AUTHOR'S NOTE: I recently read the true origins of the nursery rhyme Peter Peter Pumpkin-Eater. It was said to have been based on the controversial views of women filing for a divorce centuries ago. It was socially accepted and even considered normal at that time that men could sleep around and do whatever they pleased sexually and have as many mistresses as they wanted, but if a women was even suspected of adultery, they would be known as a harlot and possibly beaten to death by their husbands. A very similar event would occur is women planned to file for a divorce, among other things.

The origin of the poem supposedly tells that Peter was in a sexual relationship outside of his marriage, and his wife found out. Still a new idea at the time, she was planning to file for a divorce and leave. However, Peter, in a jealous, possessive and entitle rage, kills his wife and hides her body, or various parts of it, in a pumpkin shell(s).

I decided to continue this poem in a darker tone, in light of the possible origins of the story, enjoy...

Snipped off her dainty fingers with scissors,

Forcibly silenced her screams and whimpers;

Told her she'd forever rue the day,

She tried to pack up and run away

Took a axe and cut off her feet,

Her struggles got her bruised and beat;

Called her a whore, a harlot, hooker,

Said she was nothing, his to conquer

Sliced off her arms with garden shears,

Ignored her cries and pain and tears;

Told her her blood was her price to pay,

For her selfish attempt to try and betray

Used a sickle to hack off all below her knees,

Savoured her desperate prayers and pleas;

He drank her blood, as red as wine,

Their essences' mingling, like making love, intertwined

He used a tractor blade between her legs,

Told her he only needed her for her eggs;

Said she had no purpose but reproduce,

And outside of that she had no use

Shattered her ribs with a rusty pail,

Relished her calls and howls and wails;

Prodded and plucked her broken bones,

She was his slaved, she was owned

Sliced her throat with a kitchen knife,

Laughed as her eyes drained of life;

Threw her dismembered body in a gourd,

Her life ended in as a tale of horror

So careful little girls if you ever,

Come home and say "I've found my forever!"

Little boys are fickle, they cause pain and strife,

Remember the end of Peter's wife

Yeah, I know this is all kinds of terrifying. I was inspired by Jack the Ripper, and just got into the idea of telling the real story behind this nameless woman's death. Even if she is just a fictional character, to me, she represents all the women who were beat and murdered in this way and for these reasons.