A/N: This is the final chapter of this story. Named after the song by A Day to Remember off their fifth album "Common Courtesy".

"David, I thought you weren't going to your graduation." said David's father "Isn't that the reason why you went up to Sacramento."

"Dad, I'm only going to pick up my diploma." said David "I promise I won't get into a physical altercation with Matthew."

"Which car are you taking out today?" asked his father "The Daihatsu or the Silverado."

"I was thinking of taking the Silverado today." said David "It'll probably be the last time my classmates will see it in person."

"Okay, have a good time." said his father "Don't forget your promise, son."

David gets inside his truck and gets a direct message from his new friend Harry on Instagram. The guy compliments the young adult on having the Daihatsu he also assumed was sold. As a result, David makes a promise to give Harry the chance to drive the compact sport utility vehicle. He hears a song he hasn't heard since the beginning of his senior year as he pulls out of the driveway.

"If it ain't the job and it ain't the place

But I must stay for your pretty face

It's a bad reaction I can't fix

You conned me with those feline tricks"

Once the young man picked up his friends, Oscar starts talking about how supposedly school police could've arrested them for not going to the rehearsal. His mom only said it in an attempt to scare him and his friends. Kincaid suddenly recalled the day where he and David were close to getting caught by school police for ditching their very first time. The school officer instead thought both David and Kincaid were students at a community college to avoid making himself look like an idiot.

"Dude, I've never heard of that story." said Angela "Where was Oscar that day?"

"I went to get my physical that day." said Oscar "And I didn't want to risk getting David and Kincaid caught either."

"You were straight-up looking out for us, bruh." said David "Kincaid and I just kicked it at the Visalia Mall."

"Weren't you guys originally hanging out at Starbucks?" asked Oscar "And weren't both of your vehicles having maintenance done on it, too?"

"We were forced to flee when a teacher came to get an iced coffee." said Kincaid "David and I also hid our faces with our hooded jackets."

"How did the teacher not catch you guys?" asked Angela "Who was the teacher that went to Starbucks?"

"It was Mr. Koenig, the art teacher." said David "Frankly, he didn't seem to care."

"Bruh, I don't think he did either." said Kincaid "He would've made us gone to school and probably serve in-school suspension."

To avoid getting caught entirely, David and Kincaid left Starbucks to take the bus to the Visalia Mall that day. Both of them especially saw a Trans-Am WS6 and a Firebird Formula race against each other. An owner of a Honda Civic Si tried to get in on the action believing he'd outrun both Pontiacs. In the end, the two Firebirds easily outran the tuner without hesitation.

By the time David and Kincaid returned to Bellamy Park, they see the same silver Pontiac Trans-Am WS6 parked inside Rafael's driveway. Both couldn't believe the car belonged to the same man who owns and works at the auto body shop. Rafael bought his Pontiac from its previous owner and kept it stored at a garage in Sacramento. The vehicle remained at Harry's garage for two weeks until Rafael picked it up on his day-off.

"Wow, you two always see everything." said Oscar "The biggest find of this year for me is the Charade hatchback."

"Indeed, that's your biggest find." said Kincaid "My biggest find is the Mitsubishi van that was parked in Hanford."

"Mine's the Stingray Corvette." said Angela "I found it parked at a Total Wine in Pasadena."

"Girl, what were you doing down in Pasadena?" asked Kincaid "The three of us haven't gone down to SoCal yet."

"I was visiting my aunt & uncle who live in Duarte." said Angela "They hadn't seen me in such a long time."

"Ah, I see." said Kincaid "What's your biggest find, David?"

"Harry McCullough's Supra." said David "All of us found it together."

"You're right." said Angela "It's the moment I'll cherish forever."

All of them unanimously agreed the Mark 4 Supra is their biggest find of the year. David instantly noticed the sports coupe vehicle having two Castlevania decals on its rear bumper. Both sides of its doors also had a Liverpool F.C. vinyl overlayed against a vinyl used in street racing. There was also the Cobra Kai logo overlaying a set of two racing stripes on its hood. Harry thought of adding one more decal onto his Supra to make it feel complete.

"What did you guys think of Harry's wrap on the Supra?" asked Oscar "I thought it looked good."

"It's definitely great." said Angela "I just think it needs one more decal on there."

"He got bugged when you called him Ronan Keating." said David "He should make a custom decal with a hashtag on it."

"That's a great idea." said Kincaid "It should say #IAMNOTRONANKEATING."

"Then the idea should get pitched over to Harry." said Angela "It makes me wonder if Harry being Keating's doppelganger ever comes in handy for him."

"From time to time, probably." said Oscar "We should definitely get to know the guy more."

"Definitely." said David "It just depends how busy all of us are going to be now."

"I might be the only one who'll have free time on their hands." said Oscar "Unless you and Raheem need me to help you guys on an errand."

Angela reveals she got accepted to a few universities in Southern California like Fullerton, Northridge, Long Beach, and Cal Poly Pomona. David chooses to take a year off and work with his father at their automotive repair shop. Kincaid recently enrolled himself at a trade school down in Los Angeles. Oscar's the only one who currently does not know what he has planned in life.

Most of Oscar's in-laws frequently ask him what he plans to do when he graduates high school. His parents felt the idea of him becoming a radio DJ isn't necessarily a career. All of his family claimed it's rare for a person not to know what to do with their own lives in the 21st century. He felt it's none of his family's business to know what he does with his life.

Matthew tries one more time to have a conversation with Angela but gets completely shut out by her. The young woman made it clear in Sacramento their relationship is over altogether. He leaves the school campus in complete humiliation as Angela revealed his biggest secret to all of their classmates. His secret was that he had Angela pay for every single dinner during their relationship.

"Wow, he pulled a George Constanza on you." said David "I was never a cheap-ass motherfucker."

"You weren't." said Angela "I just hope to never see that loser ever again."

"Have you decided on the university you're going to?" asked Kincaid "If you choose Fullerton, we'll be thirty miles away from each other."

"I am going to Cal State Fullerton." said Angela "And we'll see how our schedules will work out."

"It depends how busy all of us will be." said Kincaid "Oscar, you need to start making a backup plan".

"Raheem, I obviously know that." said Oscar "My family just expects too much from me."

"I guess it'll just be the two of us here in Bellamy Park." said David "Maybe you could help out me and my dad."

"Alright, that's cool." said Oscar "I literally have bad luck at getting a job, too."

The ceremony begins with the Gang of Four seeing a few of their classmates walking down the aisle to claim their diplomas. Between David's friends, Angela's name is the first to be called for her to go down the aisle. Their classmates learn of Kincaid's first name in the process after David and Oscar got their diplomas. Despite the four not attending the graduation rehearsal, the administrators allowed them to walk down without their cap and gowns.

"It's hard to believe we're done with high school." said David "We'll always have a bunch of good memories here."

"Are you guys interested in going to our graduation party?" asked a graduating classmate "It's going to be a blast."

"No, thanks." said David "We're good."

"I'm just asking." said the graduating classmate "Good luck with your future."

"You too, Benji." said David "What are we going to do tonight?"

"Why don't we go for another drive?" asked Angela "I was thinking all of us could go down to Bakersfield in your Silverado."

"Sure, why not?" said David "It's been a minute since all of us have been to Bakersfield."

"It may also be the last time being inside your Silverado for a while." said Kincaid "I mean, for Angela and I."

The four get inside the pickup truck and start cruising down the highway on their way to Bakersfield.


It's gonna be alright


It's gonna be alright"

A/N: The songs quoted in the final chapter of this story are "I Told You So" by New Order and "Be Alright" by Zapp.