A/N: This chapter is named after the Dua Lipa song of the same name.

The last day of the seniors attending high school…

David is an eighteen-year-old who wasn't sure if he was going to graduate or not. His pickup truck was currently getting its motor rebuilt. Its engine began to knock as he dropped Angela off at her job last week. Throughout the second semester, David was dealing with a high level of stress to the point where he now developed insomnia. He leaves the school to meet up with his friends at the parking lot.

"Alright, let's go." said David "I'm ready to get out of here."

"So are we going to the dispensary?" asked Kincaid "You desperately need to get sleep."

"The melatonin did nothing." said a frustrated David "I didn't think my insomnia was that bad."

"That's why we're getting you some weed." said Oscar "Not the type that's got a high level of THC."

"Good." said David "I ain't having a marijuana-induced panic attack."

"Bruh, you've never smoked marijuana before." said Kincaid. "I mean, it does depend on the strain you pick."

"Ah okay." said David "Are we also going to pick up Angela after?"

"Yes, we are." said Oscar "She's going to be off soon."

Once the dispensary was a block away, Kincaid parks his car at a nearby parking lot. He walks with Oscar to the dispensary as they're both medical marijuana patients. David goes inside the gas station to get snacks. As he finished paying, his body suddenly began to feel very tense as his palms were sweating profusely. The young man rushes back to the car and plays a song he hears to help him relax.

"Now, I thought I'd vocalized my traumas

But I wonder how it sound, hm

I know I'm cryptic, and I'm worthless

Can't helping losing a friend

I don't wanna die so young

Got so much to do

I don't smile for the camera

Only smile for you

Smile for you"

Out of nowhere, Kincaid knocks on the window of his car to have David open it from the inside. Angela was no longer the only person who knew about David's newfound anxiety. He reveals to Oscar and Kincaid that his first panic attack happened at a flea market a few days back. They decide to drop David off at his house first and pick up Angela at her job. Once he got dropped off, David decides to take a quick shower to relieve the tension in his body.

Minutes later…

As soon as David finished showering, the body tension was somewhat relieved. His friends were watching Super Sentai on his PlayStation 4 while they were waiting downstairs. David lies down on his bed to relieve the remaining tension on his back. Once he started to feel better, he dresses up and heads downstairs to discuss the plans with his friends.

"What's up, David." said Oscar "Are you feeling much better now?"

"Yes, I feel much better." said David "I'm just not sure about going to Berkeley."

"If that anxiety comes about, just smoke a joint." said Angela "It always helps my older brother."

"Okay, I'll smoke one joint." said David "But I ain't giving in under peer pressure."

"We understand." said Kincaid "Are you still down to go to Berkeley with us?"

"Sure, I'll go." said David "Hopefully going on a long drive can make me fall asleep."

"Alright, I knew you'd come through." said an excited Oscar "I'm the one that's going to drive us there."

It was only a week ago that Oscar had gotten his driver's license in the mail. He had to use Kincaid's car to take the test as his father got unexpectedly called into work that day. All of his friends wished him good luck on passing it. Six months ago, Oscar previously failed the driving test after he accidentally braked too early out of nervousness. Instead of retaking it right away, he chose to practice more.

The four teenagers were going to Berkeley to attend the annual Free Speech rally. Angela did not show any interest in politics and only left to avoid a guy named Matthew. She found out the guy was cheating on her with a girl who lives in Hanford. David and Kincaid were going to a ramen restaurant after they returned a vehicle to its owner. Both of them notice Matthew and his lover entering a diner right across the street.

David took a photo of them enjoying their food without getting spotted. He pretended to go to the restroom as a way to get the picture taken. It was the only way that David would get Angela to believe him. The three men previously spotted Matthew and that same girl at the Hanford Mall. None of them were able to get a picture as they had left so quickly.

"David, I'm sorry I accused you of being jealous." said Angela "Matthew just has the haircut of an honest guy."

"It's fine, Angie." said David "Did you ever see him acting suspicious?"

"I did find it unusual how his smartphone would go off frequently." said Angela "He'd get bugged about me asking about the notification he would get."

"You should've gone through his iPhone." said David "But only if you knew his passcode."

"His last passcode was 1986." said Angela "However, he would have his iPhone with him at all times."

"I bet he also changes it frequently." said Oscar "No one would be stupid enough to have the same four-digit code on everything."

"Only dumbasses would." said Kincaid "Are you going to try to fall asleep, David?"

