The Virus

Like a dark livid Sun,
It has risen in the East.
In the battle for the dawn,
We hold fast amidst the mist.

Lives have been claimed;
Economies are torn;
The world has been maimed,
Will we ever be re-born?

Beyond the call of need,
With nature when he plays;
Man has sowed the seed,
For his royal end of days.

Now we cannot kiss or touch,
The ones we love the most.
We are all reduced to such
A computer-aided ghost.

For the love of mother nature
Is for every living atom;
Neglect what we must nurture,
Pitless is the bottom.

But forever it has been,
That the phoenix from the ashes –
From the shadows unseen,
With a new dawn rises.

From the error of his way,
When man does ascend;
And the debt he does pay,
The darkness will descend.

Scion of man, arise!
Answer the morning dew.
It calls upon the wise,
To build the world anew.

Inert is creation,
Breathe life unto nature;
Set the wheel in motion,
And our planet shall endure.

Author's Note: I wrote this today, after a long break in my writing for several years. I have poured my thoughts into words; while I recognize my views will be received with
mixed reviews, I believe the essence of the poem stands on its own merit.

Kindly read & review and share your opinion!