If you haven't read any of my previous one shots you won't understand this.

Alicia hated the thing in her handbag, the stupid knife which forced her to kill. She knew she should've just stayed home, but the twenty-seven year old had hoped for some sense of normalcy. Even if it was going to the cinema to see Screams of the Dead, which did not live up to the hype. She should have gone to see the new Blade Runner instead which would have been on earlier, something her friends have been saying is good.

"No you should have seen the new Masked Knifeman film." Eben told her as he leaned against a wall, almost making her jump in fright.

"And why should she have done that?" Lynne asked as she stood opposite to Eben.

"Because then she could have watched a film about me." Eben answered, his tone clearly suggesting he thought the answer was obvious.

"When I was fourteen back in, oh what was it, 1957? My three year old brother Sam always watched The Masked Knifeman tv show." Lynne told Eben with hints of mocking in her tone. "Every time it was on, his eyes were practically glued to the screen and he often made me watch it. Now while I'm not going to say that show was good, you are nothing like that character. The Masked Knifeman is a polite and upstaged my gentleman, not a scoundrel and a idiot like you."

"How many times do I need to tell you people!" Eben shouted in annoyance, making Alicia even more angry. "I wore a mask so people couldn't tell who I was when I tried to kill them so in case they escape, I could sneak up on them later. It also meant it was harder for the boys in blue to find and arrest me. Someone decided to write a few stupid books about my exploits which took off, then there were some comics and then that show. After that I became a permanent fixture of American culture and public consciousness, as recognizable as Superman and Batman."

"Sure you were." Lynne said with a clear tone of disbelief, which only enraged Eben further.

"Can you two please shut up!" Alicia practically hissed at them angrily, before looking around and hoping nobody had heard her. Her target handy turned around and instead finished urinating on the wall, though he seemed to have difficulty staying balanced and wobbled from side to side.

"What exactly are you waiting for? Just rush in, stab the guy in the neck and be done with it. Nobody is absolute and the people driving are going to fast to notice." Eben told her as he observed her target, just as oblivious to his crimes as Alicia but knowing him to be guilty. She had been leaving the cinema when the knife pulled her towards the man, having been silent in his handbag throughout the whole film, who had been walking past with a relaxed body language mixed with random chuckles and a inability to walk in a straight line. Alicia had started following him before it even clicked in her mind what was happening, and when it did she felt like she was going to throw up.

"You should know why. I keep telling you, but you never listen. They're are cameras everywhere." Alicia responded simply, as she thought about the four people she has killed already, the nightmares she has suffered from every night, and the heavy police investigations. She had been smart and lucky previously, especially the third time when she was visiting family in Scotland, but she knew she couldn't get away with this forever which was a fact that eluded the many inhabitants of the knife, including Eben who thinks you can kill someone and nobody would care.

Alicia wished she could just throw this knife away, but she tried that once by throwing it into a skip. She had to break in later that night and search through a pile of rubbish, glass cutting into her hands and knees, just to find the knife and bring an end to the unbearable plain. She has felt nothing like that in her whole life, and if she were to describe it she would say it had been as if every nerve in her body was on fire and being torn apart. But even that description didn't sound right, because the pain she had felt seemed much worse than that. She had toyed the idea of confessing, but she wants brave enough to accept that death sentence. According to the previous owners she had talked to, being separated from the knife for too long will result in her doing anything to end the pain.

While she didn't want to follow the man, she knew she had to and hopefully he would go down an alleyway so she can kill him without being noticed. Her prays were thankfully answered as she saw him almost continue down the path, before stopping and moving down the small path between two building. She quickly dashed forward, the sound of cars suppressing the sound of he chasing after the man, and she slowed down when she saw him stumbling around the corner. She knew this part of London well and if she is lucky she can kill this was without being noticed. With a deep breath to calm herself, she pulled the knife out from her handbag and dashed round the corner. And then tried to scream, but found she was too frightened to make a sound.

The man she was after was being shoved into a wall by his throat, and holding him there was a monster. There was literally no other way to describe it, because there was no way it was human. It was wearing a dark blue cloak that seem to move around in agony, and a hood covered it's face though Alicia could see that it's hands were covered in bandages. But it was the eyes that really frightened her, even when it let go of the man she was going to kill and his corpse slumped to the ground with a loud thud. There wasn't any possible way she could describe them. They were both large and small, glowing and normal, all the colours of the rainbow and weird crosses between them all. They one thing Alicia could say with absolute certainty however, was that they saw straight into her soul.

"Well." Eben said behind her, breaking the awkward silence. "Here's something you don't see every day. Nice to know I can still be surprised."

"I am happy to surprise you Eben Ross." the creature said calmly, it's voice unnerving Alicia in ways that brought back memories of the monster she was afraid lived under her bed as a child. It took a second for what it had said to register in the minds of the three, and when it did Alicia was close to bursting into tears out of pure terror.

"Did...did you just..answer him?" Lynne asked hesitantly and while Alicia was too afraid to look away from the monster, judging from Lynne's voice she probably felt the same as Alicia. A small part of her wondered if she could possibly out run this thing, or failing that if the knife could even hurt it.

"You have no reason to fear me Alicia Brown. I have no reason to hurt you, or Eben and Lynne Andrews. Your souls have been promised to another." the monster said as it approached Alicia, who was too frightened to move. Thanks to the knife in her hand, she could sense how every soul inside felt as they saw what was happening, all of them sharing her fear despite the fact they can't be harmed. She felt a warm liquid crawl down her legs and stain her trousers as the monster spoke again. "It has been very good to meet the three of you. Thank you for taking such good care of my sister's knife."

And with that it was gone, vanishing into thin air. Alicia didn't do anything for a minute, before she collapsed to the ground and tears poured out of her, her fear being fully unleashed. She felt like she was going to throw up when she saw the corpse, it's face an unnatural pale despite having only been dead for a few minutes, and every time she closed her eyes she saw the eyes of the creature. She could hear Eben and Lynne just standing behind her, neither knowing what to do while in her hand the souls within the knife screamed in horror at what they had all just encountered.

Tell me what you think and if there are any spelling mistakes or sentences that don't make sense. Screams of the Dead is the first thing I wrote on fictionpress and I decided to make it a film in this story.