"Yeah, I should try to sleep." said David "I would not want to faint in public."

Forty-five minutes later, Angela sees David sleeping peacefully despite Oscar's music being blatantly loud. A J-pop song that Oscar previously played at the prom was playing on Kincaid's stereo. Both David and Angela did not have a date that night. Matthew lied to Angela about being sick and went to the prom in Hanford with his lover instead. The original disc jockey left after nobody wanted to listen to the same popular song over and over again.

David remained asleep throughout the first half of the drive until they arrived in the city of San Jose. He woke up to find himself alone with Kincaid's car parked next to a gas pump. Oscar and Kincaid come out of the gas station while Angela was coming out of a bubble tea hangout. They also stop at a steakhouse as they haven't eaten anything other than the snacks that David brought earlier.

"Man, am I famished." said Kincaid "I'm surprised you drove without nervousness."

"I wasn't going to let my fear overcome me." said Oscar "Lloyd's father gave me that advice."

"My uncle always gives good advice." said David "By the way, when are you going to let me drive your Suzuki?"

"I'll let you drive my car back to Bellamy Park." said Kincaid "After all, I was the one that taught you to drive stick shift."

"Wait, when did you learn to drive stick shift?" asked Angela "I can't picture you shifting the gears."

"It was quite hard." said David "I used the old Civic that Kincaid's mom used to drive."

"Interesting." said an amazed Angela "I can't wait to see you drive Kincaid's car."

"Oh, you will." said David "Once we go back to Bellamy Park."

Back in Bellamy Park…

Matthew was gathering all of the gifts that Angela had gotten him throughout the ten months they were dating. A heedless Matthew breaks his smartphone after he tried to call Angela a few times. It bothered him that his ex-girlfriend began talking to David again. He drives to her house to leave the gifts on her porch. On the way, a police officer pulls him over and turns out to be Angela's father.

"What do you think you're doing, boy?" asked Angela's father "You're not on your way to my house, are you?"

"No, officer." said a nervous Matthew "I was just on my way home."

"You don't seem like you are." said Angela's father "Your right nostril flares when you're lying."

"No, it doesn't." said Matthew "I just want to return the gifts that your daughter gave me.

"Not going to happen." said Angela's father "I also better not see you in this neighborhood again."

"Okay, you won't." said an annoyed Matthew "You don't have to be so uptight, man."

Angela's father never had a liking towards Matthew. On the other hand, her mother would always defend him no matter what. Her father was happy that his daughter reconciled with David. It did not necessarily mean both David and Angela were a couple again. They may have danced at the prom together. However, the two only agreed to be friends with each other.

Matthew did not regret cheating on Angela nor had any shame in himself. He nearly crashes into the rear of a Nissan since he was speeding his vehicle out of anger. The vehicle's owner happens to belong to one of the most popular girls in high school. She was lucky her car did not get hit by Matthew's Ford Focus. Her 300ZX had its rear bumper recently put in by one of David's friends completing her project car.

After narrowly avoiding a car crash, Matthew drives to Hanford to pick up Crystal at the Panda Express. They were originally going to hang out at an arcade in Tulare. However, she got called into work after one of her co-workers called off the day before. The young girl did not seem to mind going into work since she only worked part-time rather than full-time. She was only an 11th grader trying to earn her own money rather than asking her parents for it.

"What's up, Matthew?" asked Crystal "Why do you look annoyed?"

"I was trying to return the stuff that my ex-girlfriend got me." said Matthew "Her stupid father had the audacity to threaten me with jail."

"Damn, what an asshole." said Crystal "I'm just glad you dumped that ugly bitch."

"You're right, I don't need her." said a lying Matthew "I can care less about David having his whore back."

"So are we going to the arcade?" said Crystal changing the subject "Or should we watch a movie at the theater?"

"I'm down to do either." said Matthew "You know, get my mind off of everything."

In San Jose…

David checks his iPhone to see whether his father has texted him or not. His friends tell him not to worry too much about everything he is going through. The three of them felt David was unnecessarily stressing himself out more. There was still that 50/50 chance he was not going to graduate high school either. He receives a message from Mr. Mardueno that he'll keep him posted on whether the administration will let him graduate or not.

Twenty minutes later, the four teenagers leave the steakhouse and notice an MK4 Toyota Supra parked next to Kincaid's car. It was the one Supra none of them had ever seen until now. Oscar takes a picture of the vehicle to post onto his Instagram account. Kincaid decides to have David drive his car to a motel so the young man can impress Angela.

