Chapter 2: April Fools

April came along and Jed's life was about to be turned around forever. He was talking with his best friend Skittles and decided to play a little joke on his old enemy Liam, the dark star. He was going to pretend to get back together, then dump his ass back into the abyss where he thought he belonged. Jed sat in the center of his magic retreat and channelled his magic into the void and beyond to summon Liam. Light pink magic surrounded him and swirled around the room as the void began to open up. Soon, Liam stood before him wearing a t-shirt and jeans with pointed ears, red on the tips of them. Liam looked different and strange then he remembered him to be. Jed stood up quickly and backed away to study this new being. Liam just stood there and smiled at him.

"Hi!" Liam said.

"Hey Liam..." Jed said as he gazed upon his new look.

"How have you been?" Liam asked.

"Fine. You look different." Jed said.

"I took on a new form while I was away." Liam said.

"I see. Well, I have something to ask you." Jed said.


"Do you want to get back together? I've been thinking about you..." Jed said, almost giggling to himself.

"Really?! I've been thinking about you too." Liam said.

"You... have?" Jed said.

"Yes. Every day."

"But... why?" Jed asked.

"Because I've always loved you, Jed." Liam said.

"What? All this time?"

"Yes. I love you, so much." Liam said.

Jed couldn't believe what he was hearing and started to tear up. He sat down over on his pink couch and Liam followed, sitting beside him. Jed turned to Liam and gazed into his eyes behind his round glasses. Liam pulled Jed close and lay down on the couch with Jed on top of him. Liam held him close as Jed began to fall in love with his star, the star of light. He was always up there watching over him, loving him all this time and he didn't even know it. He felt Liam's heart beating as he lay on his chest with Liam's arms around him. Liam was beautiful and now into the light.

"I love you, Liam." Jed said quietly.

Liam just held Jed close as they lay there together for a few moments. Their love sparkled like two newly created stars in the night sky. But, Jed thought about Matt and how this would effect them. This was just like Ciel many years ago, but in reverse. Jed thought about that day they went shopping at an event. He missed those times with Matt and feared that it was slipping away now. He didn't want to stop loving Matt, but he didn't feel special anymore. Many feelings invaded his heart and it was overwhelming. He couldn't resist Liam and wanted him. Jed looked up at Liam and smiled, then kissed his lips. They kissed for a moment before going towards the bed. Jed was on top of Liam before he knew it and their clothes fell to the floor in a messy pile. Liam had a tattoo of a unicorn on his chest. Jed gazed upon his beauty as he touched it and drew his hand down his body. A spark ignited and soon their bodies became one, wrapped in passion and a newly awakened flame. Jed slid inside his new boy, holding him tight and kissing him. Liam felt him go deep, deep inside his abyss to awaken a new light for them both. Jed kissed Liam's neck as he felt his light beard tickle his cheek. The feel of his stubble drove him over the edge, pounding Liam's tight ass harder and faster. Their sweaty bodies slid together as they made love, enjoying each other in a blissful blanket of light. Liam moaned heavily as he felt Jed's cock throb inside of him, wanting him to release his pink magic. Jed lost his breath as he touched noses with Liam and felt his dick flow his magic seed through his star of light.

"Oh Jed...!" Liam moaned.

"Liam, my star..." Jed whispered in Liam's ear.

Sparks of magic surrounded them as their hearts and souls became one. Liam swung Jed around on his back to sit on him and gaze into his pink fiery eyes. They fell in love and from that moment on, things were going to get difficult, and painful. Was there really room in Jed's heart for the both of them? Or would he have to choose one in the end? Was Jed the fool this day? Time heals all wounds, but perhaps not the biggest one of all...