The women weren't the only ones planning. Vasily's secret contact was waiting for him in the corner of the courtyard where they always arranged to meet. But this time, he hoped, it would be the last time. Everything else was ready, after all.

He walked over to the other man as casually as he could, hoping his excitement didn't show. They were so close now... Glancing over his shoulder, he checked that they weren't been watched. But his friends had done their jobs well, and there were no guards around. Or anyone else for that matter. They had the little grey square all to themselves.

Time to get down to business. "You have what I need?" He demanded to know.

"Of course," The man nodded.

Vasily gritted his teeth. If he didn't need this idiot, he would have killed him by now. His arrogance had always been frustrating. But that didn't matter. Soon he would be in control, and the need for all this sneaking around in the shadows and acting nicely would be over.

And then he would be able to see his Nadya again. That was how he thought of her, and he had thought of her every day since they had been cruelly seperated. She had become the focus of all his plans. That, of course, was never the intention. All he had wanted, growing up, was to take absolute power for himself. That was why his mother had had to die, why his grandfather had had to die...

But in between all that, just when his plans seemed to be coming together, she had waltzed into his life and made him fall in love with her. That was a cruel trick, because then she had turned on him and left him here to rot.

Fortunately, he was too clever for that to be the end of it. He had made it his mission to find her again. And then... Well, he would both be reunited with his love and have his revenge upon her.

After that, he could return to his original goal of taking power for himself. And her, of course. They could rule the world together, but for now...

For now, he had to focus on getting there. He snapped out of his private musing and turned to his associate again. "Hand it over then," He stuck his hand out and waited expectedly.

The man took a long, thin silver cylinder and lay it in his hand wordlessly. Vasily's fingers closed around it triumphantly. This was the last piece. Now it could begin in earnest.

"Send out the word. We're going to war," He announced coolly.

For once, the wretched man looked slightly fazed, and he took some smug pleasure from that. "War? I thought we were just getting out..."

Vasily looked up at the towering building above him. "No, we're taking over."

"The prison?"

"First, sure. Then the world." He smiled and started to walk away, leaving the confused and distressed man behind him. The fool had never even realised what he was helping to build, or all the power he held. But that didn't matter now, because everything was about to change.

He sauntered back to his cell innocently, attracting no attention. He had got the hang of pretending he wasn't up to anything a long, long time ago, after all. Once he was inside, he pulled the bed out of the way and pushed on the wall carefully. It swung aside. That little mechanism had taken quite some time to perfect, but it had been necessary. When his parts needed for his friend's clever little device had to be smuggled in one at a time, the thing's contruction had to be carefully hidden.

He stepped into the opening and ran his hands over the cold metal rim. The device sat there, reaching nearly to his waist. It was round and open-topped, like a circular pool. Well, until you looked inside and saw that, instead of water, it contained various pieces of oddly twisted-up metal, some of which were letting out bright blue liquid.

But none that were as important as this final piece. He leant down, carefully avoiding the liquid as he placed his hand in the inner wall and slotted the cylinder into place. As he stood up, he heard the click, then a motor starting. The lights came on, flashing bright white light throughout the cell.

So, it had worked. It was ready.

That meant it was time to begin, and already, he could hear the rioters getting started outside. His associate had put the message out, just as he had ordered. Soon, they would be unstoppable. He knew that, because he had taken great pains to train and arm the other immates, so that they would work for him. They were more than rioters, they were an army. And the guards weren't prepared for something this carefully planned. The usual riots were chaos. Not this time.

This time he had plans. And they were about to be set in motion. First, they would take the prison. During this, of course, there would be a perfect opportunity to test the device. Once it was truly ready and they were in control, he would dispatch someone to find the girl and bring her home to him.

After that, it was a matter setting the device on her, it's one true target. Then she would be his, and they could focus on taking the world. Together.

He smiled. Finally, the future was beginning to look more and more perfect. Because the future was theirs to create. And he was already buzzing with ideas for it. Plans and designs of what their future, their world, would look like whirled around his head excitedly. Because it would be happening very shortly.

There was, of course, no way they could fail. Not this time. Of that, he was very sure. They were unstoppable now that his creation was ready.