"Dude, I'm glad we came out here." said Oscar "Seeing that stock MK4 was unexpected."

"Definitely." said Kincaid "We need to find a third-gen RX-7 now."

"That one has been the most elusive one." said David "I also cannot wait to see an R34 here in the states one day."

"We will." said Oscar "I remember you found an R32 parked at Bank of America."

"That was unexpected, too." said David "The owner noticed I was paying attention to his car."

"Wow." said Kincaid "Did you talk to him?"

"No, I didn't get the chance to." said David "My dad needed me to tow a Daihatsu that day."

"Ah, I see." said Kincaid "Thank goodness, I can't wait to get on a bed."

As soon as they arrive at the motel, Angela sees her ex-boyfriend calling her phone again. She ignored his call when they had left Bellamy Park in the early afternoon. Oscar heard the vibration of her iPhone while David and Kincaid did not. He gives Angela advice into pulling a "Marlene" against the guy in case he decides to call again.

Fifteen minutes later, Oscar's theory of Matthew calling Angela again is proven correct as her iPhone rings. She answers Matthew's call and has him put on speakerphone without his knowledge. The three men were unable to contain their laughter as Matthew was begging Angela to take him back. Once the call was over, all four of them fall asleep right away.

The next morning…

The four check out of the motel with Kincaid taking over the drive to Berkeley. Angela had also been impressed with David's skills in driving a manual the previous night. She was more accustomed to seeing him drive an automatic rather than a stick shift. Nevertheless, she did not mind whether his official first car is going to be a manual or not. David's father handed the '02 Silverado to him when he got a newer model of the truck that day.

Oscar also considered visiting his childhood friend in Sacramento after the Free Speech Rally. Both of them got in contact with each other on social media early this morning. His old buddy found him on Instagram and was the recent one to like Oscar's post. The guy's name is Luis and felt he could not fit in with the Gang of Four. It was what he'd jokingly call Oscar and his friends in their first two years of high school.

Luis made friends with those that'd play soccer during both brunch and lunch. His friendship with Oscar became distant to the point where he acted brand new towards him. He would no longer invite him to his house nor ask if he needed help with his homework. On the other hand, Oscar began to care less about Luis after ignoring him at a car show event.

"Dude, I remember that day." said David "It was fucked up how Luis ignored you like that."

"I remember, too." said Oscar "I never acted brand new towards any of you guys."

"Right, you're a real friend to us." said Kincaid "Plus, that piece of shit never liked me."

"I only want to catch up with him." said Oscar "I ain't going to spit a verse."

"He'll only make fun of you." said David "Although, you being a rapper was just a phase."

"It was." said Oscar "The dumbest one I went through."

"Dude, you're better off being a deejay." said Angela "You should have your own radio station."

"Thanks." said Oscar "Maybe I should."

David and his friends barely make it on time to attend the annual Free Speech Rally. There was surprisingly no violence or protests in the area. Last year's rally had been full of the latter resulting in forty arrests and ten injuries. The attendees were mostly college students on both sides of the political aisle. Security was also very tight at the event in case violence occurred.

Once the event ended, David receives another text message from Mr. Mardueno confirming to him that he'll graduate. The administrators planned on sending David to a continuation high school to make up his missing credit. Mr. Mardueno did not want one of his favorite students to repeat another year in school. He convinced them to allow the young man to graduate by doing an assignment in an online course.

"So they're going to let you graduate." said Angela "Well, be glad you didn't have to go to North Park."

"My dad would have killed me if I went there." said David "Although my uncle went there."

"Lloyd's father went to that high school." said an amazed Kincaid "That place is full of nothing but wannabe cholos and hoodlums."

"He told me it was different then." said David "It was only people who cared about making up their credits."

"Ah okay." said Kincaid "Well, it's going to be a long drive to Sacramento."

In Bellamy Park, Matthew did not feel like hanging out with his buddies after Angela humiliated him over the phone last night. Most seniors began to make fun of him, therefore, becoming a laughing-stock amongst them. The ones who followed David on Snapchat viewed his story first and sent it to their friends. Not a single senior was familiar with the trick that Angela pulled on Matthew.

Nevertheless, the high school seniors only cared about graduating from high school.

A/N: This chapter includes a King of the Hill reference from the sixth season of the show where Boomhauer got used by the girl who just happened to be like him. I also quoted "Attention" by Joji in this chapter as well.