Silent Treatment

By: Lily Woodlin

Silence, an act of defiance.

It's louder than, the hollow wind that blows through the empty halls

Cold, like the metal walls.


Glares are sharp.

So fine, but modest.

It's all a fun game

When you're being honest.


You want to write the wrongs

Without breaking the silence.

But someone is getting hurt

Your silence is violent


This feels like déja Vu

It's like that sometimes

Something similar has happened before


Then, the silence was cowardice.

It was through the silence,

To show defiance;

Was to be loud, deafeningly so.


To right the wrongs

Through persistent chatter,

Like a song in the empty halls.

Warm, like the sun rays on the empty walls.

A/N: Hello My lovely readers, I hope you enjoyed reading through this piece. I don't have much to say, I think this poem speaks for itself.

But here are my two cents; This poem is meant to convey the relationship of two people, romantic, platonic, ect.. The first two stanzas explain the tension between the two characters. The silence is meant to symbolize their pride. Whether or not they find it in themselves to be understanding and communicate their problems to each other without holding grudges nor extreme judgment.

This is really supposed to be up to the reader to decide what their interpretation is. So, I don't want to over-explain. As always your reviews and comments are very much encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for your time, be well, and stay safe.