tenth-grade. While her brother flunked kindergarten, she skipped it. Stupid Osina. "Just write something, or else they're gonna hold you back, bro!"

"Shut up!", Nissi shouted at his sister.

"Just take the damn notebook!"


Nissi stomped over to his sister and grabbed the notebook, then walked to his loft bed where he started to write in it, well, not writing, but drawing. Nissi was always good at drawing for some reason. When he and Asher were in kindergarten (Nissi's second time, Asher's first), they would try to sell drawings of video game characters to earn extra shards. Because kindergarteners are so vulnerable, they were all like "i want to buy a drawing". Their teacher claimed that was black-market stuff, and the business was ended.

The next day there was no school. Weekend. There was only school three days a week in the Lava Shield, the government understanding that children need time to be children. Nissi and Asher spent most of the day playing basketball with other boys in their neighborhood. Nissi was the best at that, too. Nissi was in a way that one kid everyone loved but he hated everyone back. Basically, he was the unintentionally popular kid. Asher liked to make fun of him for that.

After spending a while playing basketball, the larger group kind of dispersed. Some went to their apartments, some went shopping, some went to Stalactites, there were plenty of good things for an eighth-grade boy to do in that kind of neighborhood.

Stalactites was the best arcade in the entire shield, no arguing. Not only was their pizza the most exquisite in the entire universe, they had basically everything fun, from arcade games, big screen games, a parkour course, laser tag, and they even held kickboxing classes on saturday, which was tomorrow. Like most of the other boys, Asher and Nissi went there often, and when everyone dispersed, Stalactite's is where they headed for.

It was already 9 PM by the time most of the boys went home. Nissi asked for permission from his parents to sleepover at Asher's, but apparently it was his mom's birthday, so he couldn't go. Tomorrow, though, they could. Whatever. Asher walked to his room and got in bed. He got out the weird notebook thing, and decided to write something.

Hey. My name's Asher. I don't have anything better to do with my life, so I'm writing this. I'm fourteen, I live in a place called the Lava Shield, and I'm tired and I want to go to bed because it's 10 PM. Here's a quick drawing of me:

Asher tried to draw himself. It looked awful.

Yeah, I have an eye patch, but I don't really need it. I was born with only a left eye, but wearing the patch makes it look like I did something cool to lose my right eye. Eh, whatever. Good night.